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CEFYMA: Chapter 32

The date was a maze in nature, so the guests didn’t share a car before departure. They were brought to the date location by seven cars.

Before everyone went out, the director specifically explained that Bai Lin had taken leave due to illness and wouldn’t participate in this dating project.

Everyone stood in front of their respective cars with different expressions.

You Mian didn’t have any opinion on this and got in the car first. He broke the atmosphere. Then Guan Tong and the others also got in their cars and prepared to leave.

The moment You Mian was in the car, the cameraman in the front handed him a mobile phone and selfie stick. He explained, “For today’s recording session, each guest will bring their phones for live streaming.”

You Mian took the phone and found that the show’s staff had adjusted it to the interface of the live stream platform, but they hadn’t clicked the broadcast button yet.

“Starting a live stream from the second date?” You Mian was a bit puzzled.

The cameraman dutifully sat in the front passenger seat. He aimed the camera behind him and replied, “The director said he can’t miss the hot search opportunity from yesterday. We must hurry and seize the time to warm their attention.”

The live stream room on the phone in You Mian’s hand hadn’t started streaming, but the cameraman had already started filming.

You Mian couldn’t help looking at the camera and smiling. “You are speaking so honestly in front of the audience. Aren’t you afraid of being heard by Director Hong?”

He took advantage of the popularity and did it in such an upright manner. You Mian admired the director’s variety show thinking.

The cameraman held up the machine and gave a low laugh. “Brother Mian, don’t tell the director.”

The car was halfway there when the staff member reminded him, “It is time. You can turn on the live stream.”

You Mian withdrew his gaze that was looking out the window in surprise. He glanced at the phone in his hand and asked, “Start in the car?”

The staff member confirmed it, so You Mian clicked on the live stream button.

He was relaxed. Not many people should come to his live stream room. After all, there was Yun Guanqing.

You Mian was a bit more relaxed when thinking of this.

The staff member couldn’t help smiling when seeing that You Mian was so cooperative. He was so well-behaved.

The moment the live stream room turned on, and his face appeared on the phone screen, You Mian suddenly thought that everyone else should also be streaming now. He didn’t know what type of mood Pei Huaiji would be in.

Before he could continue thinking about it, the number of people in the live stream room soared and completely stunned him.

He saw a crazy influx of viewers in the live stream room. The number of viewers rose from zero to three figures, four figures before finally stopping at the point of breaking through five figures.

You Mian was confused. “??” What was going on?

What appeared on the live stream screen was the young man’s slightly wide-eyed expression. He seemed a bit surprised and frightened.

A pair of amber eyes were illuminated by the sunlight outside the car window. There were tender green dots in them, and the feeling of a mixed race was about to overflow from the screen.

The young man wore a bright, avocado-colored loose coat with the words ‘cool boy’ printed on the chest. His neck was snow-white while his curved eyes were warm and overly beautiful. His chestnut brown hair followed the tilt of You Mian’s head. The movement was like a brilliant piece of gold.

No matter whether it was his bright eyes or his bright smile, he exuded a majestic vitality all the time. It made people happy when they saw it.

The barrage surged wildly.

[It came, it came, it came!! Baby, kiss kiss kiss.]

[The moment I saw the live stream reminder issued by the official Weibo of the show, I didn’t hesitate and clicked in directly.]


[Baby Mian Mian is so beautiful. Give me a kiss. How can he be so good-looking? He really looks like a mixed race. His eyes are so beautiful.”

[It is better than the photos. I saved the photo from A College and looked at it day and night.]

[What brand is the coat that the baby is wearing? I want to buy the same model wu wu wu. Give me a link, give me a link (go crazy) (crawling healthily).]

[Are you in the car? How many dates have happened on the show now? Does the baby have a crush on someone? Tell me quietly.]

[What are you going to do later, baby?]

[Ahhhh! This is my one pick in this romance show!!]

The barrage went by so quickly. You Mian could only hold down the comments they posted and read them one by one.

There was still some distance to go to the amusement park, so he answered without any rush.

“My coat?” You Mian lowered his head and gently tugged at the neckline of the coat. He frowned and replied, “I bought it with my classmate when I was shopping. The link… there doesn’t seem to be one.”

[F*k! How is he so good?]

[Wipe the nosebleed.]

[Ahhhh Mian Mian replied to me! Going shopping with a friend sounds like a good college student.

You Mian finished speaking and looked at the second question. “In this case…”

The question made him hesitate for a moment. You Mian looked up at the staff member in the front seat and asked in a low voice, “The specific few dates and the heartbeat of the guests can’t be answered, right?”

The cameraman held up the machine and shook his head.

You Mian immediately smiled at the camera with understanding. “I can’t answer these. Ask something else.”

He looked at the live stream screen. The barrage comment font designed by the platform was too small. You Mian needed to move his phone closer to see it clearly.

The viewers happily watching the live stream saw the screen approaching for a moment. Then that extremely beautiful face was pressed close to it and a soft voice was heard. “I am going to an amusement park date.”

The barrage paused neatly for a few seconds. Then it swiped across the screen even more crazily. It didn’t look like there were less than 10,000 people. The lively text made it impossible for You Mian to read it.

[Dating! Dating! Just watch the beautiful baby dating!]

[I don’t know if I can eat CP here. I just came back from another guest’s live stream room.]

[If I can’t see some romance here, when can I see them? Show it to me!]

[Where are my fellow researchers? Please raise your hands!!]

[Add fuel to the fire and charge for me!!!]

A group of words and idioms that You Mian couldn’t understand rushed across the screen in batches. This was followed by more barrages. [Brother Chair! Brother Chair! Brother Chair is the main master! I don’t accept any rebuttals!}

[The cotton cultivation base is looking for cotton pickers. There is a daily salary of 50,000 and no upper limit. Interested parties, please contact the Huajiang City Heartbeat House Cotton Base on Weibo.]

Before You Mian could ask what the ‘Brother Chair’ he saw meant.

The young man frowned slightly and tried to click on the screen to add this advertisement to the blacklist. Then he said very seriously, “Don’t come to advertise here. Don’t be deceived.”

You Mian blocked several accounts that posted the same advertisement and explained solemnly, “It should be a scam. You can’t make 50,000 yuan a day no matter what. No matter what type of job it is, everyone should be vigilant when seeing such an excessively high salary. Identify it carefully, and don’t be deceived.”


[Stop it. Wu wu wu, it isn’t an advertisement, baby!]

[They are fans! CP fans~]

[Hahahahaha, the baby looks so cute when serious. But he is indeed right!]

Compared to the blocked fan accounts that were blacklisted, the screen was covered with laughter a few seconds later.

[I said we shouldn’t take such a name. Who would’ve thought it was a CP fan? Ahhh, I’m crying to death.]

[I’m a cotton worker, and I’m proud of it. Baby will definitely remember us. Others shouldn’t be too envious, hum.]

After reading the barrage comments, You Mian realized belatedly that he had blocked the wrong people. He couldn’t help pursing his lips, and his ears turned red.

“I-I’m sorry.”

“Was it a fan just now?”

You Mian tried to pull the few ‘advertisers’ out of the blacklist.

In the midst of the cries and ridicule, You Mian looked at the live stream room, tilted his head, and asked doubtfully, “CP fans? Whose CP fans are these cotton workers?”

[F*k! After being mentioned by Mian Mian, I no longer dislike this CP name.]

[Ahhhhh, look at me, look at me. It is the CP fan of you and Chairman Pei. Worker (Pei) and (Yu) Cotton (Mian) flower base. Therefore, cotton worker is the fan name!]

You Mian saw the explanation, and his already red ears turned redder. They suddenly became a bit numb.

He didn’t expect that someone would ship him and Pei Huaiji.

“The episodes haven’t even been released yet, right?” You Mian smiled. “Why are you already shipping CP?”

If the episode wasn’t as good as they expected when it aired, these fans would be disappointed.

Before You Mian could continue thinking, the barrage continued to explain it again.

[Everything can be shipped as long as we want to.]

[Rest assured. Even if you are strangers, we can ship it. This is professionalism.]

In fact, compared to You Mian, the fans of him and Pei Huaiji were the ones with the least amount of confidence in their hearts.

Before the episode aired, they had already entered the CP pit of You Mian and Pei Huaiji. If the show was aired and the two of them didn’t have any communication according to Pei Huaiji’s indifferent temper, they would definitely die of heartbreak.

However, no one could say for sure what would happen in the future. Current happiness was the most important thing.

You Mian scrolled through a few more comments and answered two or three more questions. Then the show’s car stopped at the entrance of the amusement park maze.

The cameraman in the front took the lead in pushing open the car door and getting out while reminding You Mian, “The show has begun.”

You Mian put the live stream mobile phone on the selfie stick. He confirmed that he appeared completely in the camera and held the phone to walk out of the car.

The plant maze in front of him was even more spectacular than the one on the mission card. There were several amusement park rides inside.

The seven guests would enter the maze through different entrances, trying to get out in the shortest possible time.

If they encountered an amusement park ride during this period, the guests would have to wait for another guest to arrive and complete it together. Each ride required two people to participate.

Of course, each guest must play at least one attraction in the maze.

In this way, everyone would try to get out of the maze and play the rides until they successfully met at the exit of the maze and entered the huge fireworks square.

You Mian completed the task process in his mind and stepped into the huge green maze.

He stood with walls on both sides. You Mian suddenly had the thought that even if he told Pei Huaiji that he would go to the pirate ship, he might not be able to do it now.

Who could meet whom? Everything had to be left to God.

The audience in the live stream room could only see You Mian walking among the tall, green walls. They didn’t know what he was doing so there were many questions on the barrage.

You Mian walked forward along the arm-width narrow path in the maze while taking the time to answer the fans’ questions.

“I’m walking through a maze.” The moment You Mian finished speaking, the floating screen specially prepared by the show’s staff appeared in the live stream room.

It had to be said that Hong Sheng prepared perfectly. Not only did he fully inform the audience of the mission process, but he also specially opened a drone perspective to show the aerial map live. The routes of all seven guests would be aired in real-time.

In an instant, the number of people in the live stream room dropped a lot. Many people ran to the map live stream room to see where the guests were now.

But even if the location of the guests was released, Hong Sheng wasn’t worried that fans would leak it in the barrage.

If this was a detective variety show, he might’ve avoided doing this. However, ‘Matching Heartbeat’ was a romance variety show! What was a romance variety show? Wasn’t it guests colliding with each other and creating sparks?

There was nothing to worry about them meeting each other. Hong Sheng just wanted them to find each other in the maze where directions were unknown. It was best for them to resolutely chase someone under the guidance of the fans.

This type of thing was what he wanted!

You Mian was walking along the maze when two forked paths appeared in front of him. One was to the right, and the other was to the left.

You Mian asked the barrage without any burden, “Can you see what rides are on both sides?”

Fans responded in unison. “No, the director is too much. There is a delay in the map live scream room, unless the baby wants to wait for us for seven minutes.”

It let them see hope but didn’t give it directly. It kept them in suspense.

You Mian finally understood Hong Sheng’s variety show routine. Since the director didn’t want them to meet so simply, he wouldn’t care about it.

“I will choose the left.” After speaking, You Mian took the left path without hesitation.

Layers of green walls passed in front of him. Finally, a spacious node appeared. The moment You Mian stepped in, he saw the figure of another man.

Yan Tingxuan was standing in the wide ‘Rapids’ ride area with his phone. His expression was stunned for a few seconds after seeing You Mian. Then he soon put on a smile again.

“What a coincidence,” Yan Tingxuan said with a smile.

You Mian sighed quietly. Today’s luck was average.


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