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CEFYMA: Chapter 54

In the dark night, Pei Huaiji clutched the small iron sculpture in his hand. He looked at You Mian’s eyes, and his throat was so dry that he couldn’t speak.

Silence after silence passed.

“Has the prisoner been caught?” He finally asked.

Lying on his back, You Mian softly repeated the word ‘prisoner.’

After a pause that lasted a few seconds, You Mian replied, “I’m still looking for evidence.”

Pei Huaiji’s heart was empty. It meant this person hadn’t caught it yet.

His complicated mood made the man’s side profile look colder.

In the sound of the rain, Pei Huaiji heard You Mian saying good night.

Pei Huaiji held the small iron sculpture and responded, “Good night. Sweet dreams.”

The sense of oppression of being alone was slightly weakened, but You Mian could still feel Pei Huaiji’s hot gaze.

Originally, You Mian thought that he wouldn’t be able to sleep. Unexpectedly, he slept until dawn.

After a night of heavy rain, the sky was exceptionally clear. The warm autumn sun fell outside the tent, shining warmly on people.

Yan Tingxuan walked out of the RV. At first glance, he saw that one tent had been erected around the clearing. The other hadn’t been taken out of the bag at all.

Yan Tingxuan instantly frowned. The moment he approached the tent, he saw the chain being opened from the inside.

Pei Huaiji changed his clothes and walked out. He saw Yan Tingxuan, nodded coldly, and said hello.

Then he passed Yan Tingxuan and walked to the RV to wash up.

Yan Tingxuan put away his stunned gaze, and hurriedly took a few steps in the direction of the tent.

What happened last night?

Could it be that You Mian and Pei Huaiji slept in the same tent?!

Yan Tingxuan’s expression became even uglier. Just as he walked to the tent door to look inside, You Mian’s question rang out behind him.

“What are you looking for?”

There was heavy fog in the forest in the early morning. After a night of heavy rain, the temperature was even cooler.

You Mian put on a thick gray sweater.

The young man’s eyes weren’t as sharp as usual after waking up. Even if the person he was facing was Yan Tingxuan, his hostility wasn’t obvious.

Yan Tingxuan turned around. After being questioned by You Mian, he pursed his lips for a few seconds like he was hesitating.

But in the end, he was still overwhelmed by his thoughts. He frowned and asked in confusion, “Why is there only one tent? You slept together last night?”

How could You Mian agree to such a thing? Could it be that Pei Huaiji did something scheming again?

Before Yan Tingxuan could continue thinking, You Mian pushed him away coldly and walked straight back into the tent without saying a word.

Yan Tingxuan was left out and ignored, but he couldn’t care about it now. There were too many questions in his heart and it made him suffer.

It was just that after a night passed, something happened between You Mian and Pei Huaiji that he didn’t know about.

Previously, Yan Tingxuan deliberately showed off in front of Pei Huaiji the past between him and You Mian that Pei Huaiji didn’t know about.

Now that position changed instantly. Yan Tingxuan became the unwitting third person.

You Mian and Pei Huaiji had more and more secrets. They spent more time alone.

The word ‘urgency’ was no longer enough to describe Yan Tingxuan’s mood at this moment.

Regret, struggle, and anger swirled in his mind, making his chest rise and fall slightly.

However, You Mian’s attitude was too distant. Yan Tingxuan couldn’t get the answer even if he wanted to ask.

Fortunately, Shen Nanxiao walked out of the RV a little while later and raised the same question.

“Why did you only put up one? Didn’t you have time?” Shen Nanxiao asked while boiling eggs on the stove.

You Mian’s tent curtain remained open. Shen Nanxiao was standing by the stove and could directly see You Mian sitting on a moisture-proof mat and sorting out his luggage.

Yan Tingxuan turned to look at You Mian when he heard the sound.

The young man lowered his head and explained simply, “It started raining after we put up one.”

Shen Nanxiao’s eyes widened slightly. “This is really unfortunate.”

“If I had known, Brother Yan and I would’ve helped you set it up together.” Shen Nanxiao gasped. In his opinion, it would be very embarrassing to stay in a tent with an ice cube like Pei Huaiji.

Even though Shen Nanxiao saw that Pei Huaiji’s attitude toward You Mian was a bit special, he felt that this type of man who was in a high position should be very confused about affectionate feelings.

Shen Nanxiao silently hoped that You Mian didn’t have insomnia last night.

Shen Nanxiao’s expression was so obvious that You Mian almost wanted to say out loud that he actually slept well last night.

The suitcase was arranged. You Mian walked out of the tent and bent down to pull out the nails fixing down the windbreak rope. He was ready to put away the tent.

Yan Tingxuan quietly listened to You Mian and Shen Nanxiao’s words. Then he inwardly sighed with relief.

It turned out to be raining.

At the same time, Pei Huaiji finished washing up and walked out of the RV.

The man walked to the edge of the tent, his tone still calm but not indifferent.

“I’ll help you.”

Once Pei Huaiji finished speaking, he immediately walked to the other side and pulled up the tent with his hands.

Yan Tingxuan, who realized it later. “……”

As You Mian was busy, he found that the phone in his pocket kept ringing.

Shen Nanxiao also received the new notifications. He took advantage of the gap to scan the group messages while boiling the eggs.

After a few minutes, Shen Nanxiao said with a smile, “It is Guan Tong in the group who is sending a message. It looks like they will be at the Heartbeat House soon.”

“So fast?” You Mian was a bit surprised.

Shen Nanxiao nodded. “They seem to have set off very early.”

The first message in the group this morning was a small video posted by Guan Tong. It was still dark at that time.

You Mian raised an eyebrow. “Then we have to hurry and go.”

Yan Tingxuan sat next to the stove, staring at You Mian and Pei Huaiji not far away.

He saw the two of them moving tacitly and quickly to put away the tent. By the way, they moved the suitcases of the two people into the RV.

Once You Mian came over to have some breakfast, Yan Tingxuan immediately handed over the milk he had just prepared.

“I remember you like to drink this.” Yan Tingxuan looked at You Mian with the cup in his hand, eyes full of hope.

You Mian didn’t know why Yan Tingxuan was still like this when he had said everything so clearly.

Shen Nanxiao sat silently peeling eggs, but his ears were pricked up.

You Mian didn’t take Yan Tingxuan’s glass of milk. Instead, he tore open a bag of instant coffee and brewed it quickly.

Shen Nanxiao stared at Yan Tingxuan like he was a melon.

Sure enough, the other person’s face darkened.

The silent atmosphere didn’t last long because Guan Tong made a video call to them.

You Mian answered it doubtfully. The next second, he heard Guan Tong’s lively voice on the other end.

“Honey, why are you so slow? We are almost at the Heartbeat House!”

Guan Tong’s pink hair appeared on the screen. You Mian’s eyes narrowed.

“We are having breakfast and will leave immediately,” You Mian said.

Guan Tong wanted to make a joke, but he noticed Pei Huaiji standing next to You Mian. The man’s profile looked cold even across a screen.

Guan Tong smiled and changed the topic in an instant. “What about Nanxiao and Brother Yan? Are you all together?”

“How was your game yesterday?”

You Mian tilted his head and said calmly, “We had a lot of fun, but the rain was too heavy. We fell asleep quickly.”

You Mian noticed Yun Guanqing’s long hair brushing past Guan Tong.

Yun Guanqing, who was beside Guan Tong, asked something. Guan Tong didn’t hear it clearly and turned to him doubtfully. “Brother Yun, what did you say? Repeat it louder.”

Yun Guanqing’s face still didn’t appear on the screen, but You Mian heard Guan Tong conveying it. “Brother Yun asked how you allocated rooms last night?”

Shen Nanxiao laughed while drinking milk. He took advantage of Guan Tong’s inability to see him to complain, “Guan Tong, why are you such a gossip?”

Guan Tong sighed a few times. “It is Brother Yun who asked! It isn’t what I want to ask!”

You Mian lowered his eyes, stirred the coffee spoon, and said, “Then you answer first.”

Guan Tong immediately replied, “I was in the same room as Bai Lin. Brother Huo and Brother Yun were in the same room.”

Yun Guanqing’s body was close to the screen like he wanted to hear You Mian’s answer.

The show’s staff had prepared two bedrooms for both groups of guests. Under normal circumstances, the iris guests would sleep together and the lily of the valley guests would sleep together.

But there might be exceptions to everything.

Yun Guanqing’s heart was in his throat. He was afraid he would hear an answer that frightened him.

However, You Mian insisted on not telling the truth. “You will know when the show airs.”

Guan Tong wailed. “You Mian, you are cheating!”

Yun Guanqing finally couldn’t bear it anymore. He grabbed Guan Tong’s phone and held it to his face. “You Mian, how did you group up last night?”

The beautiful, long-haired man’s eyes were full of anxiety. He seemed to really want to know the answer.

You Mian threw the hot potato to Yan Tingxuan and let them fight each other.

“You tell them. I’m going to have breakfast,” You Mian said calmly.

Yun Guanqing looked at Yan Tingxuan’s face which suddenly appeared on the screen and frowned.

Yan Tingxuan lightly pushed up his gold-rimmed glasses. He smiled in a gentlemanly manner and said, “Shen Nanxiao and I each lived separately in the bedrooms of the RV.”

Yun Guanqing’s heart suddenly sank. “What are you talking about?”

You Mian drank coffee calmly while Pei Huaiji sat upright behind the low table, with his sharp jaw and restrained temperament. He seemed not to care about the anxious conversation between Yan Tingxuan and Yun Guanqing at the moment.

Yan Tingxuan lowered his head and smiled. “Shen Nanxiao and I each lived separately in the bedrooms of the RV.”

Yun Guanqing frowned fiercely. “What about You Mian?”

Yan Tingxuan deliberately raised his head and glanced at You Mian. Then he said vaguely for some unknown reason. “You Mian and Pei Huaiji are sleeping in the tent outside.”

“The show’s staff prepared two extra tents. Didn’t you notice it?” Yan Tingxuan asked with a smile.

Yun Guanqing’s anxious mood suddenly settled.

“Tents?” Yun Guanqing looked sideways at Guan Tong. “Did the staff prepare tents?”

Guan Tong shook his head, looking confused. “I don’t know. No one found it yesterday.”

Huo Yanzhi had been sullen since they met yesterday, and Bai Lin was also very strange. His smiling appearance always made Guan Tong feel uncomfortable.

If it wasn’t for the fact that their group wasn’t getting along, why else would Guan Tong want to chat with You Mian so early in the morning?

But on this side, Yan Tingxuan immediately hung up the phone without saying anything else.

“Anyway, we will meet soon. It isn’t too late at that time.” Yan Tingxuan put You Mian’s phone back on the table and looked up with a smile.

On the other end, Yun Guanqing looked at the hung up phone and his face instantly turned cold.

“Okay, Yan Tingxuan.”

As You Mian’s group finished breakfast leisurely and set off toward the Heartbeat House, the first episode of ‘Matching Heartbeat’ happened to be officially released online.

After the beautiful and cool trailers of the eight guests, the show officially started.

The barrage kept flying with comments from Yun Guanqing’s fans and Bai Lin’s fans.

[Brother Yun, charge charge! Yun fans are here!]

[Come on, Linlin, baby! We will always be your strongest support!]

After many names flooded the screen, the scene of the seaside house shot by the show’s staff using more than a dozen cameras finally ended. The first guest appeared.

The chestnut brown hair was blowing in the wind, and the young man’s back was tall and thin.

They saw him crossing the camera lens and dragging his suitcase straight toward the beach house.

On the screen, You Mian lowered his eyes, picked up an iris, and pinned it to his chest. Then amidst the exclamations of the celebrity guests in the observation room, the barrage started to scroll frantically.

[Ahhhhh! It is Mianmian!]

[D*mn, a beauty of this level is the first to appear! The director deserves to be a director!]

[Prprprpr, taking crazy screenshots.]

[Is Baby Mian in the iris group? The director divided them into the iris and lily of the valley groups?]

[Burn the shura field for me! I want to see many men trying to snatch the treasure! This type of appearance is worthy of the word ‘heartthrob.’]

[A passerby is running over. This little brother’s name is You Mian? So cute.]

In the midst of the large number of face-licking comments, several other guests appeared one after another.

Then some viewers, who had been blinding shipping CPs since the trailer, were suddenly shocked to death by Huo Yanzhi’s attitude.

[…I’m crying to death. What is Brother Huo saying? Why doesn’t he eat the noodles cooked by Mianmian!]

[Ah, did I bet on the wrong CP? Brother Huo, you are blind!]

[Cultivating cotton base is looking for unemployed people from the ‘Houshangjiaoyou’ group. Contact address…]

The CP fans had just been beaten. To add fuel to the fire, Yan Tingxuan appeared on the screen, and the Yanyou friends were hit again.

[I’m angry. What the? The trailer is a scam.]

[I cried after watching the musical chairs scene in the trailer. What is going on with Yan Tingxuan’s indifferent expression?!]

[Cultivating cotton base is looking for unemployed ‘Yanyou’ people. Please contact…]

In the episode, Huo Yanzhi and Yan Tingxuan were seen ignoring You Mian and heading straight to the second floor.

After a while, Pei Huaiji finally appeared on the stage.

As the barrage flooded the screen, Pei Huaiji and You Mian lightly shook hands.

[Playing music and dancing.]

[Congratulations congratulations congratulations.]

[They’ve already held hands. Is a hug still far away? If there is a hug, is a kiss still far away?]

[Ahhhh, my CP is sweet as soon as they appear! I’m proud!]

[Hahaha, Chairman Pei couldn’t have fallen in love at first sight, right?]

Among the heartbroken CP fans, only the cotton workers were particularly cheerful.

The even more pitiful thing about the ‘Emperor’s Crown (crown=guanmian)’ CP fans was that they didn’t see any interaction between Yun Guanqing and You Mian at all.

They saw that the episode went directly to the scene where the others walked down after Bai Lin and Yun Guanqing appeared.

[??? The director treats them differently. Crown CP fans are also human beings. Why are there no shots?]

[Maybe he is afraid that Brother Yun has too many fans?]

[Ahhhh, there was no scene in the trailer. Why are there no scenes in the episode?]

[I am purely addicted to Emperor’s Crown. If there are no interactions in the main episode, I will go to the side of cultivating cotton…]

In the episode, Huo Yanzhi and Yan Tingxuan gathered around Bai Lin. They rubbed his head and interacted with him intimately. Yun Guanqing stood at the top of the stairs and stared at Bai Lin.

In an instant, Bai Lin’s fans in the barrage took over the commenting high ground and started commenting frantically.

[I’m really speechless about some people’s fans. Obviously, Brother Yan and Brother Huo have been Linlin’s friends for many years. They came to participate in the show because of Linlin. Now people insist on matching them with others. I’m laughing to death.]

[The way that some people beg for food is so humble. I’m dying of laughter.]

[There is no need to ask for Linlin’s shura field. I am eating it as soon as the show started.]

[Elite lawyer X pure little star, boxing champion X pure little star. They are both better than that amateur college student, okay?]

[It can only be said that Linlin’s CP is genuine, unlike some people who can only rely on taking advantage of hype.]

[With the shura field in hand, I’m laughing while watching the dogs fighting.]

If the online live stream platform allowed them to post photos on the barrage, it was estimated that the entire screen at this time would be filled with private photos of Yan Tingxuan and Bai Lin sent by Bai Lin’s fans.

[Brother Yan and Bai Lin have been friends for many years. The two of them often go shopping near College A. Those who want to eat candy can enter the super talk fan group. There is so much sugar that you will explode!]

[If you want to take a bite then you should eat real food… ‘Yanyou’ can’t be eaten.]

The episode continued. The voice-over explained that the guests would be divided into three groups after handing out task cards. They would be responsible for three parts of the dinner.

At this moment, the audience saw Yan Tingxuan, who was sitting on the sofa, moving his gaze to You Mian rather than Bai Lin on the other side.

The first thing he said was, “You Mian, come with me.”




[Some people shouldn’t talk so much. It makes me laugh to death.]


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