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CEFYMA: Chapter 53

Pei Huaiji stood at the entrance of the tent. His tall and powerful figure blocked the sound of the rain outside. Even the weak cyan light was blocked, leaving only the inner position behind You Mian empty.

Before this, You Mian had never thought that Pei Huaiji’s figure would bring him such a sense of oppression and tightness.

But now You Mian subconsciously frowned slightly. He took two or three steps back.

There was silence in the tent. The friction of the clothes caused by You Mian’s slight movement was very obvious.

Pei Huaiji, who had been standing at the entrance with his back to You Mian, turned his head when he heard the sound. His gaze was particularly sharp in the dim tent, like a wild beast.

You Mian pursed his lips and stopped. It was as if he was prey afraid of disturbing a wild beast.

The young man put his hands in his pockets to hide his embarrassment. He coughed lightly when he looked at Pei Huaiji, who turned around.

He pretended to be calm as he said, “It seems that the other tent can’t be set up. Is there any update on the weather forecast?”

When would this rain stop?

Pei Huaiji’s forehead hair was wet and dripping down. His whole body was cold.

The man took out his phone and looked at it. Then he replied in a deep voice, “The rain looks like it won’t stop.”

You Mian instantly frowned before relaxing.

The tent might be set up next to the RV but the two of them weren’t close to each other. If he ran out then he would definitely be drenched.

What’s more, even if he ran back to the RV, You Mian would have to take a shower with soaked clothes.

There was Shen Nanxiao in the room and You Mian fell into a dilemma.

He was fine with it, but he felt that Shen Nanxiao might’ve never lived in a room with anyone. He would be causing trouble to this person.

“It is easy to catch a cold if you get caught in the rain in autumn.” Pei Huaiji walked in from the entrance.

You Mian’s neck straightened. He tried his best to restrain the idea of continuing to retreat and stood in place.

Pei Huaiji was still the same Pei Huaiji.

However, being alone late at night could increase this man’s sense of dominance to a frightening level.

Even You Mian couldn’t bear it.

You Mian thought of his previous interactions with Pei Huaiji. He realized that the two of them had never been face to face in such a quiet, closed, and small place.

Everything here felt strange to You Mian, without any sense of familiarity.

Pei Huaiji crouched down next to his suitcase. He opened the box and placed it on the moisture-proof mat to find clothes that he could change into.

The man’s shoulders were broad and the soaked shirt outlined the very strong and beautiful shoulder and back muscle lines. Lower down was his narrow waist covered by his trousers, giving him a sense of strength.

You Mian lowered his eyes. The fingers in his pockets scratched restlessly.

“You Mian.”

Pei Huaiji’s voice was suddenly heard in the small tent. This made You Mian look at him sharply.

Pei Huaiji seemed to notice You Mian’s embarrassment. His voice was softer than usual.

He asked, “Do you mind if I change my clothes?”

You Mian blinked. “I don’t mind. You can just change.”

Pei Huaiji’s shirt was soaked through. He would definitely catch a cold if he didn’t change.

The increasingly darkening sky made You Mian’s nerves jump. He found something he could do, so he turned around to find a camping lamp that could be placed in the tent from the toolbox he had brought in coincidentally.

The warm yellow light came on. You Mian pulled the upper handle of the camping lamp and placed it in the center of the tent.

It was also at this time that the light illuminated Pei Huaiji’s exposed back particularly clearly.

You Mian: “……”

Pei Huaiji had taken off his soaked shirt and was bending down to take out a black, long-sleeved shirt from the suitcase.

You Mian only glanced at it inadvertently, but it was enough to clearly see the strong muscle lines of the other party.

The young man’s hand holding the camping lamp shook. The light in the entire tent swayed.

Pei Huaiji had already changed his clothes and wiped his hair casually with a towel.

The black hair, which had always been neat, became messy with his drying movements. This added a bit of indescribable sexiness.

Pei Huaiji raised his chin slightly. His Adam’s apple moved slightly and he said, “It seems that we can only live together tonight.”

You Mian lowered his head and coughed, nodding randomly.

What could he do except live together? He couldn’t run to the RV.

Complicated emotions poured into You Mian’s heart, making him rarely a bit restless.

Pei Huaiji dragged over the other sleeping bag and You Mian’s suitcase from the entrance.

“Fortunately, it was close to me just now or I wouldn’t have been able to bring it in,” Pei Huaiji said in a deep voice.

You Mian took the sleeping bag and turned around in the silence to spread it.

The inside of the tent, which he thought was very big just now, looked crowded after being covered by the two sleeping bags on the moisture-proof mat.

You Mian did some mental preparations before taking out his pajamas from the suitcase and getting ready to change into them.

But when he turned around, he found that Pei Huaiji on the other side hadn’t changed his wet pants.

You Mian frowned. “Why haven’t you changed your pants as well?”

He might catch a cold in this type of weather.

Pei Huaiji was sitting on a moisture-proof mat and leaning against the inside of the tent on the other side. He looked at You Mian with soft eyes.

Just this glance was enough to make You Mian’s tense mind instantly relax.

Pei Huaiji had always been extremely observant. It was impossible for him to not discover You Mian’s embarrassment.

Thus, You Mian heard Pei Huaiji say, “I’ll change it later.”

You Mian took off his baseball uniform and rolled up the hem of his long denim sleeves.

If it wasn’t for the fact that it was hard to sleep in the clothes he was wearing, You Mian would definitely choose to go to sleep without changing into pajamas.

Pei Huaiji’s gaze was so intense that the shoulder blades on You Mian’s back were slightly raised.

The skin of the young man’s back was cold and white. The waist was extremely thin. The muscles on the back of his shoulders were smooth and beautiful. A thin layer of muscles covered his arms. This made him look strong and like he had more vitality.

You Mian changed his clothes very quickly. It was almost in less than two seconds.

After a brief wash, the young man quickly got into the sleeping bag, leaving only his head with chestnut brown curly hair exposed.

Pei Huaiji silently lowered his eyes at this moment. Once he stood up, his pants were still wet and cold. He said, “I’ll go check the tent chain.”

He confirmed that all the zippers at the door were closed and the cold wind outside couldn’t blow in. Then Pei Huaiji turned around and walked toward the sleeping bag.

You Mian heard a click and the camping light was turned off.

It was pitch black in front of him. His hearing became more sensitive when he couldn’t hear anything.

He heard the friction sound of Pei Huaiji crouching in front of the suitcase and rummaging for clothes.

He also heard the sound of Pei Huaiji changing his pants.

The leather belt fell on the moisture-proof pad with a dull thud. This made You Mian’s heart skip a beat while he was hiding in his sleeping bag.

In fact, Pei Huaiji had tried his best to reduce the awkwardness with You Mian.

However, the tent was so small that all hidden sounds became audible.

Pei Huaiji leaned over after changing his pants. He unzipped his sleeping bag and got inside.

The two men were less than ten centimeters apart. They could even hear each other’s breathing.

You Mian realized that he had never slept with anyone else.

Even in his childhood, he only read books and played together. They never stayed over.

You Mian scratched the thin callus on his finger. Before he could continue to think, Pei Huaiji beside him suddenly said, “Can I open it now and take a look?”

You Mian was a bit puzzled by this question without any context.

“What are you looking at?”

Pei Huaiji just lay on his back in the sleeping bag, so his arms were outside.

The man held a small package and touched You Mian’s forearm.

The hard packaging reminded You Mian of the refined version of the small iron sculpture.

You Mian’s eyes curved. His beautiful amber eyes were empty and blank in the dark night.

He smiled and replied, “Yes.”

Before Pei Huaiji opened the package, he stood up on the moisture-proof mat and reached for the roof of the tent.

You Mian could hear the sound caused by the man’s movements, but he couldn’t guess what the other person was doing.

However, in an instant, the cool moonlight shone in front of his eyes. It wasn’t enough for You Mian to see everything in the tent clearly, but it was much better than the darkness just now.

Pei Huaiji lay back in his sleeping bag.

You Mian, who was lying on his back, didn’t need to move. From his current position, he saw the small square window that was opened at the top of the tent.

The plastic film separated the rain curtain and only let the moonlight shine in.

“Camping tents generally have this type of skylight.” Pei Huaiji’s voice was very soft but it was also deep.

You Mian lay in his sleeping bag, warmly and softly wrapped. He blinked his empty eyes to look at the stars outside the skylight.

He asked, “Are there stars out there now?”

Pei Huaiji looked up and said, “I can’t see clearly outside, but I have a star in my hand now.”

You Mian looked sideways.

In the moonlight, he could clearly see the small sculpture that Pei Huaiji was holding in his hand.

A five-pointed star was dug out of the chest of the iron sculpture, and the words ‘Pei Huaiji’ were written in gilded lettering.

You Mian couldn’t see the details clearly, but this sculpture had been held in his hands many times. He had already remembered it well.

Pei Huaiji’s palm was hot when he touched the iron.

“It is very beautiful, You Mian.”

In the silent sound of the rain, Pei Huaiji rubbed the five-pointed star on the little iron man’s chest. He asked softly, “Your eyes… what’s going on with them?”

Pei Huaiji had checked some information and asked several well-known professional doctors.

Their answers were surprisingly consistent. Night blindness could either be congenital or acquired. It could be mild, moderate or severe.

Not being able to see anything clearly at night was considered severe.

However, if his vision was at this level then he would also be affected during the day. It was impossible to have the same vision as normal people during the day, but not see anything at night.

Pei Huaiji lowered his eyes, his sharp edge no longer present. He turned his head to look at the young man next to him, outlining this young man with his gaze.

You Mian blinked.

He smiled calmly and said without any emotion, “As a child, I was locked in a dark room for two days and two nights. I was lucky to still have my life when I came out.”

“I’m glad that my vision is only to this extent.”

Pei Huaiji’s fingers rubbing the iron sculpture suddenly stopped. The man’s brow instantly tightened and his heart seemed to be ruthlessly grasped. His brain went completely blank for a few seconds.

“Locked in a dark room for two days and two nights…” Pei Huaiji’s voice was hoarse. “What do you mean?”

Wasn’t You Mian the only son of the You family?

How could You Jiyuan let his child be locked in a room for two days and two nights?

You Mian casually replied, “I was kidnapped.”

Pei Huaiji’s forehead vein twitched.

You Mian tilted his head, estimated Pei Huaiji’s position, and glanced at the other person.

“Since I was ten years old, I have experienced more than a dozen kidnappings, large and small.”

The young man’s amber eyes were filled with a smile.

“So on the other hand, I am pretty lucky to be here right now, yes?”

You Mian couldn’t see clearly, but he could feel Pei Huaiji’s overly hot eyes looking at him.

In the wordless silence, the oppressive feeling from before came over him again. You Mian pursed his lips nervously.

Pei Huaiji’s unique aura was like cold water enveloping his side.

You Mian heard Pei Huaiji say, “The stars are your medals.”

You Mian blinked. His beautiful eyes were slightly curved, and he smiled softly.

Did you hear that?

Brave child, the invisible stars in the sky are your medals.


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