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CEFYMA: Chapter 61

With the wind filling their ears, no one in the helicopter could hear each other’s voices.

Guan Tong slowly approached at the sign of the escort. He didn’t forget to pat You Mian on the shoulder before turning around.

You Mian grabbed Guan Tong’s hand. He turned around and smiled with a comforting and encouraging expression. This instantly calmed Guan Tong’s anxiety.

The propellers roared. The voices of the three escorts shouted loudly.

“Mr Yan’s side!”

“Buckle the metal buckle first.”

In the chaotic and noisy sounds, Pei Huaiji calmly and quickly grabbed the safety rope on You Mian’s parachuting suit. He gently shackled the person to his chest.

The man’s big hand accurately grabbed the metal button on You Mian’s chest. He pulled and tightened, instantly tying the two people’s safety belt together.

You Mian obediently leaned toward Pei Huaiji. The curls swept over the bridge of the man’s nose when he lowered his head.

Pei Huaiji’s eyes instantly sank. He tightened his arms around the person in front of him.

The excessive intimate posture made Yun Guanqing and Yan Tingxuan have cold faces.

But even if they said something in the midst of the noise in their ears, the other person couldn’t hear them.

Pei Huaiji took the goggles from another escort and handed them over.

Pei Huaiji leaned over slightly, getting closer than before.

The man asked in a deep voice, “Are you afraid?”

You Mian leaned back slightly. His eyes, wearing the goggles, showed no emotions, but judging from his smile, it was just as he had said.

“Don’t be afraid,” You Mian smiled and said. “It is very exciting.”

The show’s staff followed the helicopter camera crew and held up the camera dutifully, filming all the guests on board at this moment.

Guan Tong was already a bit frightened. He grabbed the arm of the escort behind him and shouted in a nervous tone, “Brother! Brother, how are your skills? Can you land safely?”

The escort reluctantly patted his back and said, “Don’t worry, as long as you don’t get too nervous.”

Guan Tong wailed.

The camera crew of the show kept pointing a huge black camera at him. “Guan Tong, come and smile.”

Guan Tong was so angry that he wanted to hit him. “I was almost scared to death.”

After Guan Tong finished speaking, he saw You Mian and Pei Huaiji on the other side. The two of them stood very close. From this perspective, it seemed like Pei Huaiji was holding You Mian in his arms.

It had to be said that Pei Huaiji’s height was simply the standard configuration of a domineering chairman. He was even a bit taller than the standard configuration. After all, his appearance was so handsome.

The man’s broad shoulders were wrapped around You Mian. No matter what he said, the other person looked like he was listening.

But the gentleness on the surface couldn’t hide Pei Huaiji’s strong movements.

He kept his hands on the safety buckle and stood behind You Mian in an absolutely occupying posture. It was as if he was shouting that this was his person and his territory.

Guan Tong was nervous. At the same time, he was still gossiping about Yan Tingxuan and Yun Guanqing.

sure enough, he saw the expressions of the two people became darker and suddenly felt amused in his heart.

“Let’s go down first.”

Guan Tong was stunned and felt that the escort behind him was leading him to the door.

Guan Tong was so frightened that he shouted, “Brother! My brother! Why are we the first to go down? Give me some buffer time!”

Guan Tong was afraid, but he also wanted to play. It was just that he became timid when he was brought to the door first.

The escort’s voice was very calm. “You will only become more and more nervous when you see someone else jump first.”

Guan Tong only had time to make a gesture to the person next to him who was dutifully filming him. Then he was taken by the escort and jumped off the helicopter.


Guan Tong shouted as he fell down. He broke into the clouds in an instant and could no longer be seen.

The noise on the helicopter stopped for a moment. Yan Tingxuan handed his glasses to the staff member and smiled gently. “I’ll go next.”

Yan Tingxuan looked at You Mian wearing goggles. He suddenly gave a thumbs up and smiled. “Xiao Mian, come on.”

You Mian pursed his lips indifferently.

After Yan Tingxuan jumped down, Yun Guanqing followed.

The long-haired man tied his hair back behind his head. He looked at You Mian with his gorgeous appearance and took a deep look before jumping.

But he didn’t say anything. He turned around and made a gesture at the camera next to him. Then he was taken by the escort to jump down.

Only the last group remained on the helicopter.

The scorching sun shone directly in front of him, and his vision blocked by goggles showed strange colors. The clouds in the distance floated slowly in the sky, and the howling wind flew past his ears.

Pei Huaiji asked, “Do you believe me?”

You Mian raised his head and smiled at Pei Huaiji behind him. “Chairman Pei has always kept his word.”

You Mian believed it because Pei Huaiji’s promise was always credible.

Pei Huaiji nodded. As he fell off the helicopter with the person in his arms, he said, “Open your arms and look up.”

You Mian shouted as he fell through the air. They literally fell into the clouds.

The air above was extremely cold, and the violent wind blew the ear drums, knocking on their heartbeat.

The violent feeling of weightlessness instantly swept over him. You Mian instinctively closed his eyes, but soon opened them again.

In front of them was an endless blue sky, and they quickly fell towards the surface!


You Mian opened his arms as Pei Huaiji said. He raised his head and stared straight ahead.

At this moment, when the cold wind covered his entire body, You Mian felt that Pei Huaiji’s breath coming from the back of his neck was particularly warm.

The young man’s eyes were stunned, and he cheered loudly as he let the wind kiss him wantonly.

His voice cut through the clouds and strong wind, reaching the ears of Pei Huaiji behind him.

“Pei Huaiji, so handsome—!”

You Mian’s side face was cold and white while his smile was bright.

Pei Huaiji instinctively hugged the person in front of him tightly. He secretly appeased his desire for touch while feeling that he was a bit despicable.

They plunged downward while close to each other. The high-speed air movement made people’s adrenaline surge.

A few seconds later, You Mian saw a bird flying close by.

It seemed to have fallen behind, but it was flapping its wings leisurely.

You Mian made eye contact with the bird for less than half a second. Then it flew freely into the distance.

At this moment, You Mian felt in a trance that he also had wings and was so free.

A bang sound was suddenly heard above his head. It was Pei Huaiji who opened the parachute.

The feeling of weightlessness slowly decreased. You Mian was very happy in his heart.

At this time, Hong Sheng stood at the skydiving base and lowered his head to stare at his phone. Not long ago, the second episode of Matching Heartbeat was officially launched. He was now paying attention to the online evaluation.

The joy of broadcasting for two consecutive days made many fans excited. The number of comments in the barrage increased sharply in an instant.

[Cotton workers are watching on time! Raise your hands!}


[Chairman Pei and Mianmian selected the same group. I am spinning in place!]

[You Mian’s professional knowledge is so solid. Bai Lin is also an art student. Why can’t he guess what these two pictures mean?]

[I can only say that my knowledge is limited, thank you.]

[Is snooker the same as billiards?]

As other comments were explaining the rules, Pei Huaiji showed off his beautiful snooker skills and made the barrage go crazy.

[F*k, my CP has come true. Wow! Chairman Pei likes Mianmian so much!]

[I’ve never shipped such an amazing CP. Brother Yun is also very handsome, but I’m sorry, I love Chairman Pei more.]

[Is this the charm of an old man (Chairman Pei, I was wrong).]

[Ahhhh! It is go-karting!]

[Why can’t we see the locker room? Is this something that us VIPs can’t see? I am kneeling down and begging.]

In the all-round footage shot by the cameraman, You Mian appeared in a black and yellow skinny racing suit. This instantly led to another surge in the barrage.

In the midst of the carnival-like screaming comments, You Mian stepped on the accelerator and rushed straight onto the track.

[F*k f*k, Brother Mian! I will never call you Baby Mian from now on. You are my brother!]

[So handsome! It shocks my heart. How many heartwarming messages can such a beautiful and handsome guy receive today?]

[Chairman Pei’s must be there, but I don’t know about Brother Yun.]

[The way Chairman Pei looked at You Mian was so obvious. There is appreciation and liking at the same time. It is as if he is uncontrollably attracted. At first, he was conflicted. Then in the end, he couldn’t help letting himself indulge and fall.]

[If you can speak, then say more!]

[Brother Yun’s eyes are nailed to Mianmian. How can he not send it to Mianmian?]

[Who understands the excitement I feel while rolling around on the bed alone? F*k, so handsome!]

[Ahhhh, it is still a day when I am crazily screenshotting. Are the heartwarming text messages coming soon?]

The editing of the episode went through several scenes, depicting the psychological activities of the eight guests before sending text messages. Finally, it reached the heartwarming text message session.

They saw three envelopes flying away from the three guests on the lily of the valley side. They all flew to the same guest on the iris side.

The barrage started to speculate fiercely.

[All three people sent it to one person? Who could it be?]

[I can only say that some people shouldn’t take advantage of the hype. Of course, they will all be sent to Bai Lin.]

[There are no positive shots of Linlin in the episode that made me really speechless. All the time was used to edit the date of the other group. What type of double standard is this?]

[There are more scenes of the amateur than everyone in Linlin’s group put together. I’m really laughing. It is too unreasonable, show’s staff.]

[I’m sorry. The episode might’ve edited it to pieces, but our Linlin just got three heartwarming text messages, hahahaha.]

[The popularity is all created by Linlin’s fans. As a result, there are no shots of Linlin in the episode. I am speechless.]

[Please speak with facts. I just checked the duration. The difference between the duration of the two groups is only three minutes. I can only say that Bai Lin’s cafe scenes are really boring. You can’t blame Mianmian for the editing, can you?]

[I can’t get used to Bai Lin’s fans bullying the weak. An amateur might not be in the entertainment industry, but we are happy to be fans of You Mian. Hold back if you don’t accept it.]

In the last scene before the end of the episode, You Mian and Pei Huaiji exchanged heartwarming text messages, while the rest of the lily of the valley guests sent them to Bai Lin.

Thanks to the cheers of the cotton workers and Bai Lin’s fans, the three entries respectively reached the hot search.

#My ship is real!

#Bai Lin’s three heartwarming text messages.

#Bai Lin is a shura field heartthrob.

Pei Huaiji held You Mian’s waist tightly with his big hands and commanded in a deep voice, “Retract your feet.”

You Mian immediately followed the instructions. The two of them dived down under the buffer of the parachute and landed steadily.

The huge parachute fell on the lawn like a deflated balloon. The base personnel and show’s staff not far away ran over.

Since Pei Huaiji and You Mian were the last group to jump, Guan Tong and the others had already taken off their parachuting clothes and walked over.

Guan Tong ran toward You Mian and said with a smile, “Honey! How do you feel? I was almost scared to death at first, but it was fine after that!”

You Mian obediently let Pei Huaiji undo the metal buckles between them while answering Guan Tong’s question with a smile, “It is very exciting!”

“Thanks to Chairman Pei’s professionalism, we landed safely.”

Pei Huaiji lowered his eyes to look at him and said calmly, “You’re welcome.”

If he could ignore that Pei Huaiji was still closely following You Mian at the moment, the man’s voice sounded very restrained and responsible.

You Mian smiled and tilted his head. He moved his hands to brush back his hair from his forehead.

The beautiful amber eyes were full of a smile. He looked chic and handsome.

Guan Tong was hit in the heart. He covered his face and acted like an exaggerated nymphomaniac. “Ah, so handsome!”

Obviously, You Mian had a gentle appearance, and he usually smiled more gently. However, once something came up that required his serious concentration, the other person would immediately show his sharpness. His eyes would become sharp.

The gentle appearance gradually faded away and revealed the inner tenacity.

Guan Tong was fascinated. Yan Tingxuan and Yun Guanqing, who were walking slowly beside him, were no less willing to give in. There was admiration in their eyes.

Shen Nanxiao followed.

You Mian and Pei Huaiji took off their parachuting suits while Shen Nanxiao pointed to the sky. “Brother Huo will probably come down soon after you.”

You Mian nodded slightly.

Guan Tong suddenly turned his head and asked, “Where is Bai Lin?”

The question was a bit strange. You Mian looked at Guan Tong doubtfully.

As the group walked to the preparation area, they listened to Guan Tong explain to You Mian, “It is said that Bai Lin was too scared after getting on the helicopter and didn’t jump. He followed the escort and pilot in the helicopter to come back.”

You Mian lowered his eyes slightly and let out a faint sigh, seemingly not interested.

Just as they were about to step into the rest area where Bai Lin was sitting, the phone in You Mian’s pocket suddenly rang.

The young man stood at the door and opened it. It was a notification message from the organizer of the Star Cup.

[Congratulations to Contestant 0409 You Mian on successfully entering the second round of the Star Cup with 1st place in the sculpture category with the theme of ‘all things.’ The second round competition will be on the 10.11. The detailed theme will be sent to your inbox by email. Please pay attention to check it.]

You Mian’s eyes instantly lit up, and joy filled his body.

He stood at the door a bit impatiently and clicked on the email.

He saw that the theme of the second round of the Star Cup was: maternal love.


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