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CEFYMA: Chapter 48

The third day after You Mian submitted his work was also the time when the recording of the next stop of ‘Matching Heartbeat’ started.

In the past few days, he had nothing else to do for the time being. He just went to Qin Lan’s house to accompany the teacher to chat or stayed in his apartment to recuperate while waiting for the results of the preliminary round of the Star Cup.

Bai Peilan and You Jiyuan were silent like turtles. The other annoying people had no channel to contact You Mian.

Therefore, these days were a rare leisurely holiday since You Mian was reborn.

You Mian simply packed his luggage. Then the business car that the show’s staff sent to pick up people arrived downstairs.

Hong Sheng said in advance that the second stop of the show might be far away from the city, so they should prepare more luggage and daily necessities. Of course, they should take a working holiday as well.

Once You Mian heard the word ‘far away’ on the phone, he realized that the other person thought that the seaside house that was dozens of kilometers away from the city wasn’t regarded as far.

It seemed that the new recording location he was going to this time was really on the edge of Huajiang City.

You Mian carried a backpack, and wore a black cap and loose black and white baseball uniform.

Just as he was about to go out, he suddenly remembered something. He suddenly turned and walked to the simple sculpture platform placed on the small balcony. He picked up a small iron sculpture that had almost forgotten.

A five-pointed star was carved on the chest of the iron carving. The sculpture with lowered eyes, long eyelashes, and slightly pursed lips seemed to be breathing, which is life-like.

The characters ‘Pei Huaiji’ were engraved in a gilded font on the star of the chest of the small iron sculpture.

You Mian quickly wrapped the sculpture and placed it in his backpack. Finally, he turned around and closed the door to leave.

Pei Huaiji had only taken away the little clay figure that day and didn’t ask You Mian to make an iron one.

But he had been idle at home these days. You Mian couldn’t sit still and ended up making it.

A business car was waiting downstairs with the pink characters ‘Matching Heartbeat’ printed on the car.

The moment You Mian got into the car, the staff member in the front passenger seat smiled knowingly and handed over a microphone. “Can you wear it yourself?”

You Mian remembered her as the docking staff member during the first recording session.


You Mian had recorded several episodes of the variety show and had some experience with the show’s process. He took the lapel microphone doubtfully and asked, “Should I wear it now?”

He used to wear it when he got out of the car and was in front of the camera.

The staff member smiled. “Yes, put it on now.”

The moment You Mian put on the microphone, he noticed that the business car of the show turned sharply and drove toward the underground garage of a shopping mall.

You Mian looked out the window with more confusion.

Where was the location of the second stop”? Hong Sheng was too good at selling suspense.

Then after a few minutes, he finally had an answer.

He saw that the car was parked in the underground garage. Then the staff member of the show turned back to him with a smile and said, “Please find a means of transportation to the second stop of the Heartbeat House after getting out of the car. The logo of ‘Matching Heartbeat’ will guide you in that direction.”

“After you find the transportation, please drive following the directions on the map with the guests you meet. There will be rest points along the way.”

After reading the rules, the staff member stared at You Mian with a smile.

You Mian blinked. He thought that it was fortunate he only had one suitcase.

But out of safety, he still asked one more time. “Do you want me to take my luggage down too?”

The staff member smiled slightly. “Yes. All personal belongings that belong to the guest must be taken out of the car.”

You Mian lowered the brim of his hat and took out his luggage from the trunk of the car. Just as he shut the trunk lid, he saw that the business car seemed to be impatient. The driver stepped on the accelerator and drove away.

You Mian: “……”

There were hundreds of cars parked in the underground garage. It wasn’t easy to find the ‘Matching Heartbeat’ logo on one car.

You Mian stood in place and looked around. He found that there really wasn’t a single camera here.

After thinking a few seconds, he decided to drag his suitcase forward. He wasn’t looking for the car, but the camera first.

The location with the camera must be the target vehicle.

Hong Sheng still had some conscience and knew that he was doing a romance show. Therefore, You Mian didn’t have to look for long. He only walked forward a hundred meters before he saw an extremely large RV.

You Mian stepped forward in surprise and curiosity. Could it be that the show’s staff had prepared an RV for them to drive to the second stop of the Heartbeat House by themselves?

You Mian approached while thinking this. Sure enough, he found the big pink logo of ‘Matching Heartbeat’ on the side of the RV.

There was a camera on the hood of the car. AT this moment, it was flashing with a red light as it aimed directly at You Mian.

You Mian: “……” It turned out to be the case.

The staff member had already given him the car key just now. You Mian easily opened the RV door and put his luggage in it.

There was a lot of space in the RV. Not only did it have some basic facilities, but there was also a small bar next to the open dining room where they could eat, drink, and have fun.

The huge white curtain was opened on the opposite side of the sofa. It was quite leisurely to sit here and look out the window at the beautiful scenery.

It seemed that the show’s staff had spent a lot of money.

There were two separate bedrooms in the RV. You Mian opened the door and took a look. He found that the beds in both bedrooms were large beds.

Just as he was guessing how many guests were in a group, he heard a voice outside the car.

“This is it, right? Brother Yan.” Shen Nanxiao’s voice was vague. “I saw the logo they mentioned.”

Another deeper voice replied, “The door is open. Someone should’ve arrived before us.”

Just as Shen Nanxiao stood at the car door and looked in, footsteps were suddenly heard from the RV in front of him.

Shen Nanxiao raised his head while holding the bar of the suitcase. He saw You Mian walking out of the RV in a hat.

The young man’s beautiful eyes curved slightly after seeing him. He greeted Shen Nanxiao with a smile, “Nanxiao.”

Shen Nanxiao also smiled gently. His temperament was restrained and dignified. A huge suitcase was held by his side and looked very inconvenient.

“Good morning,” Shen Nanxiao said.

Yan Tingxuan also followed closely behind Shen Nanxiao and greeted him. “Good morning.”

You Mian didn’t even look at Yan Tingxuan, who was standing behind Shen Nanxiao at the moment. It seemed that whether Yan Tingxuan was in the group or not wouldn’t affect his mood.

The young man only leaned over slightly. He stretched out a hand to Shen Nanxiao and said, “Give me the luggage.”

There was a small flight of stairs to get into the RV.

You Mian’s own luggage wasn’t heavy. It was easy for him to lift it just now.

But Shen Nanxiao’s luggage in front of him didn’t seem like it could be lifted by one person. In addition, Shen Nanxiao was standing outside the door and couldn’t use his strength.

Shen Nanxiao was stunned for a moment. Then he couldn’t help persuading You Mian, “You can’t do it alone, right? Let’s work together…”

Yan Tingxuan was wearing a black coat. He gave off the delicate wood scent that was his trademark.

The man’s expression wasn’t as lonely and lost as before. He seemed to have returned to the carefree and chic style of their first meeting.

He waved at Shen Nanxiao and motioned that he would do it.

But before Yan Tingxuan could step forward, You Mian followed Shen Nanxiao’s slight movement and directly lifted his suitcase up.

They were all men. Who would be weak?

You Mian straightened up without changing his expression and placed Shen Nanxiao’s suitcase in the aisle of the RV. At the same time, he whispered to the door, “It’s okay, Nanxiao. Come up.”

Yan Tingxuan lowered his eyes, pursed his lips, and smiled lightly.

Shen Nanxiao and Yan Tingxuan walked into the RV one after another. Their eyes were full of surprise and curiosity.

Shen Nanxiao observed the inside of the RV and said, “I really didn’t expect that the second stop would be recorded in an RV. The director is so awesome.”

Yan Tingxuan put his luggage next to Shen Nanxiao’s suitcase. He glanced at the two doors in the distance, and his eyes darkened slightly.

You Mian stood in front of the small bar with his back to the two of them. He said softly, “This should just be a transitional stop. The people of the show will eventually let us go to the second stop of the Heartbeat House.”

The staff member who went to pick up Shen Nanxiao just now hadn’t told him anything. The whole process was extremely mysterious. Therefore, the moment he heard You Mian talking about the rules-related topic, he couldn’t help stepping forward slightly and saying eagerly, “How do you know, You Mian?”

As the two of them were chatting, Yan Tingxuan had passed by them. He walked to the rear of the RV, opened the doors of the two bedrooms, and saw the two large beds.

His brow furrowed slightly. A group of four?

On the other side, You Mian finished explaining things to Shen Nanxiao. Then they opened the small mission card left by the staff at the small bar in advance. It contained a map.

The end point marked on the map was a forest deep in the mountains, indicated by a large circle.

Shen Nanxiao’s eyes widened slightly. “There is a forest here. Where is the Heartbeat House of the show? I remember that there isn’t any good land there.”

You Mian knew that JL had cooperated with the show. All the Heartbeat Houses for these four recordings were built by JL’s professional team of designers. They would definitely use the popularity of Matching Heartbeat to make JL’s architectural style famous in one fell swoop.

Therefore, no matter whether it was in the deep mountain, an old forest or on a cliff, You Mian was sure that there would be a beautiful building at the end of it.

These words were too complicated to say, so You Mian just raised an eyebrow at Shen Nanxiao and said with a chic smile, “You will know when we arrive.”

Shen Nanxiao nodded in agreement. At this time, he also noticed the two bedrooms inside the RV.

“How can we live here? Are we really going to live in an RV?” Shen Nanxiao sounded a bit at a loss.

You Mian wasn’t used to sleeping with others. Fortunately, he was lucky. He had found two tents in the cabinets of the RV before Shen Nanxiao and Yan Tingxuan had arrived.

Now that there were extra options, there was no need to squeeze in with other people.

“The show’s staff deliberately marked the rest point on the map. There is a high probability that we won’t be able to reach the Heartbeat House tonight,” You Mian guessed.

Shen Nanxiao frowned in a worried manner.

Before You Mian could say that there was a tent, Yan Tingxuan suggested, “Don’t worry about accommodation for now. Shall we take a look at what supplies are in the RV?”

Yan Tingxuan rolled up his sleeves and walked into the kitchen. He glanced over and said, “This food can only last half a day. It seems that the show really wants us to camp at a rest point halfway.”

Iron pots, a grill, and fire starters were all available.

“Do you have the car keys?” Yan Tingxuan suddenly turned around and asked You Mian.

You Mian nodded. “I have it.”

Yan Tingxuan said, “Then the two of us will drive alternately.”

You Mian didn’t object. He only hummed.

At the end of the first recording of the show, You Mian was the first to leave and was the least nostalgic.

By the time everyone gradually got up and was prepared to say goodbye, they discovered that You Mian had already left.

At that time, it wasn’t just Yan Tingxuan. Yun Guanqing and Huo Yanzhi also looked a bit ugly and regretful.

Yan Tingxuan started to sort out his mood since the end of the last episode.

No matter the reason, You Mian’s current transformation was already in front of him. The ridiculous attention theories could no longer grab the attention of the other person.

It was because You Mian didn’t love or hate him now. He just treated Yan Tingxuan as a complete stranger, erasing all the past between them.

Yan Tingxuan tried to call You Mian’s number after the show. He hadn’t expected that he had already been blacklisted.

You Mian also moved out of the You house. Even You Jiyuan didn’t know where he lived now.

Yan Tingxuan searched for this person all over the place without any success. He even thought about using the school and other connections to find this person.

Then Yan Tingxuan retreated when he thought this would make You Mian even more bored.

There were already too many mistakes between them. Yan Tingxuan decided to pull back from the precipice.

He just didn’t know if it was too late.

Yan Tingxuan lowered his eyes and packed up the equipment and supplies that might be used in the upcoming journey while thinking about what type of problems that You Mian wouldn’t be able to ignore. For example, the driving problem just now. His suggestion to You Mian definitely wouldn’t be ignored.

Yan Tingxuan felt that he was a bit ridiculous now. In the end, he was the same as the beginning. He changed back to running behind You Mian.

But this time, his sense of crisis was even bigger. The emotions in the man’s eyes were obscure and complicated.

It was because Yan Tingxuan knew that if he didn’t redeem himself, he might never have a chance again.

“You Mian, help me check the fuel tank. I can’t move my hand away.” Yan Tingxuan suppressed his thoughts and didn’t dare to raise his head. He just spoke louder to ensure that You Mian could hear him.

There were a few seconds of silence. Yan Tingxuan’s heart started to beat nervously.

Finally, You Mian responded with a hum and walked to the driving position to check.

The excitement and enthusiasm that burst into his heart at this moment made Yan Tingxuan feel that he was alive again.

There was still a chance. There was really a chance.

You Mian crouched down in front of the car and examined it carefully.

Suddenly, there was a new sound outside the RV.

You Mian turned around after hearing the sound and saw Pei Huaiji stepping into the car. His tall figure was extremely oppressive, and his aura was sharp and domineering.

The handsome, ice cube face softened visibly the moment he saw You Mian.

Pei Huaiji smiled very slightly and said, “What a coincidence.”

You Mian were surprised for a second. Then he smiled quickly as if he was really happy to see Pei Huaiji.

Yan Tingxuan stood in the car and lowered his head coldly. He didn’t realize how ugly his expression was now.


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