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CEFYMA: Chapter 36

There was already a long queue at the entrance of the ride. By the time Huo Yanzhi walked down from the starting stage with the cameraman behind him, he could no longer see You Mian’s figure.

Huo Yanzhi wanted to ask, but for some reason, he hesitated for a few seconds. Finally, he pretended to be casual and asked sarcastically, “What about him? Where is he?”

Yan Tingxuan had just got off the water boat. He took off his wet raincoat as You Mian had down and threw it into the trash.

The moment he heard Huo Yanzhi’s words, Yan Tingxuan stared at him with a smile. He also put on the gold-rimmed glasses he had taken off before.


Huo Yanzhi was stunned when he heard this.

Yan Tingxuan leisurely admired Huo Yanzhi’s complicated expression before explaining, “He’s gone. He wants to go through the maze alone.”

Huo Yanzhi suddenly froze. He originally thought that the three of them would walk together until they left this maze together.

Unexpectedly, You Mian left first.

Yan Tingxuan put his hands in his pockets. He raised his merciless eyes with a smile still on his face. “What about you? Do you want to go alone or together?”

In fact, it didn’t matter if the two remaining guests of the lily of the valley side actually walked together or separately.

In his current mood, Yan Tingxuan had no intention of joking with Huo Yanzhi. He just asked a casual question before turning and walking toward the entrance of the maze on the opposite side.

Huo Yanzhi clicked his tongue and followed.

“Let’s go. I finally met someone, and in any case, Bai Lin isn’t here,” Huo Yanzhi said.

Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi walked side by side toward the maze. Yan Tingxuan raised an eyebrow and smiled. He raised his hand to pat Huo Yanzhi’s shoulder and seriously said, “You miss him a lot.”

The live stream room in front of the two people wasn’t turned off, and the barrage was still scrolling.

It was just that the number of people in both of their live stream rooms was slightly smaller than You Mian’s room.

Hearing the words ‘Bai Lin’ appear, some of the comments in the barrage instantly went crazy.

Huo Yanzhi suppressed the strange mood in his heart that wanted to refute it. The corners of his mouth twitched, and he snorted lightly.

In fact, Huo Yanzhi wasn’t very happy the moment he walked off the starting stage without seeing You Mian.

Could it be because You Mian left?

Huo Yanzhi’s expression became even more grim when he thought of this. His rough eyebrows were slightly gathered together. Anyone who saw him could tell he was lost in thought.

The moment the two people left, Yun Guanqing held up his live stream phone and walked into the square of the ‘Rapids’ ride.

The long-haired man wore a camel-colored short coat and black boots. His gorgeous eyes were covered with sunglasses, and only his delicate jawline was exposed. He was a natural darling in front of the camera.

Yun Guanqing’s appearance caused quite a riot among the tourists who were lining up.

Many people ran out of the long queue, holding up the notebooks they took out of their bags for a signature.

“Ahhh! Is it Yun Guanqing?”

“Yes, it’s him! Hurry and go ask for a photo!”

A large number of people instantly gathered around, but Yun Guanqing didn’t show an anxious expression at all despite being surrounded by the crowd. Instead, he raised his hand and took off his sunglasses, saying with a smile, “I am filming a show now. Time is running out. Can you take group photos with everyone?”

A large group of people didn’t feel unhappy at all when hearing this. They all agreed happily.

After the group photo, Yun Guanqing looked for a familiar figure at the end of the crowd while holding up his live stream phone.

After looking around and finding out that there was no one, Yun Guanqing frowned and asked. “Has anyone seen a chestnut-haired young man come here? He has curly hair, is very beautiful, and is around this tall compared to me.”

Yun Guanqing made a height gesture in front of passersby.

A passerby covered his mouth to suppress his screams and said with a smile. “I think I saw him. He is gone now.”

Yun Guanqing’s eyes widened. “Gone?”

He finally followed the map in the barrage only to be told that You Mian was gone?

Temper suddenly surged in Yun Guanqing’s brain, causing his smile to freeze a bit.

“Okay. Thank you.”

Yun Guanqing thanked the passersby. Then when he looked up, he realized that countless comments in the live stream room were saying that You Mian had left. Huo Yanzhi and Yan Tingxuan were among the people with him just now.

Yun Guanqing was wearing sunglasses, so the fans in his live stream room couldn’t clearly see his frown.

“The three of them were together?”

Yun Guanqing couldn’t help envying the two people’s bad luck at this moment. Those who really wanted it couldn’t get it, while those who didn’t want to meet the person could meet them everywhere.

“You guys, go to the other live stream rooms to inquire. Where is You Mian going now?”

Yun Guanqing stood in the wide square and sighed helplessly.

According to the game rules given by the show’s staff, he had arrived at this ride and must wait for another guest to appear. At least two people needed to go on the ride before continuing to walk through the maze.

Therefore, Yun Guanqing had no choice but to stand at the Rapids ride and wait.

The barrage quickly started again.

[Reporting from the front, You Mian met Guan Tong at the carousel.]

[You Mian is with Guan Tong!]

[The two of them are ready to play the game!]

Yun Guanqing took a breath. He really couldn’t see the person he wanted to see. Why was the fate between him and You Mian so shallow?

Then when he saw the barrage saying that You Mian met Guan Tong alone, Yun Guanqing smiled happily again.

So what if Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi met You Mian in advance? They were thrown away by him.

At this moment, in another huge and flat square, a handsome man wearing a long black trench coat was sitting alone on a bench.

Pei Huaiji’s cold side profile was looking down at the live stream phone in front of him. His thin lips pursed slightly, and his expression was so indifferent that it was hard to guess what he was thinking. The sunlight jumped across the bridge of his handsome nose, and the light had become less harsh.

There were screams and cheers from the pirate ship in the distance. The terrifying arc of the ship swinging in the sky made people fearful at first glance.

Various comments were constantly being posted on the barrage of the live stream room. Almost all of them constantly mentioned the words ‘You Mian.’

Pei Huaiji glanced at it casually and said in a deep voice, “There is no need to urge him.”

The barrage in the live stream room all stopped, and they started to use restraint. Okay, they would listen to Chairman Pei’s kind words and not jump up and down to eat CP in other people’s live stream rooms. They were very well-behaved.

The sunlight was no longer dazzling, but the heat was still there.

Pei Huaiji looked down at the ice cream in his hand. The cream was slowly sliding downwards and was about to drip on the ground.

[Chairman Pei, eat quickly. If you don’t eat it, it will melt!]

[Last time, my whole family went to play in this maze amusement park. The matcha ice cream at the pirate ship is super delicious! There is always a long queue!]

[Yes, Chairman Pei lined up for half an hour.]

[Why is Chairman Pei looking at this ice cream with such indifference? Is he angry?]

[How can that be? Don’t make blind guesses.]

[The show’s staff is all at fault for setting the map live stream in such a confusing way and changing it once in a while, so that the little sisters in Mianmian’s live stream room gave the wrong route.]

[Baby Mian’s expression was stunned when he arrived at the carousel hahaha.]

[It is so hard for my little couple to meet. I am crying.]

Just as the barrage was chatting vigorously, he saw Pei Huaiji suddenly standing up.

The audience in the live stream room was taken aback.

[Chairman Pei isn’t leaving, is he? No no no.]

[The cotton workers will never admit defeat. I am kneeling down on the ground and begging Chairman Pei. Please wait for Mianmian.]

[Ahhh, who will stop him?]

[My CP faces a BE crisis every day? Is this the charm of raw food? (serene).]

[Concern leads to chaos. If there is no other guest, Chairman Pei can’t leave even if he wants to.]

However, the tense atmosphere had already spread in the live stream room. The voice of reason was temporarily drowned out by a group of panicked remarks.

No matter how fierce the barrages in the live stream were, Pei Huaiji’s footsteps didn’t stop.

Just as some people thought Pei Huaiji was about to leave, they saw the man walking to the flower bed to the right of the bench and standing there. He handed the ice cream in his hand, which had almost melted in the sun, to the curly-haired little boy who had been standing there and staring at it eagerly.

The little boy was so frightened by Pei Huaiji’s excessive height that he wanted to turn around and run back to find his mother.

However, the ice cream handed over by the other party was one he had been craving for a long time. The boy never expected that Pei Huaiji would actually take the initiative to give it to him.

As the little boy was hesitating, Pei Huaiji said in a loud voice, “It is almost melted. I still have to wait for someone. If you don’t eat it, I’ll throw it away.”

Hearing this, the boy didn’t dare to hesitate. He immediately reached out and took the matcha ice cream from Pei Huaiji’s hand. He tilted his head and ate the cream that was about to slip off the crispy crust.

“Thank you, Brother.” The little boy’s eyes narrowed happily, and shouted in a lively manner after eating the delicious food he had dreamed of.

Pei Huaiji looked at the boy’s brown, curly hair and couldn’t help replying, “You’re welcome.”

The curly-haired boy had just run away with a breathless male voice coming from behind him.

Pei Huaiji’s heart skipped a beat. Before he could turn around, he heard the other person gasping before saying in a clear, bright, and lively voice, “Chairman Pei, have you been waiting for a long time?”

The screams from the pirate ship in the distance couldn’t stop Pei Huaiji’s heartbeat at this moment.

The moment Pei Huaiji turned around, he saw You Mian bending over, his hands on his knees. He breathed calmly while tilting his head and slightly raising his chin when looking over. His eyes were so bright that it made people’s hearts palpitate.

You Mian’s forehead and the bridge of his nose were covered in fine sweat.

The young man seemed relieved after seeing Pei Huaiji. He got up and smiled. “I almost broke my promise. Fortunately, I made it in time.”

You Mian had taken a wrong turn at the fork in the road and arrived at the carousel. Guan Tong happened to have been waiting there for over 10 minutes. The two of them quickly completed the ride in perfect harmony.

Guan Tong said it was boring for two iris guests to go together. You Mian saw this and rushed to the pirate ship.

Halfway through, he inexplicably saw comments in the live stream room that Chairman Pei was about to leave. You Mian thought he was going to miss Chairman Pei again and hurriedly ran.

He hadn’t expected to really catch up with Pei Huaiji.

Pei Huaiji asked You Mian to sit on the bench. He looked at the live stream room with slightly dull eyes and said casually, “Didn’t I say that you didn’t need to urge him?”

The man’s voice was calm and intimidating, frightening the live stream room.

Pei Huaiji finished speaking and looked at You Mian helplessly. “How could you forget that I can’t leave without two guests completing the task together.”

You Mian sat on the bench. The dazzling sunlight in front of him was blocked by Pei Huaiji. He heard this and looked stunned for a second. Then he raised his chin and laughed softly as if laughing at himself.

“I forgot,” the young man said.

“It is a bit unlucky that the ice cream I wanted to give you was just given away,” Pei Huaiji said while turning to look at the ice cream store just now. He originally wanted to buy another one before You Mian came, but now it didn’t seem too likely.

Pei Huaiji was seriously considering if the child would cry if he snatched back the ice cream from the little boy’s hand.


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