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CEFYMA: Chapter 57

You Mian put the towel around his neck and walked out of the bathroom. After seeing Pei Huaiji’s movements, he couldn’t help being thoughtful.

“Thank you.”

Pei Huaiji’s expression remained changed as he responded in a deep voice. His Adam’s apple moved slightly as he turned his head.

You Mian saw him sitting at the desk and thought that the other person’s work wasn’t finished yet.

The young man rubbed his wet hair and approached the wardrobe at the end of his bed, posture relaxed.

The arrangements of the show were quite humane. Even if it was a double room, there were two separate beds and separate wardrobes.

You Mian opened the wardrobe door and was about to pack his luggage when he suddenly found a set of clothes hanging inside.

A white and gold riding outfit with a European medieval retro style was hung neatly inside. A white feather was pinned to the complicated and gorgeous chest. The plush was dotted with a golden light, which seemed to be gold powder.

You Mian turned his head to look at Pei Huaiji in surprise. He saw the other person getting up and said, “Chairman Pei, do you also have this type of outfit in your wardrobe?”

The words ‘Pei Huaiji’ rolled around in his mouth, but in the end, he still pronounced it as Chairman Pei.

Pei Huaiji still didn’t make a statement on the name but directly answered You Mian’s question. “I also have it in my wardrobe, but the style is a bit different from yours.”

You Mian immediately realized that this was a special costume prepared by the show for the next script kill game.

The young man couldn’t help smiling. He held onto the wardrobe door and shook his head.

“I didn’t expect there to be costumes.”

You Mian took out the cosplay-like knight outfit. The large area of white-gold looked noble, which unexpectedly matched his chestnut hair.

“Chairman Pei, what does your one look like?” You Mian was a bit curious.

Pei Huaiji opened the wardrobe when he heard this. He showed it to You Mian on the other side.

It was a long, all-black retro outfit except for the red belt.

You Mian noticed that there was also a cane with a lacquered silver body and a ruby-carved head next to Pei Huaiji’s clothes. He could tell at a glance that Pei Huaiji’s status was high.

You Mian knew that his identity card was that of the evil dragon boss. He also discovered that the clothing of an evil dragon was actually a gold-white knight costume.

It seemed that the show was deliberately misleading everyone.

Therefore, You Mian couldn’t guess Pei Huaiji’s identity from the appearance of his clothes.

He just raised an eyebrow slightly and smiled. “Chairman Pei’s clothes look more expensive than mine.”

Pei Huaiji calmly accepted You Mian’s playful probing and said, “Yours is quite expensive.”

You Mian smiled and undid the belt of the knight’s costume. He realized that it was almost time to play the game, so simply put on the outfit.

Just as he was getting dressed, there was a knock on the door of his room.

You Mian opened the door with wet hair and found Bai Lin and Yan Tingxuan standing outside the door.

Yan Tingxuan wore a dark blue gentleman’s suit, while Bai Lin wore a set of gorgeous, aristocratic clothing. He looked like a young prince with a high status.

Yan Tingxuan’s gaze fell on You Mian for a moment before saying softly, “Do you want to go down together?”

You Mian held onto the door frame and pointed to his head, declining. “My hair is still wet. You guys go first.”

The moment Bai Lin heard this, he immediately raised his hand and grabbed Yan Tingxuan’s wrist, gently pulling it.

“Brother Tingxuan, since this is the case, let’s go first.”

Bai Lin didn’t want Yan Tingxuan to come to You Mian at all, but for some reason, Yan Tingxuan’s attitude toward him had become much colder in the past few days.

The man who had always been following him with a gentle smile seemed to have changed to following You Mian all the time.

Bai Lin hated it so much that his teeth itched.

You Mian closed the door quickly and turned around to find that Pei Huaiji had changed his clothes.

“Who was it?”

Pei Huaiji stood in the room and didn’t hear who the two people knocking on the door were.

You Mian didn’t want to talk about this topic, so he said directly, “This outfit suits you very well.”

You Mian didn’t tell a lie. On the contrary, he was really amazed by Pei Huaiji’s appearance.

He had long known that Pei Huaiji was tall and had a cold appearance.

But never before had there been such a big impact.

The black and complicated coat made Pei Huaiji look even more arrogant. His sharp eyes looked down at others due to his height, and his aura was extremely domineering and sharp.

The lacquered silver cane was held in his hand. He looked like an aristocrat from an old painting who came through the window and walked out.

Pei Huaiji’s eyes softened for a moment.

You Mian stood in front of the mirror and just picked up the hair dryer when he realized that something was wrong.

The outfit looked gorgeous, but the shoulders were so tight that he couldn’t raise his hands, let alone dry his hair.

Pei Huaiji’s voice sounded from beside him. “I’ll help you.”

The man already approached as You Mian was thinking.

“If you change your clothes now, it might be too late,” Pei Huaiji said calmly.

You Mian knew that this was indeed the truth, so he handed the hair dryer in his hand to Pei Huaiji without any hesitation.

Pei Huaiji asked You Mian to sit at the end of the bed while Pei Huaiji stood in front of him with a hairdryer.

The young man’s curly hair was soft and warm at first sight.

Pei Huaiji’s eyes darkened. His fingers tightened as he held the hairdryer.

You Mian sat quietly with his head hanging down. He felt the warm wind blowing, and also felt Pei Huaiji’s big bony hands running through his hair and touching his forehead from time to time.

You Mian thought in a daze that this distance… seemed too close.

Pei Huaiji’s cold breath was very close at hand. The other person’s breathing was no more than a centimeter away.

You Mian changed from sitting to being in a daze. Then he slowly became restless.

He looked up slightly. What he saw was Pei Huaiji’s Adam’s apple and sharp jaw.

The man’s eyes were calm and reserved. He looked as calm and indifferent as always. He seemed very good at controlling his emotions.

But at this moment, You Mian noticed that Pei Huaiji’s ears were red again.

Before he knew it, the atmosphere in the room suddenly became ambiguous.

Only the buzzing sound of the hair dryer was heard. They were both silent.

Pei Huaiji calmly turned off the hair dryer. “It is done,” he said.

You Mian’s mind returned, and he hummed quietly. His soft curly hair swept across his lowered eyes, and the warm yellow light shone in the shadows.

You Mian stood up and stared at Pei Huaiji’s back, embarrassed by his dazed state just now.

He took a deep breath. He tried his best to calm down the inexplicable emotions in his heart. He walked to the door and called out as softly as usual, “Let’s go, Chair…”

You Mian was stuck and snorted several times.

Should he call this person by Chairman Pei or…

Pei Huaiji put down the hair dryer and walked out of the bathroom with a smile. “Pei Huaiji.”

You Mian immediately turned his head, hummed a few times, and raised his hand to cover up and rub his hot earlobes.

“Let’s go, Pei Huaiji.”

Not surprisingly, the two of them were the last to arrive.

The round table in the recreation room on the second floor was already filled with six other guests.

The others had already sat down around the round table according to their assigned room positions, leaving only the seats next to Guan Tong and Bai Lin.

Guan Tong couldn’t hide his surprised expression after seeing You Mian. He covered his mouth and let out a cry.

“Honey, you are crazy!”

Everyone in the room turned their heads to look at the sound.

They saw You Mian walking in on long boots. He had chestnut curly hair and wore a cool white-gold riding suit. His waist was tied tightly. Under the beautiful thin and narrow lines was a pair of straight legs outlined in long boots.

The neckline of the riding suit was very high and pressed against his neck, so that he could only lift his chin slightly.

Due to this posture, You Mian’s beautiful amber eyes looked down slightly. It gave people the feeling of being looked down on for no reason.

His bright eyes and hair made him look extraordinarily bright.

It became a unique color in the gorgeous, retro entertainment room.

The expressions of everyone present were unexpectedly unanimous. They fell silent as if they had been hit by something.

Bai Lin frowned in disgust. He was annoyed that You Mian had taken away his sense of existence once again.

You Mian walked over to Guan Tong and sat down. The tall, retro, and gorgeous chair behind him fit the theme of the script very well.

Pei Huaiji followed closely behind You Mian and sat beside him.

The man, who was usually as cold as a glacier, became more aloof and indifferent with the addition of this black outfit. This made Guan Tong not even dare to say hello to Pei Huaiji.

Once the last two people took their seats, a three-dimensional mechanical sound was heard in the entertainment room. The lights above their heads suddenly dimmed. A strange and unpredictable complex pattern appeared on the walls.

[Welcome the eight guests to Lord Coles’ celebratory dinner.]

[Let us raise a toast together to congratulate the lord on successfully regaining the gem crown that was snatched away by the evil dragon.]

Guan Tong covered his head and looked right and left before carefully raising his glass.

Once all eight of them raised the red wine glasses in front of them, the mechanical sound was heard again.

[But at the beginning of the dinner, the lord suddenly received a piece of news. The evil dragon he hated so much has actually blended into the guests, enjoying the food and the revelry.]

[The king angrily issued a secret order to slay the dragon. The warriors who receive the order must find the disguised dragon and kill it before the end of the dinner!]

[But the evil dragon is cunning by nature. The other guests present can kill them even if they aren’t dragon-slaying warriors.]

[The winner will receive a lifetime of endless gold and silver, and supreme status—Lord Cole.]

The moment the background sound ended, the dimmed lights suddenly turned on.

You Mian narrowed his eyes slightly. Then he heard Yun Guanqing say from not far away, “Then it seems that the background of the story is very clear. We are all guests who have come to the dinner. We have different identities. We might be nobles or… a desperate warrior.”

“Our goal is to kill the dragon and win the reward.”

Guan Tong still covered his heart in fear, but he was more excited. “I didn’t expect the effect to be so realistic. It scared me to death. But after listening to what was just said, it seems there is an evil dragon among us?”

Yun Guanqing looked around. Finally, his gaze stopped on You Mian. He deliberately drew everyone’s attention over and said with a smile, “Yes.”

“I just don’t know what the evil dragon is thinking now? He is probably thinking about how to hide his identity.”

You Mian looked up without changing his expression.

The round table in front of him was covered with a sumptuous dinner. The people who hadn’t eaten yet were sitting around.

Huo Yanzhi pressed the identity card in the palm of his hand and said, “Everyone has just arrived. You are probably hungry. Let’s eat and play at the same time.”

Huo Yanzhi’s costume was a style with bare arms. His strong muscle outline was full of strength. He was obviously a warrior.

Huo Yanzhi’s words were unanimously recognized by everyone.

Shen Nanxiao sat next to Yun Guanqing, wearing an off-white loose linen coat. He was a bit like a missionary.

Guan Tong’s clothes were a shiny gold, and he was more like a businessman.

You Mian looked around and briefly scanned everyone’s clothes.

Huo Yanzhi spoke with a smile while picking up vegetables, “How about I introduce myself?”

Huo Yanzhi’s gaze deliberately bypassed You Mian on the other side, and summarized his identity in a few words. “I am a bounty hunter. I attended the dinner after receiving the dragon slaying order from Lord Coles. I was the second to arrive before the dinner. Shen Nanxiao was there at the time. We had a brief chat, and he had a strange expression when looking at the crown in the showcase.”

Shen Nanxiao was suddenly mentioned and immediately retorted, “I just took a few glances and thought it looked good.”

Huo Yanzhi smiled and said, “Don’t creatures like dragons like shiny things? I think he is quite suspicious. Why would a missionary appear at a dinner party?”

Shen Nanxiao smiled helplessly while filling his stomach. “Do you think I am the evil dragon?”

Huo Yanzhi didn’t say it directly. He hissed and only said, “You are quite suspicious.”

Even if they were playing a script killing game, the atmosphere of a romance show wasn’t tense. Instead, everyone was talking and laughing. It was more like a lively relationship between friends.

Shen Nanxiao waved his hand at Huo Yanzhi. “I’m just a missionary who was invited to the dinner to teach Lord Coles. I have nothing to do with the evil dragon.”

After Huo Yanzhi introduced himself, it was Bai Lin’s turn.

Bai Lin smiled obediently. “I am the adopted son of Lord Coles. I came to the dinner party to find the evil dragon for my father and kill it to make my father happy.”

Bai Lin’s clothes looked like a prince or a noble, so no one was suspicious.

Yan Tingxuan followed him. “You can guess from looking at my clothes, I am a down on my luck gentleman and a good friend of Bai Lin. I came to the dinner party with the help of Bai Lin’s invitation and wanted to use dragon slaying as my pathfinder into politics.”

There was no mistake in what he said for the time being, so everyone’s eyes moved to the other side again.

Once it was Pei Huaiji’s turn, the man raised his chin slightly, and his aura sharpened. “My identity is a warrior from a neighboring country. I was invited by Lord Coles to come and slay the dragon.”

The moment Pei Huaiji’s words came out, several questions popped up.

“Since you are a warrior, why are you still holding a cane?” Huo Yanzhi asked. “As a hunter and a warrior, your clothes should be relatively lightweight, right?”

Pei Huaiji’s face didn’t change. “It might be that the show’s staff was afraid I wouldn’t wear it.”

Huo Yanzhi: “……”

Pei Huaiji’s clothes were indeed much better than Huo Yanzhi and Yan Tingxuan’s.

But that didn’t dispel the doubts of the others.

Yun Guanqing’s gaze fell on You Mian, who was sitting next to Pei Huaiji. He opened his mouth to urge You Mian. “Okay, let’s ask the next one. You Mian?”

You Mian calmly pressed down on his identity card with the words ‘evil dragon’ written on it. Then he looked at everyone calmly.

He spoke softly, “I’m just an ordinary person who happened to get an invitation to the dinner and entered the scene.”

Guan Tong immediately shouted, “Impossible!”

Yun Guanqing obviously also didn’t believe it. “You have to be a prince in these clothes. How can you be an ordinary person who just got an invitation and entered the dinner party?”

For a moment, everyone’s eyes were focused on You Mian.

However, You Mian had a very strong psychological quality. He raised an eyebrow without changing his expression. “Yes, I am just an ordinary person who was invited. It would be better if I could find the evil dragon, but there is no loss if I can’t find him.”

Yan Tingxuan frowned and wondered, “Really?”

You Mian nodded. “There are always some marginal characters in the script killing game. It seems that I have drawn such a character this time.”

After You Mian finished talking, he looked sideways at Guan Tong and Yun Guanqing. “I don’t have any other information. Let’s listen to the two of you.”

Guan Tong was immediately taken away by You Mian. He immediately started to remember his identity.

“I’m a merchant, and I have a pleasant cooperation with Lord Coles. This is why he invited me to this dinner. The whole body of a dragon is very valuable. I made a deal with him. The dragon I kill can be sold to me. I will buy it at a high price.”

There was nothing suspicious about this introduction. In the end, it was Yun Guanqing’s turn.

Yun Guanqing’s long hair was spread around his shoulders, and his silver armor covered his whole body. The long sword at his waist was too heavy for him so he placed it at his feet.

Yun Guanqing said, “I am the chief knight of the kingdom. I was invited by the prince to the dinner to protect him.”

Huo Yanzhi asked, “Can someone prove your identity?”

Yun Guanqing calmly took out the engraved seal hanging from his waist. “Of course, I have it.”

Everyone laughed when these words came out.

Yun Guanqing concluded, “Then our task now is to find the evil dragon hidden among the eight of us.”

The dinner on the round table was almost all eaten. You Mian calmly lowered his eyes and took a watermelon piece.

As the group of people discussed it, the timeline before the dinner was completely cleared up. Then this ‘ordinary person’ once again attracted everyone’s attention.

Shen Nanxiao was suspicious because he paid special attention to the crown, Guan Tong’s cooperation was vague, Huo Yanzhi was a bounty hunter but he didn’t have any weapons…

Round after round, even the taciturn Pei Huaiji was questioned several times.

Now only You Mian remained.

Guan Tong tilted his head and looked at the young man next to him who had complicated and unclear information.

“You Mian, when did you arrive?”

You Mian calmly answered, “I was the last one. I went back to my room to rest when I arrived.”

Guan Tong frowned. “Do you know Lord Coles?”

You Mian nodded. “It is one-sided.”

Guan Tong felt like he was going to have a headache. “What did you do after entering the dinner party?”

You Mian blinked. “Eating melons.”

Pei Huaiji almost couldn’t hold back his laughter. Guan Tong shouted, “That is impossible! How can the staff prepare a blank character card?”

Yun Guanqing’s eyes were also full of suspicion. “It would be very suspicious for an ordinary person to walk into a dinner party.”

You Mian ate the watermelon and counterattacked calmly, “But I didn’t run to the showcase and stare at the crown.”

Shen Nanxiao, who was staring at the crown: “……”

You Mian continued, “I also didn’t express the idea that Lord Coles shouldn’t slay the dragon.”

Huo Yanzhi, who opposed the dragon slaying order: “……”

You Mian pointed to Pei Huaiji beside him. “Compared to me, an ordinary person, a warrior with a cane is more suspicious, right?”

Pei Huaiji, who was holding a cane rather than a sword: “.”

These few sentences instantly drew everyone’s attention away from this ‘ordinary person.’

Indeed, other people were more suspicious!


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