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CEFYMA: Chapter 40

Pei Huaiji’s actions relieved You Mian, but they also caused a surprise to the other guests present.

Seeing this, Huo Yanzhi frowned. His thick eyebrows seemed to have never relaxed since seeing You Mian and Pei Huaiji walking out of the Green Wall Haunted House.

His state was very tense.

Guan Tong sat opposite Shen Nanxiao and looked at You Mian sitting beside Pei Huaiji in amazement. He already had the word ‘curiosity’ written deeply on his face.

Yan Tingxuan smiled as always and walked to the other corner to sit down. His face didn’t show any explicit emotions, but he opened the menu and looked up to ask, “Everyone has been tired all morning. What do you want to eat?”

Yan Tingxuan’s interruption caused everyone’s attention to shift from You Mian.

All curious and inquiring gazes were restrained.

Only Yun Guanqing, who was sitting opposite him with his chin on his hands, kept staring at You Mian from time to time.

“Let’s make it lighter.” Yun Guanqing smiled meaningfully and said, “I don’t have a good appetite today.”

The long-haired man lowered his eyes in a lonely manner. It was as if there was indeed some credibility in what he said this time.

Yan Tingxuan slightly raised an eyebrow and didn’t answer. He just continued to ask coldly, “What about the others?”

Once everyone ordered their dishes, Yan Tingxuan stood up and walked to the counter. Everyone who remained at the table started chatting except for Huo Yanzhi, who was unusually silent.

Guan Tong smiled heartily and said, “The game session set up by the show’s staff is too confusing. If I didn’t have to wait for another guest to come before I could play the ride, I would’ve probably escaped from the maze already.”

Guan Tong walked directly to the carousel checkpoint from the beginning, where he encountered You Mian. Then he met Yun Guanqing and Shen Nanxiao separately.

The gaming experience with Yun Guanqing wasn’t as good as he imagined, but it did fulfill Guan Tong’s wish as a small fan.

It was just that when talking about his heartbeat, there seemed to be none.

“But it is quite interesting, isn’t it?” Shen Nanxiao said warmly. “If it wasn’t for this mandatory requirement, I usually wouldn’t have tried many of these rides.”

Guan Tong heard this and agreed. “That’s right. I wouldn’t have sat on the carousel. It is too boring.”

He was feeling relaxed when he suddenly saw Yun Guanqing lazily raising his eyes. He looked at You Mian and Pei Huaiji and asked, “How did you meet?”

The topic shifted sharply and aimed directly at You Mian.

The casual chat atmosphere once again became ambiguous and strange with Yun Guanqing’s question.

Guan Tong couldn’t help noticing Huo Yanzhi’s abnormality and Yun Guanqing’s restless mood while sitting at the dining table.

They had reached the haunted house together but also saw the overly intimate interaction between You Mian and Pei Huaiji.

At that time, it wasn’t only Huo Yanzhi and Yun Guanqing. Even Yun Guanqing had a cold expression, even though nothing unusual could be seen now.

It might only be for a moment, but Guan Tong would never be mistaken.

It was a menacing atmosphere unique to the low roars of ferocious beasts chasing their prey.

It was tense and urgent.

However, now these people suppressed their emotions and only let a little bit of it out.

Guan Tong didn’t realize it until now.

Bai Lin seemed to just be a cover.

The person this group liked was You Mian!

Jealousy was the best tool for discerning who was in a man’s heart.

At that time, the attitude of this group of people was clearly jealous.

Guan Tong held his chopsticks. The more he thought about it, the more he felt he was right.

You Mian blinked. Before he could answer, Guan Tong interrupted. “Needless to say, the fans in the live stream room must’ve informed them of the location. Many You Mian fans came to my live stream room to let him know the location. He went to find Chairman Pei. Hahaha.”

The moment Guan Tong finished speaking, Yun Guanqing’s eyes fell firmly on You Mian again.

“Is that so?” he asked.

You Mian responded, “Absolutely.”

Guan Tong actually wanted to say something to ease the atmosphere, but with Pei Huaiji sitting in front of him with a cold face, he didn’t dare to make a mistake. He could only swallow down the trick he wanted to play.

If he guessed correctly…

Guan Tong secretly gave You Mian a thumbs up in his heart. It was really worthy of You Mian. This was awesome!

The restaurant of the Green Wall Amusement Park was a semi-buffet service. The dishes ordered by the guests were served quickly.

After eating only a few mouthfuls to fill his stomach, the dazed Huo Yanzhi gradually joined everyone’s conversation.

Huo Yanzhi clicked his tongue. “From beginning to end, Yan Tingxuan and I were together. There was no gaming experience at all.”

Hearing this, everyone only thought that Huo Yanzhi was regretting that Bai Lin didn’t come.

It was only Guan Tong who thought he mastered the truth of Huo Yanzhi losing his soul at this moment.

Guan Tong said, “Didn’t You Mian play with you guys at the Rapids? The barrage told me about it. Why didn’t you continue together?”

Yan Tingxuan’s expression didn’t change.

Huo Yanzhi hadn’t expected Guan Tong’s sudden attack and almost choked.

The man moistened his throat with a drink before smiling awkwardly. “Maybe I came down too slowly.”

Guan Tong looked like he didn’t think much about it. He said, “The sun won’t shine as much in the afternoon. I don’t know what the show’s staff will arrange. Will we continue to walk the maze?”

Sure enough, the moment Guan Tong’s words came out, the eyes of almost half the people present moved to You Mian on the other side.

Guan Tong suppressed his excitement. He felt that his guess just now was more than half confirmed.

He saw the young man sitting calmly in his seat to eat. He seemed to have little interest in this chat topic.

His beautiful amber eyes were obscured by his long eyelashes. His curly hair looked very soft to the touch, making people want to get close at a glance.

You Mian was unaware that he had become the center of other people’s attention and leisurely ate some chicken nuggets. He played the role of a silent bystander with ease.

This type of role was simply easy for him.

You Mian only paid a bit of attention to everyone’s chat topic. He didn’t raise his head until the PD of the show explained the afternoon dating program.

At the same time, the moment You Mian raised his head, the prying eyes were quickly retracted. This made it impossible for the young man to notice.

“Now that two-thirds of the Green Wall Maze has been explored by everyone, the rest will no longer be the same as the morning dating mode.”

The staff member picked up three cards and said, “The Ferris Wheel, the roller coaster, and the aquarium are the afternoon date places. This time, the guests from the iris group will select first, while the lily of the valley group will do a blind selection.”

“Who exactly your date is will be revealed when you meet in the afternoon.”

“We won’t know each other again?” Guan Tong took the lead in getting up first with a positive attitude.

You Mian didn’t have any ideas when he heard this. This type of blind selection method would increase the probability of others choosing him.

After this morning’s date, You Mian really didn’t want to be in a group with Yan Tingxuan and the others again.

What was the point of torturing each other?

The three guests of the iris group each had different ideas as they walked to another table and sat down.

In front of them were three cards that had been placed by the staff.

There was a brief silence before Guan Tong asked in a low voice, “Do you have anything in particular that you want to choose?”

Since the four guests of the show all had a good impression of You Mian, Guan Tong didn’t plan to engage in sour and jealous tricks. He didn’t even bother with them.

What’s more, when it came to this ideal type, You Mian was the one who most suited his aesthetics.

After sorting out his attitude, Guan Tong decided to treat this date and subsequent dates as a travel variety show. Having fun was the most important thing.

Guan Tong lowered his head and glanced around. Both the Ferris Wheel and aquarium were too quiet and leisurely. If it was him, he would definitely choose the roller coaster.

Shen Nanxiao shook his head. “I can do anything. You choose first.”

You Mian’s gaze swept over the three locations in front of him, silently weighing the probabilities in his heart.

It should be easy to avoid and unlikely to bump into anyone else.

Therefore, You Mian pursed his lips and said, “I don’t have any preferences. I’m okay.”

Seeing that the two of them were so humble, Guan Tong put his hands together and smiled cutely. “Then I will choose.”

He didn’t hesitate as he reached for the ‘roller coaster’ date card. leaving behind the Ferris Wheel and aquarium.

Shen Nanxiao held his chin a bit hesitantly. “I’m a bit tired from walking for a long time in the morning. I might have to stroll around the aquarium. I want to choose somewhere I can sit quietly. What about you?”

Shen Nanxiao glanced at You Mian, only to see You Mian smile and say, “Then you choose the Ferris Wheel, and I will choose the aquarium.”

Compared with the talking and laughing atmosphere of the iris group, the four lily of the valley guests were silent. No one said a word.

Yan Tingxuan changed his smile from before. He looked at Pei Huaiji with a deep gaze and said, “Chairman Pei has become familiar with Xiao Mian.”

The words like ‘Chairman Pei’ and ‘Xiao Mian’ could clearly distinguish between close and distant people in an instant.

This trick was played by Yan Tingxuan when he first entered the house to decide the tasks.

Pei Huaiji chose to ignore it back then and still did the same now.

Yan Tingxuan saw that Pei Huaiji still didn’t listen to him. Pei Huaiji was so cold that he seemed to be reviewing documents. He sat calmly in his position without raising his head.

The smile on Yan Tingxuan’s face couldn’t be maintained. He fell into an incompetent and angry mood.

At noon, the show’s cameras continued to record.

Yan Tingxuan restrained his emotions that were about to pour out and laughed patiently.

Yun Guanqing’s narrowed eyes passed over Pei Huaiji and fell on a distant place. His mood was much more stable than Yan Tingxuan’s one.

The afternoon sun seemed to have taken a nap and was much milder than before.

You Mian stood in front of the aquarium. His avocado-colored coat made his chestnut, curly hair look more playful.

The camera PD of the show followed behind them and said silently, “It should be almost time now.”

There were four lily of the valley guests but only three iris guests.

No matter how they chose, there would be one more person in one group.

You Mian steadied his mood. He thought that no matter how bad it might possibly be, he could just relax.

At 3 o’clock on time, a tall figure walked in the distance. He wore a long trench coat and had an overly cold and indifferent face.

It was Pei Huaiji.

You Mian’s eyes widened slightly. Before he could be happy, he saw another person behind Pei Huaiji.

It was a slightly inferior height but an equally domineering momentum.

Huo Yanzhi frowned and followed half a step behind Pei Huaiji toward the aquarium with an expressionless face.

After seeing You Mian, he gently raised his hand and said hello in an unnatural manner.

Huo Yanzhi said, “Hi.”

You Mian: “……”


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