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CEFYMA: Chapter 44

You Mian walked into the box under the guidance of the waiter and saw that there was already someone sitting inside.

He saw a woman sitting in a dignified manner on the tatami mat behind the Japanese-style low table. After hearing the sound of the door opening, she gently put down her tea cup and looked over.

There were a pair of pupils as warm as autumn water. It reminded people of the warm sunshine in spring.

Bai Peilan’s short, curly black hair lay close against her ears, perfectly curled.

A beautiful and exquisite light blue round-neck shirt was paired with high-quality warm jade bracelets and earrings. She looked luxurious at a glance.

“You came?” Bai Peilan looked at You Mian and smiled slightly, but her eyes didn’t curve.

The conflicting feeling of being cold but insisting on pretending to be intimate suddenly appeared in the box.

You Mian didn’t respond. He sat opposite Bai Peilan and got straight to the point, “What can I do for you?”

Bai Peilan said gently, “This child, have you lost your temper with your father recently? He hasn’t been able to eat and sleep well lately because of you.”

You Mian lowered his eyes and didn’t answer.

It was because he knew that this was all an illusion. If You Jiyuan was really as good a father as Bai Peilan said, Bai Peilan wouldn’t call him to meet outside the You house.

Maybe they wished he would move out of the You family on his own initiative.

Seeing that You Mian didn’t speak, Bai Peilan’s barely maintained soft mask was instantly removed.

“What is with this temper tantrum?” Bai Peilan said coldly. “If you have to give in then you should give in. Why have an overnight feud with your family?”

You Mian looked up and stared directly at the woman in front of him, saying mercilessly, “I have signed the equity transfer contract. Mr You promised that he would have nothing to do with me from now on. It is written in black and white and protected by law.”

Bai Peilan frowned when she heard this. “What are you talking about? Is this how you plan to repay us for our kindness in raising you for over 20 years?”

“We are no longer a family after signing a contract? Do you think that just by signing a contract, you will have nothing to do with us?”

You Mian stared directly at her without flinching.

Bai Peilan instantly exploded when she saw this look.

“You haven’t dealt with us since Linlin came back two years ago. Do you think that since you are just an adopted son, you can’t get any actual benefits from the You family so you started to resent us?”

Bai Peilan pointed to the table and scolded loudly with true feelings, “You Mian! Bai Lin is your brother!”

“You have made him unable to go home for more than 20 years. Now that he is back, why do you want to give him a hard time?”

“You are behind those hot searches, those fan quarrels, and those remarks, right?”

Bai Peilan took a deep breath, seemingly calming down her overly excited mood. The beautiful woman waved her hands and lowered his eyes. “I don’t want to fight with you any longer. Go back and apologize to Linlin right now. Do you know how uncomfortable he has been these past two days? Yet you are still filming the show there. Do you have any conscience?”

You Mian didn’t treat Bai Peilan as coldly as he treated You Jiyuan. It was because Bai Peilan had given him a few months of maternal love when he was at the You house.

—Although her love soon turned into disgust.

—Although a few months wasn’t directly proportional to a dozen years.

But You Mian was still willing to call her mother because of those interactions with her. He didn’t want to embarrass her.

However, that was all.

“Participating in the show is a contract between Mr You and me. I honor the spirit of the contract and will continue to complete the filming,” You Mian said calmly. “As for Bai Lin’s emotions, it should have nothing to do with me.”

“Based on what I know, the You family has spent a lot of money to lower the host search. If he can’t bear the current discussion from passersby, I advise you to find a psychiatrist for him.”

You Mian’s words were merciless. They caused Bai Peilan to almost slap the table and curse.

“What are you talking about?” Bai Peilan said angrily. “Are your wings stiff or do you have some backing?”

You Mian raised his eyes coldly. His sharp gaze made Bai Peilan, who always had a strong aura, pause for a few seconds.

The boy quickly restrained his expression just now, making Bai Peilan feel ashamed of her pause.

It was just a child. What could he do?

Bai Peilan calmed her mind. Her jade earrings jingled as she frowned and said in disgust, “If I had known you were such a white-eyed wolf, I should’ve let you leave when I brought Linlin back.”

You Mian had heard this type of talk so much that he could now face it without any fluctuations.

“Linlin said that you have made a big splash in the show.” Bai Peilan raised her chin slightly. “Racing cars, snooker, and golf, they are all money-burning hobbies. If it wasn’t for the You family, could you enjoy Huajiang City’s top educational resources?”

“Even the friends you know.”

Bai Peilan looked at You Mian and counted them one by one. “The Yan family isn’t as good as us, but if you didn’t have the You family to support you, you…”

‘A child from an orphanage’ came to Bai Peilan’s lips, and she almost said it. Then he suddenly stopped and quickly changed her words. “Can you have a relationship with him on your own?”

“There is also the boy surnamed Huo, whose family is also well-established. Could it be that the few gold belts displayed in his house are just decorations?”

“Not to mention the other secretly clinging people. How many benefits have you gained over the years by being the son of the You family? But these things should’ve been Linlin’s!”

Bai Peilan’s eyes turned red as she spoke. The resentment in her expression became more substantial. She said, “It is all because I wasn’t qualified as a mother and couldn’t let my child stay with me…”

It seemed that You Jiyuan didn’t tell Bai Peilan that You Mian already knew they had specially adopted him.

In other words, the old fox acted out the current scene with Bai Peilan to test how much You Mian knew about the truth back then.

The plot of the original novel went through You Mian’s mind again.

He didn’t want to be entangled with these people any longer.

Thus, You Mian asked directly, “When did you find Bai Lin?”

When Bai Lin returned to China two years ago, the You family immediately announced the news that they had found their biological son. They naturally took him home.

This set of procedures was so smooth that it caught everyone off guard.

At this time, the latest gossip in the upper circles of Huajiang City was about the real and fake young master of the You family.

Some people said that You Mian was the dove who occupied the magpie nest and deliberately took over Bai Lin’s identity. They forgot that You Mian was just a five year old child back then. Even now, he didn’t have much memory left from that time.

Other people told even more bizarre rumors.

You Mian was an illegitimate child…

You Mian was the leopard cat left by the former nanny of the You family so that he could become the prince…

You Mian’s eyes looked different from theirs. Maybe he was the child of You Jiyuan with a foreign woman. It was hard to tell…

In short, these malicious rumors all revolved around You Mian. As for Bai Lin, he was naturally the serious young master of the You family.

After DNA testing, he was the biological and legitimate son of You Jiyuan and Bai Peilan. There was no doubt about his identity.

Countless fingers pointed at You Mian, as if he was a heinous villain and the culprit who prevented Bai Lin from recognizing his parents for over 20 years.

If he hadn’t experienced death in that fire, You Mian would still be burdened with heavy guilt and repentance, just like in his previous life.

But now, all the truth was before him.

Where did the culprit come from, who was responsible for the crime, and on what basis did they condemn him?

Seeing that Bai Peilan was stunned and didn’t answer, You Mian asked again, “When did you find Bai Lin? Or when did you start suspecting that I wasn’t the You family’s biological son?”

You Jiyuan and Bai Peilan’s lies were full of loopholes. The funny thing was that no one questioned them.

“Xiuming has only started to open up in the foreign markets in the past two years,” You Mian said calmly.

Bai Peilan didn’t understand why You Mian suddenly turned around and asked about this. Then in the next second, she heard You Mian say with a smile, “But since I can remember, you have often gone abroad?”

Bai Peilan suddenly clenched her fingers.

Her smile was stiff. “Isn’t it necessary to run back and forth in business all year round? What is going on with you today? You keep asking about these unimportant things.”

You Mian raised an eyebrow and whispered, “Really?”

Before Bai Peilan could sigh with relief, You Mian continued to drop bombshells.

“I saw your invalid adoption agreement, and You Jiyuan also admitted it.”

You Mian lied, but he wanted to expose Bai Peilan.

If what was stated in the book was true, You Mian’s current household registration should still be with the orphanage and hadn’t been moved out.

Unexpectedly, You Jiyuan and Bai Peilan were too lazy to do this. They just went through the motions.

Bai Peilan was truly stunned. “What adoption agreement? You Mian, what are you talking about?”

“Before Bai Lin came home, we thought you were our child!” Bai Peilan yelled. “How can you speculate so much about your parents’ hearts? You have disappointed me so much!”

You Mian stared directly at Bai Peilan without changing his expression. Unexpectedly, even at this moment, Bai Peilan still refused to admit it.

Bai Peilan’s attitude could prove one thing. It was that admitting the consequences of their initiative to adopt You Mian was unbearable for the husband and wife, or even the entire You family.

Bai Peilan refused to admit it. “We raised you as our biological son. I haven’t heard about any adoption agreement!”

He could find out this type of thing by checking himself. You Mian didn’t want to argue with her any longer.

The young man lowered his eyes and said indifferently, “You said that the hobby classes I signed up for and studied non-stop from morning to night were all for my sake…”

“Then why is it that every time—” You Mian said with a slight smile, “Why do you hate me more and more every time I get an A?”

From the earliest time that You Mian could remember, Bai Peilan had a gentle and approachable attitude for a certain period of time.

At that time, Bai Peilan would hug him and sit on the sofa reading fairy tale books to him. She took him to plant flowers and raise rabbits together.

But everything changed when You Jiyuan started to cultivate You Mian.

“I learned calligraphy, Italian, and even fencing at such a young age…”

You Mian restrained his disappointed eyes. His long eyelashes covered his expression. “I thought you hated me because I didn’t study hard enough, and the teacher said bad things about me.”

Then when the results came out, the full score of A and the teachers’ excited praise weren’t fake.

Bai Peilan’s disgust became more and more obvious. You Mian became more cautious at that time.

“You let me learn a bit of everything, but wouldn’t let me learn anything.” You Mian sneered helplessly. “The moment I show a bit of talent, you will let me change the course. Why?”

Bai Peilan’s expression distorted for a moment. It was as if she had thought of something that she was extremely unwilling to recall.

You Mian was a genius. He was undoubtedly a genius.

He could easily learn anything that You Jiyuan asked him to learn. From calligraphy to fencing, he was the most outstanding student.

But if there was a genius student, there would always be an idiot student compared to him.

Bai Lin received an elite education abroad. All the courses and hired teachers were carefully selected by You Jiyuan.

However, his grades were always unsatisfactory. He was never as good as You Mian and only got a passing grade.

You Jiyuan often became angry during that period. He smashed the computer in the study and dropped the phone he was talking on.

“What do you mean that his grades can only reach here?” You Jiyuan exclaimed angrily. “Why can the son of mine, You Jiyuan, only have a passing grade? He isn’t as good as an orphan adopted from an orphanage?”

“His genes or Linlin’s genes, which one is the genius?” You Jiyuan yelled angrily. “It must be the teacher’s problem. Change the teacher for me!”

Bai Peilan stood at the door and looked at You Jiyuan sadly. “Jiyuan, changing teachers frequently isn’t good for Xiao Mian. He has learned calligraphy very well…”

Before Bai Peilan could finish speaking, You Jiyuan frowned and said with disgust, “Who is your son? Do you want an outsider to take over the You family? Bai Lin is Xiuming’s heir. Have you forgotten why we sent him abroad?”

Bai Peilan suddenly changed. Even if she wasn’t as extreme as You Jiyuan at first, her emotions became distorted under the comparison that happened day after day.

Bai Peilan knocked on the door and walked into You Mian’s class. She smiled and said to the teacher, “Teacher, thank you for your hard work in teaching these days.”

The young male teacher smiled. “You’re welcome, Mrs You. It is all due to Xiao Mian’s cleverness. I have never seen such a talented student. You and Mr You can rest assured and leave Xiao Mian to me. I will definitely let him be the best in the world…”

Before the teacher could finish speaking, Bai Peilan smiled and pulled You Mian off the chair. “That isn’t what I meant.”

“What I mean is that you won’t be teaching here starting from next week. After all, calligraphy can’t be used to eat, right?”

After sending away the repeatedly sighing teacher, Bai Peilan crouched down and squeezed You Mian’s shoulder. An abrupt and weird smile appeared on her face. “You Mian, why do you always disappoint your mother? You must listen carefully in class next time, you know?”

You Mian’s curly hair had been tied up by the young teacher just now, making his eyes bigger and brighter.

He nodded vigorously. “I will, Mom.”

The next time, You Mian met a new teacher. This time, it was teaching painting.

You Mian finished the class absentmindedly, and the teacher gave him a D.

Little You Mian was shocked. He held this score sheet and timidly knocked on You Jiyuan’s study door.

He finally saw Bai Peilan smile again. The woman held him in her arms and said with a smile, “How about you learn to pain in the future?”

You Mian saw Bai Peilan’s smile. Then his eyes curved up cutely, and he nodded vigorously.

“Yes, I will learn to draw.”

In the silent private room, You Mian asked indifferently, “Why me?”

Bai Peilan was stunned. She seemed to have some doubts about You Mian’s question.

You Mian asked, “Why did you choose me?”

Bai Peilan’s mind suddenly returned to that afternoon more than ten years ago, when she followed You Jiyuan to the most remote orphanage in Linchuan County.

The dean brought out a row of children after hearing their request for adoption.

Just as Bai Peilan was scanning the children, the dean suddenly raised his hand and patted the shoulder of the most beautiful little boy among them. He said, “Mr You, this child is also surnamed You. He has a lot of fate with you.”

You Jiyuan frowned. “What is his name? He looks a bit old. He has already remembered things.”

The dean smiled helplessly. “He is only four and a half years old, Mr You. His name is You Mian. Such a young child can’t remember much. He has been with me for a year. In any case, he has never seen his parents since he was born.”


Bai Peilan suppressed all her emotions. She looked at You Mian in front of her and said calmly, “I don’t understand what you mean.”

You Mian looked up indifferently. “Really?”

“Then we have nothing to talk about, Ms Bai.”

Translator: Rainbow Turtle


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