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CEFYMA: Chapter 49

Pei Huaiji walked into the RV with a black suitcase. He inexplicably gave Yan Tingxuan a sense of presence that couldn’t be ignored.

Pei Huaiji looked over the interior decoration of the vehicle without changing his expression. He immediately noticed the two half-open doors at the rear of the car.

He looked sideways at the map placed in front of Yan Tingxuan, and instantly observed the location of the end house and the rest stop along the way.

“The show’s staff arranged us into two groups of four. It seems that we are all here,” Pei Huaiji put down his luggage and said casually.

You Mian got up from the gas tank position. The cap and baseball uniform made the young man look a bit cooler.

You Mian pinched the brim of his hat and lifted it slightly, revealing a slight light in his eyes. He looked directly at Pei Huaiji and smiled, “Are you so sure?”

He also guessed that it might be a group of four. He just hadn’t expected Pei Huaiji to dare say it so definitely when he first came here.

Pei Huaiji was wearing a long camel-colored coat with a soft texture. He had a gray scarf, an upright figure, and a tough and handsome face.

The clean and sharp temperament made him look more alienated. Even the softness of his clothes couldn’t offset it.

However, Pei Huaiji turned to look at You Mian and his eyes were calm and soft.

The man, who never said a word and was extremely silent in front of the camera, actually opened his mouth to explain it when facing You Mian. “It is because there are four sets of tableware and teacups.”

You Mian followed Pei Huaiji’s gaze to the cabinet that was half opened by Yan Tingxuan. He found that it was indeed like this.

Yan Tingxuan had been sorting it out for a long time without thinking about the number of guests. He saw that You Mian’s attention was easily snatched away by Pei Huaiji and couldn’t help frowning.

Shen Nanxiao was surprised by the interaction between Pei Huaiji and You Mian. It must be known that JL was a celebrity in the top circles of Huajiang City. Pei Huaiji was a man of few words and rarely appeared at various dinner parties and social occasions.

Even if the other person participated in the show, Shen Nanxiao understood that it was just an exchange of resources in the business and entertainment circles.

The director and cameraman must’ve made a good contract to prevent Pei Huaiji from receiving too much attention.

However, now Pei Huaiji actually looked for interactions in front of the camera!

If the date at the amusement park allowed Shen Nanxiao to know that Pei Huaiji and You Mian had a good relationship, he was now beginning to wonder if the two people really had a good impression of each other.

“Now that everyone is here, let’s go.” Yan Tingxuan reluctantly picked up the map and walked to the driver’s seat, saying, “I’ll change the driver when I am tired.”

Yan Tingxuan walked past You Mian. He smiled, looked back with his gold-rimmed glasses, and asked, “Is it okay?”

You Mian didn’t know what was causing Yan Tingxuan’s madness, but he was trying his best to chat with You Mian since they met this time.

“Okay,” You Mian agreed and looked away from him.

Yan Tingxuan wasn’t angry. He sat on the driver’s seat with a smile on his face and a map beside him.

The driver’s seat of the RV was very divided from the interior. This meant that after Yan Tingxuan sat there, he could barely hear the conversations of the other people behind him.

You Mian sat on the sofa and realized that there were more than a dozen cameras of the show that he hadn’t found in the underground garage before.

“In such a small space, the show’s staff is really willing to spend money,” Shen Nanxiao said while sitting opposite him.

Pei Huaiji’s eyes were indifferent as he asked, “Have you divided the rooms?”

Shen Nanxiao had a headache as soon as he heard about this topic. He couldn’t help instinctively frowning slightly.

Since he started playing the cello, he had been touring constantly. The excessive pressure made his nerves tense. This meant he hadn’t been able to sleep well at night.

In the first recording at the seaside house, the eight guests were arranged into independent rooms. This gave them enough private space.

Now it seemed that they were about to start exerting their efforts in the second recording. It was because the number of rooms was obviously insufficient.

You Mian knew Shen Nanxiao’s doubts, so he told Shen Nanxiao about finding the tents before.

Shen Nanxiao’s eyes immediately widened. “Are there really two tents?”

You Mian got up and pulled out the camping tools from where he had found them.

“There are tents, sleeping bags, and moisture-proof mats…” You Mian lowered his head and looked serious. “It is all double, which is enough for two people to live outside the RV.”

Before Shen Nanxiao could become worried again, You Mian said with a smile, “It is my first time driving an RV out to play. I really want to live in a tent once. Don’t compete with me.”

Shen Nanxiao sat on the sofa and leaned his arms against the table, slightly stunned. He could guess that You Mian wanted to leave the bed to him and couldn’t help being grateful for a while.

Pei Huaiji didn’t care. He wasn’t in a hurry to put away his luggage when he heard You Mian choose a tent. He pursed his mouth and said casually, ‘Then I will live in another tent.”

You Mian was checking the size of the tent. He looked up when he heard this, “Chairman Pei?”

Pei Huaiji didn’t say anything about him. He only crossed his arm over his chest and said, “I haven’t driven an RV out to play. I also want to try camping.”

You Mian couldn’t help holding back a laugh. “Okay. Then let’s live outside.”

The RV had left the underground garage and was heading straight for the edge of the city according to the directions on the map.

You Mian stood up and noticed the thick clouds outside the window. He couldn’t help frowning. “It looks like a cloudy day.”

They all got up very early due to recording the show. It was when the sun hadn’t risen yet. Now it was almost noon and the sky was still gloomy.

Pei Huaiji said, “The weather forecast said that there will be light rain today.”

Shen Nanxiao was worried. “I don’t know what type of terrain the rest stop assigned by the show has. Can we set up a tent there?”

You Mian smiled. “Don’t worry. The staff must’ve investigated it beforehand.”

The tents were both waterproof and windproof camping tents that were enough for professional mountaineering teams to use. This was more than enough for those who were camping. They didn’t need to be afraid of light rain or heavy snow now.

You Mian took off his hat. His chestnut brown hair lay softly over his forehead. The coolness he felt just now was slightly weakened. The beauty of his facial features suddenly became obvious.

They all knew that there were cameras in the RV. They didn’t expect that at this moment, a group of celebrity guests was observing their every move in the recording building in the center of the city.

The host Qu Shao looked at the huge screen playing live in front of him and couldn’t help complaining, “Director Hong really doesn’t understand us guests in the observation room who are watching the show. We weren’t even allowed to participate in the live stream of the last episode. Now the eight people are actually divided into two groups. How do we choose which side to watch?”

Xi Rui smiled seductively, her red lips parting.

“It seems that this requires us to make a choice. It depends on which scene they choose to show us that is more explosive,” Xi Rui joked.

Guo Su nodded. As a loyal fan of Huo Yanzhi, he naturally wanted to see Huo Yanzhi’s group.

Then thinking about their performance in the last few dates, Guo Su said again, “In fact, I really want to see You Mian’s group.

Xi Rui and Qu Shao both couldn’t help feeling a bit surprised.

Guo Su held his face as he accepted their surprised expressions. He couldn’t help smiling helplessly. “I also supported You Mian in the last recording. He was too handsome while driving a racing car.”

Guo Su gave a thumbs up. His eyes were obviously appreciative.

Qu Shao was an old-school variety show artist. He naturally knew where the highlights of the show were. Xi Rui had a very good impression of You Mian from the first time he appeared in the show. Now Guo Su was attracted by You Mian.

Choosing which side to watch really wasn’t something to hesitate about.

So in front of the celebrity guests, the scene of You Mian’s group immediately appeared.

From the moment they entered the RV to guessing the number of guests in the group, the celebrities were observing their every move to connect tomorrow night’s heartbeat messages.

Yan Tingxuan’s expression and language were obviously biased toward You Mian. Xi Rui wanted to connect Yan Tingxuan’s line to You Mian in the first two heartbeat text messages, but Yan Tingxuan sent it to Bai Lin.

Qu Shao pushed up his black-rimmed glasses. “Bai Lin didn’t participate in the last live stream. I wonder if this lily of the valley member will lose some of his heartbeats because of this?”

Guo Su shook his head. “There aren’t many double arrows in romance variety shows, but we can see that You Mian and Chairman Pei are already interconnected. It is too late even if Yan Tingxuan plans to change his heartbeat now.”

Xi Rui nodded in agreement. “It is indeed a bit late.”

Qu Shao laughed. “Does everyone think so? I just don’t know what Yan Tingxuan will do. Will he change it or continue to choose Bai Lin, whom he already has a close relationship with?”

Guo Su was like an old father. He stared at You Mian again and again, his admiring gaze undisguised.

“This type of young man is really attractive, isn’t he? His appearance is really the thing least worth mentioning. His free and easy self-confidence and the sense of intimacy that he gives people is simply sparkling.”

Guo Su had read the hot searches over the past few days. As someone in the industry, he understood better than anyone that You Mian had offended someone and was being targeted.

But the joint clarification between the museum and A College really opened his eyes.

As a layman, Guo Su still understood how difficult it was to get such authoritative organizations to come forward to clarify for him.

It was all because You Mian was indeed worthy of it. The young man reversed public opinion completely.

Every breakthrough and leap made Guo Su sincerely admire him.

Qu Shao had a smile on his face as he spoke to Xi Rui, “It seems that Teacher Guo Su’s one pick has been replaced by You Mian.”

Hearing this, Xi Rui waved to Guo Su and spoke excitedly as if she had found an ally. “Come on, come on.”

There was a lot of laughter in the studio.

The screen of the live stream showed the inside of the RV.

Shen Nanxiao sat by the window, quiet and silent.

You Mian crouched on the ground. He lowered his head, took out a small bag from his suitcase, and gently tugged at Pei Huaiji’s sleeve from a position where the camera couldn’t see.

The man sensed it instantly. He bent down to look under the table.

You Mian smiled at Pei Huaiji. Then he handed the bagged iron statue in his hand to the other person.

“For you, the updated version.” You Mian smiled slyly, his eyes bright.

Pei Huaiji was stunned. Then he realized what was inside when he took the small bag.

At the same time, the guests in the observation room were all shouting.

“Ah, You Mian is talking to Chairman Pei, right?” Xi Rui covered her face and shouted. “What do you want to say under the table? I want to hear it too!”

Qu Shao also asked anxiously, “Why didn’t the staff put a camera in that position?”

The group of young observers burst out laughing when they heard this.

Guo Su sighed. “What did they say?”

However, after a few seconds, You Mian straightened up and sat back on the sofa with a natural expression.

Pei Huaiji was holding a plastic bag containing the iron statue in his hand.

Just as the man was putting the plastic bag into his suitcase, the sound of the walkie-talkie of the show’s staff sounded in the RV.

[Four guests, please complete the task on the task card on time.]

You Mian blinked. What task?

Pei Huaiji calmly picked up the map manual. The map had been taken to the driver’s seat by Yan Tingxuan. There were a few simple tasks written on the remaining manual.

“This should be it.” Pei Huaiji lowered his eyes.

“The four guests will be divided into two groups to draw portraits of each other. Finally, they will take photos of each other’s portraits and send them to the eight people of the Heartbeat House.”

The moment You Mian heard the task rules, he found that he was pulled into a WeChat group called ‘Heartbeat House’ by the show’s staff. There were exactly eight people in it.

Shen Nanxiao propped up his chin and smiled while asking, “The task is quite simple, but how to determine the grouping?”

You Mian looked at Guan Tong, who was in the other group and sending out emojis energetically. There was no room for anyone to speak for a while.

Suddenly, Pei Huaiji was sitting opposite him. Pei Huaiji showed his initiative for the first time.

“Does You Mian want to be with me?” Pei Huaiji asked as he looked at You Mian.

The moment You Mian looked up, Shen Nanxiao got up with a smile and grabbed the task card. “Then I’ll go and find Brother Yan.”

There were only two people left on the sofa. The grouping was decided.

You Mian smiled softly. “I didn’t show my eight teeth while smiling just now.”

Pei Huaiji lowered his eyes slightly to hide the emotion in his eyes.

A few seconds later, You Mian’s voice was heard again. “Look at me, Pei Huaiji.”

Pei Huaiji suddenly raised his head and saw that You Mian’s hands were forming a figure eight up and down and imitated taking a photo. His teeth clicked together.

“The person being drawn must remember to look at me and not lower his head.”

Pei Huaiji looked at those beautiful amber eyes.

His eardrums trembled. It was the sound of his heartbeat.


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