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CEFYMA: Chapter 56

After reading the character card, You Mian looked up and found that the others were observing each other silently.

Guan Tong leaned toward You Mian’s shoulder, his pink hair swaying.

“Honey, which room do you live in?” Guan Tong asked curiously.

The identity on the character card couldn’t be revealed, but the room number was definitely okay.

After Guan Tong asked, he immediately said his own room first. “I live in 202. Where are you?”

You Mian didn’t think this was something that needed to be covered up. After all, they were about to move into their rooms with their suitcases.

“I’m in 301.” You Mian was slightly uneasy. He had no idea which guest he would be paired up with.

If it was Yan Tingxuan or Huo Yanzhi…

The moment such thoughts came up, Pei Huaiji suddenly looked sideways at him. He seemed a bit surprised, and there was also some inconspicuous joy.

“Are you living in Room 301?” Pei Huaiji asked while carrying a black suitcase.

You Mian nodded, unaware that the people on the other side had also shifted their gazes to him, listening carefully to his every word.

Pei Huaiji held the identity card in his hand and said in a deep voice, “I also live in 301.”

Guan Tong covered his mouth to suppress the scream. ‘F*k!’

You Mian was immediately stunned. “Really?”

Pei Huaiji’s stern eyes showed that he wasn’t joking.

At this moment, Yun Guanqing’s voice sounded from the other side. “Then it seems that Chairman Pei and You Mian are assigned together. I am in 201. Who is in the same room as me.”

Shen Nanxiao raised his hand gently. “Me.”

Yun Guanqing’s eyes weren’t surprised or cold. It was just that his eyes were always locked on You Mian’s body. It was difficult to hide a trace of disappointment when he pursed his lips.

You Mian looked up in surprise and smiled at Pei Huaiji. No matter who looked at the two of them, there was an atmosphere of isolation from other people.

They might not be lovers but they were close.

Yun Guanqing quietly clenched the identity card in his hand, his expression obscure.

Guan Tong saw that most people had found their roommates, so he couldn’t help holding up his identity card and shouting, “I’m in 202. Who is with me? Brother Huo? Brother Yan?”

Now there were only Huo Yanzhi and Yan Tingxuan left in the lily of the valley group. They hadn’t expressed their opinion yet.

The moment Guan Tong spoke, Huo Yanzhi walked straight to him. He lifted up their luggage and said steadily, “Let’s go together.”

Guan Tong instantly screamed. “Brother Huo, are we together?”

Huo Yanzhi’s tall figure was very silent. He was much less talkative than his cheerful appearance previously.

Yan Tingxuan and Bai Lin were together, but Yan Tingxuan didn’t speak to Bai Lin, nor did he participate in the small talk of everyone just now. He just sat quietly on the side. The atmosphere was a bit abnormal and embarrassing.

You Mian and Pei Huaiji carried their luggage and walked up to the third floor. The corridor was very spacious. Then Yun Guanqing’s voice sounded from behind You Mian.

“You lived outside the RV with Chairman Pei last night?” Yun Guanqing said with a smile.

Pei Huaiji’s back was right in front of him. You Mian responded lightly, “Yes.”

Yun Guanqing lived on the second floor and couldn’t follow You Mian upstairs. Therefore, he stood at the top of the stairs and held onto the handrail with a smile. His long hair fluttered on the side of his face, and his narrow eyes were particularly beautiful.

“You Mian,” Yun Guanqing said softly for the first time. “I want to apologize to you.”

The man lowered his eyes and looked a bit lonely.

“I misunderstood you before.” Yun Guanqing pursed his lips slightly. “As a result, our first meeting wasn’t very harmonious.”

Shen Nanxiao quietly walked into the room on the second floor with his suitcase, while Pei Huaiji in front of You Mian didn’t stop.

If he had to talk about the kaleidoscope of memories he saw before his death, You Mian knew very little about this actor even in his previous life.

He only knew that the other person was Bai Lin’s favorite, with a vicious tongue and an arrogant personality.

You Mian originally thought that Yun Guanqing would always treat him with this attitude. He hadn’t expected that from the beginning of the show’s recording, Yun Guanqing would show unusual curiosity about him.

You Mian chalked it up to the butterfly effect.

After all, there were no real grievances between the two of them. You Mian only felt surprised when faced with Yun Guanqing’s apology.

He couldn’t refuse, but he also couldn’t accept it.

You Mian stopped, turned around, and said calmly, “Don’t feel sorry.”

Yun Guanqing’s eyes widened slightly. Before he could feel surprised, he heard You Mian continue, “It is just a chance meeting.”

The words ‘chance meeting’ summed up the entire relationship between him and Yun Guanqing.

They wouldn’t continue to be friends, let alone lovers because of this variety show.

Yun Guanqing quickly realized this and felt like his heart had been shot.

“You Mian.”

Yun Guanqing stopped You Mian. Facing the other person’s flat expression, he announced with a smile, “I don’t agree.”

The stream in the center of the Japanese-style garden was gurgling. Red maple leaves fell into the pond due to the wind.

You Mian frowned. “What do you mean?”

Yun Guanqing smiled openly. His long hair slightly flowed down the side of his face and his handsome face, which showed no flaws even on the big screen, was looking up at him.

The man wasn’t angry because of You Mian’s calm refusal just now.

On the contrary, it aroused his desire to win even more.

Yun Guanqing never thought that You Mian could be so interesting, so interesting that it could affect his emotions all the time.

“It means that I will send you my heartbeat text message,” Yun Guanqing tilted his head and smiled in a handsome manner.

“You can’t stop who I send it to.” Yun Guanqing raised an eyebrow. “So just accept it.”

You Mian helplessly placed a hand between his eyebrows. “Whatever you want.”

Yun Guanqing held the handrail of the stairs and asked with a gentle smile, “Hey, you are so stubborn. How did you manage to become entangled with the You family like this?”

You Mian’s pupils narrowed.

Yun Guanqing continued, “That guy Pei Huaiji is serious and old-fashioned. He doesn’t ask, but I want to know.”

You Mian said coldly, “It has nothing to do with you.”

Yun Guanqing smiled and walked up the steps, leaning over slightly to approach You Mian. The face that fans loved to call Venus was only a finger away from him at the moment.

“That guy Bai Lin isn’t a fuel-efficient lamp. I originally thought you would suffer a loss.” Yun Guanqing analyzed his previous thoughts without any concern.

“I didn’t expect you to be completely different from those rumors.”

Yun Guanqing retreated slightly by half a centimeter, his eyes full of endless interest.

“Hey, I really think you are so interesting.”

“Consider me.”

He thought about the phone call that Yan Tingxuan inexplicably hung up this morning and Pei Huaiji’s intimate performance just now.

Yun Guanqing knew that if he didn’t speed up the process, he would probably be thrown out.

“What to consider?” You Mian only felt that Yun Guanqing was strange.

The young man’s amber eyes were full of doubt, leaving Yun Guanqing speechless.

“You don’t think I am bullying you by talking all the time, do you?” Yun Guanqing was stunned.


The young man answered without any hesitation.

For the first time, a blank look appeared on Yun Guanqing’s face.

The long-haired man lowered his head and let out a low laugh. “You Mian, you are really interesting.”

You Mian didn’t want to waste time here, so he turned around and left.

Yun Guanqing’s voice sounded from behind him. “One last question.”

“Tell me what your ID card is.”

You Mian frowned and cursed him for being sick without replying.

Yun Guanqing’s wanton laughter was heard from behind him. It seemed that he was in a really good mood.

The third floor was very silent. He blocked out the incomprehensible words that Yun Guanqing just said.

You Mian dragged the suitcase and pushed the door open. What came into view was a very spacious bedroom.

The double beds were placed against the wall. Under the double windows was a large wooden desk.

An LCD TV was hung on the wall. Agarwood was burning on a wooden shelf with beautiful textures.

Pei Huaiji’s suitcase was on the ground. The man was cleaning up the wardrobe with his back to the door.

You Mian’s suitcase rolled across the wooden floor and made a sound, making Pei Huaiji look back.

After spending the whole night together in the tent yesterday, You Mian felt that he had overcome his fear of Pei Huaiji.

Therefore, even though the two of them were alone at this moment, You Mian wasn’t as embarrassed as before.

But in fact, Pei Huaiji’s sense of oppression was always there. He just deliberately restrained it.

The moment You Mian put down his luggage, he heard Pei Huaiji’s phone ringing with messages.

He realized that Pei Huaiji was busy with work, so he subconsciously wanted to give him some space. He suddenly spoke nonsense. “I’ll take a shower.”

Pei Huaiji’s expression was slightly stunned. He nodded in response. “Okay.”

You Mian quickly took out clothes from the suitcase and walked into the bathroom. He was about to turn on the shower head when he suddenly felt a hint of embarrassment.

But this embarrassment didn’t last long.

The urgency of the previous night, as if he had been targeted by a wild beast, dissipated after a restful night’s sleep to the point where it was almost impossible to remember.

In You Mian’s heart, Pei Huaiji gradually changed from a superior who was decisive to a friend standing beside him.

This was even though the word friend wasn’t enough to sum up his current relationship with Pei Huaiji.

The appreciation in Pei Huaiji’s eyes didn’t seem to be fake. His respect and thoughtfulness also made You Mian feel very comfortable.

This type of leisurely harmony was something that You Mian had never experienced with anyone else.

Yan Tingxuan’s constant questioning, Huo Yanzhi’s inexplicable grievances, and Yun Guanqing’s increasingly strange behavior and words all made You Mian feel tired.

In contrast, Pei Huaiji’s calmness and rationality created enough space for You Mian to breathe.

The other person was a mature man much older than himself. Pei Huaiji knew how to advance and retreat in a moderate manner. None of his actions were excessive, and he walked accurately on the edge of the relationship between the two of them.

It wasn’t too much or too little.

It seemed to be measured, which always made YOU Mian feel the most comfortable way of getting along.

Therefore, You Mian gradually placed the words ‘Pei Huaiji’ in a position that made him feel at ease and familiar.

Warm water rushed over his forehead, but the relieved young man had no idea what Pei Huaiji was thinking in his heart at this moment.

Pei Huaiji ended the conference communication. His eyes became darker the moment he closed the computer.

Complicated and turbulent restrained emotions collided in his eyes.

The veins on the back of the man’s hand holding the edge of the table were slightly bulging. He tried his best to conceal these out-of-control thoughts.

Pei Huaiji’s self-reflection, self-discipline, and self-consistency had gradually become difficult to control since meeting You Mian.

He didn’t know when the simple appreciation turned into admiration and then gradually into affection. Finally, it turned into an unsightly surging and dark possessiveness.

In the dim tent on a rainy night, Pei Huaiji couldn’t sleep all night.

He swallowed his thoughts and allowed his dark side to grow unchecked.

His desire to exclusively possess You Mian seemed to have boiled over since the words ‘Pei Huaiji’ were carved into the small sculpture.

The man’s big hand gently rubbed the iron sculpture until it was hot.

Forget about showing these thoughts to You Mian. Pei Huaiji himself felt embarrassed about them.

Therefore, he was colder and calmer than before. He pretended to be unchanged.

The sound of running water stopped.

The steam of water came from the bathroom. Pei Huaiji turned his head stiffly, and saw You Mian’s eyes that were moist due to the water vapor.

Drops of water slid down the young man’s neck into his neckline. The cold white skin looked more and more delicate in the warm light.

Pei Huaiji stood up, picked up his coat, and covered the camera in the room.


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