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CEFYMA: Chapter 50

The show’s staff prepared simple pens and sketch paper in the desk drawer.

You Mian and Pei Huaiji sat opposite each other with a table between them.

Compared with the professional You Mian, Pei Huaiji pinched the pen and looked much more casual.

Pei Huaiji might’ve never been in contact with drawing, but he had also practiced good handwriting since he was a child.

His pen was sharp and he would often look up at You Mian while sketching.

On the other hand, You Mian’s words about, ‘Look at me, don’t lower your head’ seemed to be deliberately teasing him.

The young man obviously no longer needed to look up at Pei Huaiji frequently to make corrections. He drew quickly.

You Mian couldn’t guess Pei Huaiji’s thoughts at this moment. With just two or three simple strokes, he sketched the expression of the stern man on the sketch paper.

No matter whether it was the clay figurine he made in the classroom or the newly carved iron sculpture on the balcony of his apartment, You Mian had unknowingly carved Pei Huaiji’s facial features into his mind.

There was the rustling sound of charcoal under his fingers. The young man habitually used his fingers to gently rub the edge of the charcoal and spread it out.

Beautiful shadows were outlined in Pei Huaiji’s eyes, the bridge of his heroic nose, and his sharp jaw. His demeanor came together in an instant and he came alive.

The guests in the observation room could clearly see the portrait in front of You Mian.

Xi Rui said very proudly, “You Mian is really amazing. This sketching level is too professional.”

“He is very good at capturing people’s expressions. There is a sense of movement in the drawing as if the sketch is breathing.” Guo Su inadvertently said a sentence that resonated with everyone present.

Suddenly, one of the young celebrity guests said nonchalantly, “But have you noticed? The Chairman Pei drawn by You Mian seems to be much gentler than what we usually see…”

The moment these words came out, everyone’s eyes once again gathered on the live stream screen in front of them.

Qu Shao pushed up his glasses in surprise. He squinted carefully and suddenly said, “It seems to be a bit different from the Chairman Pei we usually see.”

Xi Rui clapped her hands and looked like she was shipping hard.

She laughed and said, “Their heartbeat text messages must not have been sent casually!”

Guo Su stared closely at the sketch in front of You Mian. He found that Pei Huaiji’s eyes were a bit curved and the man’s posture was like staring at people from top to bottom.

The blurred shadow behind him looked like a street lamp.

Guo Su hissed and asked doubtfully, “This drawing… seems to be combined with his imagination?”

After all, it was impossible for there to be a street lamp behind the two people staying in the RV at this moment, not to mention that the camel coat Pei Huaiji was currently wearing didn’t look like the long black coat in You Mian’s drawing.

Pei Huaiji’s hair in the drawing was slightly raised. It wasn’t difficult to see that there was an evening breeze.

Xi Rui nodded in agreement. “It seems that you Mian has given some free rein to it.”

The live stream room in the observation room switched to Pei Huaiji’s side. The drawing in front of the man was simple and straightforward. It wasn’t up to You Mian’s professional level but they could vaguely identify a good-looking young man.

Pei Huaiji focused on You Mian’s curly hair and eyes.

The young man in his drawing was wearing a peaked cap and baseball uniform. He looked cool and beautiful.

“It is embarrassing,” Pei Huaiji said this when he stopped drawing at the same time as You Mian.

You Mian smiled and cocked his head. He exchanged sketches with Pei Huaiji and they both looked at it.

After getting the drawing, You Mian was slightly surprised. He hadn’t expected Pei Huaiji’s drawing skills to be quite good. He was pretty talented.

The proportions and brush strokes couldn’t be called professional, but he could at least draw similar to the person and identify who it was.

It wasn’t easy to tell who was drawing.

You Mian looked up and asked, “Chairman Pei, have you studied?”

Pei Huaiji didn’t take his eyes off the sketch that You Mian drew for him. After hearing You Mian’s question, he raised an eyebrow slightly and said, “No, I don’t have any talent in this area.”

You Mian had an expression like ‘you did it on purpose’ and said teasingly, “You are too humble.”

Pei Huaiji heard the amusement in the young man’s tone. He finally put down the sketch and looked at You Mian. His eyes curved and he said in a deep voice, “The drawing is great. Thank you.”

Pei Huaiji rubbed against the edge of the sketch paper. He didn’t even want to post a photo of it with You Mian in the group chat.

It was why Pei Huaiji didn’t choose to unwrap the sculpture that You Mian gave him just now, but put it directly into his suitcase.

It was his. It was exclusive and unique.

Pei Huaiji lowered his eyes to cover up his excessive possessiveness. He tried his best to suppress his surging emotions with restraint.

As expected, You Mian didn’t see anything unusual about Pei Huaiji.

The young man picked up the Polaroid prepared by the program team and held the sketch that Pei Huaiji drew for him in front of him. He turned his head and urged Pei Huaiji, “Chairman Pei, it is time to do the task.”

Pei Huaiji pursed his lips, wanting to delay for the first time.

You Mian’s bright eyes looked at the hesitating Pei Huaiji with doubt. Before he could speak, Pei Huaiji finally held up the sketch of himself.

Across the table, You Mian leaned back slightly and held the simple sketch in front of his chest.

Pei Huaiji, who was behind him, put his hands on the table and leaned forward slightly. He also held a sketch in front of him and the person in it was lifelike.

You Mian held up the Polaroid and called out softly, “One, two, three… eggplant.”

The young man grinned widely, his eyes curved in a beautiful crescent shape.

It was a standard smile with his eight teeth showing and it was bursting with sweetness.

The Polaroid made a sound and a hard photo slid out. You Mian held the photo in the palm of his hand.

“If we post to the group later, the task will be completed,” You Mian said.

Pei Huaiji took the photo that had already appeared and couldn’t help being attracted by You Mian’s smile.

You Mian raised an eyebrow and smiled casually. “How is it? Are there the standard eight teeth?”

Pei Huaiji lowered his eyes. His finger tapped You Mian in the photo as if tapping on You Mian’s forehead.

You Mian pursed his lips when he saw this. His ears were a bit hot.

Pei Huaiji said casually, “It is standard.”

Several photos appeared one after another in the Heartbeat House group chat.

You Mian casually clicked on it and found that Guan Tong and Huo Yanzhi were in a group, while Bai Lin was in a group with Yun Guanqing.

He thought that Huo Yanzhi would definitely choose to be with Huo Yanzhi. Unexpectedly, he didn’t compete with Yun Guanqing.

The RV on the other side had completed their task very early, so Guan Tong immediately sent a message to the group after You Mian’s photo was sent.

[Guan Tongtong: Oh my god, the sketch of Chairman Pei is simply amazing @You Mian, honey, you are indeed a professional!]

Guan Tong posted several thumbs up emojis in a row, making You Mian laugh.

Yun Guanqing’s message was sent after this.

[Yun: The drawing is beautiful. If you don’t mind, can you draw one for me next time.]

The moment You Mian’s words appeared, You Mian almost frowned.

The funny thing was that Yun Guanqing posted a funny emoji of [pout, I want it too.jpg]. This made You Mian’s more serious thoughts disappear and he laughed instead.

You Mian sat on the other side of the sofa looking at his phone. Suddenly, there was a group message notification again.

[Pei Huaiji: I mind.]

[Pei Huaiji: I’m sorry. This opportunity is only available once.]

[Yun: ……]

You Mian looked away from his phone. He glanced at the man opposite him and couldn’t help smiling, “Chairman Pei is also joking?”

Pei Huaiji: “……” He wasn’t joking.

Guan Tong and Yun Guanqing had been chatting in a lively manner in the group while Huo Yanzhi and Bai Lin were nowhere to be seen.

Guan Tong jokingly complained that Huo Yanzhi’s drawing of him was too ugly.

Suddenly, Yun Guanqing joined in for some reason.

[Yun: A professional is different from professionals. I also want You Mian to draw for me.]

You Mian: “?”

Before You Mian could think about the meaning of Yun Guanqing’s words, the silent Bai Lin suddenly appeared.

[Linlin: @Yun, Brother Guanqing, I’m sorry. I haven’t been in good condition for the past two days. Sketching also isn’t what I am good at. Don’t be angry.]

[Yun: ……]

You Mian scrolled through the chat history and discovered that the task photo of Yun Guanqing and Bai Lin only had the sketch that Yun Guanqing had drawn for Bai Lin. There wasn’t the sketch that Bai Lin had drawn of Yun Guanqing.

It wasn’t known if it was drawn but not posted, or if it wasn’t drawn at all. You Mian didn’t know and wasn’t interested in knowing.

Guan Tong sent a few emojis to change the somber atmosphere.

Even if they weren’t together, You Mian could feel the dull atmosphere of the other car and couldn’t help taking a breath.

Shen Nanxiao walked out from the front seat of the driver’s area with a smile and asked, “Have you two completed the task? Can you change with us?”

Yan Tingxuan had been driving. It was only when Shen Nanxiao walked in to explain that he knew the show had set a task.

You Mian got up happily. “Okay.”

Pei Huaiji didn’t forget to ask You Mian to wash the charcoal dust off his fingers. The man said in a deep voice, “I’ll drive.”

Before You Mian could answer, Pei Huaiji had already walked to the driver’s seat.

Yan Tingxuan was sitting in the driver’s seat. The moment he heard the dull footsteps, he guessed that the person who came was Pei Huaiji.

There was no camera next to the driver’s seat, so some words could be said.

Yan Tingxuan’s lips twitched as he smiled, “I didn’t expect Chairman Pei to do such a thing.”

Pei Huaiji frowned indifferently. “What’s the matter?”

Yan Tingxuan stepped on the brakes. “Taking advantage of other people.”

Yan Tingxuan pulled up the handbrake and stood up to free his seat.

“I don’t believe that Chairman Pei doesn’t know about my previous relationship with Xiao Mian. Are you deliberately pretending not to know anything?”

Yan Tingxuan narrowed his eyes and sneered.

Ambiguous words could kill some heartbeats.

But Yan Tingxuan’s thoughts were obviously about to be wasted.

Pei Huaiji said coldly, “The previous relationship? It isn’t important.”

Yan Tingxuan frowned sharply.

Pei Huaiji said without changing his expression, “I just need to know that the two of you have no relationship now.”

“I also won’t listen to your side of the story.” Pei Huaiji looked at Yan Tingxuan in front of him very rationally and said calmly, “I have also heard of some cases where delusional patients fantasize that they had been in love with the object of their affection.”

“Mr Yan’s current performance is very consistent with that,” Pei Huaiji said lightly.


Yan Tingxuan shrugged, his romantic demeanor on full display. “How does Chairman Pei know it is a delusion? Some things can’t be avoided just by pretending not to know. You can ask around. There are few people in the upper circles of Huajiang City who don’t know about my relationship with Xiao Mian.”

Pei Huaiji looked up calmly.

Before Yan Tingxuan had time to show off, he heard Pei Huaiji ask, “Your relationship has always been very good?”

Yan Tingxuan: “……”

Pei Huaiji didn’t mind poking Yan Tingxuan’s scars. After all, it was always his personality to be so decisive that he offended people.

“Then why aren’t you familiar with each other at all now? Why do you even say that you don’t know each other in front of the camera?”

Yan Tingxuan frowned irritably.

Pei Huaiji raised his chin slightly. “The words of past and present sound closely connected, but only the parties involved know how deep the gap is.”

“These things, these past relationships…” Pei Huaiji frowned coldly, his eyes sharp. “You don’t need to explain them to me.”

“I will only listen to what he says.”

The sense of crisis in Yan Tingxuan’s heart rose to an unprecedented height.

He wanted to say something else, but he suddenly saw You Mian walk in.

Pei Huaiji also heard the footsteps behind him, and his pressure slightly relaxed.

The scene of confrontation between the two people also dispersed in an instant.

Yan Tingxuan’s gaze shifted to You Mian.

As if nothing had happened just now, Yan Tingxuan smiled at You Mian in a gentlemanly manner, “You didn’t ask me just now and divided into groups on your own? It isn’t fair.”

“I also have a person I want to choose for the task.” Yan Tingxuan said.

Pei Huaiji lowered his eyes.

You Mian stared at Yan Tingxuan for a long time with an expression that asked, ‘What nonsense are you talking about?’

Then he said unceremoniously, “Even if all four of us were present, the result of this grouping wouldn’t change. There is no such thing as fairness or unfairness.”

Yan Tingxuan: “……”

“Hurry up and do the task. We are going to drive.” You Mian drove him away indifferently.

Yan Tingxuan was hit one after another. He couldn’t help leaving.

He shouldn’t have run to the driver’s seat just now, giving Pei Huaiji an extra chance to be alone with You Mian.

Now that the two of them were driving together, Yan Tingxuan could only feel jealous in his heart.

“Do you need two people to drive?” Yan Tingxuan asked with a smile.

Pei Huaiji sat in the driver’s seat and fastened the seat belt. He admitted without any pressure, “I don’t know the way. I need You Mian to help me read the map.”

An extremely surprised expression appeared on Yan Tingxuan’s face. Pei Huaiji didn’t know the way?

This was another lie deliberately told to be alone with You Mian! He didn’t forget how aggressive Pei Huaiji’s attitude was before. Now he was pretending to be calm again.

What reserve, what calm?

It was all an act.

He hadn’t expected Pei Huaiji to be so scheming!

Yan Tingxuan froze on the spot with an ugly expression. Meanwhile, You Mian had already sat in the passenger seat. He obviously believed Pei Huaiji’s lie and wanted to give him directions.

The map prepared by the staff was in front of You Mian. Pei Huaiji would turn his head from time to time to ask some very simple questions.

You Mian actually answered him carefully and seriously.

The atmosphere between the two of them was harmonious and natural.

Yan Tingxuan once again felt that he was out of place here. A feeling of anxiety and anger continued to rise in his heart.

When he and You Mian were going to and from school together, it wasn’t known where Pei Huaiji was.

Yan Tingxuan calmed down. He thought that there would be other opportunities to get along while camping at night, so he tried to calm his breathing and said with a smile, “Xiao Mian, you know people’s faces but not their hearts. You should pay more attention.”

You Mian frowned and turned around when he heard this. Was Yan Tingxuan talking about himself?

When did Yan Tingxuan become so self-aware?

You Mian didn’t understand, so he just nodded and said casually, “I got it.”

Just as Yan Tingxuan was about to turn around and leave, he suddenly heard You Mian say quietly from behind, “Don’t call me Xiao Mian from now on.”

Yan Tingxuan suddenly stopped.

You Mian added, “It is unpleasant to hear.”

“……” The man’s footsteps paused slightly like he was stunned.

Yan Tingxuan’s Adam’s apple moved slightly, and his heart felt sour. But he just smiled and said goodbye.


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