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CEFYMA: Chapter 42

In front of the huge acrylic window of the aquarium was a viewing corridor that was over 20 meters long on the left and right.

Countless tourists stopped here to admire it quietly.

Colorful ornamental fish swam freely in the deep blue water. The pavilion’s unique, gentle lights fell on the water. beams of simulated sunlight shone down from high places. Granular floating objects floated lightly along with the sound of the water.

You Mian stood in front of the exhibition window and raised his eyes slightly to watch everything in front of him. His amber eyes reflected the sparkling colors. His gaze was like the surface of a broken ice lake. There was an indescribable softness.

Just a second before the young man raised his hand to touch the window glass, a childish voice suddenly came from the side.

The little boy was held in his mother’s arms, blinking and looking at the viewing window next to him. The boy stretched out his little fat fingers toward the fish in front of him and said innocently. “Mom, fish fish.”

The woman in a pink dress had her long hair tied low behind her by hairpins. Two strands of hair fell beside her ears because she wasn’t paying attention.

The woman held the child’s fat hand. She smiled softly, approached the huge school of fish swimming in front of the boy, and read each word clearly, “The big fish eats the small fish, and the small fish eats the shrimp, right? Good boy.”

The child, who was called a good boy, giggled. His big, grape-like eyes were curved in a bright manner.


You Mian suddenly lowered his eyes slightly and took a step back as if to escape. “After watching it, let’s go to the next one.”

Before You Mian could finish speaking, Pei Huaiji raised a hand from where he was standing behind You Mian and gently pressed it on You Mian’s shoulder.

The man didn’t say any unnecessary words but held You Mian’s shoulders and leaned slightly closer to the display window in front of him. A cold voice sounded in the next second, with a low, hoarse tone.

“This type of fish with big black and blue spots on its back is called the saddle butterflyfish.”

You Mian was stunned.

Pei Huaiji’s big hand with well-defined joints turned in another direction. “This type of thing.”

Hundreds of small fish emitting a blue-green light flashed past their eyes, creating beautiful water patterns.

“It is the blue-green chromis fish. It is very small.”

You Mian blinked. His suddenly depressed mood gradually subsided and disappeared at Pei Huaiji’s voice that clearly explained every word.

“The one with the protrusion on its forehead is the bluespine unicornfish.”

Pei Huaiji’s fingers moved quickly along the schools of fish swimming around. Every now and then, he would spot something interesting and tell it to You Mian.

“The ones lying in the crevices of the rocks are sea anemones. The ones floating upright are seahorses.”

You Mian held back his smile and turned to look at Pei Huaiji. “Chairman Pei thinks I don’t know about sea anemones and seahorses?”

Pei Huaiji withdrew the hand on You Mian’s shoulder and straightened up. He lowered his eyes very calmly, “The first page of One Hundred Thousand Oceans seems to be about seahorses? I kind of forgot about it. I’m sorry.”

Pei Huaiji didn’t say that since he could remember, the first enlightenment book that his mother read for him was One Hundred Thousand Oceans.

The man wasn’t very comfortable and had never done this before, so he seemed a bit unfamiliar with it.

You Mian smiled in a handsome manner and seemed to turn the page faster than Pei Huaiji, the bystander.

“Let’s go see the jellyfish,” You Mian said.

Several large fish swam in the arched glass display window overhead. Huo Yanzhi stared upwards as he listened to the conversation between You Mian and Pei Huaiji just now.

What school of fish, what butterflyfish…

It was really boring to date someone like Pei Huaiji. He didn’t know how You Mian could smile so happily.

Huo Yanzhi, who had been completely ignored by You Mian along the way, followed half a step behind the two of them. He inexplicably felt a bit upset, but he restrained himself from taking the initiative to talk to them again.

It wasn’t just because of Pei Huaiji’s obstruction but also because of You Mian’s indifferent attitude.

Huo Yanzhi struggled while thinking about why he was the one being ignored.

Since You Mian planned to completely pretend not to know then he would fulfill You Mian’s idea.

Huo Yanzhi, who was holding back his anger, frowned tightly all the way until he finished visiting two or three sections of the exhibition hall. Even the cameraman had no choice but to shift the lens, leaving only You Mian and Pei Huaiji in the picture.

The jealous shura scene in a romance show was good to watch, but Huo Yanzhi’s attitude of being jealous yet doing nothing wasn’t good material to leave behind.

The PD’s eyes were vicious. He chose to ignore Huo Yanzhi almost without hesitation and focused on filming You Mian and Pei Huaiji.

Until now, there were countless voices on the Internet speculating about what type of situation a person like Pei Huaiji would be in if he participated in a romance show. It wasn’t just the audience, but also the staff of the show who were worried about this. In addition, under Hong Sheng’s persuasion, they had decided that all shots should avoid this cold-faced chairman.

Who would’ve thought there would be such a day?

The cameraman looked down at the picture in the lens.

He saw the tall and handsome Pei Huaiji standing in front of the round glass cabinet. The man’s side profile was cold and handsome. His eyes were as proud as icebergs wrapped in frost.

You Mian’s head reached the upper part of Pei Huaiji’s shoulders. The young man’s eyes were extremely soft, and his cold white skin looked too beautiful under the light of the showcase in front of him. He raised his long eyelashes and turned to say something to Pei Huaiji.

The camera recorded all of this. The originally cold Pei Huaiji suddenly took the initiative to lean in and approach You Mian. His intimate and direct behavior didn’t match his expression.

Anyone who looked at it could see that he was partial to the other person.

The PD couldn’t help smiling while standing in front of the camera. He actually started to ship it too.

Suddenly, a tall figure squeezed into the camera frame.

Huo Yanzhi held out his hand toward You Mian and shook his watch, saying in a bit of a ruffian tone, “How long do we have to hang out here? The director said that there will be a fireworks display at night. If we want to see it, we have to go to the exit of the maze now.”

You Mian frowned. The moment he turned his head, coldness appeared in his eyes.

At this moment, Huo Yanzhi seemed to hear the words ‘stay away from me’ that You Mian didn’t express.

Still, You Mian didn’t say it in the end. He rolled his eyes without a smile and said, “Then let’s go now.”

Pei Huaiji calmly raised his chin. “I have no opinion.”

The attitude of the two people made Huo Yanzhi feel like a third party who had intruded on other people’s date. He felt embarrassed and awkward.

But if someone really showed up and told him to leave now, Huo Yanzhi wasn’t sure whether he would really turn around and leave or continue to endure this awkward three-person date.

The three of them walked slowly through the circular glass column-shaped jellyfish display cabinets. The sparkling light reflected on the side of You Mian’s face. The young man looked down at the purple jellyfish nearby. He smiled softly, and his eyes were gentle.

Huo Yanzhi’s gaze was glued to You Mian’s body. Upon seeing this, his heart suddenly skipped a few beats, and his fingers were a bit numb.

He gradually remembered how long it had been since You Mian smiled at him like this.

During the date, Huo Yanzhi was unable to say a few words to You Mian and was actually used as a backdrop throughout the entire process.

Pei Huaiji’s voice came from the front. “The preliminary round is coming soon. How are you going with your preparations for the entry?”

Huo Yanzhi’s eyes narrowed sharply, and he listened carefully.

You Mian, who was walking beside Pei Huaiji, had no idea that Huo Yanzhi was eavesdropping behind him.

He was a bit surprised that Pei Huaiji knew about this type of thing, so he replied, “I should be busy after this date.”

‘Matching Heartbeat’ had a total of four stops filmed in four different houses invested by JL.

After today’s amusement park date, their filming at the first beach house was completely over. The director gave the eight people a few days to rest and organize things.

The preliminary round of the Star Cup was precisely scheduled during this free time.

“I just need to mail the preliminary work to the competition party. There aren’t many things to prepare, so I can handle it,” You Mian said casually.

There was no change in emotion on Pei Huaiji’s stern side profile. He only pursed his thin lips and said, “I’m looking forward to your work.”

Seeing this, You Mian suddenly remembered the words about winning a gold medal that Pei Huaiji suddenly said during the bonfire talk on the beach. He couldn’t help his eyes curving as he smiled.

Pei Huaiji blinked, slightly stunned. “What are you smiling at?”

“I just remembered that Chairman Pei seems to have always had confidence in me.” You Mian tilted his head and expressed his mind.

You Mian was originally prepared to wait for the answer to arrive later. He didn’t expect that Pei Huaiji wouldn’t hesitate at all after hearing this. Pei Huaiji just stood there and looked at him. “It is because you are You Mian.”

Pei Huaiji’s cold voice contained the result of rational thinking. It seemed that it wasn’t just preferences but more trust.

You Mian’s pupils shrank.

“I have seen your previous work. This isn’t a compliment.” Pei Huaiji gave a rare smile again. His overly handsome eyes lowered gently. He looked like a thug in a suit who was gently stroking a rose.

“There is someone who is really waiting for you to win the gold medal.”

Then watch you move to a higher level, the stage of the world that belongs to You Mian alone.

You Mian stared blankly at Pei Huaiji. At this moment, the noise of the tourists around him seemed to have gone away. Even Huo Yanzhi, who was wandering around in a disgusting way, seemed to have disappeared.

To be watched with such eager, trusting eyes was a joy that could never be surpassed.

For the first time, You Mian really reconsidered the offer that Pei Huaiji had sent to him.

Just as he was about to speak, Pei Huaiji spoke first as if he had expected it, “The offer to you might be the first thing in my life that I will go back on.”

You Mian frowned in confusion. “Why?”

Obviously, Pei Huaiji wanted him to join JL before.

You Mian waited quietly. Then Pei Huaiji lowered his head and said, “It is because your future isn’t here.”

In the beginning, You Mian was a talented person whom a businessman had high expectations for. He sent his business card, hoping that You Mian could stay in JL and become a strong supporter of his business.

Now Pei Huaiji wasn’t standing here as a businessman or the chairman of JL.

His liking for You Mian determined that he wouldn’t confine the young man to the small stage of JL.

“This is the first promise I will tear up in my life.” Pei Huaiji’s eyes showed firm trust. “If you can still see JL in two years, I will welcome you again at that time.”

You Mian was shocked speechless by Pei Huaiji.

What type of reason made Pei Huaiji trust him so much?

However, withdrawing was never You Mian’s motto. He replied with a sharper smile, “Then please wait.”

You Mian smiled as he stared directly at the man in front of him, seriously calling out for the first time, “Pei Huaiji.”

Brilliant pink fireworks suddenly rose in the sky in the distance. After a few loud bangs, countless sparks splashed in the distance, brightening up a patch of the sky. It set off the blue-white skyline with thick and bright colors.

Under the exploding fireworks display, many tourists cheered.

Huo Yanzhi stood there, feeling even more out of place than before. A suffocating fear squeezed his throat, making him breathless.

Pei Huaiji and You Mian… how far had they progressed?

It wasn’t just the close friends he thought of before? Was there something else? Otherwise, what did the conversation just now mean?

As he was full of thoughts, Huo Yanzhi heard You Mian’s voice amidst the sound of exploding fireworks.

You Mian called Pei Huaiji by his name and said, “Pei Huaiji, look up at the fireworks.”

In an instant, Huo Yanzhi felt like he was broken.


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