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CEFYMA: Chapter 4

The few words of introduction from You Mian sparked another round of discussion in the recording studio in the downtown area dozens of kilometers away from the Heartbeat House.

All the celebrity guests were guessing what You Mian’s identity would be.

However, You Mian knew nothing about this and stepped into the Heartbeat House in a relaxed and comfortable manner.

The moment he entered through the door, You Mian saw a huge notice board with five house entry rules written on it in a cute font.

1. Guests must send a heartwarming text message after each date. The recipient and content of the text message can’t be disclosed.

2. Guests aren’t allowed to confess publicly during their stay in the house.

3. Guests aren’t allowed to develop a romantic relationship with their object of interest during their stay in the house.


You Mian just took a rough glance before retracting his gaze. After all, he didn’t come here to participate in the show to enjoy the heartbeat journey. It was to fulfill the conditions for leaving the You house.

Therefore, You Mian would try his best to go through all the processes with the mentality of a bystander.

It had nothing to do with him how Bai Lin would create a spark of love with these people.

The layout of the glass villa was divided into two floors. The first floor was the living room and four rooms. The second floor was the viewing room, and four floors.

It seemed that the show’s staff gave them enough buffer space when recording for the first time. The embarrassing situation of a double room didn’t appear.

The house was full of cameras. There were around two dozen with just a casual glance. This made You Mian have the awkward feeling of being monitored anytime and anywhere.

As the first guest to enter, You Mian moved around it a few times as if to adjust before sitting on the sofa and waiting.

The staff members fully understood the words of Director Hong Sheng. At this moment, all the cameras turned to You Mian and spared no effort to shoot from all angles.

The girl who just talked with You Mian stood behind the display machine outside the house and whispered, “It is really a 360 degree beauty with no dead ends.”

The staff member next to her held the machine and clicked his tongue in agreement. “This scene will explode when it is released.”

You Mian didn’t know that the way he deliberately covered his edge and his appearance of sitting lazily on the sofa was completely recorded from beginning to end.

It stood to reason that this should be a very boring and silent ten minutes, but the staff members outside the house and the celebrity guests in the recording studio were watching intently at this moment.

Xi Rui said, “I thought just now that You Mian has a very warm and cheerful personality. But it seems that even though he is warm, he actually enjoys such quiet and solitary moments.

The host Qu Shao glanced at the card in his hand and said with a mysterious smile, “It is an internally driven personality.”

Xi Rui and Guo Su both looked sideways at him with surprise. “What is an internally driven personality? Brother Qu, do you know psychology?”

Qu Shao didn’t keep them in suspense and directly shook the small card in his hand. “This is the information that our show consulted specifically from the psychology expert, Teacher Cheng. A person like You Mian, who prefers to be alone rather than in a noisy environment, has an internally driven personality.”

“Such people’s inner hearts are strong enough to sustain themselves through one difficult situation after another.” Qu Shao’s tone was a bit more appreciative as he looked up at You Mian on the screen. “You Mian is a typical type A personality.”

Xi Rui was stunned before praising it. “I didn’t expect that even though You Mian looks so gentle and restrained, he actually has a type A personality with strong attack power.”

Guo Su raised an eyebrow. “Type A personalities aren’t all full of aggressiveness, just as not all type B personalities are restrained.”

After a round of psychology-related discussions, Qu Shao stuck the letter A on You Mian’s guest board.

The quiet time was quickly broken. The door of the house was pushed open. At this time, two people walked in together.

Guan Tong pushed a red suitcase labeled with a check-in ticket. He looked around the living room first. Then when he saw You Mian sitting on the sofa, he blushed to the tip of his ears before saying hello with a cheerful smile, “Hi, handsome man. My name is Guan Tong.”

Guan Tong had short hair dyed pink and wore a tight leather jacket and leather pants. He had delicate makeup on and pink lip gloss on his mouth. He had five or six piercings on both ears, and several silver-black earrings hung from them.

At first glance, he was a young man with a very unique personality.

You Mian politely got up to greet him.

He never thought that just as he finished saying his name, he would see Guan Tong staring at his chest. Guan Tong’s eyes widened, and he shouted, “No! Little brother, you chose an iris?”

You Mian then noticed that Guan Tong also had an iris pinned to his chest.

Guan Tong, who had misunderstood something, had an expression of obvious disappointment. He was a bit playful and cute, which made You Mian dumbfounded.

Within a few seconds, You Mian saw the other guest coming out from behind Guan Tong.

The man, full of a gentle and classical temperament, stepped forward and shook You Mian’s hand politely. He said, “This is the first time we are meeting. I am Shen Nanxiao.”

You Mian also noticed that Shen Nanxiao had an iris pinned on his chest. It seemed to be the same orientation.

The perfume on Guan Tong’s body was very strong and was as chic and charming as him. Meanwhile, the Shen Nanxiao in front of You Mian was wearing a light blue coat and had a bit of a literary and artistic atmosphere from his aloof posture.

The moment he noticed that You Mian also had an iris, Guan Tong’s attitude toward him was a bit less enthusiastic than when he first came in.

Guan Tong sat down on the sofa as if exhausted and took a sip of water. His little finger was slightly raised as he picked up the cup.

Guan Tong looked at You Mian with great interest. He couldn’t hide his excitement as he asked with a smile, “I wonder who will come next?”

You Mian didn’t speak. He just sat on the single-person chair on the side with a gentle expression.

You Mian might know most of the direction of the book, but he didn’t remember such specific details. After all, in his previous life, he died in the fire before he could participate in the show.

Unlike You Mian, Shen Nanxiao on the side looked indifferent, but in fact, his heart was surging with excitement no less than Guan Tong, who dared to express it.

Shen Nanxiao and Guan Tong frequently looked at the door while chatting. Their expectations were already on the surface.

The moment Guan Tong put down the empty water glass, the door of the house opened.

The three of them looked at each other. Guan Tong immediately sorted out his base makeup very skillfully and took back the small mirror before the guest walked in from the entrance.

There was the sound of footsteps, and all the cameras in the house turned to film the person head-on.

A tall, muscular man walked in silently. He stayed in front of the sign for a while before turning and stepping into the living room.

Guan Tong approached You Mian in a familiar manner and whispered excitedly, “It seems to be a handsome guy again!”

You Mian smiled while Guan Tong showed a rather regretful expression. In his opinion, You Mian in front of him was very handsome. He had a tall nose bridge, cold white skin, chestnut hair, shallow eyes, and was obviously a mixed-race.

It was a pity that their orientation was the same. Guan Tong could only stop thinking such things helplessly.

After crossing through the entrance, Hou Yanzhi took off his coat because he was too hot and put it on his arm. His strong muscles were clearly textured under his thin shirt, and the hormonal air all over his body instantly exploded.

The atmosphere in the house and recording studio instantly detonated, hot, and ambiguous. It finally felt a bit like a romance variety show.

This man had cropped hair, thick eyebrows, and his eyes were burning like fire. His strong jawline carved out a sharp and domineering aura.

Huo Yanzhi raised his eyes and glanced around. His eyes fell precisely on You Mian, and his surprise was fleeting.

Immediately afterward, he frowned and said in a deep voice, “I am Huo Yanzhi.”

The arrival of Huo Yanzhi caused discussions among the celebrity guests who were watching the real-time scenes in the recording studio.

Xi Rui excitedly said, “It is the first guest who chose the lily of the valley.”

The host Qu Shao smiled and spread out his hand card. Then he looked at Guo Su next to him and said, “Huo Yanzhi. It is a name familiar to audience members who like to watch boxing matches.”

Guo Su’s eyes were full of male appreciation. He held the back of his chest and nodded while answering, “He is a well-known boxer of the WPE. I remember that it was the finals a few days ago. Huo Yanzhi lived up to expectations and won the Championship Gold Cup again.”

Judging from Huo Yanzhi’s explosive power that was ready to strike, he wasn’t simply a fitness enthusiast.

Inside the house, Shen Nanxiao’s eyes moved slightly. He got up to make room for Huo Yanzhi and was the first to take the initiative to say hello.

“Hello, I am Shen Nanxiao.”

Huo Yanzhi approached, and the hormonal aura on the man’s body could no longer be ignored.

The lily of the valley flower pinned to his chest was also quite prominent.

This was a man who put his fierceness and strength on the surface without covering it. His attack power was blatant, and had nowhere to go.

Hearing this, Huo Yanzhi withdrew his gaze from You Mian. He nodded at Shen Nanxiao in front of him and happily sat half an arm away from him.

“You all came quite early.” Huo Yanzhi leaned back on the sofa and took the initiative to start a topic.

There was close-cropped hair and fierce eyebrows. Guan Tong looked at Huo Yanzhi and thought that this was too suitable for him!

So as soon as Huo Yanzhi spoke, Guan Tong smiled and said, “Brother Huo, your muscles are really well-trained. You look very self-disciplined.”

Huo Yanzhi sat in front of the coffee table. He stared at Guan Tong for a few seconds before suddenly asking, “Are you called Guan Tong?”

Guan Tong was taken aback for a moment, obviously very surprised. “You know me?”

You Mian quietly glanced sideways at Guan Tong after hearing this. His amber eyes shone warmly and beautifully in the sun.

Huo Yanzhi’s gaze swept over You Mian again without a trace before he replied to Guan Tong, “I have watched your video before.”

Guan Tong was an Internet celebrity beauty blogger with millions of fans. He originally thought that few people would recognize him when he came to the Heartbeat House this time. He didn’t expect to be recognized after just four people came.

Guan Tong wasn’t shy at all after his identity was revealed. He just raised an eyebrow and ruffled his pink hair, asking jokingly, “Did Brother Huo like and follow me before?”

Huo Yanzhi rubbed his palms together and laughed a few times. “My phone was taken away by the staff. I will follow you when I get it back.”

Guan Tong snorted and flicked his hair. He didn’t forget to turn his head and mention You Mian. “Everyone should follow this little blogger when you go out. It isn’t easy to start a business.”

Guan Tong only mentioned that he was a blogger. Huo Yanzhi didn’t completely reveal his identity, so it wasn’t considered breaking the rules of the cabin.

“You Mian, don’t forget,” Guan Tong specially instructed.

You Mian, who had been sitting quietly in a corner, looked at Guan Tong. He smiled softly and replied, “I won’t forget.”

Huo Yanzhi, who had quietly looked over several times, finally looked directly at You Mian this time due to the topic. He looked at You Mian thoroughly.

Huo Yanzhi still remembered the last time he saw You Mian at the Yu house. The boy sat down on a sofa far away from the crowd. He was like a forgotten iris, dejectedly waiting for his withering.

Now that they unexpectedly saw each other, the You Mian in front of him didn’t look the same as before.

He saw You Mian stop pouring water and look over casually. His eyes were full of surprise, and there was still a gentle smile on his face that he didn’t have time to restrain. His light chestnut curls swept over his eyebrows, outlining a very stunning first impression.

You Mian was no longer that withered iris. He was brilliantly reborn.

Huo Yanzhi frequently looked toward You Mian and avoided Guan Tong’s gaze. Guan Tong thought that he had expected this ending in advance the first time he saw that You Mian’s chest had an iris pinned to it.

You Mian was so good-looking and beautiful. Guan Tong felt he had no chance of winning. He almost even fell for You Mian himself.

At this moment, Shen Nanxiao suddenly pursed his lips and asked, “Are you hungry? Did you have lunch before coming here?”

With this question, everyone in the house felt their hunger surging up.

You Mian couldn’t guess what Guan Tong was thinking in his heart. He ignored Huo Yanzhi’s gaze and got up to walk to the open kitchen while saying, “I don’t know when the remaining four guests will come. Shall we prepare some food first?”

Guan Tong’s gaze was glued to You Mian’s body. He found that no matter how Huo Yanzhi looked at You Mian, You Mian didn’t seem to take it seriously.

Feelings were difficult to force. It was common for one party to be intentional and the other party to be ruthless.

Guan Tong thought about it and instantly felt that he was full of blood again. He immediately followed You Mian to the kitchen. “You Mian, do you know how to cook?”

Guan Tong’s heart was on alert when he heard You Mian say, “No.”

You Mian spoke casually while opening a cabinet and taking out a few packs of instant noodles. His eyes were bright and cunning, while his entire body was brilliant and fresh.

“But I guess there will be some convenience food here,” he said.

Guan Tong was stunned for a few seconds as if hit again. Then his mind returned, and he praised it. “Honey, you are so smart.”

You Mian didn’t care about Guan Tong’s affectionate nickname and neatly tore open a bag.

Huo Yanzhi stood across the kitchen countertop and leaned against the dining table. He frowned as he looked at You Mian. At this moment, even he was a bit puzzled about why he felt that You Mian was similar to Bai Lin in the first place.

Huo Yanzhi would give You Mian the gifts that Bai Lin declined, and Huo Yanzhi would find excuses to take You Mian to the movies and games that Bai Lin wanted to enjoy but couldn’t.

Before Bai Lin returned to the You family, Huo Yanzhi could only pin all his thoughts on You Mian.

He had to admit that after doing all of this, he was a bit guilty when facing You Mian.

However, the reason why Bai Lin hid for so many years and couldn’t even return to the You family was precisely because of You Mian.

It was You Mian who snatched away Bai Lin’s parents and friends, stealing Bai Lin’s life and happiness.

The estrangement between adults was tacit and wordless.

Huo Yanzhi felt that after Bai Lin returned to the You house, he just acted indifferent and distantly toward You Mian. This was already him doing his best for the sake of their previous acquaintance.

Just as Huo Yanzhi was immersed in his thoughts and couldn’t extricate himself, You Mian standing behind the wide, white acrylic countertop of the kitchen suddenly looked up.

You Mian’s gaze was so indifferent that it was like the two of them didn’t know each other at all. He asked in an unfamiliar and polite manner, “Does Mr. Huo also want some?”

In an instant, Huo Yanzhi’s pupils shrank sharply.


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