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CEFYMA: Chapter 64

“This blogger’s style has always been sharp. If you can’t accept it, exit as soon as possible.”

The middle-aged man in the video wore thick, myopic glasses. He might look simple and honest, but his words were extremely professional and venomous.

“The bottom surface layer of this oil painting is quite good. It isn’t that amazing, but it is at least quite satisfactory.” Liu Hao pointed his mouse at Bai Lin’s work by his side, which was edited to the later stage. He frowned and clicked his tongue mercilessly. “The problem I don’t understand the most is why he added a large area of pure color here in the later stage.”

“There are no techniques or skills. The large area of cloud blue is directly spread with paint. It is a stupid method without any skills. It is just like a layman.”

Liu Hao frowned fiercely before smiling. “If it wasn’t first place in the Star Cup, this work would be at a level that wasn’t up to par to be exhibited.”

“The front part is pretty good but the later part is completely stupid. It is contradictory and abrupt. It makes me feel like there is more than one person who painted it.”

Liu Hao talked eloquently. There was a look of boredom in his eyes as he finished talking about the painting very quickly. “In any case, it is garbage. I won’t say anything else.”

“Who is first in the oil painting group…?” Liu Hao looked down at the name. “Bai Lin. Tsk, it is really garbage. There is nothing wrong with this.”

The middle-aged man spoke Mandarin with a slight dialect and he had no scruples with his words.

“I heard he is a young actor working in the entertainment industry.” Liu Hao smiled. “Brainless fans should endure more>”

The edited video was already surrounded by fans and scolded.

[Who is this person? Is he deliberately trying to gain popularity?]

[Can any random person judge the first place work of the Star Cup”? How funny. I think this blogger is really unqualified.]

[Linlin’s work is ranked first in the oil painting group. Is it possible that the judges have no eyes? Is this blogger more professional than the judges of the Star Cup?]

The fan base that was inexplicably attracted instantly aroused resentment among the art fans who were usually quiet.

[Where did this bunch of idiot fans come from? Liu Hao is a serious graduate of the oil painting department of A College. Isn’t he Bai Lin’s direct senior brother?]

[Brother Hao’s comments are as sharp as ever. Thumbs up.]

[I am a junior of the department of design and I can see that something is wrong. The hot search is very popular, but anyone with a discerning eye can tell at a glance that this painting is really garbage. There is no adjective other than garbage. It has no form and no color.]

[I haven’t paid attention since I went abroad for two years. Is the Star Cup such a waste now? This is the level of first place in the oil painting group?]

[Who is Bai Lin? Is he both an actor and a college student? Why are there so many people with brain problems under Brother Hao’s video?]

[Those who don’t paint shouldn’t speak. Here, it is important to speak with strength, okay? Bai Lin just can’t paint. I said it.]

Liu Hao’s fan base wasn’t at the top level on the site, but he was very capable of attracting fans. People from almost all walks of life who were a little bit into art knew that Liu Hao was a popular educational blogger.

Moreover, Liu Hao had been traveling to various art exhibitions at home and abroad all year round. He had reviewed countless works by masters. This was the first time that Liu Hao had attracted too much abuse. It was to the point that the blogger fans, who usually watched quietly, emerged from their confusion to become angry.

[This is an educational video. If you don’t like watching it, then leave, okay? Anything that touches the entertainment industry becomes crazy.]

[There are still people questioning Brother Hao’s level in the barrage? What elementary school student? If you have eyes, then just read his introduction.]

[He was the gold medal winner of the Star Cup’s oil painting group two years ago. The final oil painting is now hanging in the Huajiang Art Museum. Bai Lin is nothing. All fans who came in should obediently call him Senior Brother.]

There was no real-time abuse in the video that had been edited in advance, so Liu Hao calmly continued to speak. “Originally, I saw something like this as soon as I opened the official website of the Star Cup, which made me feel very unhappy. I thought that the level of the Star Cup was just like this. I didn’t expect to catch such a great work.”

The work must be really awesome if it made Liu Hao, a blogger with a vicious tongue, praise him for being so awesome.

Art fans ignored the fury of Bai Lin’s fans and started posting barrages to wait.

Lai Hao removed Bai Lin’s oil painting and placed a sculpture.

The ‘all things’ of the sculpture group, released on the official website of the Star Cup, was illuminated in the sun.

They could see that the thick canopy made of pitch-black copper and iron was hollowed out in advance for the light spots shining down. The struggling and twisted little man struggled upwards with his mouth wide open. His nostrils seemed to be breathing, and his eyes were so dark and empty that they seemed penetrating.

Liu Hao couldn’t help feeling amazed when he saw it again. “Tsk, I remember that this junior student’s name is You Mian. I was invited to attend the 20th anniversary of the Huajiang Art Museum and saw three of his works in the exhibition hall. I felt at that time that this person is absolutely talented.”

Liu Hao’s comments made no secret of his fondness for the work. He pointed to the steel canopy with his mouse.”

“Do you see these points? Why did I say that he has talent? Look at these lines that the light is leaking through…”

“Every place shines precisely on the joints and corners of the little man below. The canopy of light is deliberately used to cover him, illuminating his distortion and pain.

“What’s even more amazing is this orange-red planet.” Liu Hao smiled and shook his head. “I really don’t know what type of material this is made of, but it can emit such a bright light.”

“When the darkness reaches its end, such a planet suddenly appears in the hollow eyes.”

“In the world of a blind man, what can he see in the universe?” Liu Hao sighed deeply. “Look at this carving technique. Every skin texture is lifelike, including the depressions in the arms, the strength of the fingers, and the distortion of the face.”

“Any more will be too much, and any less won’t give this meaning.”

Liu Hao didn’t hesitate to use large words to analyze this work. Finally, he smiled honestly and said, “In fact, the ability of this classmate can’t be summed up with just the word ‘talent.’ To be able to create such a work, he must’ve gone through countless days and nights of polishing and hard work, devoting himself to it.”

“His hard work must exceed his talent.” Liu Hao laughed and waved to the camera. “I wonder if You Mian has a chance to see my video. I look forward to seeing your work in the finals of the Star Cup.”

[God, it is amazing that I can actually hear such a compliment from a vicious blogger.]

[As a student of the sculpture department, I can say that his basic skills are definitely at the level of a master. It can’t be summed up with just the word ‘talent’.]

[This facial sculpting alone is enough for me to study for a year and cry to death.]

[The sunken skin of the arm is beautiful. I can’t believe it is actually made of steel.]

[I am convinced about first place in the sculpture group.]

[I am also a graduate of A College. I praise my junior brother.]

[Brother Mian’s direct junior is here to speak. He is always the first to come and the last to leave in the first four years of teaching in the sculpture department. He is a true god of the Academy of Fine Arts. He once taught our freshmen class a few lessons. His skills in class were really impressive. I dare to say that his sketching and coloring abilities are second to none in the entire A College.

After half an hour, the short video quickly exceeded 200,000 likes, and the number of forwards exceeded 100,000.

The autumn breeze was light. The red maple leaves floated in the pool in the front courtyard of the Japanese-style house.

“Kidnapping?” Bai Lin’s face slightly stiffened. “What kidnapping? I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

You Mian’s always gentle eyes were now filled with cold anger.

“You Jiyuan knows it, Bai Peilan knows it, and you know it.”

Bai Lin stood up in a hurry and accidentally knocked down the chair behind him. There was a bang, and the scene instantly became cold.

The expressions of everyone present were different. Guan Tong listened to the gossip of a wealthy family and couldn’t help looking at You Mian in a worried manner.

The abuse on the Internet made him feel unbearable, let alone You Mian, the party involved.

“Do you have any evidence? “ Bai Lin forced out a smile. “My parents raised you. Can you get rid of this relationship just because you were adopted? You Mian, you are heartless.”

Huo Yanzhi’s mind seemed to explode.

Bai Lin’s privileged life abroad and the expression of Bai Lin as the other party begged him to return to China to find out who stole his parents replayed in Huo Yanzhi’s mind like a video.

If the You couple adopted You Mian themselves, why did they start looking for their biological child only 20 years later?

But if the You family had been looking for Bai Lin all along then…

It made no sense at all.

Huo Yanzhi frowned fiercely. Everything went horribly smoothly on the day Bai Lin returned to China. But now that he thought about it, he found that a lot of things were wrong.

On the side, Yan Tingxuan’s heart trembled when he heard You Mian say the word ‘kidnapping.’

He was the one who knew best what You Mian went through in his childhood. He also knew best how many times You Mian was absent from class without an excuse, only to come back with scars.

The other person casually said that something dangerous had happened, but Yan Tingxuan ignored it.

But now Yan Tingxuan felt that his heart was gripped fiercely.

He knew from the beginning how You Jiyuan and Bai Peilan treated You Mian. So once the word kidnapping was related to Bai Lin’s life experience, Yan Tingxuan was smart enough to connect everything immediately.

Yan Tingxuan’s whole body was tense and stiff. Sweat kept appearing on his palms.

If his guess was correct, he wasn’t qualified to pray for any love in front of You Mian in this life, let alone any hatred.

“Evidence?” You Mian repeated this word with slightly lowered eyes.

He really didn’t have a complete chain of evidence now to bring down the entire You family.

You Mian tried his best to suppress his heart that was beating wildly, whether it was because of anger, excitement, or hatred.

Complicated and surging emotions were intertwined in his heart, but when You Mian raised his eyes, he was more indifferent than usual.

There was an icy lake-like chill in the pretty amber eyes.

Pei Huaiji sat beside You Mian, his brow furrowed tightly.

Bai Lin saw You Mian’s expression and felt that he had the upper hand again.

“You don’t have evidence, do you?”

Bai Lin skillfully posed as an innocent and pitiful victim.

“You Mian, I know you have always been unwilling, but these are the facts. I am the biological child of the You family, and the blood relationship is unbreakable.” Bai Lin quietly approached Huo Yanzhi. “These things on the hot search are the truth. It is wrong for my fans to release them, but I don’t understand why I have to hide it.”

Hearing this, You Mian smiled instead of becoming angry. His eyes were calm and gentle.

“Yes, there is nothing to hide.” You Mian smiled in approval.

It was because from beginning to end, he wasn’t the one who needed to hide it.

Bai Lin saw You Mian’s smile, and an ominous premonition surged in his heart.

In the next second, in the silent night, everyone heard Bai Lin’s phone ringing frantically.

Bai Lin frowned and wanted to turn it off, but the person calling was unexpectedly You Jiyuan.

Guan Tong looked down at his phone in this gap. He was suddenly surprised to find something. He leaned toward You Mian, and whispered, “Honey, the many hot searches just now have been taken down. There are none left.”

Countless people were digging into the backgrounds of Bai Lin and You Mian in the top hot search entry of the true and false young master. They almost turned Xiuming upside down. They released everything from Bai Lin’s daily life while studying at College A to Bai Lin’s past experience.

They seemed to be more than happy to see their idol go from being an actor to a wealthy heir.

There was an extra layer of identity, and the fans seemed to have gained some face.

However, this celebration exclusively for fans came to an abrupt end. All the entries disappeared without a trace in an instant.

The moment You Mian lowered his eyes, he immediately realized who had done it.

On the other side, Bai Lin timidly turned around and answered the phone.

You Jiyuan’s angry voice rang in his ears.

“Bai Lin! Why are you always so disobedient? Why didn’t you discuss it with us first when doing such a big thing? Do you know what you have done?!”

You Jiyuan smashed all the vases in the study. At this moment, his chest was still heaving violently from the anger and fear he felt when he saw the top hot search topic.

The hoarse and serious voice roared. “When you wanted to enter the entertainment industry, I made an agreement with you not to release the things about your family in front of the camera. Where did these promises go?”

“Don’t record the show. Come back for me straight away!!”

Bai Lin was suddenly scolded, and his face turned red.

You Jiyuan had never treated him so harshly before. Bai Lin held the hung up phone and subconsciously turned to look at Huo Yanzhi and Yan Tingxuan.

But at this moment, these people were silent. No one paid attention to Bai Lin.

You Mian also received a message from Qu Miao at this time.

[Mianmian, look at this short video that I forwarded to you. The blogger’s analysis is great. The number of likes is almost over 500,000!]

You Mian had just entered when he saw the words, ‘This video has been removed.’

Hong Sheng had immediately stopped all filming when he received a call from the You family one step ahead of Bai Lin.

He walked to the dinner table, glanced at Bai Lin, and asked, “Is everyone okay? Can the recording continue?”

The popularity of the real and fake young master topic had long made the Matching Heartbeat show go on the hot search again.

Under great pressure, Hong Sheng didn’t cut off the recording of the show. On the one hand, his professionalism didn’t allow it. On the other hand, it was because Pei Huaiji just added another huge investment without blinking.

Hong Sheng understood what Pei Huaiji meant and did it.

Bai Lin cried out with a sad face full of shock and fear. He said timidly, “Director, I might have to leave first for a while.”

Leaving like this right now was like running away with his tail between his legs, but Bai Lin had no choice.

You Jiyuan had called not only Bai Lin but also Hong Sheng. Hong Sheng naturally knew that Bai Lin would say this.

It seemed that this time, the gossip of a wealthy family had a deep impact.

Hong Sheng agreed immediately. He sighed with relief when he saw Bai Lin getting into the show’s car in an aggrieved manner, leaving the heartbeat house.

At the silent dining table, You Mian got up and apologized to Hong Sheng. “I’m sorry, Director. I didn’t control my emotions and it affected the recording.”

Hong Sheng had already received a huge investment from Pei Huaiji. Right now, he was afraid that You Mian wouldn’t record the variety show if he was unhappy so he hurriedly said, “It’s okay! The incident happened suddenly, and everyone was a bit excited. It isn’t your fault alone.”

Hong Sheng wasn’t lying. Ever since the hot search reached the top, the mood of the other people in the house wasn’t very clear.

Obviously, it wasn’t a good choice to continue recording now.

Thus, Hong Sheng clapped his hands and said, “Everyone, organize your emotions. Tonight’s recording will be postponed first. We will record it together tomorrow.”

You Mian’s tense shoulders suddenly loosened. His clenched hands were relieved.

You Mian could more or less guess why Bai Lin left.

He lowered his eyes and thought calmly that this would be the last time for You Jiyuan to step forward and turn the tide in the Xiuming Building.


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