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CEFYMA: Chapter 37

The regret in Pei Huaiji’s tone was too obvious. Even when the two of them arrived at the end of the queue for the pirate ship ride, You Mian could see him looking at the ice cream in the hands of other children held by their families from time to time.

“Chairman Pei.” You Mian stretched out the ticket in his hand in front of Pei Huaiji and waved it. He said with a smile, “It doesn’t matter if I don’t eat the ice cream.”

Pei Huaiji stood beside him, his tall figure looking majestic and cold.

The moment You Mian said this, his handsome eyebrows furrowed slightly and he said in a deep voice, “But I hope you have it.”

You Mian shook the ticket in a leisurely and relaxed manner. Then he froze in a stunned manner.

Pei Huaiji withdrew his gaze. He put a fist to his lips to cover his mouth and said, “It is just dating etiquette.”

You Mian’s eyes were filled with a smile, and the corners of his lips curved up. “Then let’s go. Go and buy two.”

Pei Huaiji turned to look back at You Mian. There was obviously a bit of surprise when he lowered his eyes.

“Aren’t we going to play the pirate ship?” Pei Huaiji asked.

You Mian’s eyes were bright as he replied softly, “But aren’t we dating?”

Pei Huaiji’s ears turned red.

By the time they came back after buying two ice creams, the line in front of them was much longer.

The sunshine became softer, and the light was no longer hot. The refreshing autumn breeze blew by. You Mian took a bite of the ice cream in his hand, which tasted so sweet.

They stood at the end of the line. The cameraman PD could no longer set up the machine and walked to the pirate ship’s rest area.

The live stream phone was constantly flickering. Before leaving, the PD repeatedly told them not to turn off the live stream.

The comments were posted faster than before. You Mian couldn’t talk to them even if he wanted to.

Therefore, he leaned back slightly. He made sure that Pei Huaiji could see him and asked, “Chairman Pei, what do you think of your first live stream?”

This question was thought about as early as when he was in the staff’s car in the morning.

Would a person like Pei Huaiji, who was in a lofty position, interact with the barrage like You Mian during the live stream?

Pei Huaiji lowered his eyes and looked at You Mian. He raised his hand to support You Mian’s bent back in a position that couldn’t be captured by the camera to prevent the other person from being injured.

“The details of the project were finalized when the contract was signed, so there were no surprises.

Pei Huaiji’s answer was exactly the same as his own. It was clear-cut and always rational and calm.

However, Pei Huaiji noticed the other person’s red ears. He suddenly found that Pei Huaiji blushed really easily.

He didn’t know if it was because the sun was too strong this time. After all, they had been lining up for a long time.

You Mian straightened up. Pei Huaiji also withdrew his arm appropriately.

“They don’t talk much, so there hasn’t been any embarrassment yet,” Pei Huaiji said.

Didn’t talk much?

You Mian looked at the comments frantically filling the screen on his live streaming phone. He felt disbelief and leaned toward Pei Huaiji’s live stream room to take a look.

At this time, the audience in Pei Huaiji’s live stream room saw a chestnut brown curly head suddenly approaching Pei Huaiji’s stern and handsome face.

Pei Huaiji adjusted the camera downwards. Then You Mian’s overly beautiful face was revealed.


[Did Baby Mianmian come to Chairman Pei’s live stream room?]

[Baby Mianmian, look at me, look at me! I’m wearing a cotton worker’s badge.]

[The cotton cultivation base is looking for cotton workers. It doesn’t matter if you were a Yan You or Huoshangjiaoyou fan before or even the more unpopular Guan Mian. The doors of our cotton base are open to everyone!]

[Woo woo woo, I’m screenshotting like crazy. I can die without any regrets.]

[A good match, a good match. Who wouldn’t say it is a good match?]

[An immortal in the world.]

[So Chairman Pei went straight to the pirate ship because he made an appointment with Mianmian, right?]

[Hahaha, don’t mention this. A lot of Yan You and Huoshangjiaoyou friends are about to cry to death.]


[Mianmian was playing a game with Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi just now. Then as soon as the game ended, Miamian ran away. Hahaha.]

[Yes, fortunately, I am growing cotton.]

[Fortunately, I am growing cotton +1.]

[Only Chairman Pei, who has long legs and a narrow waist, can firmly capture Mianmian’s heart.]

[Is this the charm of an old man?]

[Oh, shut up! Be careful in case Chairman Pei deducts your performance.]

You Mian looked up at Pei Huaiji in confusion. Was this what he meant by not talking a lot? It seemed like quite a lot?

The skeptical expression in You Mian’s eyes was too obvious. This caused Pei Huaiji’s heart to jump.

Pei Huaiji leaned forward and pressed his head next to You Mian’s in the camera.

People saw the two of them very close to each other. Pei Huaiji was slightly taller, and his black hair blocked the sunlight behind him. His black eyes and black eyebrows were particularly cold.

The man’s jaw angle was sharp, his eyes were domineering, and he had a frown that could make people’s hearts palpitate.

On the other hand, You Mian leaned on Pei Huaiji’s right side and had chestnut brown, curly hair that exuded a soft light under the sunlight. His body was warm, and he looked like sunshine.

The amber eyes widened slightly as he read the comments. A little bit of green could be seen in them.

Suddenly, his eyes curved as he smiled. He was so beautiful that it made people speechless.

“Hey, why are you like this? Are you waiting for others to order dishes?” You Mian asked in a joking manner.

It was because You Mian discovered that the moment Pei Huaiji appeared in the live stream room, all the lively interactions just now disappeared and were replaced by extremely polite exchanges.

[I think the pirate ship ride is a bit dangerous. Chairman Pei and You Mian should pay attention to safety.]

[The sun is a bit bright. The show’s staff should equip them with a sun umbrella.]

[Is Chairman Pei tired?]

[Come here and see Xiao Mian.]

You Mian left Pei Huaiji’s live stream room with a dumbfounded smile. He leaned over toward his own live stream room and found that the comments were still crazily filling the screen as before.

Perhaps it was You Mian’s smiling expression that made Pei Huaiji pay attention. The next second, a particularly stern face suddenly appeared in You Mian’s live stream room.

Pei Huaiji’s height prevented him from being fully shown, so only part of his chin was exposed in the live stream room.

The man’s thin lips pursed slightly, and his Adam’s apple moved heavily.

The key points were accurately captured in the comments that were constantly flowing in the live stream room.

“What is a cotton cultivation base?” Pei Huaiji’s observation ability was terrifyingly keen. He instantly caught why this group of comments was crazy. Then he noticed a few more and asked, “Who is Brother Chair?”


[Ahhh, Chairman Pei, get out quickly. This isn’t the place where you should be.]

[It is too crazy. I don’t want Chairman Pei to have a bad impression of Mianmian.]

[Chairman Pei won’t be angry.]

You Mian understood the audience’s fear of Pei Huaiji. But he also understood Pei Huaiji, so he had to defend the other person. “Chairman Pei won’t be angry. Don’t worry, everyone.”

You Mian’s voice was so friendly that it almost instantly silenced the live stream room that was filled with terrible comments.

Pei Huaiji’s chuckle came from beside him, and he asked lightly, “You seem to understand these words very well.”

You Mian felt his heart shivering.

Sure enough, Pei Huaiji no longer clung to the audience in the live stream room. He shifted his questions to You Mian. “Do you know where the cotton cultivation base is? Why are they doing this in the live stream room?”

The man’s usually calm eyes were now full of doubts.

You Mian held up the live stream phone and was stunned for half a second. Just as he was so nervous that he didn’t know what to do, the team that had been stagnant in front of him moved forward.

You Mian immediately put down his live stream phone. He grabbed Pei Huaiji’s wrist and walked forward.

“The ride is about to start. Let’s go up.”

Pei Huaiji instantly put his previous doubts to the back of his mind. He stared intently at the position where You Mian was holding his wrist.

There was plenty of space on the pirate ship. The more than a dozen people in their group walked in together.

The staff member waiting at the entrance of the ride took the phones of the two people and signaled to them that they could go up.

You Mian smiled and asked, “There is no question and answer game this time?”

The staff member, who was wearing a mask, smiled when he heard the words and replied, “That interactive session is only at the Rapids ride.”

You Mian pulled Pei Huaiji directly onto the pirate ship.

“The back might be too exciting. Shall we sit in the middle?” You Mian asked.

Pei Huaiji answered casually, “Anything is fine.” He had never played it before.

You Mian could also guess that Pei Huaiji had never played on such rides, so he directly pulled Pei Huaiji to sit in the middle of the third or fourth row.

The amusement park’s staff came up to check that their seat belts were fastened.

Once all the preparations were in place, the unrelated people stepped back and stood on the stage outside the ride. Pei Huaiji suddenly realized that this was a rare moment of alone time between him and You Mian.

There was no PD following him before, but the existence of the live stream room still made Pei Huaiji feel uncomfortable.

Now their discussions and exchanges wouldn’t be aired live in real time and were absolutely hidden.

Pei Huaiji tensed his shoulders and glanced sideways at You Mian.

The sun hit the side of the young man’s face, creating a blur of bright light and shadow.

You Mian noticed Pei Huaiji’s gaze and couldn’t help smiling. He asked very softly, “Chairman Pei, are you afraid?”

Pei Huaiji shook his head calmly. Then he asked, “Were you with Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi before?”

You Mian blinked and nodded. “Yes.”

“Did you have fun?” Pei Huaiji asked very casually.

He originally thought that it was fine as long as You Mian was happy now. Then after learning that You Mian had met Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi, Pei Huaiji’s first thought wasn’t about anything else but how You Mian was feeling at that time.

Was You Mian happy?

Pei Huaiji hadn’t forgotten You Mian’s resistance to You Mian or the fact that he wasn’t familiar with Huo Yanzhi in the house.

So in such a situation, would You Mian feel embarrassed?

Pei Huaiji looked at the young man seriously while quietly waiting for You Mian’s answer.

You Mian thought for a while before answering honestly, “The ride was fun, but the people weren’t interesting.”

Pei Huaiji was a person who made him feel absolutely safe. You Mian had no worries about the consequences of telling Pei Huaiji these words.

He wasn’t worried at all. He wasn’t on guard against Pei Huaiji.

A very shallow smile appeared in Pei Huaiji’s eyes. “You don’t like them.”

You Mian really looked at Pei Huaiji with some surprise this time.

Pei Huaiji had previously tried several times to ask about his family background and identity. You Mian had strongly refused to answer, but he knew that this type of information would be known sooner or later, even if Pei Huaiji didn’t intend to find it.

Due to this, what really surprised him at this moment was that Pei Huaiji didn’t know about his complicated relationship with the You family and Yan Tingxuan.

The surprise in You Mian’s eyes was obvious. Pei Huaiji explained casually, “Again and again, I remember what you said.” Then he did it.

You Mian’s information was still in the cabinet of Pei Huaiji’s office and had never been opened.

The mechanical sound of the pirate ship starting was heard under their feet.

The sound of wind filled their ears as they slowly hurtled toward the sky.

The swinging arc of the pirate ship was getting wider and wider, and it was becoming more and more terrifying.

Under the gradually rising excitement, You Mian heard Pei Huaiji suddenly say from beside him, “Don’t call me Chairman Pei from now on.”

You Mian tightly grasped the bar in front of him. The terrifying swing and weightlessness made his adrenaline surge.

“Then what should I call you?” You Mian asked with a loud laugh.

Pei Huaiji’s voice was heard after a while.

“Call it whatever you like.”

Pei Huaiji looked sideways at You Mian, who was laughing happily. He thought to himself, ‘You can do whatever you want.’

This was a beautiful white bird whose wings were suddenly broken.

He was supposed to soar in the sky, under the sun.

He should fly freely wherever he wanted.


The inclination of the pirate ship reached the maximum level. The screams and shouts of countless people could be heard from near and far away. Some people were already crying out of fear.

The pirate ship paused at this terrible slope for a few seconds before suddenly swinging forward!

“Pei Huaiji!” You Mian shouted with a loud laugh. “Is the pirate ship fun? Are you happy?”

The young man’s bright smile and beautiful side profile were reflected directly in Pei Huaiji’s eyes.

Pei Huaiji’s expression changed as he stared at You Mian. The simple words ‘appreciation’ and ‘cherishing talent’ seemed unable to contain the surging emotions he was feeling at this moment.

The smile in the man’s eyes grew bigger and bigger. He said with a smile, “I’m happy.”

The handshake when they first met, the mint candy box clenched in his hand, the Marsala wine that lifted his inner curiosity, the hand that accidentally touched his earlobe when choosing a favorite guest, the snooker game where he scored 7 points…

There was no one who wouldn’t like You Mian, who was flamboyant and beautiful.


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