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CEFYMA: Chapter 52

You Mian threw the ingredient in his arms toward Yan Tingxuan.

He saw the man suddenly come to his senses and reach out to take it. You Mian looked at him sideways and asked calmly, “Is it fun to act like a victim?”

Yan Tingxuan was speechless for a long time. Then he said with a wry smile, “I had no such idea…”

“Yan Tingxuan.”

You Mian interrupted Yan Tingxuan.

The young man’s amber eyes seemed to be able to see through all the pretenses and false words of the man in front of him.

“I know you better than you think.” You Mian lowered his eyes and spoke indifferently. “Don’t pretend to be pitiful. I won’t fall for it.”

Yan Tingxuan took off his glasses and wiped the raindrops on them.

It wasn’t known if it was true or not, but the man nodded.

Just as You Mian turned around to leave, Yan Tingxuan asked calmly, “Are you getting so close to Pei Huaiji just to avoid us?”

Yan Tingxuan guessed this, so he took it casually in the beginning.

Sure enough, You Mian said, “Yes, at the beginning.”

Yan Tingxuan immediately asked, “What about now?”

The rain was getting heavier and heavier. Yan Tingxuan didn’t help complete the task of finding ingredients set by the show and kept chatting with him endlessly.

The endless topics exhausted You Mian’s remaining patience.

Thus, You Mian was very straightforward. Without hesitation and with an impatient expression on his face, he turned around and kicked Yan Tingxuan hard, hitting him in the knee.

The man didn’t expect for You Mian to suddenly become angry. He was unable to support himself and suddenly fell to his knees on the ground. He hurriedly supported his body with one hand while holding the umbrella handle with his other hand. He looked up at You Mian in an embarrassed manner.

You Mian stood in the rain curtain holding an umbrella. His voice was colder than the blowing wind.

“It has nothing to do with you,” he said.

Yan Tingxuan leaned on the wet ground and hung his head in silence for a while.

Finally, facing You Mian’s back, he gently patted his knee with his muddy palms and stood up in a lonely manner.

He smiled, straightened his trousers, and picked up the black umbrella that had fallen into the mud like he was picking up his broken dignity.

During the rest of the task, Yan Tingxuan seemed to be making up for lost time just now. He concentrated on finding the ingredients and quickly held a bunch of BBQ raw meat skewers in his arms.

You Mian walked ahead with an umbrella. Seeing that the rain was getting heavier and heavier, the young man turned to look at him before immediately quickening his pace.

It looked like it was time to return to the camp.

Yan Tingxuan pursed his lips helplessly. He thought that now You Mian didn’t even want to say a word to him.

But Shen Nanxiao and Pei Huaiji, who were sitting under the shed of the RV and tidying up the grill, still saw the two of them walking one after the other.

They both held a lot of ingredients in their arms.

Shen Nanxiao smiled and stood up from the low stool. He walked to the edge of the shed and waved. “Thank you for your hard work!”

Pei Huaiji had been standing next to the RV, his figure even more upright in the rain.

You Mian walked closer quickly and handed all the ingredients in his arms to Shen Nanxiao.

“The weather forecast says that the rain will stop in an hour. Take advantage of that time to pitch your tents.” Shen Nanxiao smiled.

You Mian noticed that Pei Huaiji had already placed the two tents at the door of the RV. The distance was so close that he could almost take them out with one hand.

Shen Nanxiao noticed You Mian’s gaze. He couldn’t help explaining, “Just now, Chairman Pei wanted to set up the tents by himself. It took me a long time to persuade him to stop.”

The moment You Mian heard this, the original coldness in his eyes faded slightly.

Pei Huaiji hadn’t expected Shen Nanxiao to say what happened just now. He was a bit embarrassed at this moment.

He admitted that he was a bit anxious when he saw Yan Tingxuan and You Mian walking toward the forest together during the setting up session of the show.

Pei Huaiji wanted to find something to do, such as setting up a tent.

Unfortunately, the rain was getting heavier and heavier. He could only stand here and wait in vain.

This was the first time in his life that Pei Huaiji stood quietly under the rain and waited for someone for such a long time.

In the silent earthy fragrance, Pei Huaiji remembered the ‘all things that picked the stars and the clay figurine engraved with his name.

He remembered You Mian’s amber eyes.

The anxious mood gradually calmed down and disappeared amidst the patter of rain.

Waiting suddenly became cute.

It was because Pei Huaiji knew that You Mian would always come back. His heart settled down.

Fortunately, You Mian didn’t continue to ask about setting up the tent. Pei Huaiji looked up and sighed with relief.

“The BBQ will be ready soon. This can be regarded as everyone’s first camping trip.” Shen Nanxiao was in high spirits and quickly set up four stools, arranging them around the grill.

The charcoal was burning in the stove. It was warm and bright near the RV.

You Mian sat silently near a corner of the stove, leaving only an empty seat on the left side.

In the midst of the sound of the rain, the sound of Shen Nanxiao handling ingredients on the chopping board could be heard. The sound of chopping vegetables was very rhythmic.

Yan Tingxuan stood by the fire and hesitated for a moment. Then the seat beside You Mian was taken by Pei Huaiji.

Yan Tingxuan pursed his lips and looked away stiffly.

Shen Nanxiao placed the cut ingredients in front of the other three people while he turned around and continued to process the remaining meat.

You Mian silently opened the grill and helped cook the ingredients.

In the silence as everyone went about their duties, dinner was quickly prepared.

Guan Tong wasn’t here, so Shen Nanxiao actually took on the responsibility of enlivening the atmosphere.

Shen Nanxiao raised the small cup and gestured. “Why aren’t you saying anything? Are you sleepy? Come and have a drink.”

You Mian took the lead in raising the glass and touching Shen Nanxiao’s one. He gently said, “Cheers.”

The moment You Mian moved, Yan Tingxuan and Pei Huaiji also pulled away from the state of being wooden figures and moved as if they were alive.

The four people simply clinked glasses.

The sound of rain made the atmosphere less awkward. Instead, it made the silence lazy and leisurely.

Shen Nanxiao knew what might’ve happened before to Yan Tingxuan and You Mian, otherwise Yan Tingxuan, who had always looked decent and gentlemanly, wouldn’t have such a large dirt mark on his knees.

However, Shen Nanxiao didn’t want to get involved in these matters. He could only pretend not to know and try his best to make everyone feel better.

Thus, Shen Nanxiao held the cup and bit the meat skewers. He calmly looked at the rain outside the shed with a comfortable expression.

You Mian’s annoyance at being disturbed by Yan Tingxuan showed in the frown on his face.

Suddenly, You Mian felt a hand reaching out to his forehead like a dragonfly landing on water. The touch was warm before quickly leaving.

Immediately afterwards, Pei Huaiji’s deep voice sounded beside him.

“Don’t frown.”

You Mian was slightly stunned.

Pei Huaiji asked, “Your sketching skills are very good. Do you also come out to collect ideas when practicing?”

You Mian instinctively answered Pei Huaiji’s question. “I often came out when I was a freshman, but I basically don’t need to do that anymore. I have a framework in my heart.”

Pei Huaiji’s finger pointed to the birch forest in the distance. “You should be better at sketching this type of scenery than portraits.”

You Mian turned to look at him in surprise. “How did you know?”

Pei Huaiji smiled slightly. “I guessed.”

The annoyance in You Mian’s heart slightly faded. He chuckled and raised an eyebrow. “When did you start beating around the bush?”

Pei Huaiji’s shoulders and back were straight. His posture remained upright even when sitting on the chair.

The man tilted his head, and his blunt personality reappeared. “It is because I’m not very good at comforting words.”

You Mian’s eyes were soft. “Then you are very talented.”

Pei Huaiji raised an eyebrow slightly. His overly cold face became gentle.

He asked, “As talented as my drawing skills?”

You Mian deliberately thought for a long time before saying, “It is comparable.”

Once You Mian finished speaking, he remembered the fish that Pei Huaiji suddenly mentioned when they were at the aquarium.

The young man’s eyes curved. “Chairman Pei is very knowledgeable about fish. How did you know I was in a bad mood at that time?”

You Mian was obviously upset today. Even Shen Nanxiao, who was always quiet, noticed it. It was impossible for Pei Huaiji not to notice based on his observation ability.

However, that day in front of the display window of the aquarium, You Mian thought that his performance wasn’t obvious. It was even the same as usual.

Pei Huaiji lowered his eyes when he heard this. His expression was calm. “Intuition.”

You Mian was silent. “It is really a talent.” He couldn’t be envious.

Unexpectedly, Pei Huaiji added the next second, “You always scratch your hands when you are unhappy.”

You Mian’s eyes widened slightly. Scratching his hands? Did he have this habit?

Pei Huaiji said, “It might be that you usually use the paintbrush a lot. When you are bored, you scratch the thin callus on the thumb of your right hand.”

Hearing this, You Mian raised his right hand and took a closer look. He found that there was indeed a thin callus on his thumb.

He sincerely admired Pei Huaiji’s observation skills.

After the meal, the rain stopped. The annoyance that Yan Tingxuan caused to You Mian completely disappeared at this moment.

Seeing this, Pei Huaiji turned his head and said, “There are only two bedrooms in the RV. You Mian and I will sleep in the tents outside at night.”

The man’s gaze swept over Yan Tingxuan. “You have no opinion, right?”

Yan Tingxuan couldn’t eat the meal tonight. His stomach was only half full. So he almost turned cold again after hearing Pei Huaiji’s words.

Yan Tingxuan frowned. “When was it decided?”

What happened?

How did it become Pei Huaiji and You Mian sleeping in the tent?

Yan Tingxuan later realized that he was wary of Pei Huaiji. Who would’ve thought that this man was so scheming? He firmly occupied the position next to You Mian and didn’t give any chances to others.

However, Yan Tingxuan didn’t forget what happened just now.

He didn’t dare to continue to annoy You Mian. He could only ask this sentence.

Pei Huaiji calmly explained, “When you were driving, and we were separated.”

Yan Tingxuan: “……”

“It is more comfortable in the RV. There is no need to thank us.” Pei Huaiji stood up after saying this.

“Hurry up and set up the tent while the rain has stopped.” Pei Huaiji’s tone became softer when he turned to talk to You Mian.

The difference wasn’t obvious, but it was a shock to everyone present when it was seen on Pei Huaiji.

Shen Nanxiao covered his face with a cup while thinking that he encountered an extremely rare occurrence.

Yan Tingxuan’s expression sank.

However, he didn’t have the position to grab Pei Huaiji’s tent now.

What’s more, after thinking about it, it would be okay even if You Mian and Pei Huaiji slept outside. After all, there were two tents, and they weren’t living together.

Yan Tingxuan comforted himself in this way. Finally, he sat in his position without speaking, as if he acquiesced.

The guests in the observation room far away in the city center all gasped in unison when seeing this scene.

Guo Su looked at his notebook and smiled. “I don’t know what is going on with Chairman Pei, but for me, his heartbeat line has been firmly connected to You Mian. It is too obvious!”

Xi Rui leaned over the table, high-fived Guo Su, and said with a smile, “I think so too!”

“The sound of the rain hindered us from hearing the conversation between Yan Tingxuan and You Mian when they walked into the forest. The two people walked further and further away, and we couldn’t see clearly.” Qu Shao frowned. “However, I guess that the interaction between the two of them wasn’t so friendly. You Mian’s mood has always been heavy after that.”

Xi Rui immediately agreed. “You Mian wasn’t in a good mood until dinner time.”

Guo Su smiled helplessly. “No matter what, after this time, Yan Tingxuan’s heartbeat line will probably be connected to You Mian.”

Everyone in the room nodded in agreement.

Once the rain stopped, Shen Nanxiao and Yan Tingxuan tidied up the stove while You Mian and Pei Huaiji walked to the RV and unfolded the large tent.

“I didn’t expect the tent arranged by the show’s staff to be so large.” You Mian pulled the windbreaker rope, walked to the upper left corner, and fixed it with iron nails.

Pei Huaiji propped up the tent’s support. He suddenly looked up at the sky and frowned.

Shen Nanxiao and Yan Tingxuan quickly finished the tidying up work and also put away the shed outside the RV.

Shen Nanxiao approached You Mian’s side. He leaned over and asked, “Is there anything we can help with?”

By the time You Mian got up, Pei Huaiji had already fixed the other two iron nails firmly.

Seeing this, You Mian smiled at Shen Nanxiao and said, “It is getting late. No need. The two tents can be set up soon.”

Shen Nanxiao nodded when he heard this. “Then I’ll help you take down your luggage.”

Once the moisture-proof mat and sleeping bags were placed next to the tent, Shen Nanxiao found that he couldn’t help much so he turned around and got into the RV.

Yan Tingxuan stood at the door of the RV. He watched them setting up the tent without asking for his help and walked back to the RV with lowered eyes.

In the silent night, there was only the sound of the surrounding leaves.

You Mian moved the luggage into the tent for Pei Huaiji before helping him lay out the moisture-proof mat and sleeping bag.

“The tent prepared by the show is too big.” You Mian finished speaking and was about to get up to go and set up the other one. Then the sky suddenly lit up for a moment, and there was a burst of thunder.

You Mian froze in place.

In a matter of seconds, the sound of crackling rain hit the roof of the tent.

Amidst the sound of the storm, Pei Huaiji rushed into the tent with wet hair. He carried the other luggage and a sleeping bag.

You Mian took a few steps back and asked hesitantly, “Is it raining?”

Pei Huaiji took off his wet coat. The rainwater slid down the side of his forehead and face. The outline of his strong arm muscles was particularly obvious due to the wet shirt.

The tall figure blocked the door of the tent.

Pei Huaiji frowned slightly. His face was stern, and his rational judgment fell with the sound of the rain.

“The wind and rain are heavy. It is more troublesome than the previous one.”

The man looked down at You Mian and said, “I can’t go out now.”


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