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CEFYMA: Chapter 38

Once the two people got off the pirate ship, the barrage in the live stream room almost went crazy.

[Tell me someone was recording the screen! The sound of the pirate ship starting up was so loud that I couldn’t hear what the two people on it said, but Baby Mianmian was laughing so happily.]

[Now I have to step down from the two members of the Rapids ride.]

[Yes, Mianmian was silent throughout the first game and didn’t look very happy.]

[It is better not to speculate about the relationship between the guests. What if they are very good friends?]

[As for me, I will be a rebel. Mianmian is much happier with Brother Chair! No rebuttal accepted!]

[This is a romance show. Mianmian has the most sparks when he is with Chairman Pei. Doesn’t the fact that he ran over to see Chairman Pei explain everything?]

[The heartbeat proves everything. Everyone, wait quietly for the episode to air.]

[Secretly instigating the Yan You and Huoshangjiaoyou sisters, come to the cotton cultivation base.]

[Meeting first doesn’t mean anything. Everything returns to zero when Brother Chair appears.]

You Mian and Pei Huaiji immediately went to the next maze entrance after getting back their live stream’s mobile phone.

You Mian looked at the barrage in the live stream room as he walked. He once again discovered the name that had been repeated many times—Brother Chair.

He wanted to ask before in the car of the show’s staff, but he had been interrupted.

Now that he finally had time, You Mian smiled and asked, “What do you mean by the Brother Chair you keep mentioning? How did it come about?”

You Mian speculated from the discussion and tone of the audience that Brother Chair must be Pei Huaiji. However, You Mian was a bit puzzled about why the audience gave You Mian such a name.

[It can’t be said, it can’t be said.]

[Mianmian, go to the cotton cultivation base and see for yourself. There are detailed explanations in it.]

[Mianmian is very curious about Chairman Pei. I ship it!]

[I’m afraid to say anything.]

Seeing the word ‘afraid’ filling the screen, You Mian felt that he had underestimated Pei Huaiji’s deterrence.

He logged into Weibo with his phone and typed the words ‘cotton cultivation base’ in the search box. Then a very active super topic instantly popped up.

The moment You Mian entered, he saw the teaching guide for new fans.

After the name of Brother Chair was given for the 46th second of the trailer for the show ‘Matching Heartbeat’, the blogger thoughtfully posted a picture of this frame.

It was the next second in the trailer when Pei Huaiji and Yan Tingxuan walked toward You Mian at the same time. Pei Huaiji pulled out his chair and sat down. His expression was as cold as ever, and he said lightly, “Actually, it doesn’t matter where I sit.”

You Mian held back a smile and looked up at Pei Huaiji, who was walking beside him.

It turned out that the chair was this chair.

The current audience was very sharp-eyed. You Mian recalled the time when he and Pei Huaiji gradually became familiar with each other.

Moreover, at that time, he was trying to avoid Yan Tingxuan. However, why didn’t he discover that Pei Huaiji said such a suffocating sentence at that time?

You Mian put away his phone and smiled tacitly along with the audience in the live stream room.

“On the left. Watch the road.” Pei Huaiji suddenly reminded in a deep voice.

He gently grabbed You Mian’s arm and turned him around while protecting him.

You Mian was stunned. They had already walked out of the green wall maze just now.

Pei Huaiji’s palms were hot. It seemed that his body temperature had always been this high, but the man’s neck was still dry without any beads of sweat.

Pei Huaiji only gave him a gentle hand and withdrew his hand before You Mian noticed anything unusual. This wouldn’t give the other person the discomfort of being overly intimate.

The moment You Mian replied with a thank you, his attention was suddenly attracted by the two large, castle-like buildings in front of him.

A staff member of the amusement park, dressed in a clown costume and holding colorful balloons, approached and said, “Welcome to the Green Wall Haunted House. Do the two of you want to enter?”

The clown’s smile was exaggerated and weird. The clothes he wore made him look round and bloated, which perfectly matched the atmosphere of a haunted house.

You Mian actually wasn’t afraid of ghosts, but a haunted house… the light inside should be quite dim.

The show’s staff had set it up that every project encountered must be played before moving up.

Therefore, You Mian had no choice at this time. He glanced at the live stream room and found that Guan Tong, Yun Guanqing, and Shen Nanxiao were passing a checkpoint together. Meanwhile, Huo Yanzhi and Yan Tingxuan were walking together.

No one else was close to them.

“Go in?” You Mian raised his eyes and asked.

Pei Huaiji nodded. Then in the next second, You Mian heard him calmly asking the staff member, “I’m afraid of ghosts. Is there any way to keep us from being separated?”

You Mian looked at Pei Huaiji with slightly wide eyes.

The clown staff member smiled and said, “Of course, you can. Sir, please follow me.”

The two people followed him to the door of the haunted house. Then the clown took out a red rope like a strap from the toolbox.

“Just use this to tie the two of you together. The NPC won’t let you do solo tasks after seeing it.”

Pei Huaiji looked at the red rope and then at You Mian with questioning eyes.

You Mian realized that Pei Huaiji might not be afraid of ghosts. Pei Huaiji knew that he had night blindness and used the fear of ghosts to cover it up.

“Tie it up and be safe.” Pei Huaiji thought that You Mian didn’t agree and tried to persuade him.

The two haunted houses in front of them looked a bit big. No wonder why there wasn’t even a single person in line now.

The moment You Mian nodded, the clown staff member tied the two people’s hands together with the red rope.

[I went out to see where the others were. Then when I came back, Mianmian and Chairman Pei were tied by a red rope?]

[The progress is fast!]

[Woo woo woo, congratulations, congratulations.]

[Congratulations, congratulations!]

In the midst of the lively congratulations from the barrage, You Mian and Pei Huaiji walked into the haunted house that exuded an eerie atmosphere.

The clown’s laughter sounded from behind them. “Keep walking forward. There will be an escape route when you reach the top of the building.”

He finished speaking and slammed the door shut.

The remaining light behind him disappeared. You Mian instinctively moved closer to Pei Huaiji.

The seemingly slender red rope gave You Mian a great sense of security at this moment.

“It might be inconvenient for both of us to hold the live streaming phones.”

Pei Huaiji guessed that there would be a chase or something similar soon, so he suggested, “Let’s shut one up.”

Inside the castle-like building, there was an extremely spacious first-floor luxurious living room in front of them. There was a wine cabinet on the side, a bar, and countless bar chairs scattered around. The floor was covered with dust and cobwebs. It was deliberately made to look like it had been abandoned for a long time.

You Mian’s eyes were filled with gray. It was only an unclear gray shadow that allowed him to recognize it as Pei Huaiji.

The young man unknowingly moved closer to Pei Huaiji and said softly, “Okay. Whose phone should be kept?”

Pei Huaiji got the answer of agreement and immediately turned off his live stream room. He put his phone in his pocket.

“Shut mine off.”

In an instant, the wailing audience of Pei Huaiji’s live stream room rushed to You Mian’s live stream room.

[A haunted house is so exciting. Director Hong can really play!]

[I want to urge Director Hong to release the first episode as soon as possible. The child is hungry to death.]

[Don’t be afraid, Baby Mianmian.]

[Baby Mian was so frightened that he almost shrank back into Chairman Pei’s arms. Hahaha, I’m going to die!]

[The lens is so dark. Is there no infrared?]

[It is a live broadcast. Sisters, please bear with it. I guess that the staff of the show have already arranged the infrared lenses inside. Let’s watch the episode when the time comes.]

You Mian didn’t forget what the clown said. Keep walking, and there would be an escape passage at the highest part of the building.

He gently tugged on Pei Huaiji’s sleeve. “Are we going upstairs?”

The spiral staircase covered with red carpet gave an eerie look at first glance. Even people who weren’t afraid of ghosts would get goosebumps when coming to such a spooky place.

Pei Huaiji’s right hand grasped You Mian’s live stream phone while his left hand reached down and gently grasped You Mian’s hand.

It was the normal handshake posture, but You Mian once again felt the other person’s body temperature that was too high and was somewhat hot.

“Let’s go.” Pei Huaiji led You Mian to the stairs. The red carpet immediately made a screaming sound when it felt someone, causing You Mian to instinctively squeeze Pei Huaiji’s hand.

“I’m here.” Pei Huaiji’s rational and calm voice appeared in front of him and was simultaneously transmitted to the live stream room.

[F*k, what a reliable man.]

[I declare that Chairman Pei is a real man. A real man in Huajiang City!]

[Chairman Pei is awesome.]

The scream was only scary when hearing it for the first time without being prepared. After a few seconds, You Mian calmed down.

He followed Pei Huaiji and walked up the steps.

The second floor was a narrow corridor with doors on both sides like hotel rooms.

Pei Huaiji suddenly stopped and let You Mian walk in front.

The man said in a low voice, “I’m walking behind you. Don’t worry and don’t run first.”

In this type of haunted house, there would definitely be some exciting games such as a chasing battle. If it was the normal You Mian, Pei Huaiji would never take such excessive care. It was because he knew that You Mian could handle all these unknown and terrifying games.

However, now You Mian couldn’t see anything due to night blindness. He might not even be able to clearly see the steps below his feet.

Only Pei Huaiji would treat him as a fragile vase.

Fortunately, You Mian wasn’t the type of person who would feel that his self-esteem was hurt because he received ‘special care.’

The young man was very well-behaved. He walked quietly in front of Pei Huaiji, and nodded gently to indicate that he heard everything Pei Huaiji said.

You Mian’s hand was cool and soft to the touch, just like a cloud.

In the excessively silent darkness, Pei Huaiji felt for a moment that You Mian could hear his extremely fast heartbeat.

Fortunately, the steps here were very old. The creaking sound concealed some little secrets in the darkness.

Pei Huaiji stood behind You Mian, as tall as a guard. Once they walked up to the third floor, both of them stopped breathing in unison.

It was because even if You Mian couldn’t see clearly, he could vaguely make out countless, densely packed humanoid objects on the third-floor platform.

Pei Huaiji didn’t have time to speak. He reached out and covered You Mian’s mouth from behind to signal for the other person not to make a sound.

In front of him were densely packed white mannequins covering the entire third floor.

[F*k! When Chairman Pei blocks it for Mianmian, can he block it for everyone else in the live stream room? I’m scared to death!]

[Hahahaha, Chairman Pei covered his mouth, not his eyes.]

[Why not cover the eyes?]

[What is this? My god, is it human?]

[Those who have been to the Green Wall Haunted House can only tell you that these are just appetizers.]

At the entrance of the incomparably silent staircase, Pei Huaiji carefully led You Mian to the fourth floor.

The two people obviously walked light enough without making any noise, but when You Mian stepped on the last step of the third floor, the screams controlled by the staff broke out again.

Pei Huaiji’s voice followed closely after the scream. He said in a deep voice, “Run!”

In this situation, Pei Huaiji had no way to lead You Mian to run up. He could only drag You Mian into any room on the fourth floor at the fastest speed, and he reflexively locked it behind him.

Outside the door were the screams and hoarse shouts of a group of weird doll NPCs running up from the third floor.

The barrage became a mess. Pei Huaiji couldn’t help squeezing You Mian’s hand.

Thump thump thump.

The hoarse sounds outside gradually faded away. The moment Pei Huaiji sighed with relief, he heard You Mian laughing from behind him and said, “Chairman Pei, your heart is beating so fast.”

Pei Huaiji’s breathing almost stopped.

You Mian raised his eyes doubtfully. He guessed Pei Huaiji’s position and ‘looked’ at the other person. He said, “It should be that I ran too quickly just now.”

Pei Huaiji pursed his lips to disguise it and hummed.

“It is a bit too dark here.” You Mian didn’t know that his casual words just now almost made the heart of the person in front of him beat wildly. At this moment, he turned his head calmly and started looking for clues.

“There should be tools like flashlights. Can Chairman Pei look for them?”

Pei Huaiji couldn’t see clearly through You Mian, so he stared at this person openly for a while before starting to search the world.

Then after three minutes, Pei Huaiji said softly, “I found it. There is a flashlight and a key.”


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