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CEFYMA: Chapter 60

The sun was shining high on the top of the mountain, and the autumn wind was blowing.

The moment a group of people from the Heartbeat House took the cable car to the skydiving base by cable car, they saw helicopters parked in the huge open space in front of them.

The camera crew of the show lined up in a row and waited in the preparation area. Director Hong Sheng, who was wearing a red vest, was also sitting inside.

The open space where the helicopters were parked was surrounded by a row of low yellow houses, with tourists and skydiving instructors walking among them.

Guan Tong looked at the giant plane not far away and said with surprise, “Wow! This is my first time riding a helicopter!”

As the other guests were observing the surroundings with calm expressions, Guan Tong was the only one who walked up to Hong Sheng with a smile. He covered his mouth softly and asked, “Director, can I film some material?”

Hong Sheng was a person who was easy to talk to. He nodded when he heard this and just gave an extra reminder.

“It can’t be sent out before the show airs. The rest can be filmed.”

Guan Tong knew these truths well. He immediately smiled and nodded again and again. “Understood!”

So as Guan Tong held up his phone to film, You Mian and the others were led by the base staff to the preparation room next to the show’s staff.


The second before he stepped into the room, You Mian heard Guan Tong calling him and couldn’t help looking back.

He saw Guan Tong holding up his phone and smiling heartily while saying, “I’ll give you a pat. Say hello to my friends, handsome guy.”

In the shot, You Mian was wearing a bright orange coat. His curly hair fluttered gently in the mountain breeze.

The young man’s shoulders were straight, and his eyes were bright.

You Mian raised his hand and waved, eyes curved. “Hi, Guan Tong’s fans. I’m You Mian.”

Guan Tong hurriedly went to stop Pei Huaiji.

“Chairman Pei, say hello too?”

Pei Huaiji’s overly superior height and cold temperament attracted the attention of countless pairs of eyes from the moment he stepped into this room.

The tourists walking back and forth always stopped or looked back when they saw Pei Huaiji.

The eight newcomers were each handsome in their own way, but Pei Huaiji’s height was too obvious. His handsome and steady face and figure gave him an extra level of nobility that couldn’t be ignored.

It was to the point where he always caught the attention of strangers at first glance.

Of course, Guan Tong also found this and this gave him the courage to stop Pei Huaiji.

Pei Huaiji knew that You Mian also said hello just now. Therefore, he didn’t shirk it. He turned to look at Guan Tong’s mobile phone lens, nodded slightly, and said in a deep voice, “Hello, everyone. I am Pei Huaiji.”

You Mian was standing not far from him. Guan Tong’s phone camera could take in both of them if he was a bit further away.

Guan Tong was about to zoom out with the camera.

Pei Huaiji keenly noticed this and suddenly approached You Mian, his voice much softer than before.

“Please support our Matching Heartbeat,” Pei Huaiji said.

You Mian, who was originally observing the skydiving precautions hanging in the preparation room, was startled when he heard this. He looked back and realized that Guan Tong’s camera was still shooting in this direction.

You Mian tilted his head and said the same thing as Pei Huaiji. “Please support Matching Heartbeat more. Director Hong’s hair is going bald.”

Pei Huaiji’s eyes were no longer cold. He lowered his eyes to look at You Mian beside him and whispered, “You are arranging the director.”

You Mian had long known that Hong Sheng and Pei Huaiji had a good relationship. Now he could hear Pei Huaiji’s joking tone and couldn’t help but pretend to be scared. “Chairman Pei, please don’t tell him. Director Hong will kill me.”

Pei Huaiji pursed his lips slightly and made a restrained smile.

Guan Tong stared at the scene on his phone and inexplicably felt that his mouth was stuffed with dog food.

It was because the scene of Pei Huaiji and You Mian standing together was too harmonious and perfect.

The excessively tall stature gave Pei Huaiji a sense of coldness and alienation that ordinary people didn’t have. This domineering aura would be deliberately restrained when he saw You Mian, transforming him from a cold glacier to a secretly surging tide.

Guan Tong took a breath. The camera turned to shoot Shen Nanxiao and the others.

The preparation room was spacious, with five or six rows of blue chairs facing a white screen hanging on the wall.

There were strange tourists sitting in the back rows while Shen Nanxiao and the others who came in just now were sitting in the front rows.

The moment he saw Guan Tong’s camera, Shen Nanxiao took the initiative to say hello. “Hi, Guan Tong’s fans. I’m Shen Nanxiao. Please support Guan Tong’s channel.”

Guan Tong gave Shen Nanxiao a thumbs up behind the camera. Then he slowly moved to Huo Yanzhi next to Shen Nanxiao.

Huo Yanzhi sat on the cold iron chair. His black coat couldn’t hide his strong muscular build. He had a hearty and wild smile on his face. The man raised his big hand and said with a smile, “I am Huo Yanzhi. Hello, everyone.”

Yan Tingxuan squeezed into Huo Yanzhi’s shot and said hello together. “Hello, everyone.”

Guan Tong introduced him. “This is Brother Yan, a well-known barrister in Huajiang City.”

Yan Tingxuan raised his gold-rimmed glasses and smiled gracefully.

Bai Lin suddenly stood up from behind Huo Yanzhi and Yan Tingxuan. There was a big smile on his well-behaved face, and his voice was soft. “Hello, everyone. I am Bai Lin. Please support Guan Tong’s channel!”

Guan Tong’s hand shook and he almost couldn’t hold the phone steady.

It had to be known that the relationship between him and Bai Lin in the house could only be acquaintances who minded their own business. It seemed that Bai Lin’s care at this moment was very fake.

However, he didn’t reach out to hit the smiling man. Guan Tong said nothing and turned the camera to Yun Guanqing at the end.

The long-haired man sat on the far side with his head hanging down. Huge sunglasses were placed on his face. It was as if he was afraid of being recognized and causing an unnecessary commotion.

Yun Guanqing reached out and gently pulled down his sunglasses. He snapped his fingers at the camera and said, “Hello, everyone.”

Yun Guanqing didn’t say his name. He arrogantly thought that there was no one who wouldn’t recognize him.

Guan Tong finally turned the camera to face himself.

His pink hair was very flamboyant and there was a row of black earrings fastened to his ear bones. The young man’s fingernails were dyed with black nail polish. He struck a very punk-like pose for the camera, tilted his head back slightly, and filmed all the other seven guests.

The material was completely sufficient. The two skydiving instructors in charge of their group walked in front outside as soon as Guan Tong turned off his phone.

The tourists chatting in the back row just now got up and walked outside.

Everyone heard the loud roar of the helicopter starting.

You Mian looked sideways. Sure enough, he saw that the propellers of two helicopters parked in the open space were spinning rapidly.

Presumably, the people from the group just now were about to get on.

“Hello everyone. Today, the two of us are in charge of the skydiving preparations for the eight of you.”

Both instructors wore narrow black sunglasses. One of them asked, “Does anyone here have a skydiving license?”

Presumably, the show’s staff had communicated with the coach of the base before. This was why there was such a question.

You Mian didn’t move. He saw Pei Huaiji, who was sitting next to him, raise his hand.

Yun Guanqing and Huo Yanzhi in the back also raised their hands one by one.

The instructor couldn’t hide his surprise. “Then do the three of you want to skydive independently?”

Seeing that there were no other tourists in the room, Yun Guanqing took off his sunglasses, raised an eyebrow, and said, “My skydiving license was obtained in New Zealand. Can it be used in China?”

The coach hissed. “No.”

Yun Guanqing shrugged and sighed in the midst of the helpless laughter of the others. “I’ve made a fool of myself.”

The coach’s eyes fell on Pei Huaiji and Huo Yanzhi.

“Both of you have A-certificates?”

Huo Yanzhi nodded.

But Pei Huaiji said very calmly, “I have a D certificate. I can bring people.”

“D certificate?” Guan Tong shouted loudly. He didn’t understand it but was surprised first.

Guan Tong raised a hand and asked, “Is a D certificate the highest level?”

The coach nodded. “Yes. With a D certificate, you can apply to be an instructor and you can take someone to skydive with you.”

You Mian couldn’t hide his surprise and looked sideways at Pei Huaiji. “I didn’t expect that the experience you mentioned was at this level.”

Pei Huaiji’s whole temperament was a bit contradictory to the activity of skydiving.

Pei Huaiji clearly saw the surprise in You Mian’s eyes. “If you participate in a club when abroad for a period of time, you can get extra credits.”

You Mian instantly understood. Pei Huaiji was still the same Pei Huaiji.

The coach clapped his hands and said, “Now, let’s do some basic theoretical learning. I will teach you how to free fall from a high altitude, as well as parachute control and emergency procedures.”

“Of course, you don’t need to be nervous. We will provide professional skydiving instructors for first-time skydivers. They will control the entire skydiving process.”

You Mian sat in the front row and listened carefully.

After all, he had always been interested in this type of thrilling activity.

It took nearly half an hour to complete the process.

Once the coach finished the last sentence, he took out a parachuting suit from the cabinet behind him. “Everyone, take your clothes. Put them on according to my demonstration just now, and fasten the safety metal buckles.

Once the coach finished distributing the clothes, he asked Yan Tingxuan, “Sir, how myopic are you? Is it more than 800?”

Yan Tingxuan shook his head with a gentlemanly smile. “It isn’t over. I can participate.”

Yan Tingxuan didn’t have a skydiving certificate, but he had skydived a few times.

The coach was relieved. He waved his hand. “Everyone, divide into two groups. We will get on the helicopter one after another.”

You Mian always had a good memory, so he remembered clearly what the coach had said just now.

The young man raised his hands and neatly got dressed. The action of pressing the buckles was beautiful and neat.

The coach couldn’t help praising it after seeing it. “Have you never jumped before?”

You Mian raised his eyes and smiled. “No.”

The coach gave a thumbs up. “The movements are accurate and talented.”

At the same time, Bai Lin’s voice sounded from not far behind him. “How do I fasten this button? It is so annoying. Brother Huo, please help me.”

Huo Yanzhi stepped forward silently to buckle it for Bai Lin. His expression was slightly different from usual.

There seemed to be a lack of patience.

The eight guests walked out of the preparation room after getting dressed. The cameraman of the show had been waiting for a long time. Now he filmed frantically.

“Divide into two groups. You decide for yourself,” the coach said.

Two helicopters had already returned to the open space in the distance.

Guan Tong jumped out from behind You Mian excitedly. “I’ll be in a group with you.”

You Mian smiled and rubbed his pink hair. “But I don’t have much experience either.”

Guan Tong was resolute. “I don’t care. I’ll be with you.”

You Mian smiled and agreed.

Huo Yanzhi looked at You Mian frequently in a contradictory and entangled manner. He just wanted to walk over there when the coach suddenly said, “It is better for the two people with professional certificates to be divided into two different groups.”

Huo Yanzhi and Pei Huaiji had certificates. According to the coach’s meaning, if one of them chose You Mian’s group, then the other person had to go to the other group.

Huo Yanzhi’s footsteps paused. What he didn’t expect was for Pei Huaiji to immediately walk to You Mian’s side.

“Let’s go in the same group,” Pei Huaiji said in a deep voice. His expression didn’t show any major changes.

Bai Lin grabbed Huo Yanzhi’s sleeve and smiled in a slightly embarrassed manner. “Brother Huo, let’s go as a pair. I haven’t skydived yet. I’m a bit scared.”

Huo Yanzhi’s pause made him lose his chance, not to mention that Bai Lin’s words blocked his choice.

Huo Yanzhi hesitated for three seconds. Finally, he turned around and stopped beside Bai Lin silently.

Shen Nanxiao stood there with a smile. He inexplicably wanted to add fuel to the scene, so he went to Huo Yanzhi and stood next to him. “I’ll be in this group.”

Yan Tingxuan and Yun Guanqing’s expressions instantly became complicated.

You Mian’s group now had one spot left. There was also one spot left in Bai Lin’s group.

Yun Guanqing and Yan Tingxuan instantly glanced at each other. A thought came to mind at the same time.

What was the situation with Pei Huaiji?

Just as Yun Guanqing was about to take a step, Yan Tingxuan beside him stepped out. He said, “I choose You Mian’s group.”

Yun Guanqing had never had a good temper. He wasn’t the type to be obedient and endure things. He immediately grabbed Yan Tingxuan’s arm and smiled. “Hey, your cute brother is over there. Don’t grab my spot.”

Yan Tingxuan’s eyes instantly froze, but his smile was still gentlemanly. “Mr Yun, I think this is a free choice.”

Yun Guanqing held Yan Tingxuan’s arm without letting go. “Yes, I just suggest that you… choose another group.”

Yan Tingxuan didn’t let go at all. He pushed up his glasses lightly, and his eyes under the lenses were sharp.

“Since it is a suggestion, I don’t have to accept it.”

Yun Guanqing’s expression instantly turned cold.

The coach watched as the two people were inexplicably about to argue. He couldn’t help saying helplessly, “Five people are fine. The helicopter seats are enough.”

The coach saw that the eight people could be divided into groups of four and four. He hadn’t expected such a thing to happen.

Yun Guanqing instantly let go of his hand and looked at the coach with a smile. “Really?”

Seeing the coach nod, Yan Tingxuan also adjusted his collar and walked toward You Mian with a calm expression.

You Mian stood aside and watched this inexplicable and very strange scene. He only felt amused.

Just like watching Huo Yanzhi and Yan Tingxuan hide their clues last night, You Mian faced the unreasonable fight between Yun Guanqing and Yan Tingxuan and still felt it had nothing to do with him.

You Mian quickly got into the helicopter and was followed closely by Guan Tong.

The coach was about to turn around and call for an escort when he suddenly remembered something. He turned to look at Pei Huaiji and asked, “I remember that you have a D certificate and don’t need an escort. Do you want to bring someone with you?”

The helicopter hadn’t started yet. However, the two groups had boarded the helicopters separately and couldn’t see each other’s situation clearly.

Bai Lin nervously held Huo Yanzhi’s arm and got into the helicopter. At this moment, he couldn’t think about what Yan Tingxuan and Yun Guanqing’s argument just now meant. It was because he was scared to death.

However, seeing You Mian’s outstanding performance just now, Bai Lin really didn’t want to fall behind. Thus, he got on the helicopter in a tearful mood.

Bai Lin didn’t believe that he couldn’t do what You Mian could do.

Shen Nanxiao noticed Bai Lin’s pale face. He couldn’t help frowning and asking, “Bai Lin, are you okay?”

It was only then that Huo Yanzhi looked away from the other helicopter and turned to stare at Bai Lin.

It was okay when not looking, but he was shocked the moment he saw this person.

He saw that Bai Lin’s lips were white, and his whole body trembled.

Huo Yanzhi immediately frowned. “Bai Lin, your current appearance isn’t suitable for skydiving. You should wait for us to come back in the preparation area.”

Bai Lin was immediately angry when he heard this. “I won’t!”

Why? Why could You Mian do it but he couldn’t?

“Isn’t it just skydiving?” Bai Lin was quite short of breath and had to be strong. “I’ll jump.”

The moment the three escorts got onboard, Huo Yanzhi also noticed that the other group only had three escorts.

The number of people didn’t match…

Huo Yanzhi frowned fiercely. Could it be that Pei Huaiji was bringing a person with him?

The moment the coach asked this question, Pei Huaiji instinctively looked sideways at You Mian like he was asking for advice.

Pei Huaiji’s instinct was to answer immediately, but he had to restrain himself and wait for the young man to say that he agreed.

You Mian noticed Pei Huaiji’s gaze. Then his eyes curved, and he smiled. “I can do it. Chairman Pei, do you want to take me to parachute?”

Facing You Mian’s unwary look, Pei Huaiji nodded calmly. His cold eyes were dark. “Is it okay?”

The alarm bell immediately sounded in Yun Guanqing and Yan Tingxuan.

You Mian raised an eyebrow before saying, “Yes.”

Before the coach could speak, Yun Guanqing took the lead and said, “Chairman Pei, how long has it been since you skydived? It is good for you to rashly bring people with you?”

Yan Tingxuan agreed with Yun Guanqing’s statement for the first time. “I also think it is a bit dangerous.”

Pei Huaiji was always sharp and unshakable in the face of people other than You Mian. He just said coldly, “I never do things that I’m not sure of.”

The firm tone was very credible.

Pei Huaiji’s words could always make others believe him. If he said yes, then it must be okay.

You Mian didn’t hesitate. He ignored the voices of Yun Guanqing and Yan Tingxuan, and said to the coach, “We’ll go together.”

Yan Tingxuan pursed his lips tightly. On the side, Yun Guanqing’s expression was also a bit ugly.

The coach nodded and gestured to the person in the driver’s seat.

The helicopter’s propellers quickly spun, and it flew into the sky.

The wind ruffled You Mian’s hair in a wanton manner. He raised his overly beautiful eyes.

The young man smiled and opened his eyes in the midst of the roar. He was truly like a white bird about to spread his wings.

He was free and uninhibited.


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