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CEFYMA: Chapter 6

The moment You Mian looked up, his curly hair swayed. The sun fell on him and exuded a warm breath. He looked soft and peaceful.

Pei Huaiji saw the faint green in You Mian’s eyes clearly in the halo. Then he felt his hand being held by You Mian. The force was very light, but the touch was very cool.

You Mian didn’t have much of an impression of Pei Huaiji because he had never seen this person in his previous life. This serious, mature, and restrained man in front of him was only mentioned a few times in the book. His sentences were simple, and he spoke no more than a few sentences. Most of the time, he was giving orders.

“I am You Mian.”

You Mian nodded politely at Pei Huaiji and simply introduced himself. “It is the You of youqi (especially) and the Mian of mian (sleep/hibernate).”

Pei Huaiji had heard this name before. He knew it was Hong Sheng’s recommended guest for the promotion of JL.

“Thank you for your hard work.” Pei Huaiji’s tone was decisive but also somewhat offensive. His tone was natural, like talking to a familiar subordinate.

You Mian couldn’t ignore the clean and crisp smell on Pei Huaiji’s body. At the same time, he noticed the man’s neatly cut sleeves, his nails that were trimmed very short, and his black hair was neat. The edges and corners were so sharp that one couldn’t help thinking of the word ‘orderly.’

This was an overly standardized superior who was somewhat cold and decisive enough to make people feel offended.

Pei Huaiji quickly took back his polite handshake.

“There are several pairs of shoes at the entrance. It seems I didn’t come early.”

You Mian once again noticed Pei Huaiji’s amazing observation. With the attitude of doing more than doing less, he suggested in a friendly manner, “Everyone else is upstairs. You can go and take a look.”

Pei Huaiji didn’t know he was being driven away and bluntly said again, “I don’t want to carry my suitcase upstairs.”

You Mian clicked his tongue softly. He realized that the idea of being alone was finally shattered.

The moment Pei Huaiji turned around and took a few steps toward the French window, the door of the house opened again.

Bai Lin’s soft voice was heard from the corridor. “Brother Guanqing, are we the last to come?”

You Mian habitually lowered his eyes.

Several cameras in the house turned to the door. A long-haired man appeared on the screen.

His hair was loose to his shoulders. He looked gorgeous but not feminine. He was more heroic with a neutral appearance.

Yun Guanqing won Best Actor at the Silver Bear Awards half a month ago. He was unanimously recognized by the judges for his outstanding performance.

Not only did he have outstanding acting skills, but his traffic popularity wasn’t inferior to anyone else in the entertainment industry. He was a well-deserved, hot movie star in the circle today.

However, it was said that Yun Guanqing’s temper in private wasn’t very good. He was arrogant and demanding. It was just that these baseless rumors were beaten to pieces in less than a few hours under the siege of the Yun fans.

You Mian stood in the house and heard Bai Lin and Yun Guanqing walking in.

It wasn’t known what insiders and fans thought of him, but as a person who had read the original book, You Mian definitely knew what type of bad personality Yun Guanqing had.

Such a man would only show his gentle side in front of Bai Lin.

Yun Guanqing walked half a step behind Bai Lin. His long black hair brushed against the side of his face. The warm seaside sun shone on his neck, creating a beautiful and brilliant air.

You Mian stood in the lower. His always lowered gaze suddenly looked up at this moment.

Bai Lin originally wanted to hit You Mian hard when he first appeared, but for some reason, he was burned by You Mian’s gaze at this moment.

The manuscript he wrote outside the door was completely swallowed into his stomach, and Bai Lin looked away in a panic.

He stopped in embarrassment before awkwardly turning back to smile at Yun Guanqing. He suddenly said in an affectionate tone, “Brother Guanqing, I have a bit of social fear. Why don’t you say hello first.”

Bai Lin hid behind Yun Guanqing and glanced at You Mian again. He saw that the gaze of the other party just now had disappeared, and the uncomfortable sense of threat was gone.

Was it his illusion?

Bai Lin clenched his sleeves tightly, and a bit more confidence surged in his heart.

Nothing had been heard from You Mian since the day You Mian left the You house. He originally thought that the other person wouldn’t appear. He didn’t expect that, in the end, You Mian chose to compromise.

It seemed that what happened just now was an accident. You Mian was nothing more than this.

Yun Guanqing didn’t react much to Bai Lin’s manner of acting. He raised his chin proudly. He actually directly ignored You Mian in front of him and nodded to Pei Huaiji on the side. “Chairman Pei, I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Pei Huaiji was too tall. He stood half a head taller than Yun Guanqing.

Compared with the extremely aggressive aura around the man, he looked calmer and more indifferent than anyone else in the house.

The existence of Pei Huaiji was like putting an iceberg in a romance variety show full of pink bubbles. He was completely out of place.

Facing Yun Guanqing’s greeting, Pei Huaiji just nodded slightly. “Mr. Yun.”

Bai Lin shrank behind Yun Guanqing and looked at Pei Huaiji curiously, his eyes a bit more fearful.

On the other hand, You Mian converged his sense of existence and stood silently on the side.

It was only then that Yun Guanqing seemed to see You Mian.

“You Mian.” Yun Guanqing slightly raised an eyebrow. “I heard Bai Lin talk about you.”

You Mian raised his eyes and looked at the other person indifferently. “Is that so?”

The young man’s attitude made Yun Guanqing frown slightly. At the same time, it provoked his desire to win.

Dare to ignore him?

Therefore, Yun Guanqing crossed his arm over his chest and sneered a few times. He raised his chin and said sarcastically, “It is really the same rotten temper as rumored.”

You Mian didn’t change his expression when he heard the words and countered without hesitation, “How can I compare with you, Best Actor winner?”

Yun Guanqing’s beautiful expression froze. He frowned and sneered coldly, “You are a really annoying guy.”

You Mian replied, “Since you hate me, stay away from me.”

The corners of Yun Guanqing’s mouth curled up like he had heard a bad joke. He looked a bit angry and annoyed.

“Oh, I should be the one telling you this.”

Yun Guanqing leaned over slightly to You Mian. He also raised his hand to cover the microphone at the neckline.

At this moment, there was only a white dining table that wasn’t wide between the two of them.

The man was so handsome that not a single flaw could be seen on the huge IMAX screen. He narrowed his eyes, and black hair scattered over his forehead, brushing over the high bridge of his nose in a dashing manner.

“Do you know how to write the words ‘jumping clown’?” Yun Guanqing wrinkled his nose mischievously and laughed. “Do you need me to teach you?”

The staff members outside the house saw this scene on the screen, and panic filled their hearts.

‘Matching Heartbeat’ was a romance show. Why did it look like a tit-for-tat competition show now? The contradiction also seemed to be between the lily of the valley guest and the iris guest.

At the critical moment, Hong Sheng was indeed a seasoned variety show director with many years of recording experience. Just as everyone was speechless and at a loss, he picked up his hand card decisively, got up, and ran over toward the house.

As he ran, he turned around and snapped his fingers at the cameraman. “The paragraph just now must be cut.”

Due to the delay in recording the live broadcast, the celebrity guests sitting in the observation room dozens of kilometers away missed the 10 second confrontation.

The door of the house was pushed open. Hong Sheng calmed his breath and followed the PD inside.

Immediately afterward, the director’s voice sounded from the screen.

“The eight guests of the show have all arrived. Please gather in the living room on the first floor to accept the first joint task of ‘Matching Heartbeat’ and enhance your understanding of each other!”

Hong Sheng’s voice was transmitted through the microphone to the entire house. At the same time, Yun Guanqing sighed regretfully and returned to his original place.

After a while, everyone chatting on the second floor walked down in a daze.

Guan Tong saw a few people standing on the first floor from the stairs. His eyes instantly locked on someone. He hadn’t expected Yun Guanqing to appear here!

This was the Best Actor Yun Guanqing! How could a man at the top of the entertainment circle come to this romance variety show?

Guan Tong’s mind exploded for a while, and his speech became confused. He could only turn around and shout at Shen Nanxiao excitedly, “Oh my god, it is really Yun Guanqing! I’ve actually seen him live!”

The moment these words came out, Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi walked down one after another.

With the wide and long white dining table as the dividing line, You Mian stood in the sunlight and watched them greet each other. His curly chestnut hair fell on his forehead, and his eyes were tender green. His entire body was warm and bright.

Standing in front of the stairs on the first floor, Bai Lin raised his head and smiled with curved eyes. He declared his sovereignty in an intimate and natural way.

“Brother Tingxuan, Brother Huo… why are you both here? You didn’t tell me in advance. Is it fun to hide it from me?” Bai Lin complained softly like he was unhappy.

Yan Tingxuan raised his hand and rubbed Bai Lin’s head in a familiar manner. He kept a distance between friends, and it wasn’t abrupt.

“I wanted to surprise you,” Yan Tingxuan said.

Huo Yanzhi tilted his head heartily and snorted wildly. “He stole my words. What can I say?”

Yun Guanqing stood beside Bai Lin and watched the situation in front of him clearly. It was as if he wasn’t anxious at all in the face of many rivals.

At this moment, none of the anger from before could be seen on Yun Guanqing’s face. He really deserved to be a Best Actor winner. His acting skills were online and first-class.

On the contrary, Guan Tong only said hello while there was an uproar in his heart, making him dumbfounded.

It turned out that all these high-quality men came prepared.

Then what was he playing for?! Unexpectedly, everyone had their own hearts and was gearing up to chase a person on the show!

In the cabin that was lively for a while, in addition to You Mian, only Pei Huaiji stood out of place in front of the French window, his expression indifferent.

This cold appearance provoked Hong Sheng to look at him several times.

Hong Sheng helplessly thought to himself, ‘This person really came to be a background board.’

After everyone exchanged simple greetings and sat in a row on the sofas, Hong Sheng stood behind the camera. He held up the task card and started to walk through the process of the show. “Presumably, everyone wants to know a lot about each other on the first day of coming to the cabin. So come and accept the first task sent by the show to increase your mutual understanding.”

Guan Tong immediately got up in a lively manner and went to the camera to take the task card. The decorations hanging on his body rattled.

Hong Sheng said again, “I also want to remind you that when you return to the house after the mission, you will have the first exchange of heartwarming text messages. If you have a favorite person, please seize the opportunity to act quickly!”

“Love doesn’t wait for anyone~”

The moment Hong Sheng finished speaking, the camera of the show swept over the heartbeat guests sitting in a row on the sofa one by one. The eight guests were handsome, beautiful, or pure in appearance and appeared on the screen in turn. This caused screams to appear in the observation room.

The final scene was frozen on the side profile of You Mian on the single-seat sofa. They had seen so many handsome faces just now, but the PD still couldn’t help slowing down his breathing while the camera was on.

Hong Sheng finished explaining the task and walked out of the house with the PD, leaving the eight guests to communicate on their own.

Guan Tong held the task card and read it, “For the dinner task, guests should be divided into three groups: the purchasing group, the preparation group, and the cooking group. We will have a wonderful beach bonfire barbecue party on the first night at the house!”


The moment Guan Tong said the words ‘beach bonfire party’, everyone in the house turned their heads in unison to look out the huge French windows.

The sofa was in front of the window. Behind them was an endless blue sea and the giant skyline that was dyed orange-pink.

The unmanned camera of the show leaped over the cliff and captured the different expressions of the eight guests reflected in the setting sun at this moment.

Yan Tingxuan smiled and asked, “Purchasing ingredients? This is a beach away from the city. Even if we drive out, is the crew so sure that we will be able to come back before dark?”

The first thing Huo Yanzhi thought about when he heard about the grouping was to be with Bai Lin. But for some reason, he quietly glanced sideways at You Mian.

Which group would You Mian choose?

Huo Yanzhi thought this, but he hadn’t expected Yan Tingxuan to say directly, “You Mian will be in a group with me.”


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