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CEFYMA: Chapter 62

You Mian held his phone. His expression was blank and confused for a moment.

The young man stood in place and rarely showed a type of helplessness that was never revealed.

Pei Huaiji was right behind him. Even after You Mian’s mind returned and he immediately put his phone back in his pocket, he heard Pei Huaiji’s voice asking him, “What’s wrong?”

You Mian turned his head and looked up, staring into Pei Huaiji’s cold, dark eyes.

You Mian pursed his lips. He didn’t know why the Pei Huaiji he was facing now made him want to share.

Thus, he smiled calmly. His eyes curved, and he said, “I’ve entered the second round of the Star Cup.”

Pei Huaiji’s brow instantly relaxed. You Mian saw him reveal a handsome smile.

It was like a glacier melting and cold water boiling.

“Congratulations.” Pei Huaiji’s voice was a bit hoarse when he said this, and his emotions were complicated.

The joy in the man’s eyes was undisguised.

You Mian scratched the thin calluses on his fingers, inexplicably nervous.

Hong Sheng, who was among the staff members not far away, sat behind the camera and raised his eyebrow teasingly when he saw this scene.

This was the first time he had seen Pei Huaiji look like this.

He took the initiative to invite this person into the same group and also skydived together.

Hong Sheng felt that Pei Huaiji had a different attitude toward You Mian from the first time he saw You Mian. He held You Mian’s hand in the corridor that day for only a few seconds, but his brow was furrowed.

Maybe Pei Huaiji didn’t even notice it at that time.

Fortunately, he seemed to have opened up a bit now.

Hong Sheng stared at Pei Huaiji and You Mian with a smile. Once he looked down at his phone again, he found that the three related hot searches had suddenly become four or five.

Two more entries about Bai Lin went on the hot search. They reached the top ten of the hot search list at a very fast speed.

Hong Sheng frowned and looked over it. He saw that the new entries were all related to the Star Cup competition that Bai Lin participated in.

#Bai Lin took first place in the Star Cup’s oil painting group.

#Bai Lin’s work was strongly praised by Spier Punok.

#Bai Lin’s oil painting of all things.

Hong Sheng clicked on one at random and saw the fans in the topic cheering.

[Baby Linlin is so good! It is said that Professor Spier Punok is a well-known professor at a university in the UK. He reposted Bai Lin’s work on his INS. Baby Lin has been recognized by a professional in the circle!]

[F*k! It is really face-saving. Linlin is only a junior, and he now has such a great achievement. The future is limitless! (I am stepping on the amateur who is about to graduate and hasn’t received an offer yet).]

[Come on, Linlin. Charge forward bravely! We will always be your strongest support!]

[Don’t worry about other people’s slander or whatever. You will always be the best. The brush is in your hands, the strength is in you. No one else can take it away!]

[Some people, please open your eyes and see who is taking advantage of whose popularity. Don’t be afraid, Linlin.]

[Please stay away from the sour chickens. This is Linlin’s topic.]

[I’m curious. Isn’t an amateur participating in the Star Cup? I saw him on the public list. How come the results aren’t out? He won’t be eliminated in the first round, will he? I’m laughing to death.]

[Can anyone tell me about the value of Professor Punok? Why haven’t I heard this name before?]

[I’m speechless. Go and find it yourself. The professor is very famous and a professional.]

[I saw You Mian on the finalist transcript. He is actually ranked first in the sculpture group. I’m really surprised that the padding in the Star Cup is so high that he can be ranked first.]

[The gold content of the oil painting group has long been recognized as being higher than the sculpture group.]

[What is this? F*k, what is the difference between it and a ten yuan ornament on the street? I really can’t see what is good about it. The level isn’t good. How did it get first place? What eyes do the judges have?]

[I’m telling you quietly. You Mian won the judge’s internal recommendation to get through the qualifiers.]

[What? Do the judges still have this type of quota? It is disgusting. Why is there such a public backdoor now?]

[I really hope that Linlin stays away from this type of person. He doesn’t have the strength to rely on face alone.]

[What is this sculpture? I can’t understand it at all. What does it have to do with all things? Linlin’s oil painting is so beautiful. The first place in the sculpture group is at the level of a primary school student, hahaha.]

Bai Lin’s phone group chat was constantly buzzing with messages, but he couldn’t open it now. He had to secretly turn it on mute.

Not long after, an entry titled #You Mian’s work can’t be understood# slowly appeared.

Huo Yanzhi hadn’t come back yet, so Hong Sheng sat behind the camera and scanned the entries silently for a while. After a few seconds, he walked directly to the preparation area with his phone.

Pei Huaiji saw Hong Sheng’s furious movements. He couldn’t help stopping him and asked in a deep voice, “What’s wrong?”

Hong Sheng couldn’t help looking at You Mian, his brow tightly furrowed.

“You both haven’t seen the hot search, have you?”

You Mian and Pei Huaiji glanced at each other.

You Mian immediately took out his phone and clicked on Weibo.

The dazzling hot searches and countless malicious intentions instantly rushed toward his face. Pei Huaiji leaned over and scanned it a few times before immediately turning off You Mian’s phone.

“Stop looking now.” Pei Huaiji’s voice was cold and filled with obvious anger.

The hostility lurking in the dark was ready to move, but You Mian was calmer than he thought.

Pei Huaiji frowned and asked, “Do you need my help?”

JL had the most mature public relations team in Huajiang City and could almost suppress all these slanderous remarks.

You Mian looked at Pei Huaiji and understood what the other party meant.

But what he wanted wasn’t to suppress the hot search.

The old scars wouldn’t heal with the constant application of medicine. It must be opened, and the rotten flesh must be cut off in a bloody mess for the wound to heal.

Therefore, You Mian just smiled and said, “Let them have a festival.”

Hong Sheng walked into the preparation room and saw Bai Lin sitting at the front of several rows of chairs in the room. The other guests were also sitting or standing aside.

You Mian and Pei Huaiji followed behind Hong Sheng.

Hong Sheng stood at the door, shook his phone, and asked with a smile, “Bai Lin, do you know that the results of the Star Cup competition that you participated in have come out?”

Bai Lin’s face was still pale. Hearing this, he immediately raised his guard and blinked obediently. “Really? I don’t know. I’m still a bit uncomfortable and didn’t have time to check my phone.”

Hong Sheng raised an eyebrow and said, “Really? I see that you are on the hot search.”

The moment Hong Sheng’s words came out, everyone in the room looked over.

Guan Tong picked up his phone excitedly. “Honey, I remember that you also participated in this competition!”

Guan Tong paid attention to You Mian’s expression, and his heart relaxed after finding out that it wasn’t ugly.

His expression was normal. The result should be good.

But before Guan Tong could open Weibo on his phone, You Mian sat next to him and gently grabbed his wrist, “Don’t look at it yet.”

You Mian had seen the hot search topics before coming in. He naturally saw all the questions and doubts.

Due to the inherent nature of art, some viewers liked it while some just didn’t like it.

Different tastes and aesthetics would lead to different evaluations of the works.

Since You Mian chose to take these swords, he would bear these doubts, even if the people behind these doubts were deliberately adding fuel to the flames.

Guan Tong had experience from last time. He immediately realized why You Mian didn’t let him see it.

Guan Tong immediately frowned. “Did someone speak nonsense?”

You Mian smiled in a soothing manner. “Human speech is the most difficult thing to control.”

“But no matter what they say, it is a fact that I got a ticket to the second round.”

Guan Tong’s eyes widened, and he laughed in surprise. He immediately hugged You Mian. “Congratulations!”

Pei Huaiji stood aside, frowning slightly as he watched Guan Tong’s movements. Then he soon relaxed.

Several people in the front row heard their conversation and couldn’t help turning around to say congratulations.

Yan Tingxuan said, “I knew you could do it.”

Yun Guanqing sighed. “That’s good, You Mian.”

Seeing that everyone’s attention was focused on You Mian, Bai Lin couldn’t help turning on his phone immediately in a panic.

“I seem to have received the second round competition notice from the organizer of the Star Cup,” Bai Lin said with a timid smile.

Bai Lin scanned the screen of his phone and said to Hong Sheng, who was standing at the door, “Director, I saw the hot search. Perhaps my fans were too excited. I didn’t expect them to involve You Mian.”

You Mian raised his eyes slightly.

Bai Lin clasped his hands together and lowered his eyes innocently. “I want to apologize to you on behalf of my fans, You Mian. They just like me too much.”

Bai Lin said this without any context. Those who hadn’t seen the hot searches looked a bit confused at this moment.

You Mian lowered his eyes indifferently and didn’t answer Bai Lin.

Pei Huaiji suddenly said coldly, “Since you know that you are a public figure, you should set an example.”

Bai Lin’s expression froze. He clenched his hands together tightly and forced out a smile. “Yes, I know. I tried my best.”

Hong Sheng raised a hand and touched the tip of his nose. “Bai Lin, I need to contact your agent. After all, this is the time when the show is being aired. If this type of hot search keeps appearing, then it will have an impact on the show.”

Hong Sheng had been in the industry for many years. It wasn’t hard for him to see that Bai Lin’s hot searches were planned by someone behind the scenes.

Less than half an hour after the results of the Star Cup came out, it was directly on the top of the hot search.

Hong Sheng didn’t believe at all that there was no water army or marketing company behind it.

He just hadn’t expected Bai Lin to want so much and to stop on You Mian every time.

For the Matching Heartbeat show, the heartbeat guests might not become good friends, but at the very least, they shouldn’t step on each other on the hot search all day long.

Hong Sheng realized that he still had to talk to Bai Lin’s agent about this matter. He immediately got Mu Ze’s contact information from Bai Lin.

Bai Lin smiled sincerely after hearing the belated congratulations from Yan Tingxuan and Yun Guanqing behind him.

He quietly clicked on the group chat on his phone and found that his die-hard fans were already celebrating.

[Why isn’t Linlin speaking in the group today?]

[Quickly scroll through the hot search terms. Push up the one about not understanding the amateur’s work.]

[Hahahaha, many passersby clicked in and asked about You Mian’s work. Send them all the comments that you copied and pasted before to popularize the padding of the sculpture group.]

[Can you determine which judge gave the internal recommendation?]

Bai Lin spoke out at the right time and typed ‘Qin Lan.’

[Ahhhh! The baby is out!]

[I Found him. Qin Lan from the sculpture department of A College!]

[How about it? What is his professional title and level? Can you report him?]

[I can’t find a breakthrough point for the time being. I feel uncomfortable looking at it.]

[Push up the entry about Punok. Don’t let the heat drop. It will be easier after half an hour. There will be a water army to help.]

[If passersby ask, say that You Mian’s works are incomprehensible, very cheap, and from a roadside stall.]

[Can we add plagiarism? Are there any sisters who can compare it?]

[Plagiarism can’t be done. It is more difficult. There are no sculptures of this type, and the pictures can’t be matched together. If there are no similarities, it is difficult to push the plagiarism aspect. We can only say that the level is poor.]

[Tsk, bad luck.]

Bai Lin roughly scanned the hot search. Then he scrolled through his album and secretly picked out a few photos of Xiuming’s show layout from previous years from his album and sent them to the group chat.

Bai Lin: [Hehe, I found that everyone is very interested in my major. This is the show stage layout that I helped my family put up a few years ago. The level is very immature. Don’t spread it to others. Just let our family see it.]

[Wow! It is Xiuming! Is Linlin related to Xiuming?! [shocked,.jpg]]

[F*k, Xiuming’s shows in the past two years have been very popular! I didn’t expect that Linlin did the show’s stage decorations! So great, Baby!]

[Why don’t you send out such a professional and excellent thing?]

[Could Linlin’s father be You Jiyuan? Xiuming’s momentum is very strong. I didn’t expect Linlin to be the young master from a rich family!]

[F*k, a rich second generation is still so capable. Will Linlin be the heir to Xiuming in the future? Awesome.]

[Did the actor I am a fan of suddenly become the heir of a wealthy family? So cool.]

[I found the transcript of Xiuming shareholders’ meeting a few months ago. Linlin accepted the equity transfer…]

Bai Lin narrowed his eyes and smiled. He was waiting for this moment.

Sure enough, in the next second, endless doubts erupted in the group.

[Why is the other person who transferred the equity called You Mian? The same name and surname?]

[F*k… You Mian’s surname is You too. What type of scandal is this? No wonder why Linlin doesn’t let us spread it to the outside world. There is actually such a relationship.]

[You Mian is one year older than Linlin. Is he Baby Lin’s brother?]

Bai Lin looked sinister for a moment. Then he sent out the sentence he had already drafted.

[Please don’t make random guesses.]

Bai Lin posted a crying emoji.

[I am indeed the only son of the You family, but due to various reasons, I have only returned to my home in the past two years. You Mian is also my nominal brother, but he doesn’t want me to call him that.]

The amount of information in this paragraph was explosive.

The news in the group spread rapidly.

[Ahhh, what do you mean? My head is going to explode. Should we still push up the hot topics?]

[Don’t be afraid, Baby Lin! Go on and tell us.]

[I have a bad feeling about this crying emoji. Is You Mian bullying you?]

[Does this mean that Linlin only recently found his biological parents? How pitiful. I didn’t expect Linlin’s life experience to be so miserable.]

Bai Lin typed quickly: [I have been abroad before. As everyone knows, I only returned to Huajiang City in the past two years because my parents found me. Before, they always thought You Mian was their child [crying.jpg].]


[Oh my god. I’m so shocked and need to digest this.]

[Didn’t You Mian live under Linlin’s identity for over 20 years?]

[I’m going to explode from anger. How dare such a person show his face to Linlin now?]

[I always wanted to say this, but You Mian is so bad in the main episodes. I don’t know what he is trying to do, but he doesn’t pay attention to Linlin at all.]

[Then he deliberately pretended not to know Linlin!]

[I want to cry. Linlin is so pitiful. He was alone abroad without a mother or a father. Fortunately, he is back now.]

[I’m so speechless. Let the guy who takes over other people’s lives pay the price, okay?]

[Those luxurious things should belong to Linlin. Why did he occupy them for so many years? Fortunately, Linlin is back now.]

A few minutes later, You Mian and Bai Lin’s names were put together for the first time and topped the hot search list.

#Bai Lin You Mian true and false young master.


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