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CEFYMA: Chapter 46

You Mian’s recording really worked. Bai Peilan and You Mian didn’t bother him in the past few days.

The ‘Everything’ work’ had just been removed from the mold.

You Mian rubbed his neck and walked out of the sculpture classroom. It was already dark outside. Only the street lamps on both sides of the road were slightly on.

At this point in time, there were very few students left on the first floor of the teaching building. You Mian hardly met anyone along the way,

He used his scattered drawings to earn some money and rented an apartment not far from A College.

The landlord was a senior student he knew. The price was very favorable and the location was close to the subway station.

You Mian slowly walked out of the school gate while talking to Qu Miao through his earbuds. The moment he turned the corner, the street lights on the street were much brighter than the ones on the camphor tree road just now. He no longer needed to use a flashlight.

Qu Miao’s voice entered his ear. “Didn’t the Star Cup just have preliminaries and the main preliminary round hasn’t even started yet? I looked at the hot search today and there are many of Bai Lin’s little fans warming things up for him.”

“A genius that is rare in a century, a new star in the world of oil painting…” Qu Miao smiled while reading the titles used by fans on the hot search. “There is actually the topic of ‘Art World’s Boss Spier Punock wants to hold an exhibition for Bai Lin’s works’.”

Qu Miao clicked her tongue a few times before saying in surprise, “Isn’t this Spier Punock a guest professor from Dole College, the number one easy to enter college?”

You Mian didn’t know who this Spier Punock was, but he had heard of Dole College.

It was indeed an easy to enter school that didn’t rank well.

You Mian smiled and asked, “You know him?”

Qu Miao fiddled with her phone. “Just look it up on the Internet. If it is an entry for Clios College then I would really admire him.”

You Mian didn’t speak and Qu Miao consciously stopped talking about Bai Lin. Instead, she changed the topic and asked about gossip. She asked with a smile, “Brother Mian, how is that romance variety show you are participating in? How do you feel after recording a few episodes?”

“Is there anyone who makes your heart beat faster?” Qu Miao’s eyes were shining. She held the phone close to her ear and waited expectantly.

You Mian blinked slightly in a stunned manner.

There weren’t many normal people in Matching Heartbeat. The only ones he got along well with were Guan Tong, Shen Nanxiao, and… Pei Huaiji.

You Mian was briefly stuck for a moment when he thought about Pei Huaiji.

“It’s all okay. I don’t have any thoughts about that for the time being,” You Mian answered truthfully.

He originally came to participate in this show due to You Jiyuan’s conditions. As for falling in love on the show, You Mian had no plans yet.

Qu Miao was obviously disappointed. “There isn’t any? I heard that all the guests are quite outstanding?”

She had watched the trailer. She knew that there were Bai Lin’s people participating, but she couldn’t resist the fact that there were also Yun Guanqing and Pei Huaiji!

Forget about Chairman Pei. That person had a cold face and didn’t look easy to get along with.

However, Yun Guanqing was so handsome!

Qu Miao had watched Yun Guanqing’s movie and was fascinated by the neurotic villain in the suspense movie that he played. She almost became his little fan.

She had instantly become energetic when she found that there was Yun Guanqing in Matching Heartbeat.

“Really?” Qu Miao asked unwillingly. “How do you feel about Yun Guanqing? Is he a good person?”

You Mian considered it carefully. “…I’m not very familiar with him.”

Qu Miao knew there was no chance the moment she heard this answer.

You Mian seemed gentle and approachable, but in his heart, he was more stubborn than anyone else. If a person gave him a very bad first impression, he would never have in-depth communication with that person again.

“Ah…” Qu Miao was completely discouraged. “If you don’t like anyone then this show would be really boring.”

Qu Miao was worried for You Mian when she thought about this.

“Then who did you send your heartbeat text messages to?” Qu Miao had followed many romance variety shows, both for men and women and knew these processes very well.

You Mian pursed his lips. The autumn breeze blew across his cheeks. The tips of his ears were slightly hot.

He said, “It is a secret.”

Before Qu Miao could be surprised, You Mian added, “You’ll know when the episode comes out.”

Qu Miao screamed loudly. “Something is wrong with you!”

“You Mian! Brother Mian!” Qu Miao laughed. “Something is wrong with you!”

You Mian was rarely embarrassed. He lowered his eyes and smiled softly, saying in warning, “Qu Miao.”

Qu Miao was a person who knew how to grasp the scale of chatting. She never asked too much.

Therefore, the moment You Mian showed resistance, she immediately stopped talking. She smiled and changed the topic, intending to spare You Mian this time.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this.”

“How are you with preparing your entry?”

You Mian was walking along the street and passing through a bustling commercial area. The surrounding people gradually became lively. Even though it was close to midnight, they were still celebrating and extravagant.

“I just finished dismantling the mold. I plan to mail it tomorrow,” You Mian answered.

Qu Miao cheered. “I congratulate you in advance! I always have great confidence in you. Jiayou, Brother Mian.”

You Mian laughed softly. His beautiful amber eyes looked particularly bright under the dim street lights overhead, shining like stars.

“I will borrow your good words.”

Qu Miao chatted about some other things. A few minutes later, the girls’ takeaway arrived, so she simply said goodbye and hung up.

You Mian took out his earbuds and continued to walk forward.

This street might be close to A College but starting from the high-end bars that You Mian passed by, the payment standards were no longer affordable for students. Therefore, the place might be bustling with people but he couldn’t see any familiar faces when he looked up.

Most of them were mature people wearing business suits.

Just as You Mian was about to pass an exquisitely decorated Thai restaurant, he suddenly heard a female voice asking, “Do you need me to call a driver for you, Chairman Pei?”

The words ‘Chairman Pei’ entered his ears but they didn’t stop You Mian’s footsteps.

This was until a deep male voice was heard.

“Send the colleagues from the project department back first. I can do it myself.”

Pei Huaiji raised a hand, pressed it to the bridge of his nose, and rubbed it gently. His deep brow bones looked particularly charming under his drunkenness.

The man was wearing a black shirt with the buttons still buttoned up to the top. The fabric was stiff and outlined his broad and straight shoulders.

He stood at the door of the splendid restaurant with his long legs. His shirt was rolled up to his elbows and firmly tied by black leather cuffs. They didn’t slip down at all.

Pei Huaiji took the coat handed over by Vivian and put it on his arm. The moment he turned his head, he saw a beautiful young man with chestnut curly hair, standing under the street lamp not far away.

Vivian had wanted to persuade Pei Huaiji to leave in the car first. Then after seeing Pei Huaiji’s stunned gaze, she suddenly stopped talking.

There was no doubt about her personal ability. She naturally remembered that the overly good-looking young man was the amateur male guest who participated in the romance variety show with Chairman Pei and was also JL’s partner.

She hadn’t expected to meet him here.

Vivian also knew best who the bottle of Chateau Cheval Blanc 1950 worth over one million dollars was finally sent to.

Therefore, she didn’t continue to dissuade him and asked, “Then should I go and take care of the colleagues from the project team first, Chairman Pei?”

After getting a positive answer, Vivian immediately ran back to the restaurant without looking back out of fear of disturbing Chairman Pei’s unexpected encounter.

You Mian stood under the streetlight and watched the man approach.

Pei Huaiji’s always cold eyes were much softer than usual under the influence of exhaustion and alcohol.

“What a coincidence. Did you just leave school?” Pei Huaiji asked.

You Mian nodded. He smelled an almost imperceptible smell of wine from Pei Huaiji’s body, which surprised him a bit.

Obviously, he had never been a man who drank or smoked.

Was it socializing?

Before You Mian could think about it, seven or eight business people in suits and ties walked out of the splendid restaurant behind them. They took off their suit jackets to reveal their white shirts. They had relaxed smiles on their faces.

A group of people shouted at Pei Huaiji, “Chairman Pei! Thank you for your hospitality!”

The man laughed heartily and shouted in unison, “Chairman Pei, happy birthday!”

The drunk colleagues were quickly stuffed into the driver’s car and sent away. You Mian looked up at Pei Huaiji in surprise.

“It is your birthday?” You Mian blinked.

Pei Huaiji pursed his lips before saying, “Yes, my colleagues simply celebrated.”

As if to explain it, the man added another sentence, “I accidentally ate a wine-filled chocolate.”

You Mian smiled helplessly with mixed feelings of surprise and other complicated emotions. “Sorry, I didn’t prepare a birthday gift.”

The moment the young man finished speaking, Pei Huaiji frowned and said casually, “There is no need to apologize for this type of thing.”

“I don’t usually celebrate my birthday.” Pei Huaiji was blown by the autumn wind and the slight drunkenness completely dissipated.

“I’ll take you back.”

You Mian stopped and didn’t move. Just as Pei Huaiji mistakenly thought that the other person didn’t want him to know the address, he heard You Mian laugh softly and say, “We are really destined to meet each other outside the show, aren’t we?”

Pei Huaiji was slightly stunned.

You Mian tilted his head to the side and raised his chin in the direction of A College in an extremely chic manner.

“I don’t have a birthday present for you, but there is one thing I can think of to make up for it.”

Pei Huaiji followed by You Mian’s side. The two of them walked slowly toward A College in the refreshing autumn breeze.

On the dark camphor tree road, they were very close together.

The moment You Mian walked to the sculpture room on the first floor and took out the key, Pei Huaiji finally realized what the other party wanted to show him.

“Maybe this is just a coincidence.” You Mian opened the classroom door. Under the hazy moonlight, a sculpture covered in a white cloth stood quietly on the plastic platform.

“Welcome.” You Mian stood in the moonlight and turned around with a smile. His amber eyes were bright as he said, “My first viewer.”

Pei Huaiji felt a slight vibration from his eardrums, which was the sound of his heartbeat.

You Mian stepped forward and lifted the white cloth. A hollow iron sculpture appeared in front of Pei Huaiji’s eyes.

It was a small man with his arms wrapped around himself on the ground, his eyes empty and dark.

The huge sky seemed to rise from the soles of his feet. The hard material stood above his head in an omnipresent manner.

But in this sky that seemed to be crushing him and tearing him apart, the little man desperately looked upward with his empty and dark blind eyes.

The little man’s arms were embedded deep in the shoulders he was hugging. His face was distorted, his mouth was wide open and his nostrils were constricting in pain.

But he still maintained his posture of looking upward. He kept staring with his empty, wide eyes.

Finally, he found an orange-red star hidden in the steel sky in the darkness.

“The answer to everything is in the universe, in the stars, and in the eyes.”

You Mian smiled softly. He turned his head and looked at Pei Huaiji. “I hope that my solution to the problem isn’t too outrageous. Let me take advantage of it for once.”

“Happy birthday, Pei Huaiji.”


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