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CEFYMA: Chapter 3

The autumn wind blew lightly, and the waves were rolling.

Under the hazy skyline of the sea and the sky that was the same color, a black commercial vehicle with the logo of ‘Matching Heartbeat’ was driving toward the recording site next to the beach at a constant speed.

You Mian folded his arms and sat by the car window. His eyes were closed, and he was dozing off with a calm and indifferent expression.

Perhaps it was because You Mian’s attitude when he left that day was too decisive, but in the few days before the recording of the show, You Jiyuan approached You Mian several times with the air of an elder. It was as if he was afraid that You Mian would go back on fulfilling his promise.

But You Jiyuan’s self-righteous steps failed again and again. Last time, he was simply pulled into the blacklist by You Mian, who couldn’t bear it any longer.

You Jiyuan became furious about this matter. Then he immediately spread the word in his entire relationship circle that You Mian was an unfilial son.

For a while, everyone knew who the You family really wanted to cultivate.

You Mian was called an abandoned son, and there were many discussions.

It was just that the party in the vortex didn’t care at all.

You Mian moved away from the You house. He rented an apartment with the money earned from his sculpture design and completely disappeared from in front of You Jiyuan.

You Jiyuan continued to do tentative tests. At the same time, he took the opportunity to hold a shareholders’ meeting non-stop to announce the transfer of equity. This could be regarded as making Bai Lin rightfully become the heir of Xiuming.

You Jiyuan’s actions were blatant, and he never showed any disguises in front of You Mian, but it had long been able to make any waves.

Since he signed that contract, he had completely separated himself from the You family. Since then, no matter whether it was You Jiyuan, Bai Peilan or Bai Lin, they had nothing to do with him.

The wheels of the black commercial vehicle sank lightly into the white sand. Outside the car window stood many staff members who were busy adjusting the lens with cameras on their shoulders.

You Mian sorted out his thoughts and got out of the car. He had just got out of the car when the phone in his pocket rang suddenly.

You Mian’s brow relaxed when he saw the caller. He picked up Qin Lan’s call before a staff member came to collect his phone.

Qin Lan was You Mian’s mentor and the person who helped him most on the road of sculpting.

On the other end of the phone, You Mian said directly, “You Mian, why didn’t I see your name on the list of those who passed the preliminary selection of the Star Cup?”

Qin Lan knew the ability of his student. It was impossible for this person to fail the preliminary selection. In his heart, You Mian was even the strongest candidate to compete for the championship of the Star Cup.

You Mian was stunned before his mind quickly returned.

You Mian didn’t need to think too much about who did it. The only person who would use power to do such a tricky thing was You Jiyuan, who ‘loved his son like life.’

You Mian wasn’t good at complaining. So after a long silence, he just said, “Teacher, I’m not afraid of waiting another year.”

You Mian’s voice was extremely determined. He didn’t explain or flinch back in the slightest.

Qin Lan was a master in the sculpture world. He never bothered to participate in the battle of the wealthy families.

This didn’t mean that Qin Lan was an old artist who had nothing to do with the world and would only shrink his head when things happened.

Qin Lan had heard about what happened to You Mian in the past few days. He couldn’t intervene with what others said or thought, but You Mian was the student he had the highest hopes for.

You Mian’s character and self-cultivation had been seen by Qin Lan with his own eyes. They got along like long-term friends.

Qin Lan’s stubbornness to protect the calf was stimulated when he heard You Mian acting so humble and unassuming.

The Star Cup award was a weight to add brilliance to a resume for a graduating senior.

There was no reason to let You Mian suffer in vain.

During the call, Qin Lan’s voice was serious and authoritative. The moment he opened his mouth, he clapped his hands and said, “Xiao You, you don’t have to wait another year.”

Qin Lan continued, “I will give you a judge’s recommendation spot. It belongs to you.”

You Mian was caught off guard by these words and was immediately stunned in place. He didn’t know how long it had been since he last heard Qin Lan’s vigorous voice. It was like a world away.

The camera positions in the distance were still being adjusted. A staff member signaled to You Mian that filming hadn’t started yet. He didn’t need to worry.

Once You Mian heard this, he stood by the car door and turned sideways to avoid the camera.

He thought that he had missed the Star Cup this time. He hadn’t expected it to turn around like this.

You Mian pursed his lips slightly and adjusted his mood before speaking softly, “Teacher… thank you.”

The tip of You Mian’s nose was slightly red, and the knuckles holding his phone were white. It seemed that it took a lot of strength to hold it.

The light pause and his tone revealed his mood, making Qin Lan’s heart on the other hand of the phone soften.

Qin Lan realized at this moment that no matter how tough he was, You Mian was a young man who had just passed 20 years old.

Qin Lan deeply suppressed his heartache. He thought about how You Mian himself said that he wasn’t afraid to wait another year, but was he really willing?

You Mian looked gentle and humble, but his ambition and unyielding hard work were just hidden, not missing.

The sea breeze was gentle.

You Mian’s ears heard Qin Lan’s voice filled with vicissitudes coming from the phone.

Qin Lan comforted him in a hoarse voice, “You Mian, a swallow can’t understand the ambitions of a swan.”

This was Qin Lan’s encouragement. It was also his high hope for You Mian as a teacher.

The moment Qin Lan’s words came out, You Mian had returned to normal in just a few seconds. The exposed vulnerability of just now could no longer be seen.

You Mian raised his head and smiled softly. “Don’t be disturbed by external factors, don’t be swayed by external factors.”

“I won’t let you down, Teacher.”

The Star Cup was a second-level art competition, and it was divided into various categories.

You Mian majored in sculpting in college. If he wanted to sign up, he had to sign up for the sculpting category. It wasn’t the same oil painting category as Bai Lin.

You Jiyuan didn’t know about these things and even threatened him for daring to compete with Bai Lin. He didn’t hesitate to squeeze out You Mian’s spot for this.

Participating in this show was already You Mian’s bottom line. It could be regarded as fulfilling the conditions put forth by You Jiyuan.

But if You Jiyuan wanted him to fake Bai Lin’s participation in the Star Cup—he was dreaming.

You Mian stood sideways in the sunlight and raised his hand to answer the phone. He didn’t know that the camera behind him had captured this scene.

The young man in the camera was wearing a thin, beige, long-sleeved shirt. His light chestnut, curly hair was warm in the sun. His figure was long and thin but not weak. He exuded a strong freshness and vigor.

It wasn’t known what was mentioned in the call, but You Mian’s gentle smile became slightly restrained. It was full of sharpness but was fleeting.

A few seconds later, his amber eyes lowered, and his long eyelashes fluttered. You Mian hung up the phone and looked back.

The staff member holding the high-definition camera couldn’t help being started. He was stunned for a long time before his mind returned. Then he shook his head in annoyance and concentrated more intently on shooting a close-up.

You Mian tilted his head. His curly hair shook with it as he asked with some doubts in his eyes, “I’m done calling. Do you want to collect my phone?”

A girl wearing a badge stepped forward with red ears. She took You Mian’s phone with both hands and didn’t forget to remind him, “The show is in cooperation with JL Construction. Did they contact you before filming started? You need to promote them when walking to the Heartbeat House.”

Each house in ‘Matching Heartbeat’ would make countless appearances on the show. JL Construction’s bold and innovative investment was a first in the industry. Once the show was aired, it was expected that Ji Construction’s stock would usher in a big rise.

The staff member finished speaking and raised her hand to point to the glass villa in the distance. You Mian nodded slightly to express his understanding.

It was only when You Mian took his suitcase and walked up the cobblestone path leading to the Heartbeat House that You Mian really had the feeling that he was coming to participate in the show.

The fire at the You house hadn’t happened. He didn’t die, and he even dissociated himself from the You family.

The new life beckoned at You Mian as he walked onto the path with his back to the camera, leaving everything from the past behind.

Fate was rewritten.

The air was mixed with a faint salty and wet sea breeze. You Mian walked forward without looking back. The sun struck his back, and his silhouette blurred in a radiant manner.

You Mian raised his head easily. It was as if he had finally broken free of the last shackles on his body at this moment.

Looking around, he saw a glass villa with clean and neat lines like a stick figure, quietly leaning on the edge of the cliff.

The huge, flat, cream-colored cliff hung high above the sand. The waves rolled against the cliff from time to time, creating countless deep blue splashes.

The midday sun scattered on the mirrored walls and reflected onto the surrounding flower beds. The sun reflected countless lilies of the valley and irises swaying in the wind. Pure white and purple reflected each other, dazzling under the brilliant lights and shadows. It was gorgeous like dreamy poetry.

There were still flowers blooming so brightly in autumn. They bloomed in the flower garden on the edge of the cliff.

You Mian dragged his suitcase to the Heartbeat House. The camera behind him started filming.

The guests in the recording studio were all amazed by You Mian, who appeared on the screen.

Everyone paused for a few minutes after taking a deep breath. Then their minds returned.

Qu Shao was professional and seasoned. He pushed up his glasses and smiled first. “Director Hong is worthy of being the god of variety shows. The first guest brought us such a big surprise.”

Xi Rui gently brushed back the curly hair on her shoulders. She couldn’t hide the surprise in her expression. Her eyes widened, and she covered her mouth. “It really scared me. Are all young children so beautiful these days? His chestnut curls make him look a bit like a mixed-race.”

The young newcomer on the side said, “Yes, this appearance is too eye-catching.”

The continued about You Mian’s appearance continued in the studio until he walked to the door of the house.

The host Qu Shao clapped his hands to control the field. He smiled and pointed to the video on the screen. “Let’s see if the first guest will choose the lily of the valley or the iris.”

In recent years, there had been endless male romance variety shows. There were also subdivisions depending on the orientation.

Director Hong Sheng didn’t want to fall into stereotypes, so he divided the eight guests into two groups: lily of the valley and iris.

You Mian looked beautiful on the outside, but he was also thin and tall. It was difficult for everyone in the studio to judge which side he would choose.

The young man stood generously in front of the flower stand at the door of the Heartbeat House. His posture was uncompromising as he leaned over with a soft smile to talk an iris and pin it to his chest.

The purple iris fell on his chest. In the camera, You Mian raised an eyebrow and smiled. “The glass flower garden on the cliff is a very postmodernist style building. I am curious about why the designer wanted to combine the waves and wind with flowers and sunlight.”

With You Mian’s words, the cameraman turned the camera to the huge glass villa in front of him.

Lilies of the valley and irises swayed in the light and shadow of the sea breeze and reflected on the glass mirror. The waves splashed, and there was the melodious sound of seagulls and birds.

You Mian stood in the middle of the flower garden. After thinking carefully, he said, “Feeling the charm of life at the edge of the cliff. Isn’t the contradiction extreme?”

The movement of nature is intertwined with the stillness of architecture. The glass texture adds a sense of technological futurism, which adds to the atmosphere of the house. But here is a flower garden…”

You Mian raised an eyebrow and asked with a smile, “Does the designer want to blend in or cut it?”

The waves rolled forward. You Mian said softly, “This house looks quiet, but if you regard the waves as its mouthpiece, isn’t it always roaring or singing at the edge of the cliff?”

“I prefer to think that the designer is expressing the spirit of chivalry against injustice,” You Mian concluded. “It is a very unique, JL-style building.”

Director Hong Sheng sat behind the monitor at the scene. He heard this paragraph and was directly stunned as he held the walkie-talkie.

Once You Mian opened the door and walked into the house, Hong Sheng’s mind was able to return. He wiped his face and said in surprise, “Chairman Pei, I found a treasure for you.”

Amateur advertising was a very risky thing. Hong Sheng didn’t have much hope at first. In any case, JL’s building was placed here. He could achieve the purpose of publicity by filming it a few more times.

What was surprising was that You Mian didn’t have stage fright at all. He even found the most suitable way to focus the audience’s attention on the building at the right opportunity. Instead of explaining, he used the method of asking questions to arouse resonance.

Without thinking, Hong Sheng squeezed the walkie-talkie and said, “Let the cameras in the room be aimed at You Mian. Shoot more materials. It might be used later.”


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