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CEFYMA: Chapter 35

The moment the on-site timer rang, Huo Yanzhi and Yan Tingxuan directly put down their pens and turned their boards over. They seemed to be very confident in the answer they had just written.

[There is something I don’t know if I can say or not.]

[Hahaha, did Mianmian eat dessert in the house? They remember it so clearly.]

[I feel great, thank you.]

[Don’t be happy in advance, haha. Look at Mianmian’s answer. They will be slapped in the face if they answer incorrectly.]

[Brother Yan, come on! He loves it!]

You Mian turned his board around at the last moment of the timer.

After seeing his answer, the host NPC compared it with the answer on the hand cards that had been taken in advance. She nodded. “All three people answered this question correctly. Each of you will earn one point.”

You Mian lowered his eyes and wiped the whiteboard. He wanted to frown but held back due to the camera in front of him and the audience in the live stream room.

What happened to Huo Yanzhi and Yan Tingxuan? Were they so afraid of riding on this high-rise boat?

Before he could think about it, the next question from the host NPC came.

“Please answer one activity that You Mian chooses to do when he is stressed.”

The moment this question was asked, Huo Yanzhi and Yan Tingxuan once again picked up the whiteboard pen and wrote down the answer without hesitation.

The audience in the barrage couldn’t help participate in answering.

[I don’t know if it will be in the main episode, but I guess it is jogging?]

[What to do when stressed is probably something to relieve stress. Mianmian is an art student, so it might be painting.]

[The trailer shows two frames of Mianmian and Chairman Pei driving out to purchase ingredients. Since Mianmian can drive, it might be going for a drive?]

[Kiss! Kiss! It must be a kiss when feeling stressed!]

[…Shut up with these dangerous comments.]

You Mian was no longer surprised when hearing the sound of writing coming from both sides. He calmly wrote down the answer to the question asked the show’s staff during the interview before. Then he turned the whiteboard around.


Huo Yanzhi and Yan Tingxuan’s boards also had the exact same word written on them.

The host NPC didn’t know the inside story, so she just smiled and said, “It seems that everyone has a high level of understanding of each other.”

Huo Yanzhi’s happy mood about answering the question correctly changed when he heard this. His brows that were raised just now slightly lowered and he wiped the handwriting on the board with the eraser a bit harder.

Yan Tingxuan smiled and said nothing. It was hard to tell what he was thinking.

“Each of the three people scored one point for this question.”

“Next question.”

Accompanied by the host NPC’s voice, the barrage flashed across the screen the moment they saw the answers of the three people.

[Hey hey hey, if the three of you keep doing this then I will start spreading rumors.]

[What is the situation? This must be a private communication, right?]

[Sudoku! Licking Baby Mian. D*mn, suddenly I feel it is sexy.]

[Huo: confident. Yan: more confident.]

[Hahahahah, it is really a paradise for fans and friends.]

[I don’t know where my Brother Chair is. I am biting the quilt tightly.]

[In the end, why is Chairman Pei always called Brother Chair? It doesn’t sound nice. Can’t we just directly call him Pei Huaiji? Chairman Pei’s name is very good.]


[…It is because I always feel a chill in my heart directly calling out ‘Pei Huaiji.’]

[JL’s team of lawyers is here to serve you wholeheartedly.]

“Please answer what You Mian thinks he is best at.”

Huo Yanzhi looked at the clean whiteboard that had just been wiped and suddenly slowed down. His fingers holding the pen trembled slightly as if hesitating over whether he should write or not.

The next second, the sound of writing came from the side. It was You Mian and Yan Tingxuan answering the question.

Huo Yanzhi no longer hesitated. He immediately wrote down the correct answer.

The depressed mood that disturbed his inner thoughts since he joined the show hadn’t disappeared with time but appeared more and more frequently. It increasingly affected his entire state.

The host NPC looked at the answers of the three people and raised his hand. “Congratulations to Huo Yanzhi and You Mian for each earning one point.”

“The correct answer is color perception.”

Huo Yanzhi’s eyes softened for a moment as he lowered his head.

Yan Tingxuan looked at the word ‘sculpture’ that he answered and smiled bitterly. There was a hint of loneliness in his expression.

[If Huo Yanzhi had a tail on his back, it would be wagging now like a big dog.]

[I declare that in this duel between the two, Huo is temporarily victorious!]

The next questions were about Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi from time to time, but most of them still revolved around You Mian.

In the answering session, Huo Yanzhi seemed to have opened a cheat. He could answer all questions about You Mian correctly, and it was even faster than You Mian wrote it.

You Mian could now maintain his calm appearance when he heard the host NPC say ‘Huo Yanzhi has earned one point.’

Had he convulsed?

Maybe Huo Yanzhi forgot that this was a variety show? This scene would be included in the main episode aired later. If he acted like this now, how would it end then?

However, these thoughts only flashed through You Mian’s mind. Huo Yanzhi had nothing to do with him.

What he needed to worry about now was that the person who was going to take the water boat soon was probably him.

You Mian smiled helplessly and wrote down the answer to the question just now. He didn’t know the color and brand of the boxing gloves Huo Yanzhi was accustomed to using now, but he knew that the other person used Winning white boxing gloves a long time ago.

Since he was unsure and because he didn’t want to get the answer right, You Mian wrote another brand that Huo Yanzhi probably didn’t use.

Sure enough, the host NPC announced that Huo Yanzhi and Yan Tingxuan got one point for this question.

However, the correct answer turned out to be Winning white boxing gloves.

You Mian lowered his eyes and sneered slightly. His emotions were unknown.

The barrage scrolled across the screen very quickly. Everyone seemed to be excited about the tacit understanding between them, but there were still a few inappropriate and provoking comments that appeared.

[I advise the Huoshangjiaoyou CP fans not to be too ostentatious. I have news from the internal staff. Huo Yanzhi’s favorite guest is Bai Lin.]


[D*mn, I’m here to beg for food again.]

[Huo Bai is the real one! You Mian doesn’t even know the brand and color of Huo Yanzhi’s commonly used boxing gloves. How can you still ship this type of CP? Let’s just eat something good.]

[I’m speechless. Can Bai Lin’s fans stop talking so badly?]

[So What if You Mian answers incorrectly? Huo Yanzhi answered all four questions about You Mian correctly. Isn’t this a big dog wagging his tail for attention? Can’t I just take it as one-sided liking?]

[Hahaha, Huo Yanzhi is a WPE gold medal boxer. What nonsense about a dog? Only a student from A college like Bai Lin can be worthy of him.]

[There are many private photos of Bai Lin and Huo Yanzhi. Do you want me to send them to you? I’m laughing to death.]

The ID that jumped up and down in the barrage was the same person. Before other fans could reply, the host NPC was heard smiling and reminding, “The person currently in the lead is Huo Yanzhi. The other two guests should work hard. This is the last question.”

“Please answer what color Bai Lin is most accustomed to using for the bottom layer when layering?”

The question suddenly mentioned Bai Lin. The three people present were slightly shocked.

Unexpectedly, You Mian was the fastest among the three to write the answer.

The other two people frowned and thought for a long time before writing.

The reason why You Mian wrote so quickly was because he didn’t know at all. It was going to be wrong, so he might as well write something at random.

Huo Yanzhi stumbled and wrote a color. The state of emptiness that seemed to float in the air without a landing point wrapped around him again.

Why didn’t he know? Or maybe he did know, but why didn’t he write it down?

Obviously, he knew all the questions about You Mian just now.

When asked about Bai Lin, he should answer even more quickly, but he didn’t know it.

Huo Yanzhi’s head dropped lower and lower. His fingers holding the pen clenched violently.

He really didn’t know what color Bai Lin liked to use as the base when painting oil paintings.

What made Huo Yanzhi even more devastated was that the first thing to come to mind was the oil painting that You Mian painted when he was spending time with You Mian in college.

You Mian liked to use orange as the base. He remembered it clearly.

“……” Huo Yanzhi pursed his lips tightly. The veins on his forehead slightly bulged, his shoulders were tense, and his muscle lines were clear.

In this state, the man seemed to have been hit by something. It was to a degree that made him feel a bit lost.

A beep sounded at the scene.

The host asked the three of them to show their answers. Then her voice sounded somewhat surprised. “It is a pity. All three people answered this question incorrectly. No one earned a point.”

“So the ultimate winner is Huo Yanzhi! Congratulations!”

You Mian and Yan Tingxuan applauded politely.

The moment the NPC’s task was over and the show had enough recording material, the staff in orange-red clothes stepped forward and handed over plastic raincoats to You Mian and Yan Tingxuan.

Huo Yanzhi was still sitting on the high chair with his head hanging down. He obviously hadn’t emerged from the mood of the game just now.

You Mian was a bit surprised that both Huo Yanzhi and Yan Tingxuan failed to answer the last question correctly, but it wasn’t that surprising.

He didn’t want to think about these troublesome things, so he took the raincoat from the staff member and put it on.

It was quite annoying to have to take the water boat after losing the game.

You Mian put on the pink raincoat. His chestnut hair was pressed under the plastic hat, and it made his eyes brighter.

As everyone got ready, the barrage was laughing like crazy.

[Is Huo Yanzhi really familiar with Bai Lin? Why can’t he even answer this question?]

[Where was that ID just now? Why is it missing? You were laughing to death. Now we are the ones laughing to death.]


[It isn’t only Huo Yanzhi. Even Yan Tingxuan answered incorrectly.]

[It is bright yellow. I’m speechless.]

[Huo Yanzhi’s answer is orange and Yan Tingxuan’s answer is blue. So Huo Yanzhi’s answer is slightly closer.]

[D*mn, I just want to quietly watch Baby Mianmian playing games. Can the others stop arguing?]

[Baby Mianmian. Kiss, ahhhh. So cute. The baby in the pink raincoat is so cute!]

[Quickly screenshot, quickly screenshot!]

You Mian was wearing a raincoat and standing to the side. He waited for the staff to prepare the water boat that was about to depart.

The boy stood quietly at the back of the crowd with lowered eyes. The position was very close to the live streaming phone so that everyone could see his expression clearly.

Due to the game session just now, the barrage was full of excitement. Then the boy suddenly lowered his head and yawned softly.



[Hahahahahaha, Mianmian must be bored.]

[Baby Mianmian’s inner thoughts: No Brother Chair, unhappy.]

[Brother Chair, come and save Mianmian from this boring hell!]

It didn’t take long to prepare. Then after a few minutes, the staff members signaled You Mian and Yan Tingxuan to sit on it.

You Mian didn’t want to sit in front of Yan Tingxuan, so he waved his hand to the other party and signaled for him to go first.

Yan Tingxuan wore a blue raincoat and smiled at You Mian. “I am tall. If I sit in front, you will be squeezed so much that you can’t stretch out your legs.”

As the two of them were talking, the host’s voice came from behind. “Huo Yanzhi, as the winner, you can choose to participate or not. Do you want to participate?”

The host knew in advance that the show they were recording was a love variety show. She seemed to be very happy to see this type of shura scene.

You Mian took a deep breath when he heard this. It was already very uncomfortable to sit with  Yan Tingxuan. Could it be that Huo Yanzhi also wanted to join in on the fun?

Before Huo Yanzhi could reply, Yan Tingxuan, who was standing by the water boat and about to get in, suddenly turned around and said with a smile, “Hey, don’t come. This boat is quite small. if you come, it will be too crowded.”

Huo Yanzhi stood in the rear and pursed his lips, his expression showing no emotions.

“Didn’t you answer the questions very vigorously just now? If you get on the boat, doesn’t it mean you answered in vain?”

Yan Tingxuan spoke clearly and blocked the way for Huo Yanzhi to agree to get on the boat.

You Mian rarely agreed with Yan Tingxuan’s words. He urged the other party to get on the boat.

[Is this a reward or punishment? Hahahaha.]

[Huo Yanzhi has to watch Yan You go away on the boat, hahahaha.]

[The game is designed, so you might as well lose. Then you can hold Mianmian.]

[Yan Tingxuan can’t hug. He can’t hug when sitting in front.]

[Yan You! Yan You! Yan You friends go see!]

You Mian sat in the back of the water boat under the instructions of the staff members. As Yan Tingxuan said just now, his legs really couldn’t squeeze in. He could only sit down while slightly bending his legs.

“Grab the shoulders or waist of the person in front of you, or you will be easily thrown out,” the staff member reminded him.

Yan Tingxuan sat in front. His fingers holding the iron bar suddenly became numb. The waiting process wasn’t long, but he was anxious.

Then he heard You Mian say from behind, “No need. I’ll just grab this pole next to me.”

The staff member didn’t continue to persuade him. “Okay, you can hold it.”

Yan Tingxuan: “……”

The water boat wasn’t a time-consuming ride. IT was just going down from the top.


There was a loud shout from the staff member. Then the entire water boat suddenly flew out from the vertical downward curve.

You Mian closed his eyes tightly, hearing the sound of water splashing in his ears. A strong weightless feeling came from the soles of his feet, making him almost raise his hand to grab the shoulders of the person in front of him.

But even though his subconscious instincts were at work, You Mian tried his best not to move his hand for even a moment, and he kept holding the iron bar beside him.


Yan Tingxuan shouted from the front. His voice was lively, and he seemed to be enjoying himself.

Bean-sized water droplets fell on the two people. They were flung over the vertical curve, and the two people took the water boat to the smooth slide.

Rides like the water boat were very quick and ended in almost the blink of an eye. The game experience was really short and fast.

The raincoats they wore protected them from the splashing water and at least ensured that their clothes were dry.

The weightless feeling of falling from a height would indeed make their adrenaline surge for a few seconds.

Therefore, even You Mian’s eyes were bright as he stepped out of the water boat under the guidance of the staff despite feeling a bit uncomfortable from the weightlessness just now. He was obviously a bit excited.

Yan Tingxuan couldn’t help being fascinated for a few seconds.

You Mian took off his raincoat and swept away his curly hair in front of his eyes. He threw the disposable clothes into the trash. Then he said goodbye to Yan Tingxuan, who had just come out next to him and turned to leave.

It was obvious that he didn’t want to act together.

Yan Tingxuan frowned sharply. He just wanted to catch up when he heard the shouts of the staff member behind him.

You Mian’s eyes lit up when he got rid of Huo Yanzhi and Yan Tingxuan.

The moment he took back the live streaming phone from the PD’s hand, he saw the barrage on it frantically filling the screen.

[Baby Mianmian, look at the barrage. Chairman Pei is waiting for you at the pirate ship!]

[Chairman Pei looks pitiful, weak, and innocent, hahaha.]

[Is Chairman Pei waiting for you? What shady deal did you make? Tell me quickly. I’ll grab a pen and remember it.]

[For the pirate ship, you need to turn left when entering the maze and then go straight…]

You Mian saw the map clearly written by the fans and also the news that Pei Huaiji was waiting for him.

His eyes curved as he smiled and said, “Then let’s go play the pirate ship as the next stop.”


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