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CEFYMA: Chapter 33

Yan Tingxuan, like You Mian, held a selfie stick and live stream mobile phone in his hand.

The man standing in the ‘Rapids’ area was tall and handsome. After seeing You Mian, he looked sideways and greeted him. He was extremely handsome.

The barrage instantly filled the screen wildly.

However, You Mian didn’t read the comments on the barrage at the moment. He tried his best to restrain his thoughts of turning around and leaving. He stayed where he was.

The unknowing CP fans in the live stream room screamed happily like they were celebrating the new year.

[Where are my fellow researchers? Come on, come on. It is the new year, the new year!]

[Ahhh, I am supporting Yan Tingxuan. Don’t let me down. Young man, you are very good. Charge!]

[Is he the famous Lawyer Yan who appeared in Huajiang Daily?]

[Yes! Brother Yan is good at criminal prosecution! If you have seen him argue in court, there is no one who wouldn’t love him. The lawyer is really charming!]

[Criminal prosecution… it isn’t easy to get into that.]

[Hahaha, that is why Brother Yan has transferred to commercial disputes in the past two years. He hasn’t lost a case in his hands. Excluding mediation, the winning rate is 90%!]

[F*k, this dog man is stealing the house! Baby Mian, don’t go with him. Wu wu wu.]

[I’m not exaggerating. This type of elite and intellectual man is most likely to behave like a beast.]

[Don’t worry. This person who is suspected of stealing the house has a large CP already. I heard that the other CP part is Bai Lin.]


The barrage was silent for a moment before sending messages to clear up the barrage.

This time, the date was held at the large maze amusement park. There were usually many tourists, so they could see many tourists walking around with cameras from time to time.

Some passersby would look at You Mian and Yan Tingxuan curiously. The moment they saw the two men with outstanding looks and figures, they wondered which celebrity they were.

There was a PD behind him, and he was holding a live stream phone, so You Mian could only say, “Let’s go on the ride.”

Yan Tingxuan smiled and looked sideways at him. “Aren’t you going to wait for anyone else?”

You Mian frowned slightly. Waiting for others would just stretch out the time he had to spend with Yan Tingxuan. He didn’t want that.

“No need. The two of us can go,” You Mian said.

Yan Tingxuan raised an eyebrow slightly and smiled in a gentlemanly manner. “It is up to you.”

The barrage on the phone started to scroll wildly again. It was as if they were cheering for the interaction between him and Yan Tingxuan.

You Mian: “……”

You Mian didn’t know why Yan Tingxuan, who had tried so hard to distance himself, suddenly became like this.

This type of Yan Tingxuan made You Mian very uncomfortable. It also made him even more worried about what the other person planned.

Since Bai Lin came back two years ago, Yan Tingxuan’s attitude had changed. The speed of the change didn’t give You Mian any time to react.

During that time, he received many strange accusations. Among them, Yan Tingxuan misunderstood that You Mian liked him, so Yan Tingxuan put on a cold and distant appearance.

You Mian wanted to explain but could never find a chance. Once this topic was raised, Yan Tingxuan would frown and refuse. He made a disgusted expression like You Mian was pestering him.

Now the two of them were participating in a romance show together, and Yan Tingxuan fully knew that he liked men. How could Yan Tingxuan not continue feeling disgusted? Why did he instead show the same familiar appearance as before in this weird way?

In addition, judging from Yan Tingxuan’s tone, it was like Yan Tingxuan never misunderstood that You Mian liked him.

However, if there wasn’t even the initial ‘misunderstanding’, what was the purpose of all the estrangement in the past two years?

The more You Mian thought about it, the more he felt that the friendship he cherished in the beginning was like a gorgeous dress covered with lice. He could see the beauty from afar, but after getting closer, he found that it had long been rotten.

You Mian lowered his eyes slightly. His gaze was indifferent, and he no longer thought about it. He walked directly to the queue of the ‘Rapids’ ride.

There were still many visitors to the amusement park on the weekdays. Even if they went up to the queue, they had to wait for over half an hour.

The moment You Mian saw the number of people lining up in the distance, he regretted for the first time his choice to stay.

He looked up and saw the number of people in the live stream room. It had broken 10,000, and everyone was happily filling the screen.

You Mian pursed his lips. It was okay. It was only half an hour.

After standing at the end of the queue, the young man smiled softly while picking out questions that could be answered in the live stream room.

The expression was gentle and caring. His side profile was bright.

Yan Tingxuan stood silently beside You Mian.

The two people didn’t speak much, but they were surprisingly harmonious when standing together in the camera.

The barrage was celebrating. Meanwhile, Yan Tingxuan found that You Mian didn’t want to talk to him. Therefore, Yan Tingxuan smiled and didn’t specifically talk to him.

In the silent yet lively amusement park, Yan Tingxuan lowered his eyes and looked at the young man’s soft smile. He suddenly remembered the scene when he first saw the other person in the You family.

At that time, You Mian was also like this. No matter what the people around him were like, he could enjoy a leisurely time consistently. He was like an iris struggling to survive.

Yan Tingxuan used his shoulder to block the pushing and shoving of anybody behind him, creating a relaxed space for the unsuspecting You Mian.

The man’s figure was tall. His neatly cut brown coat set off his extremely long legs. He had a chic and thoughtful smile on his face. He looked affectionate.

You Mian held the railing with one hand and stared at You Mian without showing any traces of it.

He had never avoided recalling the past, but the chances in You Mian made him think about when things started to get out of control.

In fact, he had expected such a change from the beginning. He just hadn’t expected it to come so quickly, nor did he suspect that You Mian would really like someone else.

Obviously, the person who stayed by You Mian’s side and accompanied him for half his life was Yan Tingxuan.

Their first meeting was on a winter day.

The You family held a grand birthday party. Almost everyone in the upper circles of Huajiang City received invitations.

Yan Tingxuan was repeatedly told by his mother to have a good relationship with the young master of the You family. She spoke too much. Yan Tingxuan, who was a teenager, responded impatiently, “I know, Mom.”

Yan Tingxuan repeated it word by word. “Coax him and let him mention Dad’s company more in front of Uncle You.”

Yan Tingxuan’s body was very upright, and he looked particularly proud among his peers. He had no thoughts about this young master of the You family.

He would approach as long as the young master could help his family.

Yan Tingxuan held his mother’s carefully selected gift box. He found You Mian sitting on the glazed steps next to the flower spring.

He had small, chestnut brown curls and held a bottle that was a dark green watercolor in his arms. He had round cheeks and big eyes, and looked very beautiful.

You Mian sat quietly on the steps, holding the bottle and looking at the sun. One eye was slightly narrowed, and his expression was pleasant and warm.

Yan Tingxuan raised his foot and kicked a small pebble in front of him.

The stone flew against the glazed steps, making a sound.

The eight year old You Mian was startled and quickly hugged the watercolor bottle in his arms.

Yan Tingxuan put the gift box behind him and approached. The young man raised his chin and asked in a very dignified manner, “Hey, are you You Mian?”

Before You Mian could answer, Yan Tingxuan raised his hand and pinched his cheek. He frowned slightly and asked with a smile, “So young. How old are you?”

You Mian was so timid that he didn’t dare to speak. He just extended his right hand and made an ‘8’ gesture.

The overly beautiful child was like a delicate, handmade doll. As the protagonist of the birthday party, he was sitting here alone, playing in a lonely manner with a glass bottle that no one wanted.

Yan Tingxuan crouched down and took out the gift box from behind him.

“My name is Yan Tingxuan. My father is Yan Chengshu, and the company he opened is Chenghua. It has business dealings with your father.”

“When you see your father later, remember to say that there is an older brother called Yan Tingxuan who treats you very well, takes you to play games, and gives you delicious food. You like me very much and want to play with me all the time.”

Yan Tingxuan said a lot at once before handing the gift box to You Mian. He asked, “Do you remember it?”

You Mian squeezed the watercolor bottle in his hand. He kept silently blinking at this unfamiliar teenager’s words.

“Tsk.” Yan Tingxuan frowned irritably. “Come here.”

Yan Tingxuan reached out his hand and grabbed little You Mian’s arm. He lifted the little guy to stand up.

“I will say something, and you must remember it.” Yan Tingxuan pulled You Mian to walk slowly toward the party hall. “My name is Yan Tingxuan…”

You Mian’s big, round eyes blinked lightly, and his held palm felt very warm.

“Yan, Ting, Xuan.”

Yan Tingxuan continued. “Yes, my father is Yan Chengshu…”

The two of them walked to the door of the study while holding hands. Yan Tingxuan repeated his words more than ten times. He felt that as long as this young master wasn’t a fool, he should be able to remember it.

Yan Tingxuan crouched down in front of You Mian, patted him on the shoulder, and instructed, “Go and find your father. Let him hug you, and then tell him what I just taught you.”

You Mian held the huge gift box in his arms and shook his head silently.

Yan Tingxuan frowned. Then he finally heard You Mian speak, but what he said was, “Dad won’t let me enter the study.”

Yan Tingxuan was stunned. “Why?”

You Mian raised his chin and stared straight at Yan Tingxuan. He stumbled and whispered, “Dad never hugs me, and Mom doesn’t seem to like me very much…”

“B-Brother.” You Mian nervously gripped the corners of his clothes and stammered apologetically. “I-I’m sorry. I might not be able to help you.”

Yan Tingxuan couldn’t understand it. Shouldn’t the young master of the You family be able to easily pick the moon and stars from the sky? How could he be like a pitiful boy whose father and mother didn’t love him?

Yan Tingxuan thought that You Mian was deliberately trying not to do it and said angrily, “If you deliberately delay my affairs, then I won’t play with you.”

After Yan Tingxuan finished speaking, he turned around and left.

You Mian whispered behind him, “Brother…”

Yan Tingxuan’s footsteps didn’t stop at all. People who had no use value were meaningless to him.

After a few seconds, he heard the door open behind him. There was a heavy creak.

Yan Tingxuan’s footsteps finally stopped. He slowly turned around to see You Mian tiptoe and open the door of the study.

At that time, it was the first time Yan Tingxuan heard his heartbeat.

What a strange child.

Just as Yan Tingxuan turned around and walked back to You Mian, an angry roar came from the study.

“Who let you come in? Get out!”

You Jiyuan threw a book out the door, and it hit You Mian’s forehead. There was instantly a hideous blood stain.

You Mian was hit in the head and fell on the carpet, making a dull bang.

Yan Tingxuan stared blankly at the scene. Then he walked quickly to support You Mian and pressed the hem of his shirt against the child’s forehead.

He frowned and muttered, “What is this situation…?”

The door of the study closed again like nothing had happened just now.

You Jiyuan didn’t seem to guess that there was another person beside You Mian. He closed the door indifferently without looking outside.

You Mian blinked. There was a warm amber light in his eyes.

“Brother, I tried.”

Yan Tingxuan was stunned. He kept pressing down on his shirt while asking, “What did you say?”

Little You Mian raised his chubby arm and said, “This is the warrior’s 22nd attempt to defeat the evil dragon!”

Yan Tingxuan was silent for a few seconds before deliberately saying, “You are so happy after losing.”

Seeing the little warrior who regarded his father as a dragon, Yan Tingxuan gained a strange sense of recognition with You Mian.

Yan Tingxuan pulled You Mian up and wiped the dried blood on the corner of the other person’s forehead.

“What’s your name?”

You Mian’s amber eyes were full of a smile.

“My name is You Mian, the You of outstanding and the Mian of sleeping under the tree shade.”

Yan Tingxuan lowered his head and patted You Mian’s trouser leg. The young master was wearing a small brown suit with suspenders. He looked like he was carved from jade.

Yan Tingxuan looked at You Mian and was silent for a long time.

It was so quiet that he almost couldn’t help asking what You Mian was thinking.

Suddenly, Yan Tingxuan said, “Don’t play alone in the future. Come and play with me.”

Yan Tingxuan didn’t understand why he said it at that time. He didn’t understand it until now.

Being involved with a person who had no use value really wasn’t in line with Yan Tingxuan’s standards for measuring money.

But in fact, he had been involved with the young master who provided no practical help to the Yan family for over ten years.

Over the years, Yan Tingxuan tried his best to squeeze out all the usefulness of You Mian and the You family.

The final result was of little use, but perhaps this was the consolation he used to prove that his standards for measuring the use of others hadn’t changed.

Yan Tingxuan firmly believed in pragmatism in interpersonal communication.

He would never admit that he had softened his heart for a person who was of no use to the Yan family and to himself.

He never wanted to admit his sad and ridiculous ten year secret love history.

Then Bai Lin appeared, pointed his finger at You Mian doubtfully, and asked, “Does he like you?”

Yan Tingxuan saw You Mian’s always gentle, tolerant and calm face show a shocked expression that was churning for Yan Tingxuan alone.

Yan Tingxuan was the one who knew better than anyone that You Mian didn’t like him.

But at that moment, he saw You Mian’s expression change drastically because of him and Yan Tingxuan heard his own violent heartbeat for the second time.

“Do you like me?” Yan Tingxuan questioned You Mian with a hoarse voice.

Every time he pushed You Mian away, the expression on You Mian’s face was so vivid that it made his blood boil, and it would become the bait for the next question.

Therefore, he followed the wishes of the Yan family. He pushed You Mian away and walked toward Bai Lin.

Bai Lin was like a reactant that created an expression that made Yan Tingxuan crazy.

He was tired of You Mian’s gentle gaze. He wanted to make You Mian’s pool of stagnant water boil for him.

If You Mian couldn’t fall in love with him, then make You Mian hate him.

Yan Tingxuan approached and left on his own, knowing that this addictive reaction would eventually disappear one day.

However, Yan Tingxuan really hadn’t expected this day to come so quickly.

You Mian started to ignore him as if nothing had ever happened between them.


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