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CEFYMA: Chapter 43

There were floats opening the way in the huge fireworks display square. You Mian stood in the crowd and looked up. Cheers and laughter lingered around him. Everyone was in a mood where they were delighted by the beautiful scenery.

The cameraman PD didn’t know where he was squeezed to. You Mian also didn’t see Huo Yanzhi any longer.

You Mian sighed with relief in his heart and chuckled. “The recording is finally coming to an end.”

Pei Huaiji stood beside him. There was still no special expression on his face.

You Mian found that this man seemed to never get tired. He wondered if Pei Huaiji would be bored when filming the show.

Unknowingly, You Mian felt that when he was with Pei Huaiji, he would relax as if alone. His nerves were no longer tense.

It was because the other person wouldn’t stare at him with compelling eyes, let alone chat without really having anything to say.

They managed to get along well even though they were standing quietly watching the fireworks.

Pei Huaiji’s response couldn’t be heard clearly due to the sound of exploding fireworks. Just as You Mian turned his head slightly to hear again what the other person just said, a shout suddenly came from behind him.

This shout was particularly obvious since it was in the gap between fireworks.

You Mian looked back and saw Yun Guanqing in the rear of the crowd, raising his right hand and waving.

He subconsciously frowned but quickly restrained it.

Was everyone here?

But yes, the show’s staff specifically stated that there would be a fireworks display here at night. The other people would definitely come here.

“Sorry to squeeze in.”

“Sorry, excuse me. I have friends there.”

Several people squeezed through the crowd and walked to You Mian with deep emotions in their eyes.

“I walked around all afternoon and didn’t see you.” Yun Guanqing stood in front of You Mian. He stared steadily and said with a smile, “It is really hard to meet you.”

You Mian and Pei Huaiji stood here. The height of the two people was suitable, and their appearance even more so.

It wasn’t known how jealous the scene just now made Yun Guanqing, but he suppressed his harsh words and talked to You Mian as gently as possible.

You Mian looked at the few people who came and smiled. “When did you guys come? We just arrived.”

Guan Tong’s pink hair was a good symbol to find someone in the dark night. He stood here with his hands over his mouth in a trumpet shape. He came close to You Mian, and said, “We came very early! We came before the fireworks started!”

Before the fireworks started?

You Mian looked at Guan Tong and Shen Nanxiao in surprise. Yan Tingxuan might not have come yet, but it seemed like the four of them were acting together.

“How did you get here so early?” You Mian asked doubtfully.

Yun Guanqing’s gaze inexplicably stayed on You Mian. The group was silent for a few seconds.

It was because the person he wanted to see wasn’t there, so he came earlier in hopes of meeting earlier.

They ended the roller coaster and Ferris Wheel rides quickly and came here for the next stop.

Shen Nanxiao smiled gently. “The Ferris Wheel doesn’t have any other items. It is really boring to sit after two laps.”

You Mian nodded in agreement upon hearing this, as if this was indeed the case.

Pei Huaiji stood behind You Mian and suddenly said, “The aquarium is quite interesting. We just came out of there.”

Yun Guanqing’s gaze instantly became complicated.

You Mian couldn’t see their tit-for-tat. He just thought that since Pei Huaiji found it interesting, he should’ve had a good time this afternoon. At the very least, they didn’t make each other feel bored.

Yun Guanqing changed his tone and asked, “Where is Huo Yanzhi?”

As early as the afternoon, when he saw that the people in the other group were Yan Tingxuan and Guan Tong, Yun Guanqing knew who You Mian was with.

Pei Huaiji took advantage, but unexpectedly, Huo Yanzhi also had good luck.

However, now he couldn’t see Huo Yanzhi’s figure. Could it be that he was left out halfway?

If this was the case, Yun Guanqing lowered his eyes. He thought that Pei Huaiji’s methods really weren’t something to be underestimated.

You Mian couldn’t guess Yun Guanqing’s thoughts, and he didn’t want to guess.

He frowned slightly and said truthfully, “He seems to have been lost. We haven’t seen him since we got here.”

The square was crowded with people. Many tourists came here to watch the fireworks. If they weren’t tall, they would’ve almost been submerged in the sea of people in an instant.

Guan Tong patted his chest in a fearful manner when he heard this. “Honey, you don’t know that we almost got separated just now. Fortunately, my hair is conspicuous enough.”

You Mian couldn’t help laughing when he heard this. “How did you find us?”

Sure enough, Guan Tong said, “Chairman Pei’s height! It is so obvious when standing here!”

Shen Nanxiao nodded, seemingly agreeing with Guan Tong’s words.

On the other hand, Pei Huaiji’s eyes narrowed slightly due to Guan Tong’s nickname just now.

Huge fireworks exploded in the sky one after another. The dark night spread in the distance, and the sky gradually darkened.

They stopped talking and looked at the sky.

Guan Tong sighed. “It is so beautiful.”

You Mian looked up quietly. He didn’t know how many pairs of eyes around him were quietly looking at him.

The young man’s eyes were gentle, and his curly hair swept across his eyebrows in the evening breeze. He had an appearance that made people happy when they saw it.

Yun Guanqing suddenly thought of one thing. It was about whether Pei Huaiji knew about the affairs between You Mian, the You family, and Bai Lin.

If he knew, Pei Huaiji’s attitude had already proved his stance on this matter.

But if he didn’t know…

Yun Guanqing raised an eyebrow curiously. Would Pei Huaiji’s attitude change at that time?

Would he be another ‘Huo Yanzhi’ and ‘Yan Tingxuan’, who switched sides on the battlefield?

The crowd around them gradually dispersed, and the fireworks subsided. Countless lights turned on in the square, and music also played. It seemed that the grand fireworks show just now was over.

The moment You Mian could clearly see his surroundings, he saw a tall man walking slowly from a distance.

“I’ve been looking for you for a long time.” Yan Tingxuan raised his gold-rimmed glasses. He walked closer and complained with a smile, “Could it be that I am the only one left alone?”

Shen Nanxiao said helplessly, “The fireworks show is over. Where did you run to, Brother Yan?”

Yan Tingxuan put one hand behind his back. He looked at the people in front of him with a heavy gaze. Suddenly, he took out a small bouquet of daisies from behind him.

Guan Tong snorted and took the daisy handed over by Yan Tingxuan. “Brother Yan, did you get separated from us just to buy this?”

Yan Tingxuan distributed the flowers one by one until he came to stand in front of You Mian. Suddenly, he felt that his hands were shaking.

The man lowered his head and laughed softly. He pretended to be normal as he handed out the daisies.

“No. I was pushed to the door of the flower store by the crowd,” Yan Tingxuan answered Guan Tong’s question, but he was staring straight at You Mian.

The others gathered together to play with the flowers in their hands. Shen Nanxiao asked doubtfully, “Why did you buy small daisies? What is the meaning? They look so delicate.”

Yun Guanqing had a mocking expression in his eyes. Guan Tong wanted to answer, but he couldn’t remember the meaning for a while.

Yan Tingxuan stood in front of You Mian with a slight smile. “You Mian, will you accept it?”

Pei Huaiji stood silently beside You Mian, forming a triangle confrontation with Yan Tingxuan.

You Mian saw that the others had accepted it, so he had to raise his hand and take it. “Thank you.”

Yan Tingxuan’s palm was empty, and he immediately felt that his heart was also empty.

Yan Tingxuan smiled dashingly and affectionately. He looked at You Mian with eyes that were hidden behind the lens.

Guess it, you should know its flower language.

Yan Tingxuan’s gaze quickly retreated like he was avoiding the other person.

He already knew that You Mian’s attitude wouldn’t make him happy. The torture made him physically and mentally exhausted. Therefore, Yan Tingxuan deliberately didn’t look at You Mian’s expression after he accepted the flower.

“Three daisies. Only the iris guests have them.” Yan Tingxuan smiled like a gentleman and nodded at Pei Huaiji.

The group of people stood in the square and chatted for a while. Then Guan Tong said helplessly, “Where did Brother Huo go? There is no one around now. He should be able to find us.”

Yan Tingxuan only discovered at this time that Huo Yanzhi wasn’t here either.

“It seems that I’m not the only one who has regrets tonight?” Yan Tingxuan laughed to himself.

Guan Tong felt that as the only person who saw through everyone’s heartbeat, he stood here and quietly observed everyone’s expressions.

It seemed that only Chairman Pei got his wish today. Everyone else was holding their breath.

However, Yan Tingxuan sent out the flower in the end. This could be considered a success. He just didn’t know what You Mian thought about that little daisy.

Guan Tong hissed, wondering why this person gave a daisy. It should obviously be a rose.

Before Guan Tong could continue to worry about the hearts of this group of people, Huo Yanzhi’s voice came apologetically from behind them. “I’m sorry, we got separated.”

Shen Nanxiao smiled and joked, “You won’t also be hiding something behind your back, right?”

Everyone laughed in unison.

Only Huo Yanzhi scratched his head in a confused manner. “Huh? No, I really got separated.”

Huo Yanzhi and the cameraman PD were separated from You Mian and Pei Huaiji when they first entered the fireworks square. He had been still looking for these two people until just now. He hadn’t expected to miss them like this.

He could only rush over after the fireworks show was over.

“There were too many people. I was squeezed outside and couldn’t get it,” Huo Yanzhi smiled heartily as he spoke. He suddenly saw the flower in his hand.

“You even gave a flower?” Huo Yanzhi looked at Pei Huaiji and asked.

Unexpectedly, Pei Huaiji didn’t say anything. On the side, Yun Guanqing watched the excitement and added, “Yan Tingxuan sent it. Don’t think about it. There is no share for the lily of the valley group.”

Huo Yanzhi listened to it and almost couldn’t maintain his expression. Yan Tingxuan gave the flower?

If Bai Lin was present at this moment, Huo Yanzhi would definitely feel that Yan Tingxuan was sending Bai Lin the flower under the pretext of giving it to everyone else. The problem was that Bai Lin wasn’t here now.

So who was the person Yan Tingxuan really wanted to give it to?

A person like him, who pursued results in everything and the highest interests, couldn’t do anything without a reason. There must be a reason.

And this reason…

Huo Yanzhi could only think of You Mian.

“Everyone is going home after today, right?” Guan Tong asked reluctantly.

Shen Nanxiao responded with a smile, “Don’t worry, the director won’t give us a long vacation. I look forward to meeting you at the next stop.”

You Mian followed the crowd. The little daisy in his hand clung to it in the dark night. For a moment, it looked particularly affectionate.

Huo Yanzhi withdrew his gaze and stopped looking.

The group got in the car and returned to the house. The familiar seaside beach was filled with the atmosphere of a reluctance to leave.

“What Guan Tong said just now makes me really reluctant to leave.” Yan Tingxuan opened the door first and walked in. “This is even though I have only stayed here for a few days.”

Guan Tong headed straight to the sofa and lay down limply. He said unintentionally, “It has only been a few days, but I have feelings after getting along with you.”

“Ah, why am I starting to feel sad now?” Guan Tong deliberately wiped his tears in an exaggerated manner. This caused everyone present to laugh.

Yun Guanqing calmly raised his hand to tie his long hair behind his back. He said with a smile, “A few days is nothing.”

“As long as you aren’t heartless, it is like ten years.”

The expressions of Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi instantly sank.

Guan Tong didn’t know this and responded with a smile, “How is that possible? Brother Yun, you are too exaggerated.”

“Raising a dog for more than ten years is like having a baby,” Shen Nanxiao suddenly joined the topic.

You Mian listened to these words without the slightest fluctuation. He only walked straight to his room while saying, “Everyone, rest early.”

Guan Tong waved to You Mian while placing the small daisy into the water bottle on the coffee table.

“Put it here or it will die soon.”

Seeing this, Shen Nanxiao also came over and put his in. “Indeed. Let it last for a few more days.”

“What about You Mian?” Guan Tong asked doubtfully. “Should I let him put it here too?”

Yan Tingxuan walked up the stairs with lowered eyes. He wanted to say not to treat him calmly. It didn’t matter if it was anger or resentment.

Don’t treat him like a stranger.

But just as Yan Tingxuan was thinking this, the sound of Guan Tong knocking on the door came from the bottom of the stairs.

Guan Tong was saying, “Honey, do you want to put it here too? Or do you want to keep it in your room?”

Yan Tingxuan waited with bated breath.

In the next second, he heard You Mian say very lightly and casually, “Take it and put it with yours.”

Yan Tingxuan squeezed the handrail of the stairs sharply. The veins of his forehead bulged slightly. He lowered his head and laughed.

Early the next morning, You Mian was the first to leave the house.

As he passed by the living room, his eyes didn’t give the three little daisies swaying on the low table a glance. He calmly seemed to have forgotten how the little daisy clung to the palm of his hand last night.

The moment You Mian got in the car to head home, he received the mailing address to send his work from the organizers of the Star Cup.

The young man’s eyes slightly brightened.

But before this happy mood could last for a few seconds, he suddenly received a call on his phone.

The caller was Bai Peilan.


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