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CEFYMA: Chapter 34

The sun gradually became dazzling. Fortunately, the queue area was covered by a roof, so it didn’t make people feel bored.

All the rides of this amusement park arranged by the show were scattered within the green maze. However, each ride actually occupied a large area. It was enough to accommodate the passenger flow during holidays.

This was a water ride, so even if he stood at the end of the line, he could hear the screams of other tourists.

You Mian pursed his lips and looked out the side railing. Blue water splashed down from the sky and stood just at the start of the queue at the entrance of the ride. This way, other tourists wouldn’t get wet.

You Mian hide his impatience very well. At the very least, the audience in the camera would only feel that the young man was in a daze when looking at his side profile.

[I think this group is quite good. Sisters who have been to other live stream rooms, can you tell me what is going on outside?]

[There is no way. The Green Maze Amusement Park has become an Internet celebrity check-in spot. No matter whether it is filming a show or a movie, it is almost impossible to book it. Just want another ten minutes or so, and they should be able to arrive at the front of the line.]

[The other guests haven’t seen any rides. They are still spinning around in the maze…]

[I’m crying to death. What about Brother Chair?]

[I don’t know. Obviously, someone in the barrage told him You Mian’s location, but he didn’t come.]

[?? Is my CP a bad ending even before airing?]

[I’m laughing to death. You unilaterally pull people to ship CP. Let me ask if the chairman of JL agrees or not? Isn’t this a slap in the face?]


[What type of monster posted the barrage just now? Oh, a fan of Bai Lin, right? It isn’t surprising.]

[Isn’t Bai Lin not participating in this date? The official Weibo gave a notification.]

[Report this type of hostile ID to the staff of the show to block.]

[Who knows? It is deliberately increasing its sense of existence. I have seen this ID in the live stream rooms of several other guests.]

[I don’t know which ‘little actor’ this is, but he has established CP fanbases with all the guests before the show started filming. This mind can be understood without saying it.]

[Reporting back. Brother Chair just asked the barrage where the pirate ship ride is. He seems to be going there.]

[?? F*k, is that true? Who is at the pirate ship?]

[No one is there. None of the other guests have come out of the maze. Chairman Pei is now walking in the direction of the pirate ship, and he will probably arrive soon.]

You Mian didn’t pay attention to the comments in the barrage. Suddenly, he heard Yan Tingxuan click his tongue from behind him.

The two of them stood at the end of the line for ten minutes. The line of tourists had advanced, but there were no new tourists behind them.

You Mian turned his head to look when he heard the sound. He quietly frowned.

What bad luck did he have today?

The person who came had a short-cropped haircut and fierce eyebrows. The muscular lines of his strong arms exuded a sense of strength under the gray sweater. Huo Yanzhi approached with long legs, and there was a hint of surprise and confusion in his eyes.

“the two of you are here.” The corners of Huo Yanzhi’s mouth twitched before he greeted them with a smile. “What a coincidence.”

It wasn’t known what was going on with Yan Tingxuan today. He seemed to still have the gloomy aura from last night. He responded indifferently to Huo Yanzhi’s greeting.

The three people looked very unfamiliar with each other.

The barrage burst out laughing and started joking.

[They are people who have stayed in the same house for a few days. Why do they still seem so unfamiliar?]

[I’m laughing to death. This is the first time I have seen Huo Yanzhi’s expression like this.]

[Love rivals are extremely jealous when they meet.]

[Add fuel to the fire and charge! Brother Huo, come out! Baby Mian Mian hasn’t been moved by any guests yet. Go and grab him!]

[S*it! Brother Yan was here first.]

[I am a dog. I will say it first. I want a shura field, I want a shura field!]

[Yan Tingxuan’s expression is obviously very stinky.]

[I have to say that these three people really look unfamiliar with each other.]

[Haha, I think Mian Mian looks embarrassed. He doesn’t talk much anymore. He was obviously very lively and cute in the car before. Why is he so silent now?]

[It means he isn’t moved! My Brother Chair who isn’t here, please rush rush rush.]

[Brother Chair went to find the pirate ship. It seems that shura field is a field for the Yan friends and Huo friends to aggravate the situation.]

It wasn’t known what the situation was. Perhaps the awkward atmosphere was also heard by God, but the group of tourists who had been waiting ten minutes without moving was now suddenly moving forward.

You Mian nodded politely at Huo Yanzhi. Then he mercilessly withdrew his gaze and followed the unfamiliar tourists in front of him to move forward.

This was even though he knew it was a show and there was a high probability that the three of them would be arranged on the same boat.

Still, You Mian held onto expectations he shouldn’t have. He thought it would be great if he could follow the unfamiliar tourists in front of him and squeeze into the same boat as them.

Just as You Mian was talking forward with small steps, a corner of the queue railing appeared in front of him. He turned the corner, and an amusement park attendant wearing orange-red overalls lowered the crossbar at the entrance. He raised his arms to make a stop gesture.

“Sorry, there are too many people. The three of you are just enough for one boat. Please wait a moment.”

You Mian: “……”


Yan Tingxuan stared at You Mian’s back with heavy eyes.

Huo Yanzhi stood at the end of the three people. Complicated thoughts surged in his heart. However, it was too chaotic, and he couldn’t help frowning.

You Mian’s back was right in front of him. Huo Yanzhi could see it just by turning his head.

The boy’s neck was slender and white. He took the plastic raincoat handed out by the staff, and it could be seen that the tips of his fingers were dyed with a bit of powder. His wrist bone was slightly protruding, revealing a strong yet thin feeling.

It was a hand that Huo Yanzhi had seen many times and was familiar with.


The staff member’s question dragged back Huo Yanzhi’s wandering thoughts.

The staff member handed over a light blue plastic raincoat. “You need to use it for the ride in a while. Please hold onto it.”

Huo Yanzhi scratched his head, took it, and said softly. “I’m sorry.”

In less than three minutes, the three of them could enter.

It was really inconvenient to hold the live stream phone during the ride. The three of them climbed the stairs to the four-story starting platform and handed the phones to each of the three PDs following behind them.

Before seeing the ride with his own eyes, You Mian always thought he would directly participate in the ride since the show’s staff omitted the task card. Then they could go separately.

He didn’t expect that as soon as he climbed up the fourth floor, what caught his eye was the large stage very suitable for filming variety shows.

He saw three cameras set up at the starting stage of the ‘Rapids’ ride in front of him. An amusement park staff member stood at the entrance of the stairs to greet them like a host.

The girl instantly showed a big smile when she saw You Mian. Then she started the game process.

“Hello, are you the guest of the ‘Matching Heartbeat’ show?” The girl asked.


Just as You Mian nodded, Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi came up behind him.

The girl’s smile grew even wider. She led the three people to sit down on three high chairs on the stage.

Yan Tingxuan looked around, the gentle smile on his face unchanged. Even though he had some doubts, his tone remained gentle as he asked, “What is the situation? Isn’t this a water boat ride?”

Huo Yanzhi followed behind him. Seeing this, he slightly raised an eyebrow and asked in surprise, “The show’s staff is so generous. I didn’t expect them to set up a stage here.”

The three chairs they sat on were blocked with white partitions. They couldn’t see each other, only hear each other.

You Mian already had a guess in his heart when he saw this set of items.

It seemed that this was the first time the girl had been entrusted to be an NPC in a variety show. Her voice was stiff as she read from the card in her hand. “Welcome, three guests to the ‘Rapids’ game level. In this level, the loser will experience the water boat falling from the fourth floor in front of you.”

“The winner is free to choose to participate or not participate.”

You Mian sat on the high chair in the middle, with Huo Yanzhi on the right and Yan Tingxuan on the left.

The moment he heard the game reward and punishment, he couldn’t help thinking that it was really a romance variety show. The punishment and winning rewards revolved around the guest’s heartbeat.

“The three guests will need to go through six rounds of quiz questions. You will score one point for a correct answer and no points for a wrong answer. The winner with the highest score wins.”

The girl’s rhythm was a bit fast. The moment she finished talking about the rules of the game, she started to read the first question.

You Mian had already picked up the whiteboard and pen placed next to the chair. He wasn’t flustered at all.

In the quiet scene, only Huo Yanzhi on the right could be heard saying hurriedly in a low voice, “Hey, wait a minute… where is the pen?”

The barrage burst out laughing.

“The first question.” The girl turned over the card, lowered her head, and asked, “What is the perfume brand that Yan Tingxuan often uses?”

The questions in the girl’s hands were varied. They were all collected by the staff in advance when interviewing the guests. Only three of them were here at the moment, so the questions revolved around them.

Penhaligon’s Elk.

You Mian immediately thought of the answer, but he hesitated when removing the pen cap.

Wouldn’t it be easy to cause trouble for himself if he wrote the correct answer about Yan Tingxuan?

So after a few seconds of pausing, You Mian changed the answer in his mind and randomly wrote a wrong answer.

A three second countdown sounded on the scene. The recording effect was full.

The live stream phones were put away by the staff and placed beside the host NPC, so the audience in the live stream rooms could still see the stream.

[Being able to answer this question proves that you are very familiar with the other person.]

[Hahahahaha, Huo Yanzhi only picked up the pen after the time was over. I’m laughing to death. What a stupid, big dog.]

[Yan Tingxuan confidently revealing the board.jpg.]

[Did Mian Mian write it correctly? Let me take a look!]

The host NPC asked the three guests to turn the whiteboard around. Half a second later, she announced loudly, “Yan Tingxuan gets one point for this question. No one else received a point.”

Yan Tingxuan’s smile decreased slightly. The loss in his eyes was a bit obvious as he wiped the board.

“The second question.”

The host NPC read from the host card and asked, “What is You Mian’s favorite dessert?”

The moment the girl’s words came out, You Mian in the middle position still hadn’t raised his pen when the viewers in the live stream room saw the two men on the left and right picking up the pen and quickly writing down the answer.

Huo Yanzhi didn’t have the slightest hesitation, and Yan Tingxuan wrote quickly.

The mental activities of the two people were strangely synchronized at this moment. They thought that his favorite dessert was naturally chocolate mousse.


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