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CEFYMA: Chapter 28

[You Mian? Who is this person? Why is he first on the hot search? Did he buy it?]

[Please come forward to explain why the admission examination work of the amateur guest called You Mian hasn’t been published?! Is there something shady in this? We only hope to get a fair and open investigation result!! #A College Entrance Examination Score.]

[I am a prospective high school senior. I have always aimed for the art department of A College. I didn’t expect to see such a shocking, shady scene. I hope to get a reasonable explanation.]

[Don’t let the reputation of this famous school be ruined due to this matter. Give a reasonable explanation!}

[The amateur guests added footage of himself in the trailer! The duration is even 10 seconds longer than that of Yun Guanqing, the winner of the Best Actor award. Please treat every guest who participated in the recording fairly. Don’t favor one person over the others!!!]

There were no passersby visible under the stream of accusatory comments. It wasn’t until it was six or seven pages down that the first questioning comment finally appeared.

[Are the above group of people crazy?]

[I don’t know who You Mian is, but the appearance of the crazy demons in the comments is too terrifying. Are they Yun Guanqing fans? With actual results in hand, the Best Actor winner doesn’t need to worry about the length of a variety show trailer, right?]

[A Yun fan is here! Sorry to bother others, but it really isn’t us! We have no complaints about the length of the show’s trailer. Brother Yun’s new movie is being released. Please support it. Yun fans only focus on Yun Guanqing alone.]

[Isn’t this a hot search to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Huajiang Art Museum? Did I enter the wrong one? Why are there so many strange accusations?]

[After eating melons all morning, I kind of understand. This You Mian is a guest of Hong Sheng’s ‘Matching Heartbeat’ romance show and a student of A College. It seems that his admission qualifications are a bit problematic. They are questioning if it is shady.]

[He has always been pretending to be a turtle. Why did he suddenly forward the art museum’s Weibo today, and it directly became the trending topic? It really doesn’t make sense if he doesn’t have a backer. Haha.]

In the chaotic discussion, several layers of rebuttal and clarification were occasionally mixed in. The strength was weak, but there were always passersby who stopped to take a look.

Among these people were sporadic passersby who became fans of You Mian due to the teaser trailer of You Mian’s romance drama. There were also A college students who were You Mian’s classmates or from the same department.

[He forwarded the museum’s Weibo post because he has a clear conscience! Why clarify and prove himself for things he has never done?]

[Isn’t this blackening him for the sake of blackening? Didn’t anyone see that Mian Mian said ‘thank you for the invitation’ when he forwarded it? He has a cooperation with the museum! How could the Huajiang Art Museum invite a shady student to participate in the 20th anniversary event?! Open your eyes and see!]

[Due to Mian Mian’s looks, I won’t believe these shady statements until the results come out.]

[As a direct student of Senior You Mian, I can responsibly say that Senior You Mian’s professional ability is beyond doubt. He is the winner of the Excellent Student scholarship for three consecutive years. He is also the student representative of the sculpture department. As for the entrance design work, I don’t know if I can say this, but it is rumored that the bronze sculpture has long been sealed by the Huajiang Art Museum and hasn’t been exhibited yet.]

[It is really bad. I am a passerby who came to see the romance drama. Why is there a fan war here? I’m done.]

All of this turmoil happened on the Internet, and Lin Yuqing had no idea about it.

He had just asked the staff of the museum to bring the last plaster sculpture made by You Mian from the sculpture classroom of A College. He was admiring it while asking the staff to cover it with glass.

In the spacious and empty art gallery with a high ceiling, there was only the dull sound of moving sculptures.

Suddenly, a young subordinate walked to Lin Yuqing’s side and held up his phone while asking a question. “Director, online public opinion has broken out. There have been thousands of replies on the celebration Weibo we just sent.”

Lin Yuqing instantly pushed up his reading glasses and frowned.

His graying temples showed his age, but his back was still upright. The old-fashioned tunic suit he was dressed in was straight and neat.

Lin Yuqing tilted his head back slightly, took the phone, and slowly scrolled through it.

As a cultural symbol of Huajiang, the art museum had millions of followers for its official Weibo. However, the daily comments and likes weren’t much. It was generally maintained between 20 and 30.

“Thousands?” Lin Yuqing frowned. His brows and eyes, engraved with furrows and fine lines, furrowed. “What’s the matter? A College… You Mian?”

“What are they arguing about regarding Xiao Mian?” Lin Yuqing asked in a serious tone.

His subordinate said nervously, “The public is questioning the entrance assessment work of Student You. They are saying it isn’t publicized because there is something shady.”

“Nonsense!” Lin Yuqing said angrily. “How can they spread such unconfirmed rumors without any basis?”

The surrounding staff members, no matter whether it was the staff moving the sculptures or the staff in the venue, all heard Lin Yuqing’s angry voice.

The subordinate asked nervously, “Should the art museum come forward to clarify things for Student You?”

Lin Yuqing’s firm eyes were as bright as when he was young.

He raised his hand and pointed in front of him vigorously again. His tone became heavier with every word.

“We, must, do it, immediately!”

The subordinate quickly raised his hand and said, “Director, I will contact A College!”

Lin Yuqing nodded. His eyes were blazing, and the power contained in his voice was very heavy. “Vain praise can’t cultivate a highly talented person, but absurd and endless discussions will definitely ruin a promising sculptor.”

Lin Yuqing immediately put down the phone and turned to leave after speaking. Everyone saw him hurriedly go around the corner and walk toward his office.

Near noon, the debate on the Internet was still unstoppable.

You Mian’s personal Weibo was the first to fall and became the main battleground for this big war.

There were people pinging A College, the show, or the museum. There was a spread of black comments, and not a single rational speech could be seen.

They were having a crazy carnival. They used fairness in front of them as a shield to vent their dissatisfaction wantonly.

Just as all the real passersby were feeling tired and wanted to leave this messy melon field, everything changed in an instant.

A hot search term called #Joint statement of the art museum and A College on recent rumors# rose to the top of the hot search with an unstoppable trend. Finally, it squeezed down the #You Mian# entry full of abuse and endless fighting.

After clicking on the topic to take a look, they saw that the unusually silent official Weibo of the art museum and A College actually sent several posts in a row, clarifying the stormy situation.

[Huajiang Art Museum: Clarification of the ‘shady’ entrance examination result of Student You, which has recently been widely spread on the Internet.[Bronze sculpture (1) picture][Terracotta sculpture (2) picture][Gypsum sculpture (3) picture].]

[Huajiang Art Museum: In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the museum, the student guest @You Mian was specially invited to participate in the sculpture exhibition. It took four years to complete the trilogy of bronze, clay, and plaster sculptures. The skills are very exquisite and interesting. I would like to express my gratitude to Mr You for casting the celebration sculptures for Huajiang Art Museum. Huajiang Art Museum also sincerely wishes for Mr You to overcome all difficulties and have a bright future!]

[A College’s Official Weibo: In response to some of the recent remarks on the Internet that have wantonly insulted You Mian, a senior student of the college’s sculpting department, and resulting in damage to the reputation of our college, a lawyer’s letter has been issued as follows [picture].]

[A College’s Official Weibo: The joint statement with Huajiang Art Museum is as follows—[picture].]

[A College’s Official Weibo: This post isn’t for clarification. Our school selects outstanding student representatives from the Academy of Art in the fall of 20XX to speak on stage. The list of public speakers is as follows—[Senior Class 1, Sculpture Department, You Mian][……].]

[A College’s Official Weibo: This post still isn’t for clarification. Our school’s public list of scholarship winners for the fourth semester of 20XX is as follows—[Senior Class 1, Sculpture Department, You Mian][……].]

[A College’s Official Weibo: The orange-yellow color of autumn leaves takes away the heat of summer, but it also brings a new semester. It is another year of hard work for the prospective graduates who are busy with various internships and examination papers. The school hopes that the students will learn something, their dreams will succeed, and their academic career will rise steadily. To learn art, you must first learn morality. To establish yourself, you must first establish morality [picture].]

The last Weibo post sent by A College’s official Weibo wasn’t much different from the previous check-in Weibo that said good morning and good night every day.

The only thing that attracted attention was that the accompanying pictures on this Weibo post were no longer the usual oil painting appreciation or landscape painting.

It was a casual photo from a very early period when You Mian participated in a school event. He sat on the stage of a spacious lecture theater with his eyes lowered.

At that time, the young man had his hair dyed black. His soft hair obediently fell over his forehead. In the summer heat, he wore a bright yellow, short-sleeved shirt, revealing slender but not weak arms. A piece of blue oil paint stained his elbows, and he inexplicably felt refreshing.

You Mian’s eyes were extremely serious. He turned his head sideways and pursed his lips. His long legs were placed outside the high chair. His strange back felt young and strong. He seemed like a very refreshing teenager.

The moment the strong joint clarification appeared, there was nothing to fear from remarks that could reverse black and white.

Countless passersby flocked to the clarification Weibo posts. There was just a small spark, and the word ‘shady’ on You Mian’s body was completely overturned.

[Ahh! It is finally clarified! God knows how worried I have been since last night! Mian Mian, I read you right! Woo woo woo.]

[The clarification has come out. Have all the sunspots been slapped in the face. In the beginning, they said they wanted the truth and an explanation. The explanation is now thrown in your face. Come out and continue! I’m so angry!]

[Before any evidence appears, don’t stand on a side at random. I am a passerby, but I think the young man in the photo looks good.]

[Summary: 1. You Mian’s entrance exam work wasn’t announced because it was accepted by the Huajiang Art Museum. 2. The reason why it wasn’t exhibited four years after it was sealed was because You Mian cooperated with the museum to prepare a trilogy exhibition for the 20th anniversary. 3. You Mian is the outstanding student representative of A College and a scholarship winner for four consecutive years. 4. In conclusion, You Mian is awesome!!]

[F*k, f*k, is it really reversed?]

[Don’t read the long text. Lick the face first.]

[How old is this Mian Mian baby? So cute! Demons and monsters, leave quickly. Our Baby Mian shouldn’t suffer from this unreasonable disaster again.]

[A black-haired Mian Mian! I can accept this! These legs, this waist, these hands, I love them.]

[How come the group of crazy people who jumped so much just disappeared? I took screenshots of all of them. I will send them to A College immediately.]

[I didn’t expect the little brother from the trailer to be so powerful. When will the first episode of ‘Matching Heartbeat’ come out?]

[Director Hong, hurry up!]

[This matter isn’t over. Why did that group of crazy people disappear after slandering him so much?]

[There is no need to say much. Look at the pictures. Most of them use blank accounts, but there are some people who follow this actor. They are his diehard fans. The actor is called Bai Lin.]

[F*k, how disgusting. Why are the fans of this Bai Lin so crazy? Isn’t Bai Lin also a guest on ‘Matching Heartbeat’? He knows You Mian.]

[The more I investigate, the more disgusting it is. Bai Lin’s fans pretended to be Yun fans to insult You Mian. It is all confirmed.]

Just as passersby and fans were excitedly eating this reverse melon, the heat of the topic climbed up again.

[Chinese Wood Sculpture: Qin Lan: @You Mian, when will you come to have a cup of tea with the teacher again? You just made sculptures for the art museum. I also want one [picture].]

In the picture, Qin Lan and You Mian were sitting opposite each other at the tea table. The luxurious leaves blocked the sunlight above their heads. In front of them was a chess game where victory or defeat was uncertain.

Before the status of Qin Lan in the sculpting industry was determined, JL actually posted.

[JL Huajiang’s Branch: In view of the fact that the rumors spread by some netizens caused damage to You Mian today, JL’s legal team will conduct a reputation rights litigation within the scope of the contract. All parties should be prepared.]

JL’s post was short and powerful. There was no picture, but it was enough to cause the group of snakes and rats hiding behind the screen to quickly cancel their accounts.

Today, the show didn’t have a schedule. You Mian sat in the sculpture classroom all day to prepare for the preliminary round of the Star Cup.

The classroom was empty. The incandescent lights shone overhead, and You Mian was the only person here.

From the time the plaster statue was taken away by the museum, You Mian knew that these empty remarks weren’t anything to be afraid of. So until now, he focused on the sculpture in front of him and didn’t have time to look at his phone.

It wasn’t until it became dark that he finally got up, put away his backpack, and wrapped the sculpture in plastic wrap.

Once You Mian organized everything and unlocked his phone, he wasn’t surprised to see the reversal hot search hanging high.

What he hadn’t expected was for College A to issue a joint statement with the art museum.

You Mian was a bit surprised.

He looked down at his phone as he walked out. Suddenly, his sliding fingers froze.

#JL lawyer’s team#

You Mian clicked in with an indescribable mood. He glanced at the statement issued by the JL branch several times and saw some remarks that he couldn’t understand at all in the comments area.

[Brother Chair is charging for love! F*k! Who did something awesome without saying a word?]

[Ahhh, is this an immortal CP? The show hasn’t even aired, and I am already shipping them. I will bet, I will bet!]

[Brother Chair, charge! I love it.]

[Who is Brother Chair? Why can’t I understand what you are saying?]

[Hmph, it is really difficult if you don’t understand people [puppy pouts.jpg].]

At this moment, You Mian’s mind simply resonated at the same frequency as this doubtful netizen.

Yes, who was this Brother Chair?


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