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CEFYMA: Chapter 55

The grouping process was full of ups and downs, but You Mian finally got the purchasing group. He took the car keys and followed Pei Huaiji out the door of the house.

A group of CP fans started to party in the barrage.

Viewers who watched the live stream from the amusement park commented that it was really sweet.

[Chairman Pei is still very indifferent at this time. Who would’ve thought that he would be sitting at the pirate ship and waiting for the other person all morning, hahaha.]

[He isn’t indifferent. I think Chairman Pei fell in love at first sight.]

[Looking forward to the famous scene.]

[Brother Yan has no chance? I’m crying to death.]

A bunch of Bai Lin’s fans made sarcastic remarks, criticizing You Mian’s passerby fans for pulling Pei Huaiji into a CP.

However, these comments were like pebbles falling into the sea throughout the episode. They weren’t obvious.

The show’s post-editing put three sets of images on the screen at the same time. All eight guests were busy.

The moment the scene changed, it was You Mian and Pei Huaiji who used the 500 yuan budget from the show and went to the supermarket to make purchases.

You Mian’s purchasing speed, which shocked Pei Huaiji at first, now made the audience in front of the screen so scared that they covered their hearts.

[Isn’t it just 500 yuan? Mianmian, save some!]

[Is this some type of young master who doesn’t understand the sufferings of the world? Buying this way will definitely go over budget.]

[I don’t know if he is an amateur or not. No one can tell if there is a backer or not.]

[No way? Don’t you still know that Brother Mian has a buff where you will be slapped in the face if you speak?]

[I believe it. I’m waiting for a slap in the face. Brother Mian doesn’t seem like a person who does things without a plan.]

[Hahahaha, Chairman Pei’s expression should be dark.]

Finally, the purchasing process that frightened everyone came to an end. You Mian pushed the ingredients toward the checkout counter.

[I just found that from this shooting angle, the one holding the camera should be Chairman Pei, right?]

[Shocked.jpg. Sisters, you really know how to ship people.]

In a flash, You Mian walked to the cash register and reached for the box of mint candy.

As the cashier said 498 yuan in the background, You Mian raised the candy box in his hand toward the camera, opened the lid with his fingers, and smiled freely and wantonly.

“You have been nervous all the way. Do you want to eat?”

The young man’s amber eyes were incomparably beautiful. His arrogant expression was reflected in them, giving him a youthful look.


[Who can’t love this? I ask, who can’t love him?!!]

[D*mn, I’m begging to see Chairman Pei’s face. I want to see Chairman Pei’s expression now, woo woo woo.]

[GoPro, turn around for me!]

[Chairman Pei was provoked. He must’ve been provoked.]

[Baby Mian is so handsome.]

[Didn’t anyone notice? 500 yuan! It was all used up! So Mianmian remembered the prices of the ingredients he brought along the way? What a great memory and calculation ability.]


[No, the backer of this amateur is too great. Not to mention the few boxes of fresh food just now, can Marsala red wine and beef shank be bought for only 500 yuan? I’m speechless.]

[The show’s staff opened a back door. They saw it was 500 yuan, but they actually gave 5,000 yuan hahahaha.]

[What amateur is so awesome? Can he make the show change the rules?]

[The guests of the other two groups worked very hard to move shelves and chop firewood, but the amateur college student just spent an unknown amount of money on random purchases?]

[Linlin is pitiful. He can’t fight against someone with a backer.]

[Show, please give a breakdown of the details. I don’t believe you can buy these things for 500 yuan. It is incredible.]

The show edited out the time spent on the journey. In the next second, all the guests appeared at the beach table. It was the ‘famous scene’ that the audience was looking forward to. You Mian and Pei Huaiji walked toward You Mian at the same time.

In the sea breeze, You Mian grabbed the chair next to him and said, “Chairman Pei, sit here.]

[Ahhhhh cotton workers, rise up!]

[I want to see who dares to say nonsense. Chairman Pei is the official CP!]

Pei Huaiji pulled out his chair and sat next to You Mian. The words ‘chair brother’ started to appear frantically in the barrage.

In the truth session at the bonfire by the seaside, You Mian stood behind Pei Huaiji while choosing the heartbeat guest.

The audience watched the episode at 0.5x speed and accurately captured the second when Pei Huaiji’s ears turned red.

At the end of the first episode, the celebrating CP fans directly raised the term ‘cultivating cotton base’ to third place on the hot search.

The popularity of the Matching Heartbeat show also directly topped the platform with several entries.

#cultivating cotton base

#chair brother is awesome

#Bai Lin Yun Guanqing

#Bai Lin Yan Tingxuan

#Bai Lin Huo Yanzhi

All five topics were on the hot search within half an hour after the show was aired. This really made the show become popular.

Unlike the excitement and celebration on the Internet, You Mian and his party finally arrived at the Heartbeat House for the second phase in their RV.

Everyone got out of the car and their fatigue was swept away. They couldn’t hide their excitement.

They saw a wooden Japanese-style house sitting deep in the mountain forest. The fiery red maple leaves fell in the pool in the center of the courtyard. Cobblestones covered the walkways, and the fragrance of hard wood floated in the air.

A creek flowed slowly along the high stones of the courtyard.

If the previous seaside house was a post-modern breakthrough of JL Architecture then the Japanese-style wooden house in front of them was a standard format building bordering on traditions. The size of each inch of wood and stone was extremely regular. It could be as small as the pool in front of them or as large as the entire wooden house structure, which could be perfectly cut in the middle.

You Mian lagged behind everyone. He stood in front of the camera of the staff and briefly talked about the building.

This could also be regarded as the completion of the publicity task in cooperation with JL.

The staff members listened to his concise and clear explanation and suddenly felt that the building in front of them was extremely cute.

A staff member smiled behind the camera and asked, “You Mian, we all know that your major in college is sculpture. So if you were asked to build a sculpture for this heartbeat house, what form would you use to express it.”

You Mian looked sideways and immediately noticed the falling maple leaves in the center of the courtyard.

“I didn’t think about it for a long time, so I am just talking casually. Everyone can listen to it.” You Mian smiled with curved eyes, his tone soft.

All the staff members of the show stood behind the camera and nodded again and again.

“There are many different types of building materials with different hardnesses,” You Mian said with a smile. “The beauty of architecture is also the beauty of the architects’ ideas. Sculpting might be different from building, but I think they all have something in common.”

“Sculptures are usually polished with comprehensive materials. Light, shadow and composition; light, shadow and perspective; and color and contour. They are all important points to pay attention to in a small sculpture. For a building, habitation is the first priority, and the beauty is more like the icing on the cake.”

You Mian’s voice wasn’t slow, but his professional aura made everyone present stop breathing and listen quietly.

“If I wanted to create a sculpture that could be placed together for such an extremely regular building, I would choose a wooden base, and use extremely fine fibers to erect transparent tree stumps with distinct layers. Then use black iron to shape maple leaves and pose them as if they are fluttering in the wind.”

Black maple leaves floating in the air.

“After all, winter is coming soon. Let’s add some wind to the house.” You Mian tilted his head and smiled.

Make the shape of wind out of steel.

Everyone present couldn’t help admiring the ingenuity of this idea.

The staff member’s smile deepened a bit. “Thank you, You Mian.”

You Mian shook his head.

The others behind him said softly, “There is enough material.”

A staff member hurriedly waved at You Mian. “Thank you for the hard work. You can enter the house now.”

You Mian walked into the house and Hong Sheng belatedly arrived.

A bunch of staff members rushed up. They couldn’t help telling Hong Sheng everything about You Mian’s performance just now. They repeatedly said that such material must be included in the episode.

But before everyone’s excitement could continue, Hong Sheng said with a calm face, “Let’s talk about this matter later. Now immediately find the receipt for You Mian’s purchases in the first phase.”

“Public opinion might rise. We must clarify it as soon as possible.”

The surrounding staff were infected by Hong Sheng’s expression. He frowned and immediately responded. “Okay, Director.”

You Mian didn’t know this and walked into the Heartbeat House. He was instantly hugged by the excited Guan Tong.

A bunch of people were sitting or standing in the corridor. The tatami mats were covered with luggage.

Guan Tong hugged You Mian and smiled in a lively manner. “Long time no see, You Mian! I missed you so much!”

You Mian smiled softly. He rubbed Guan Tong’s pink hair, glanced at the others in a puzzled manner, and asked, “Why are you standing here?”

Yun Guanqing sat on the tatami mat and was the first to reply. “There are only four rooms. It seems we will be divided into groups of two.”

You Mian blinked blankly when he heard this.

After a while, the director got behind the machine in the hallway of the house.

He spoke in a voice-over. “Welcome the eight guests to the Heartbeat House. We have a total of four rooms in this phase. I believe that everyone has briefly explored it.”

Pei Huaiji stood beside You Mian and briefly explained for You Mian, who was late. “The wooden house is a three-story structure. The first floor is a common area, the second floor has two rooms and a recreation room, and the third floor has another two rooms and a gym.”

At the same time, the second and third floors had huge, flat balconies.

The lighting on the third floor was better than the second floor.

You Mian nodded when he heard this. He didn’t have time to explore just now and really didn’t know these details.

Pei Huaiji suddenly explained, “It might be a room for two people but there are two separate beds.”

You Mian looked sideways at Pei Huaiji.

The man’s handsome eyebrows and eyes were as clean and clear as cold water. His sharp aura spread out. The domineering attitude of keeping others away was still the same, but You Mian felt that the two of them were much closer.

Bai Lin sat next to Huo Yanzhi. Both of them had slightly gloomy faces.

Hong Sheng hurriedly explained the new room allocation rules and said loudly, “Tonight, we will hold a script killing game. The rooms will be allocated according to the characters drawn by everyone.”

Everyone’s expressions of surprise couldn’t be hidden.

You Mian had never played a script kill before. It felt a bit novel when hearing it.

The staff member next to Hong Sheng stepped forward with eight identity cards. There were four for the iris group and four for the lily of the valley group.

“Please come forward to draw the character cards.”

Bai Lin followed Yun Guanqing and took one away with a smile. As he got the character card, he didn’t forget to smile at the camera. “I was absent from one event in the last recording. I don’t know if I can keep up with everyone’s rhythm.”

“Brothers, please go easy on me.” Bai Lin smiled cutely.

Once Bai Lin finished speaking, he turned around and sat back down regardless of whether others responded or not.

Everyone else stepped forward to draw a card. You Mian was a bit nervous when it was his turn.

Even You Mian couldn’t help feeling excited when something new he had never been exposed to before was placed in front of him.

You Mian picked up the last character card and stood back in place.

The staff member raised his hand and waved.

Hong Sheng said, “Now that everyone has made their choices, please check your character card secretly. Your room number you are assigned to is on them.”

Hong Sheng added, “I look forward to meeting at dinner!”

You Mian noticed that everyone had lowered their heads to look at their character cards. He also tried his best to avoid Pei Huaiji and Guan Tong beside him as he quietly turned over the card.

He saw that it said: [Your identity is the evil dragon boss who has lived in the cave for a long time.]

[Please be careful to hide your identity.]

[It is because everyone’s goal is to kill you and get the treasure.]

Room 301.

You Mian closed the character card and was secretly frightened. This was his first time playing as a novice, and he directly drew the dragon-level villain boss?

It was a bit too difficult.


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