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CEFYMA: Chapter 58

Bai Lin saw the happy scene and instantly frowned with disgust.

Suddenly, he put on an innocent expression and asked, “My ID card is the highest identity of all the people present at the moment, right?”

Bai Lin’s identity card was the adopted son of Lord Coles. He hoped to kill the evil dragon to please his father.

Given that Lord Coles knew him, the possibility of the evil dragon being disguised as him was indeed the smallest among the eight.

After all, it wasn’t a simple matter to disguise as the adopted son of Lord Coles.

Everyone present suddenly heard Bai Lin say this and instantly shifted their attention to him.

Huo Yanzhi’s arm rested on the edge of the table. He held his chin and frowned slightly. Then he agreed. “Bai Lin’s words are reasonable.”

Seeing the first agreement, Bai Lin immediately tried to control the situation. “In that case, I want to raise a few doubts.”

Yun Guanqing’s gaze swept over You Mian. He saw that the other person didn’t change his expression, so he lowered his eyes and smiled.

“First of all—” Bai Lin looked at Guan Tong. “Guan Tong’s identity is a businessman, but he can’t produce any proof that he has a contract with my father.”

“Who can say that he really made a contract with the lord to buy and sell dragons? No one.”

“So it is very easy to lie. It is also easy for an evil dragon to disguise himself as a businessman.”

Guan Tong’s eyes widened. He looked as if he was about to open his mouth to refute.

However, Bai Lin didn’t give him a chance. He instantly threw the suspicion on Shen Nanxiao.

“Secondly, the appearance of the missionary Shen Nanxiao is also very sudden. My father doesn’t often interact with such people. Why was he suddenly invited to the dinner?”

“So his appearance is also suspicious.” Bai Lin smiled harmlessly.

Shen Nanxiao looked up at Bai Lin. His expression was still warm, and there was no sign of rebuttal like Guan Tong.

Everyone’s conversation gradually stopped. They quietly listened to Bai Lin’s questions and continued to see who else he would name.

In the next second, everyone saw Bai Lin looking at You Mian with a smile. “But the person I suspect most is You Mian.”

You Mian lazily looked up.

Once Bai Lin named You Mian, he immediately shrugged and stuck his tongue out. He smiled in a well-behaved manner. “You Mian, you won’t be angry, right?”

“But I really think you are suspicious… Everyone else here has more or less extra timelines, but you don’t have any extra events. Either your ID card is really blank or you are hiding it on purpose.”

“Besides the evil dragon, I can’t think of any other person who would choose to hide his identity from the beginning,” Bai Lin said with a smile.

Bai Lin actually didn’t care about winning or losing this game. He would be happy as long as he could make You Mian unhappy.

This was why he just talked nonsense. He deliberately raised You Mian’s sense of existence a lot.

Once Bai Lin finished speaking, he raised his eyebrow and waited for You Mian’s explanation.

Let’s see what You Mian would say.

Just as Bai Lin raised his chin slightly and waited for You Mian to nervously explain, the other person didn’t play his cards as expected. Instead, he just smiled faintly.

You Mian looked up and glanced at the interior decoration of the entertainment room. He said softly, “I remember that there is an evidence collection link in the middle. Is it coming soon?”

You Mian calculated the time when saying this. Sure enough, the moment he finished speaking, the three-dimensional surround sound of the show sounded again. The lights dimmed, and the atmosphere suddenly became weird.

Guan Tong covered his heart. He was almost startled again.

[It seems that all the guests have explored each other’s identities and backgrounds now. There are some unknown hidden clues here for your reference.]

The mechanical sound stopped. A small table was seen rising from the center of the round table. On the table was a small iron box. The lid of the box opened, and a thick stack of clue cards was placed inside.

Everyone instantly stared in that direction.

At a glance, it wasn’t difficult to find that the names of the eight guests were written on the clue cards.

They stood up and approached the small table one by one. They leaned over and picked up their own stack of clue cards.

You Mian picked it up and calmly pressed the clue cards into the palm of his hand without any intention of opening it.

The moment the small stage was empty, the prompt sounded again: [The clue cards are very important and may involve the privacy of each guest. You can decide whether to make it public or hide it.]

The moment the mechanical sound died down, the lights in the room came on.

Everyone looked down at their clue cards.

Bai Lin was the first to finish reading through them. He immediately placed all his clue cards in the center of the round table, saying, “I choose to make all my clue cards public.”

As Bai Lin said this, his eyes were firmly on You Mian not far from him. The provocation became stronger.

You Mian wasn’t stimulated by him at all. He still picked out two clue cards step by step and put them on the round table.

Bai Lin couldn’t hide his smile. He was just about to say, ‘Why did you only reveal two cards?’ when Pei Huaiji, who was sitting next to You Mian, took out only one clue card.

“I’ll reveal one,” Pei Huaiji said in a deep voice.

This time, no one paid attention to You Mian, who had only released two clues. Instead, everyone paid attention to Pei Huaiji.

There were five clue cards spread out in front of Yun Guanqing. The others more or less revealed two or three cards.

Yan Tingxuan smiled and pushed up his glasses slightly. “Chairman Pei will only reveal one? Don’t you think it is too little?”

Pei Huaiji didn’t fall for this. His cold expression was as unapproachable as a glacier and no unfavorable information could be pried from his mouth.

“I want more privacy. Please forgive me.” Pei Huaiji’s tone was polite, but the content wasn’t polite at all.

Yan Tingxuan pursed his lips, his expression almost cold.

Yun Guanqing tapped the table with his fingers. “It is voluntary whether you disclose it or hide it. We can’t force others. But you should know that the more you hide, the more others will suspect you.”

Yun Guanqing spread out the clue cards in front of him as he spoke. “These are all the timelines and events that I experienced during the dinner. They are the same as what I said before. There is no difference.”

Yun Guanqing gave an example and the others followed suit, almost clarifying all the doubts about themselves.

Guan Tong took out the certificate from the Chamber of Commerce, while Shen Nanxiao took out the certificate from the incident where he prayed at the prince’s mansion.

It was You Mian’s turn.

The young man’s amber eyes curved as he smiled. He laid out two clue cards generously.

“One is that I met the lord on the street, and he gave me an invitation. The other is that I rested in the room for a few hours and went to the dinner party. The timing of the two cards happened to be right after each other. Nothing else happened in between.”

The two cards You Mian laid out almost wiped away all his suspicions.

True to his words, he stayed in his room and didn’t come out. When he came out, he went straight to the dinner venue.

Now even if Bai Lin targeted him again, the others had no reason to follow suit.

Huo Yanzhi had two clue cards in his hand, and Yan Tingxuan also had two or three clue cards that hadn’t been made public.

Since there were many people who didn’t make it public, Bai Lin couldn’t make a fuss about it.

Yun Guanqing stared at You Mian and smiled. “Is it possible that you are so unlucky that you really won a marginal character card?”

You Mian cocked his head. “Who knows?”

Pei Huaiji lowered his eyes and calmly accepted the other people’s questions.

The game was played round after round. The suspects were finally narrowed down to Huo Yanzhi and Pei Huaiji.

Huo Yanzhi once walked into the garden during the dinner, but he couldn’t say who he met there and what he did.

As a warrior from a neighboring country, Pei Huaiji not only had no weapons but even held a cane. His timeline was always in doubt and only one clue card was released. This forced others to place him as a key suspect.

It was soon time to vote.

As the lights dimmed, everyone voted.

[Huo Yanzhi]

You Mian and Guan Tong raised their hands.

Guan Tong didn’t forget to smile when he saw that You Mian voted the same as him.

[Pei Huaiji]

Once the mechanical voice of the show read out his name, everyone else in the room raised their hands. They apparently thought he was the evil dragon.

[Huo Yanzhi received two votes, and Pei Huaiji received four votes. The evil dragon voted by the guests is Pei Huaiji.]

In the atmosphere where everyone was on tenterhooks, the show’s staff raised the suspense and made them wait a full five seconds before revealing the final answer: [The human faction of the game failed. The evil dragon won!]

Guan Tong covered his head and groaned. He looked at Huo Yanzhi and Pei Huaiji before saying in disbelief, “Brother Huo, you are the evil dragon, right? It must be you!”

The people who voted for Pei Huaiji couldn’t help looking confused at this moment.

Yun Guanqing picked up the clue card and smiled. “It is too shameless of you to deliberately hide so many clues. Who is it?”

Huo Yanzhi lowered his head and said nothing. Yan Tingxuan beside him was also extremely silent.

Only Bai Lin stared at You Mian. “You Mian, it is you, right?”

Pei Huaiji turned to look at You Mian. Guan Tong, who had been confused the whole time, also looked at You Mian when he heard this. “F*k! Is it you? Honey, don’t tell me that you are the evil dragon?!”

You Mian smiled and turned over the ID card in his hand in front of everyone.

The words ‘evil dragon’ were clearly printed on it, instantly pushing the atmosphere in the room to the climax.

“Ahhhh!” Guan Tong shook You Mian’s shoulders and arms. “You hid it too deeply!”

Guan Tong helplessly made an exaggerated gesture of wiping tears. “But why was You Mian able to hide it so well? None of us doubted him later!”

Shen Nanxiao also showed an obvious expression of surprise for the first time. He asked with a smile, “I also want to know this. I didn’t have any doubts about You Mian later on. I believed his words about being a marginal character.”

Pei Huaiji sat silently next to You Mian. His eyes didn’t show any bad emotions about losing the game. Instead, it was full of smiles.

In the lively atmosphere, Yun Guanqing was the first to find something wrong. “The problem lies in the clue cards that you have hidden.”

Guan Tong immediately raised his hands. “I made all the clue cards public.”

Shen Nanxiao followed closely. “I also made it public.”

The only people who didn’t disclose it were Evil Dragon You Mian, Pei Huaiji, who only disclosed one clue, and Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi, who each hid two or three clue cards.

Yun Guanqing raised an eyebrow. “I can understand You Mian hiding clues, but why did the three of you also hide clues?”

If all the clues were revealed then the evil dragon definitely wouldn’t win the game so easily.

Huo Yanzhi scratched his head and remained silent. Bai Lin, who was sitting next to him, suddenly stood up and opened the clue card in front of Huo Yanzhi.

He saw that the card read: [I once saw You Mian wandering around the backyard during the dinner party. He was wearing a knight’s uniform with a white feather pinned to his chest. The gold powder was very bright at night.]

Gold powder? Very bright?

Bai Lin immediately understood. “This is to remind us that You Mian has shiny items that an evil dragon would like! It is an important clue!”

Bai Lin’s eyes were sharp. “Brother Huo, why did you hide this?”

Under everyone’s eyes, Huo Yanzhi said solemnly, “My role is a bounty hunter who opposes the dragon slaying order. I naturally have to hide it.”

Bai Lin: “……”

Yun Guanqing frowned before asking helplessly, “What about Yan Tingxuan? What clue did you hide?”

Yan Tingxuan didn’t wait for the others to approach. He flipped over the clue cards.

They all pointed directly at You Mian.

[Before the dinner started, I accidentally went outside You Mian’s room but found that there were no traces of anyone living inside.]

[You Mian’s knight uniform doesn’t fit well. It doesn’t seem like it is custom-made. It is more like it was borrowed from someone else.]

Guan Tong covered his head and wailed. “You are too biased! Once these clues come out, You Mian won’t be able to hide until the end!”

You Mian turned his head to look at Pei Huaiji’s clue card and saw that it read: [There is a handed down sword hidden in the cane. The hilt of the sword is painted with a portrait of the evil dragon in human form.]

You Mian clearly saw that the show’s staff actually drew his appearance on the small sword.

There was his curly chestnut hair. Anyone who saw it would know it was him.

You Mian smiled helplessly. “You knew it was me from the beginning.”

Pei Huaiji responded calmly with gentle eyes. “Yes.”

A dragon slaying warrior actually chose to hide the most crucial clue for an evil dragon.

Yun Guanqing looked at Yan Tingxuan and said without hesitation, “Huo Yanzhi can be forgiven for not telling the clues according to the settings of the character card, but why did you hide the clues Yan Tingxuan?”

Guan Tong and the others had already gotten up and started moving. Now a few people in the lively room looked at Yan Tingxuan.

It was also at this moment that Guan Tong remembered they were in a romance show! Even if they were playing a script killing game, it was a script killing game in a romance show.

Of course, the guests would show partial actions for the object of their affection that they wouldn’t do in normal games.

Guan Tong’s gaze moved from Huo Yanzhi and Yan Tingxuan to Pei Huaiji.

He couldn’t help sighing again in his heart. You Mian was awesome.

Sure enough, in the face of Yun Guanqing’s sharp question, he saw Yan Tingxuan’s gaze sweeping over You Mian not far away. “I just want to hide it.”

Yun Guanqing’s eyes darkened but he kept smiling. “Really?”

You Mian didn’t hear their conversation clearly. He just smiled at Guan Tong, who was still wailing. “I didn’t expect that I could disguise myself until the end. I was originally going to show some flaws during the clue part, taking advantage of the situation to push out a new knight identity.”

“I didn’t expect that you would get rid of all my suspicions before I could put it to use.”

Guan Tong covered his face. Who would’ve thought there would be so many people in the group deliberately hiding clues to protect the evil dragon?

You Mian never thought of it, and he couldn’t think of it!

In the midst of the lively chatter, Bai Lin’s expression was extremely ugly.

He never expected that except for Shen Nanxiao and Guan Tong, almost everyone else would pave the way for You Mian to win the game.

The clues hidden by Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi were like a slap in the face. It made him feel embarrassed.

Bai Lin pursed his lips tightly and waited for the staff to announce that the game session was over. He immediately opened the door and was the first to walk out of the entertainment room.

At the same time, the public opinion on the Internet about You Mian having a backstage in the ‘Matching Heartbeat’ show gradually climbed up the hot list due to the heated discussion among the audience.

[I really counted all the items he purchased several times. I can’t buy them with 500 yuan.]

[There is a backstage. What else can I say?]

[You will know after giving it a try. That supermarket isn’t far from my home. I will go and see how much I can buy for 500 yuan.]

[The show’s staff is really shameful in order to set up a memory genius character for You Mian.]

[It is a pity that the other guests worked hard to film, but the result wasn’t as good as simply spending a lot of money to buy a bunch of ingredients, pretending to be an amateur college student with strong computing skills.]

[Isn’t it enough to watch a romance show? Why do you care so much?]

[I’m sorry about being lenient in management, but I can’t stand the ‘amateurs’ who use a backstage to get a position.]

Seeing that public opinion was rising, new fans who had experienced the college entrance examination incident couldn’t help but feel worried again.

[What happened? Why do negative opinions about Mianmian rise so quickly every time?]

[It costs nothing to spread rumors. I feel sorry for Mianmian.]

[There were so many of Bai Lin’s fans involved last time. I wonder if it is them again this time.]

[D*mn, so merciless. Is it necessary to hold onto this?]

Some ‘passersby’ became more aggressive after seeing people speak for You Mian. But before they could continue to ferment rumors, the public relations team of Matching Heartbeat, under the leadership of Hong Sheng, didn’t let the hot search continue to rise. Instead, they directly issued a clarification invoice and posted it on the official Weibo homepage.

[Matching Heartbeat Official Weibo: [Photo] The account details are above. All parties, please stop the slanderous rumors in time.]


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