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CEFYMA: Chapter 29

The trend of public opinion changed. Everyone’s attention shifted to Bai Lin again.

[Who is this Bai Lin? An actor?]

[Oh, aren’t his brainless fans quite powerful? Why are they running away with their tails between their legs now.]

[@Bai Lin @Bai Lin come out to apologize for Internet bullying!]

[@Bai Lin allowed fans to spread rumors and even recorded the same romance variety show as You Mian. He can’t be jealous of You Mian, right?]

[F*k, is this Bai Lin also a student of A College? He seems to be a junior in the oil painting department…]

However, the above comments were blocked after only ten minutes. Bai Lin’s topic entry was also blocked and could no longer be clicked on.

At the same time, Bai Lin issued an apology statement on Weibo. It was with a sincere attitude and active correction.

[Bai Lin: In view of the public opinion harm caused by my fans to Mr. You Mian, I hereby apologize.]

However, this simple and perfunctory apology on Weibo was hard to understand by the group of people joining in the fun.

[Too perfunctory.]

[You are forced to come out and apologize, right? It isn’t sincere at all.]

[You Mian was scolded for one day and one night. Why did this Bai Lin pass over it with a light apology?]

Baby Linlin, fly bravely! Ignore the negative comments. We love you forever!]

[I really misjudged you. From the very beginning when you encouraged fans, I felt something was wrong. It is disgusting.]

[I am taking off my fan status.]

[Jiayou, Baby Lin. We are always here.]

You Mian stood at the steps of the door of the first floor indifferently. He glanced at his phone screen indifferently.

An apology? It was just a retreating PR play.

Perhaps even Bai Lin hadn’t expected that the museum and A College would stand up for You Mian, so he had the confidence to continue spreading those baseless rumors.

In the end, he ended up losing popularity, losing fans, and getting negative reviews.

Looking at Weibo again, Bai Lin’s behavior of covering up and banning topics didn’t extinguish the discussion among passersby and other fans. Instead, it set off a higher round of counterattacks.

However, You Mian no longer wanted to look at those arguments. He put away his phone and walked indifferently into the night.

The first floor of the teaching building was a few hundred meters away from the school gate.

The moment You Mian turned on the torch light of his phone, he saw a tall man in a brown coat standing under a camphor tree with a wide canopy. His back blended into the night and looked a bit lonely.

Yan Tingxuan stood sideways and had his head lowered. Suddenly, he noticed a beam of light coming. He looked up and saw You Mian walking slowly.

Yan Tingxuan’s lonely expression just now seemed to be an illusion. He raised his hand and waved at You Mian, calling out softly, “Xiao Mian.”

You Mian’s footsteps paused slightly. It was because the man’s call and smile at this moment overlapped with Brother Yan in the past, as if time was out of order.

Soon, You Mian’s mind returned, and he raised his eyes indifferently. The dark blue jacket covered his chin, and his furrowed brow made him look even more alienated.

“I’m not familiar with you. Don’t call me that,” You Mian said.

Yan Tingxuan raised an eyebrow in surprise when he heard this. Then he laughed helplessly. “Don’t be so hostile. I’m just picking you up along the way.”

You Mian frowned and refused. “No, it isn’t necessary.”

You Mian directly turned sideways to avoid Yan Tingxuan and was about to walk out. Who knew that Yan Tingxuan would chase after him?

The man’s steps were very large, and he could follow You Mian closely.

You Mian took a few steps. He really felt bored, so he couldn’t help stopping again and asking, “Mr Yan, what do you want to do?”

Yan Tingxuan smiled gently. The lens of his gold-rimmed eyes blurred his eyes in the dark night, making it impossible to guess what this man was thinking.

“I really just dropped by to pick you up. It might be because the cameraman of the show was present today, but everyone at the law firm was very easy to deal with today.”

You Mian sneered. “Do you think I will believe it?”

Yan Tingxuan looked at You Mian and smiled silently. Soon, he said, “I would never lie to you about such a trivial matter.”

You Mian didn’t speak.

The smell of the cold woody fragrance complemented the surrounding camphor trees You Mian felt the tip of his nose becoming itchy.

“Okay.” Yan Tingxuan put a hand in his pocket. The moonlight caressed the bridge of his handsome nose and his side profile. His delicate hair wasn’t messy. “I came to pick you up and congratulate you at the same time.”

Yan Tingxuan looked at You Mian with complicated eyes. His expression was really hard to describe.

Congratulations on surviving another encirclement.

You Mian couldn’t guess the second half of Yan Tingxuan’s unfinished sentence, and he wasn’t interested in guessing.

“Instead of congratulating me, you should comfort him.” You Mian didn’t want to say another word to Yan Tingxuan.

You Mian originally thought that Yan Tingxuan would have some concerns. He didn’t expect that Yan Tingxuan would directly ask, “Is Xiao Mian talking about Bai Lin?”

You Mian instantly frowned.

Seeing this, Yan Tingxuan shrugged. “He has plenty of people to comfort him.” The man’s voice became softer, and he seemed to deliberately whisper, “Such as Huo Yanzhi or someone.”

Yan Tingxuan saw that You Mian’s expression didn’t change and tilted his head. “Speaking of which, Yun Guanqing has been very close to you recently.” There was also Pei Huaiji.

“Who did you send your heartbeat text messages to those two times?” Yan Tingxuan asked with a smile.

You Mian replied impatiently, “It has nothing to do with you.”

“I’m just asking. I will know when the show airs anyway.”

Yan Tingxuan kept smiling, but that smile seemed like a mask welded to his face. It wasn’t real.

You Mian didn’t want to get involved any longer, so he answered directly, “It is Pei Huaiji.”

He was afraid that Yan Tingxuan couldn’t hear clearly, so he looked up and repeated, “I sent it to Pei Huaiji.”

Yan Tingxuan’s smile stopped, and his eyes slowly turned cold.

“Did you send it to him the first and second time?”

You Mian walked out, and Yan Tingxuan followed closely.

“Are you using him to avoid us?” Yan Tingxuan’s mind returned after a few seconds. For some reason, he sighed with relief.

“I know that you don’t like men,” Yan Tingxuan said with a smile.

You Mian turned his head and wondered coldly, “How did you come to this conclusion?”

“Don’t You Jiyuan force you to participate in the show?”

In this deserted place, Yan Tingxuan didn’t even call him Uncle You.

You Mian felt amused and couldn’t help retorting, “Is this another conclusion you made up?”

Yan Tingxuan’s footsteps stopped, and he fell behind You Mian.

The night gradually swallowed up the man’s figure. You Mian used the light of the torch and walked forward without looking back.

“Xiao Mian.”

Yan Tingxuan’s voice came from behind him very softly. He said, “It’s okay. You won’t like him anyway.”

The man paused and was silent for a long time. Then he added, “You won’t like anyone.”

The lights around them turned on as they approached the school gate. You Mian lowered his head to turn off the light of his phone.

Yan Tingxuan suddenly said from a distance of six or seven meters, “I was at the beach that day. I’m sorry.”

You Mian put away his phone and turned his head to look.

“I forgot you couldn’t see,” Yan Tingxuan said.

You Mian didn’t give Yan Tingxuan a chance to show weakness and said with a smile, “You didn’t forget. You remember better than anyone. it is just that you chose Bai Lin at that time.”

“All your choices are made under the weighing of interests. You didn’t regret it when you made that choice, so don’t mention it now.”

“Stop pretending to be a person who was forced.”

Yan Tingxuan raised his head sharply. He instinctively wanted to put on a smile, but he found that he couldn’t smile. “Am I so unbearable in your eyes?”

You Mian lowered his eyes and said lightly, “Yes.”

“Selfish, cold, indifferent and unscrupulous in pursuit of profit.”

Yan Tingxuan wasn’t like Yun Guanqing. In his heart, decency and propriety were more important than anything else.

Exquisite clothing, elegant and gentlemanly manners, a well-educated family background, and the title of senior partner.

Therefore, You Mian was sure that when he refused Yan Tingxuan in public again and again, this man wouldn’t come after him again.

There might be no students coming and going on the camphor path this late at night, but it was a public place after all.

You Mian turned back to the front again and really didn’t hear footsteps chasing after him.

He moved faster.

It seemed that Yan Tingxuan was much easier to get rid of than Yun Guanqing.

The moment he walked out of the school, You Mian saw Pei Huaiji’s black Maybach.

He couldn’t be mistaken about this license plate with consecutive numbers.

The window of the back seat of the car slowly lowered halfway. From You Mian’s position, he could just see Pei Huaiji’s eyes looking sideways.

You Mian walked forward with some doubts and asked, “Chairman Pei? What are you doing here?”

Pei Huaiji, who was sitting in the car, replied in a deep voice, “I came to apologize.”

You Mian was even more doubtful as he watched the driver get out of the car and open the door for him.

In the back seat, Pei Huaiji’s legs were lightly crossed, and his straight black suit pants fell over his leather shoes. The man had taken off the long jacket he was wearing in the morning, revealing only a double-breasted suit. The dark blue tie became more reserved under the moonlight.

Pei Huaiji’s eyes never left You Mian, so You Mian was forced to get in.

The car drove smoothly into the noisy neighborhoods.

Pei Huaiji put away the laptop he had opened while waiting for this person. “You should’ve seen JL’s hot search.”

You Mian realized that Pei Huaiji was talking about the statement issued by JL’s legal team.

In the next second, Pei Huaiji pinched the bridge of his nose to relieve fatigue and said calmly, “It wasn’t my order. The lawyer team has your publicity contract with JL and decided to speak out for the interests of the company. It is just ordinary, daily maintenance work.”

You Mian secretly sighed with relief.

“But I still want to apologize to you.”

Pei Huaiji turned his head to look at You Mian. The man’s cold and rational expression never seemed to fluctuate too much, but he did smile again at this moment.

Although, it was just a very shallow smile.

You Mian’s ears were numb as he heard Pei Huaiji continue saying, “You Mian, I respect you and trust you.”

“I said I wouldn’t interfere, you have to believe that I wouldn’t do so,” he said. “I hope the accident didn’t cause any unnecessary changes to your plan.”

Speaking of the word ‘change’, You Mian remembered the strange comments he had just seen on his phone.

However, the tone of these comments was quite friendly. You Mian didn’t delve further into it.

“Chairman Pei is too polite.”

The moment You Mian finished speaking, he saw Pei Huaiji take out a bottle of red wine from the cabinet in the car.

He could tell at a glance that it was a Chateau Cheval Blanc 1950.

Pei Huaiji lowered his eyes and said, “I heard that you are very knowledgeable about red wine. The 47 year old red wine is difficult to find so I replaced it with the 50 year old wine. Please don’t be surprised.”

You Mian took the bottle of beautifully packaged red wine in a stunned manner. He thought that if Pei Huaiji could really get the 47 year old Chateau Cheval Blanc then he really wouldn’t dare to accept it.

Even now, he didn’t dare to accept this bottle.

“Chairman Pei, this gift is too precious.” You Mian frowned and shook his head.

Pei Huaiji didn’t say much and only asked, “Do you like it?”

You Mian paused. He did have the hobby of collecting red wine, so he really couldn’t see he didn’t like it.

“The gift isn’t precious.” Pei Huaiji glanced at You Mian. “Even if it isn’t an apology, the three sculptures today are too beautiful. They deserve a bottle of celebratory red wine.”

You Mian was stunned for a few seconds before laughing. “Are they beautiful?”

The young man’s amber eyes were bright and gentle under the lights passing outside the car. The hand holding the red wine bottle was white and slender, as if it had been carefully carved.

Pei Huaiji’s hoarse voice was heard in the car. “Very beautiful.”

After Pei Huaiji delivered the gift, he looked sideways out the window. The reddish tips of his ears could be seen in the dim car.

Congratulations, my genius.

It had to be known how surprised Vivian was when Pei Huaiji asked her to go to the auction house to buy a bottle of red wine. She was so surprised that she couldn’t control her expression in front of Pei Huaiji.

Pei Huaiji had never been a drinker or a fan of drinking and smoking. He deliberately avoided these two things even when giving gifts to his top business partners.

It was like this, but now Chairman Pei had her go to the auction house to buy red wine!

Vivian had a trembling heart but was lucky enough to buy a bottle of Chateau Cheval Blanc worth two million.

Then she heard Pei Huaiji behind the desk say without raising his head, “Pack it beautifully.”

“I’m going to give it away.”

Vivian: “?!”


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