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CEFYMA: Chapter 63

[…And it isn’t a static system.]

[Our Solar System is spanning, flying through space at 134 miles per second. Turning in circles, as part of a vast collection of stars and star systems…]

On the return trip in the show’s car, You Mian sat by the window in the second last row while wearing earbuds. The documentary playing from the earbuds spoke in fluent English, calmly and gently explaining the mysteries of the universe, the Milky Way, and the stars.

You Mian didn’t look at his phone.

As he listened to the documentary, he started to recall the ‘all things’ under the moon, the blind man catching the stars with its steel material and smooth lines.

Due to the posture of holding the hands, the steel fingers dug into his arms, pinching out painful depressions.

Every inch, every centimeter of lines were carved by him with 100% concentration.


[I can’t understand it at all.]

[Is this first place in the sculpture group? Boring.]

[It looks like something you can buy at a street stall for ten yuan.]

You Mian frowned and tried to think about the form of ‘all things.’

Where could it be improved? Where could it be better?

Did he get into trouble? Was there something wrong with the creation of the work itself or was it just the bias of the audience’s evaluation?

In the midst of the countless noisy and chaotic sounds, suddenly—

“Very beautiful.”

In a trance, a cold male voice penetrated the English explanation of the documentary in his ears and reverberated in You Mian’s mind.

It was Pei Huaiji’s determination when he stood at the door of the sculpture room and walked through the mud.

What’s more, Pei Huaiji came close to the ‘all things’ in the moonlight and spoke with absolute appreciation.

The man’s hot eyes crossed the distance of time and light and reappeared in front of You Mian’s eyes with radiance.

You Mian’s dazed expression suddenly changed. He turned his head to look at the roadside stalls under the lit street lamps outside the window.

Countless pedestrians were talking, and countless tourists were sightseeing.

A variety of goods were placed on small blankets on the ground.

Second-hand Polaroids on sale at a discount, old books that had only been read twice and were ready to be sold…

Under the strange lights, as they sped past, You Mian glanced at an artistic iron sculpture that was idle in a corner of a stall.

The appearance of the iron sculpture was like a flower, growing upward with all its strength.

It was an old table lamp with simple lines.

Qin Lan’s voice, filled with vicissitudes, rang in his ears. “No matter whether the value of the art is high or low, if it can be placed in a sculpture museum or an art museum, if it can be on the stage of the world, why can’t it be placed on a bookshelf or a bedside table?”

“Even if it is buried in the soil, even if it is broken to pieces! Even if it is broken to pieces!”

Qin Lan’s stern and old-fashioned eyebrows were furrowed tightly as he declared in a sonorous voice, “You Mian! It is valuable! Its value, everything about it still exists!”

“You are a sculptor, and your hands gave life to it. Never, never treat it as a dead thing.”

Under the hurried light and shadows, You Mian suddenly realized it.

Suddenly, a big hand pressed against his ear bone gently. The sound of the documentary from his earbuds paused.

You Mian tilted his head and unexpectedly met Pei Huaiji’s obsidian-like eyes.

The man’s voice was soft, so soft that only the two of them could hear it.

Pei Huaiji said, “Listen to my voice. Listen to the nearest voice.”

“It is very beautiful. It deserves first place, and it deserves everyone’s praise.”

It deserved the most enthusiastic show-off.

Don’t care about the ethereal, anonymous slander. Care about me.

You Mian blinked, and the corners of his eyes suddenly reddened.

Pei Huaiji raised his hand to touch it but found that the red color disappeared in an instant due to You Mian’s smile. It was as if it was an illusion.

The young man turned his head and hummed coolly, the sound in his nasal cavity muffled.

Pei Huaiji suddenly lost control. His throat was slightly dry.

He wanted to recklessly have JL’s public relations team immediately suppress all the rumors that had been spread so that none of it could be found on the Internet.

He even wanted to directly write the most stern lawyer’s letter to pull out the scum hiding behind the Internet one by one, letting them accept the trial of the law so that they would give You Mian the most sincere apology.

These abilities were in Pei Huaiji’s hands, but he couldn’t use them

It was due to You Mian’s determined eyes and attitude of refusal.

Pei Huaiji willingly endured to the utmost tolerance. He trusted You Mian, he admired You Mian, but he also believed in You Mian’s decisions.

Since You Mian chose not to suppress public opinion, Pei Huaiji could only follow his wishes.

You Mian’s muffled voice sounded from the window seat. “Have you seen the hot search?”

Pei Huaiji sat beside him. He didn’t hide it and hummed to admit it.

Once the hot search topic had completely fermented, it couldn’t be suppressed.

The show’s staff had no position or qualifications to deal with this type of wealthy gossip scandal, let alone anyone else except the parties involved.

On the way back to the house, Pei Huaiji saw the first hot search with the word ‘explosive’ behind it. His eyes were cold.

“I was adopted by You Jiyuan…”

Before You Mian could continue, Pei Huaiji pressed on the earbuds again. Accompanied by the sound of the documentary, Pei Huaiji said in a deep voice, “You don’t need to uncover the scar twice.”

You Mian was stunned for half a second. He realized that when he returned to the house, he must explain this matter to answer the other guests’ doubts.

Pei Huaiji didn’t waste these few seconds. He didn’t want You Mian to talk about these things again.

You Mian took the initiative to take off the earbuds.

He turned to look at Pei Huaiji and asked in a low voice, “If I was really such a vicious person, taking over another person’s happy life for over 20 years like a thief, would you still…?”

You Mian suddenly stopped.

The dim lights on the roadside quickly passed over the tall bridge of Pei Huaiji’s nose, making his eyes look even colder.

What else? You Mian couldn’t think clearly.

Even so, Pei Huaiji responded quickly and without hesitation. “Yes.”

You Mian was genuinely stunned.

Pei Huaiji stared directly into You Mian’s eyes. “I have judgment. You Mian, you said that I have good observation skills. I never doubt my eyes.”

You Mian blinked. “Even if I am really a thief?”

Pei Huaiji said yes.

“Even if I am really a bad person?”

Pei Huaiji said yes again.

Pei Huaiji indulged You Mian’s questions. He was very proud of his observation skills. This wasn’t a lie.

From the first time he saw the venue layout of Xiuming’s show, he noticed the name You Mian.

The artist’s style couldn’t lie. The work of sincere people was always warm.

Pei Huaiji declared, “I will always be on your side.”

In his over 20 years of life that was filled with extreme self-discipline and restraint, Pei Huaiji was willing to make this extremely partial promise.

You Mian was silent for a long, long time.

At the end of the documentary, the young man said softly, “I’m not a bad person.”

Pei Huaiji looked at him with gentle eyes. His tone was as always, filled with endless trust.


You Mian blinked his amber eyes. He was shocked to realize that his heartbeat was actually a bit fast at this moment.

The van drove into the mountains. The silhouette of the heartbeat house in the distance could already be seen.

Bai Lin, who had been sitting in the front row, suddenly stood up with his phone and walked to You Mian. He put on a pitiful look and said, “You Mian, I’m sorry. I didn’t expect my chat with fans in the group to be spread.”

Guan Tong sat behind You Mian. The atmosphere in the car was silent.

Guan Tong, who had just been awakened by the mountain trail after sleeping the whole way, rubbed his eyes and patted You Mian’s shoulder doubtfully. “What happened?”

Guan Tong was almost shocked when he opened his eyes and saw Bai Lin in front of him.

The rest of the group of eight people were resting in their seats. Bai Lin’s voice wasn’t loud, but it was enough to attract everyone’s attention.

What’s more, the current road conditions were bumpy. No one could sleep even if they wanted to.

“Have you all seen the hot search?” Bai Lin’s voice was suddenly heard.

You Mian frowned and looked at him coldly. Bai Lin almost swallowed the words he was about to say, but he still said it unwillingly.

“The relationship between me and You Mian is actually a bit complicated. Everyone can understand it when you look at the hot search.”

Guan Tong frowned. He didn’t turn on his phone directly as Bai Lin said. Instead, he supported You Mian’s shoulder from behind and asked softly, “Are you okay?”

The young man smiled calmly, his eyes bright.

You Mian replied, “You can look at it if you want. There happens to be something I want to tell you.”

The business car was parked outside the heartbeat house. The staff of the show also seized this time to prepare public relations.

Hong Sheng was scratching his head in distress. Why didn’t he ask more questions before? He hadn’t expected You Mian and Bai Lin to have such a relationship.

If he knew, he wouldn’t have added Bai Lin, who caused a lot of commotion.

The eight guests walked into the house with different expressions. The atmosphere was silent.

Yan Tingxuan hadn’t expected You Mian’s identity to be exposed, let alone by Bai Lin.

Huo Yanzhi was stunned. He had just woken up from his sleep, and it seemed that his mind wasn’t clear yet.

Yun Guanqing glanced at Bai Lin coldly and narrowed his eyes fiercely.

Guan Tong looked at the hot search. He couldn’t hide the shock in his eyes.

The show’s staff had already prepared dinner before they returned.

After a brief wash, the group gathered in the open-air courtyard on the first floor. The huge white curtain was opened under the night sky for an open-air movie dinner.

But at this moment, everyone didn’t have the heart to eat. The scene was very quiet.

Guan Tong was the first to pick up food with a smile. He picked up the movie list and opened it. “Why are you so cold and silent? Shall we choose the movie we want to watch?”

Shen Nanxiao leaned closer and said softly, “Look for something more romantic.”

You Mian’s eyes swept over Bai Lin, Yan Tingxuan’s group, and finally landed on Pei Huaiji beside him.

The young man said lightly, “I am indeed the adopted son of the You family. The reason why I didn’t mention it on the show in the beginning is because I have no relationship with the You family any longer. You Jiyuan isn’t my father, and Bai Peilan isn’t my mother. Bai Lin isn’t my younger brother either.”

“So I am still You Mian, the You of outstanding and the Mian of sleeping under the tree shade.”

Guan Tong looked up in surprise. Huo Yanzhi’s expression was very ugly.

Yan Tingxuan lowered his eyes silently. He was about to say something when he heard You Mian continue to speak. “Two years ago, I learned from You Jiyuan that I wasn’t their biological child. They found Bai Lin, and I also recognized my identity.”

‘Recognized my identity’ was something that not only Yan Tingxuan, but also Huo Yanzhi, often said to You Mian.

Now at this moment, hearing You Mian say it himself, they felt that their faces were hot and painful.

You Mian continued, “I don’t think I owe anything to the You Mian family, and I have returned everything that doesn’t belong to me.”

“Bai Lin.”

You Mian suddenly looked at him and spoke coldly. “Maybe you also know the reason why I have been kidnapped so many times over the years.”

Huo Yanzhi and Yan Tingxuan were suddenly stunned. Their eyes were filled with blatant surprise.

At the same time, a well-known art blogger with millions of followers on the Internet posted a new video.

[I saw the preliminary round of the Star Cup. What surprised me the most was this work—the blind boy under the starry sky.]

At the beginning of the video, the blogger, who looked like a middle-aged man, posted the work of Bai Lin, who ranked 1st in the oil painting group.

He started by saying, “I didn’t know that the enrollment level of A College has dropped so much. Now an oil painting of this level can win first place in the Star Cup. It is really an eye-opener for me.”

The sharp-tongued blogger commented mercilessly. “If this is the work of an elementary school student, I would think that their future was promising. However, if it is the first ranked work in the Star Cup’s oil painting group…”

“Then I can only scold it with one word: Garbage!”


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