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CEFYMA: Chapter 30

You Mian and Pei Huaiji returned to the house, and there were only Guan Tong and Huo Yanzhi in the living room. They were sitting on the sofa and chatting.

The moment You Mian greeted Guan Tong and was about to walk to his room, there was the sound of the door opening behind him again.

You Mian looked back and saw that it was Shen Nanxiao and Yan Tingxuan who were walking in together.

Guan Tong curiously poked his head toward the entrance. Once he saw the two people coming in, he couldn’t help smiling.

“It has only been a day. What is going on with you guys? The two of you came back together. Did you make an appointment… or pick up each other?”

Guan Tong raised an eyebrow at Shen Nanxiao. Then he turned his head and smiled at You Mian.

Pei Huaiji always had an expressionless face despite Guan Tong’s teasing. He gave a polite greeting and walked back to his room.

You Mian didn’t think it was a big deal. He shrugged, stretching his cervical vertebrae that were stiff after spending a whole day in the sculpture classroom. “Pei Huaiji dropped me off, and he sent me back.”

As for what happened with Shen Nanxiao and Yan Tingxuan, he didn’t know.

Guan Tong’s eyes widened instantly. “You Mian! You!”

The pink-haired young man covered his mouth and lowered his voice in an exaggerated manner. He quietly raised his finger and pointed to Pei Huaiji’s door in the distance. “Chairman Pei sent you back?”

When did the relationship between these two develop so rapidly?! It was like a rocket!

Moreover, Pei Huaiji seemed too cold and indifferent. Unexpectedly, he would think about dropping someone off and picking them up at the school gate.

Guan Tong covered his mouth and laughed, his shoulders twitching. It was really funny.

You Mian nodded in confusion. “It was on the way.”

Guan Tong sighed knowingly. “It is all excuses!”

You Mian and Guan Tong’s brain circuits weren’t in sync for the time being. The two people chatting didn’t notice the change in expression of the person on the other side.

Yan Tingxuan, who was standing at the entrance, seemed to feel the autumn breeze on his shoulders. He was desolate and silent.

His gaze became complicated when he heard You Mian had come back with Pei Huaiji.

It turned out that what he saw just now at the gate of A College wasn’t an illusion. You Mian got into Pei Huaiji’s car.

Huo Yanzhi, who was sitting on the sofa, leaned back and listened to their conversation quietly. He felt a bit bored for some unknown reason.

Guan Tong pestered You Mian but couldn’t find out anything. Therefore, he aimed his curious mind at Shen Nanxiao, who had just returned with Yan Tingxuan.

“What about you two? What is the situation?” Guan Tong asked with a smile.

Shen Nanxiao waved to Guan Tong while changing his shoes. “Don’t guess. I just happened to meet Tingxuan outside the house.”

Guan Tong smiled and let out an ‘oh’ sound that had an upward pitch at the end. It looked like he didn’t quite believe it.

This time, Huo Yanzhi was different from before. He broke his silent state and joked along with Guan Tong, “I remember that Yan Tingxuan’s law firm isn’t on the way to anywhere, right?”

Everyone’s gaze shifted to Yan Tingxuan.

The next second, they saw that the man, who had always followed along with jokes in a gentle manner, walked silently into the living room with his head lowered. He didn’t greet anyone and went straight up the stairs.

Seeing this, the expressions of everyone in the living room changed slightly.

Guan Tong lowered his voice and asked Shen Nanxiao, “What’s wrong with him? Did you provoke him?”

Shen Nanxiao took off his coat and put it over his arm, shaking his head in a wronged manner and smiling helplessly. “I don’t know. It was like this when I saw him outside the house.”

Huo Yanzhi sat next to Guan Tong and said casually, “Hey, maybe his work didn’t go well today. His temper is always unstable.”

Guan Tong hissed. “Really? If Yan Tingxuan’s temper is unstable, then what are we?”

In Guan Tong’s eyes, Yan Tingxuan was always smiling. He behaved in a gentlemanly and proper manner and looked like an elite person. This type of person usually had very stable emotions.

Unexpectedly, Huo Yanzhi and Shen Nanxiao looked at each other and shook their heads.

Huo Yanzhi said, “Then you don’t know him very well.”

Shen Nanxiao smiled at the camera of the show. “I don’t know if this can be said, but Tingxuan’s temper is indeed not easy to talk to.”

Guan Tong shrunk back in fear. His exaggerated expression and actions were very effective.

“No way?” Guan Tong waved his hand and looked at You Mian, who was standing not far on the opposite side. He made a gesture like a tiger pouncing. “It seems that we are better off with You Mian. He has a gentle temperament and looks good.”

Guan Tong prepared to hug You Mian after saying this.

It wasn’t known if something was wrong with Huo Yanzhi’s head, but he actually raised his hand and suddenly stopped Guan Tong’s joking action.

Huo Yanzhi’s arm muscles were strong, and Guan Tong’s strength wasn’t a match for him at all.

Therefore, when he dragged Guan Tong hard, his subconscious expression and movements didn’t seem to be playing around at all. He seemed to have moved with some temper. It was wild, brutal and terrifying.

Guan Tong was suddenly pulled back and fell on the sofa.

The atmosphere in the living room froze for a moment.

In the end, Shen Nanxiao came out to smooth things over. “Guan Tong, can you let You Mian rest for a while and interrogate him when he comes back? You Mian probably stayed in the classroom all day, right?”

You Mian nodded and smiled gently. “I’m really a bit tired. I’ll go back to my room to rest first.”

Guan Tong blinked and looked at You Mian’s back. In fact, he wanted to congratulate You Mian for getting rid of the slanderous remarks on the Internet. The problem was that while this negative hot search was reduced, it ended up involving another person in the house.

Bai Lin’s apology didn’t reach the top of the hot search, but in front of so many cameras in the house, Guan Tong really didn’t want to celebrate at this inappropriate time.

Presumably, everyone else in the house thought the same. This was why no one talked about this morning’s hot search and clarification.

Once You Mian walked into his room and could no longer be seen, Guan Tong glanced helplessly at Huo Yanzhi on the side and said, “Brother Hou, you don’t have to hold me for so long reflexively, right? You are really strong.”

Huo Yanzhi instantly withdrew his hand, and an embarrassed look appeared on his face.

He also didn’t understand why he made a move just now when Guan Tong wanted to go up and hug You Mian.

He was making too much of a fuss.

You Mian relaxed when he returned to his room.

He didn’t pay attention to Yan Tingxuan’s depressed state just now or Huo Yanzhi’s inexplicable behavior that made the atmosphere strange.

Just as he was lying on the bed and resting, Hong Sheng’s text message arrived.

You Mian picked up his phone and looked at it. It turned out to be Hong Sheng’s message of thanks.

[Hong Sheng: Thank you for letting our show take advantage of the popularity of this clarification hot search. I apologize to you for my hesitation last night. You Mian, you are really one of the two most courageous people I have ever met.]

Last night, Hong Sheng suddenly agreed not to do public relations because You Mian proposed a clarification plan.

This type of all-round face slap clarification was indeed several times better than the dry appearance of the show’s staff.

At that time, Hong Sheng was still skeptical about You Mian’s plan. It was because he couldn’t believe that the museum would speak up for a student’s exhibit.

But at that time, You Mian’s voice was very determined. Hong Sheng hesitated for a while before making up his mind to believe in You Mian.

Then today, it wasn’t only the art museum that came forward to clarify for him. Even A College published a clarification article on his behalf.

Hong Sheng was really convinced this time, completely convinced.

The young man who impressed even Pei Huaiji truly wasn’t an ordinary person. So when You Mian returned to the house, Hong Sheng couldn’t wait to send a text message to congratulate him.

Such a young man might encounter some setbacks now, but sooner or later, he would fly higher and further.

You Mian didn’t reply to the text message. He just gave a thumbs-up to the camera in the room. He knew that Hong Sheng should be able to see it.

As for the words ‘only two’ in the text message sent by Hong Sheng, it wasn’t difficult to guess that one was You Mian himself and the other… could it be Pei Huaiji?

You Mian put down his phone and couldn’t help smiling.

He smiled at the bottle of red wine and also at Pei Huaiji’s apology for JL.

There were only five people at the table for dinner.

Bai Lin and Yan Tingxuan didn’t come out of their rooms. Yun Guanqing was busy outside and hadn’t returned.

You Mian rarely enjoyed a leisurely dinner. His posture showed a lazy charm.

Of course, he would’ve been more comfortable without Huo Yanzhi’s constant gaze.

The show needed shots of the guests while eating, so the five of them didn’t leave immediately after finishing the meal. Instead, they sat at the dining table and chatted leisurely about what they had done during the day.

Guan Tong vividly talked about how he obtained the consent of the show and recorded the interior of the house. This way, he could make a house tour video later.

Shen Nanxiao’s tour ended, and he spent most of today collecting music.

Huo Yanzhi wore a sleeveless shirt. He raised an eyebrow and smiled as he said, “After a day in the boxing gym, the coach kicked me out and told me to get out. Therefore, I came back here.”

Huo Yanzhi’s expression was funny and humorous. The people at the table couldn’t help smiling a bit.

“Don’t harm the coach when the season is over, Brother Huo.” Guan Tong smiled helplessly. “It isn’t easy to be a worker.”

Huo Yanzhi sighed before frowning slightly. “Then where should I go? If I don’t keep up now, it will be too late to train after the season starts.”

Huo Yanzhi’s serious expression was so funny that it caused Guan Tong to laugh a few times.

Shen Nanxiao asked, “When is the next competition period?”

Huo Yanzhi thought for a while and hesitated. “The competition starts in November, and the final will be held at the end of December.”


Guan Tong counted it with his fingers. “Isn’t it almost December when we finish recording the show?”

Shen Nanxiao also counted it and was surprised. “It is really the case.”

Guan Tong patted Huo Yanzhi’s shoulder and sighed. “Then maybe we can go to the boxing match.”

Huo Yanzhi tilted his head and said, “If you want to go to a match, why wait until December? It will be available when the competition starts in November. I’ll give it to you…”

Huo Yanzhi was suddenly startled. The sentence he was about to say, ‘If you want to come, I’ll leave the first row of tickets’ was stuck in his mouth and made him pause for a long time.

Huo Yanzhi restrained himself from looking at You Mian on the other side and covered it up with a smile.

Fortunately, Huo Yanzhi was only stunned for a short time. Then he quickly said, “I’ll leave you tickets for the first row.”

Guan Tong and Shen Nanxiao glanced at each other and clapped. “Keep your word, Brother Huo.”

Huo Yanzhi leaned back against the chair and smiled when he heard this. “Of course, I will keep my word.”

You Mian didn’t seem to notice anything wrong with Huo Yanzhi at all. He listened to the conversation of the others with a light smile.

Huo Yanzhi’s arm on the back of the chair was slightly tense.

Once it was Pei Huaiji’s turn, the man didn’t think about it and said casually, “I worked in the office all day.”

The scene became slightly dull, but it wasn’t a big problem.

“In fact, I’m really curious about what Chairman Pei’s daily work is like,” Shen Nanxiao wondered.

Pei Huaiji replied in a deep voice, “Review the contracts, approve the plans, and sign them.”

Guan Tong: “……”

Shen Nanxiao smiled and didn’t make a sound.

Huo Yanzhi slightly raised an eyebrow.

You Mian shook his head helplessly and took over the topic. “The chairman’s daily life is too different from ours. There is nothing to listen to.”

Pei Huaiji turned to stare at You Mian and asked, “What about you? What did you do all day?”

You Mian raised his chin and leaned back against the dining chair. “I stayed in the sculpture room.”

It still didn’t sound interesting to others, but Pei Huaiji’s eyes brightened slightly when he heard this. He looked very interested.

“What did you do? It is made of the same material as the celebration sculptures for the museum?” Pei Huaiji asked softly.

The man’s tone was comparable to a whisper. it was as if he only cared about chatting with You Mian.

On the other side, Guan Tong sighed a few times. “Hey, pay attention to the impact. Have you forgotten rules one, two, three, four, and five of the house?”

Dog food came to him, and Guan Tong didn’t even care about Pei Huaiji’s cold face any longer.

Shen Nanxiao couldn’t help laughing. Only Huo Yanzhi was gloomy alone.

You Mian stared sideways at Pei Huaiji before whispering in a low voice, “Steel.”

His breathing was very light and hit Pei Huaiji’s ears, causing Pei Huaiji to hold his breath.

Even though he knew that the young man was teasing Guan Tong and Shen Nanxiao, Pei Huaiji still couldn’t control the violent breathing of his heart. A violent thumping sound filled his ears.

At this moment, Pei Huaiji realized that he was a person who blushed easily.

After You Mian said this, he sat up straight amidst the exaggerated wails of Guan Tong and Shen Nanxiao.

You Mian tilted his head and smiled. He raised his hands and then said in a dashing manner, “I didn’t break the rules. It isn’t a confession.”

The moment the word ‘confession’ appeared, Pei Huaiji pursed his lips. He wanted to raise a hand and press it to the left side of his chest with some impatience.

Pei Huaiji silently whispered to his heart, ‘Hey, you be quiet.’


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