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CEFYMA: Chapter 26

“It isn’t uncommon for students’ works to be temporarily sealed after being collected by a museum.” You Mian paused for a few seconds and glanced at Bai Lin in an expressionless manner. “I thought most art students knew about it.”

Bai Lin: “……”

From the moment You Mian said that his work was taken by a museum, Bai Lin’s expression had become embarrassed.

How could he know that You Mian’s bronze sculpture would actually be selected by the Huajiang Art Museum?!

Moreover, at that time, You Mian was just a high school graduate who hadn’t officially entered A College. How could this type of entrance examination work enter a museum?

Bai Lin squeezed the soup spoon in his hand and hugged his head stiffly, trying to hide the embarrassment in his eyes.

You Mian truly only encountered good luck. It was simply unfair.

Guan Tong heard this and put away his phone with a sigh of relief. He smiled helplessly at You Mian. “The hot search really scared me to death.”

Guan Tong was a blogger who often had contact with the Internet. He naturally knew best that a black hot search could easily ruin a person.

What’s more, You Mian was an amateur college student with no fan base.

Once the group of demon fans from the entertainment industry tried to blacken him, it would be really hard to shake off.

The relaxed Guan Tong grabbed some food and asked casually, “You Mian, have you offended someone?”

Otherwise, was it really just a coincidence for there to be words and topics that encouraged passersby to take part in such a big battle?

You Mian chuckled. His expression was as soft as ever, and he looked like he didn’t take this matter seriously at all.

He replied, “Who knows?”

Bai Lin gripped the spoon in his hand sharply.

The next second, as the atmosphere at the table gradually eased, everyone heard Bai Lin suddenly interject, “It is really amazing.”

You Mian looked toward Bai Lin.

Bai Lin smiled innocently and asked, “But it has been almost four years. Why hasn’t your work been unsealed and exhibited?”

Once Bai Lin finished speaking, he looked at You Mian happily. He thought that if it wasn’t for the museum regretting it after sealing it, how could they not exhibit You Mian’s bronze sculpture for four years?

There must be something wrong. He didn’t believe that You Mian could really make a sculpture that was collected by a museum.

Bai Lin was waiting to see You Mian slumped down, to see his embarrassed and uneasy expression that was just like when Bai Lin returned to the You house.

However, after more than ten seconds, You Mian didn’t speak. The young man’s amber eyes just glanced at Bai Lin before he quickly retracted his gaze. It was as if Bai Lin’s words didn’t matter at all.

Seeing this, Pei Huaiji’s brow gradually relaxed. His fingers bent and tapped the dining table lightly. The noise wasn’t loud.

The silent atmosphere didn’t embarrass You Mian. Instead, it made the inexplicably inquisitive Bai Lin into the embarrassed one.

Yan Tingxuan, who was sitting by Bai Lin, patted Bai Lin’s shoulder. He squeezed it lightly and told Bai Lin not to say anything else.

Bai Lin’s face turned red. He put on a forced smile and stammered out an explanation, “Can’t this be asked? I didn’t expect that it couldn’t be asked.”

Yun Guanqing held his chin and kept staring at You Mian, seemingly wondering how You Mian would deal with this situation.

Would he directly call out Bai Lin or face slap him?

Compared to the silent You Mian, Guan Tong spoke up first. “What is there to be asked?”

Guan Tong was angry.

It wasn’t like he didn’t see how lethal Bai Lin’s group of diehard fans were on Weibo. There were many people who called themselves passersby trying to reverse the rhythm in the topic. As a result, clicking into their homepage would show Bai Lin’s fan icons on their homepage.

Guan Tong didn’t know why Bai Lin’s fans were making trouble in You Mian’s topic, but this didn’t prevent him from feeling that this group of people were all stupid and bad.

Guan Tong knew that this type of ‘little actor’ with a large number of die-hard fans couldn’t be provoked, or it would bring him a bloody life.

Moreover, his professional life relied on the Internet.

Bai Lin and his fans repeatedly targeted You Mian, which really annoyed Guan Tong. He couldn’t bear to see other people engaging in such careful thinking and crooked ways.

Then just as Guan Tong put down his chopsticks and stopped eating, You Mian, who always had a calm expression on his face, suddenly opened his mouth.

You Mian didn’t refute it or become angry at Bai Lin’s words.

The young man shrugged and said in a very easy and joking manner, “Who knows? Maybe they threw my sculpture somewhere and couldn’t find it.”

You Mian sighed regretfully. “It is also a work that I spent half a month carving.”

Pei Huaiji’s eyes were filled with a smile.

Guan Tong’s annoyance toward Bai Lin hadn’t subsided, but he was almost amused by You Mian’s words.

“Why are you blackening yourself?” Guan Tong couldn’t help smiling and pushing against You Mian’s shoulder. “How can an art museum that specializes in student works throw one aside?”

“Don’t act falsely humble.” Guan Tong jokingly pinched the side of You Mian’s face.

You Mian turned sideways and let Guan Tong pinch his face. After a few fights, the boy’s still free and handsome expression suddenly made Guan Tong stop.

Guan Tong covered his red ears and sat up straight, thinking, ‘F*k! You Mian’s appearance is too much of a foul! I can’t stand it up close.’

You Mian and Guan Tong’s back-and-forth jokes made everyone at the table relax their tension again.

The atmosphere was finally no longer tense.

Only Bai Lin lowered his head with a very ugly expression. He guessed that You Mian’s words were directed at him, and there must be something wrong.

In the relaxed atmosphere, Huo Yanzhi leaned back against his chair and actually said, “It will never be lost.”

Shen Nanxiao also smiled. “No matter whether it is exhibited or not, being accepted into an art museum is already a superb resume among your peers.”

Shen Nanxiao spoke while raising the champagne glass prepared by the show. He shook it at You Mian, and said with a smile, “Let’s toast the artist together?”

Since then, the strange atmosphere caused by Bai Lin had completely dissipated.

You Mian held his chin and smiled helplessly. His eyes curved in a really beautiful arc.

He raised his golden champagne glass at Shen Nanxiao. He faced the new title proposed by the other party and said, “Are you making me happy? Then I’ll toast the big performer.”

Yun Guanqing lowered his head and sighed. He smiled very curiously and joined in.

Everyone toasted in unison.

A dinner ended with these undercurrents. Bai Lin returned to his room and instantly changed his expression. He was very uneasy.

Passersby would leave after seeing the excitement, but his group of fans were unaware and were still jumping up and down in the topic, making it hot.

Once You Mian’s follow-up clarification appeared, the person who would be roasted on the fire would become himself.

Bai Lin would never allow this type of thing to happen.

He quickly covered the camera in his room with a coat. Then he clicked on his phone’s chat box and sent: “I have seen everything that everyone has done for me. Your support is really more important to me than anything.”

“But it really isn’t good to let you charge forward. This matter will also embarrass the show’s staff. The staff didn’t do anything wrong. Stop here and don’t continue to increase the heat of the topic.”

Bai Lin was typing fiercely, but his hand was sending out cute heart emojis one after another.

[Ahh Lin Lin appeared!]

[I love you so much, Lin Lin~ Don’t worry about us! Everything is okay. We have built five groups to take turns brushing the topic to the top. We won’t let the hot search fall.]

[How did the staff of the shot not do anything wrong? Lin Lin, you are too simple. How many seconds were you in the trailer? In addition, how many shots of that amateur were there? They clearly treat you differently!]

[It is too much deception.]

[Yes! Get justice for Lin Lin!}

[The wind direction is now with us. Passersby don’t have a good impression of him. Once the time comes and the show is aired, his image will definitely be overturned.]

[I searched through all of the Internet and didn’t find You Mian’s name in any announcements of A College. It is definitely tricky. Lin Lin, don’t be afraid. Maybe this amateur will even have his student status revoked.]

[Yes, evil can’t suppress righteousness! I saw that the opinions among passersby are rising. Can a person who entered A college through the back door get his graduation certificate safely? Ridiculous.]

[Go to the official Weibo of A College and continue to bombard them @Their official.]

“F*king bunch of idiots. They really don’t understand people, do they?” Bai Lin frowned and said angrily, “I will be killed by you sooner or later.”

His lowered eyes no longer showed any innocence or pitifulness. They were hideous and terrifying. He looked extremely emotionally unstable.

Bai Lin saw that the situation was out of control and quickly called his agent.

After explaining the cause and consequences, the man on the other end of the phone suddenly asked, “Are you sure he can’t explain why the museum hasn’t shown his bronze sculpture?”

Bai Lin was stunned before nodding. “He didn’t tell me. But as long as it is clarified…”

Before Bai Lin could finish speaking, the agent interrupted coldly, “What clarification? Whose clarification?”

Bai Lin frowned and asked doubtfully, “Brother Ze, what do you mean?”

Mu Ze sneered as he tapped his pen cap on the table in his office. “Since the work isn’t exhibited, who can prove that his bronze sculpture was really collected by Huajiang Art Museum?”

Bai Lin’s fingers pinching his phone gradually became stronger, and his happy emotions woke up again.

Mu Ze sneered. “Even if there really is such a bronze sculpture, who can say that it is You Mian’s entrance design work? What if it was added by You Mian after entering college through the back door?”

“What can’t you do with money?” The voice on the phone laughed coldly and cruelly. “Who can tell?”

Bai Lin’s mood was no longer anxious. He asked excitedly, “Then should I let the fans continue to increase the topic?”

“Continue. No matter what You Mian says, who can judge if his words are true or false?”

Mu Ze said firmly, “No one.”

Whoever occupied the upper ground in public opinion would be able to overturn any unprovable fact.

After receiving the call, Mu Ze immediately carefully reviewed all the materials and public conversations of Huajiang Art Museum in recent years.

Except for some large-scale offline exhibitions, the museum had never clarified disturbing rumors caused by the included works.

Moreover, Huajiang Art Museum hadn’t made any big moves recently. It was likely to respond with silence to such a small matter.

In addition, A College coming forward to clarify wasn’t a big deal for Mu Ze because the school’s appearance wouldn’t have much credibility among the fan group.

As long as comments such as ‘protecting their students’, ‘covering up the truth’, and ‘collected money’ were overwhelming, the passersby wouldn’t pay attention to what the facts were and would only be pushed by the vortex.

In the room, You Mian stood at the table and sighed in relief. He smiled softly and told the person on the other end of the phone, “It is good that you are okay. I’m really sorry to involve you.”

Qu Miao, who was wearing a facial mask, held her phone against her shoulder and looked down while applying body lotion.

Hearing this, the girl sighed in disgust. “You don’t need to be. In any case, I only have that selfie on Weibo. There isn’t a lot of my personal information.”

Without waiting for You Mian to continue, Qu Miao immediately said, “Hey, don’t worry.”

“If any private information is really picked up, I will directly call the police to solve it.”

You Mian pursed his lips. “Qu Miao…”

Qu Miao walked to the bathroom in her slippers and couldn’t help smiling as she passed her easel. “If you really feel embarrassed, just help me with my draft, okay?”

You Mian was stunned. Qu Miao pleaded again and again, “Great god, great god, Brother Mian, help me.”

You Mian turned his head helplessly. He finally continued to work on the Sudoku page that was half empty. “I can help you shape it.”

Qu Miao almost screamed. “Thank you, Brother!”

You Mian smiled.

“But having said that—” Qu Miao asked seriously. “Even if those who are clean purify themselves, this water isn’t turbid water but a swamp. Are you sure you shouldn’t hurry to contact the school and the art museum?”

The fact that You Mian’s work was accepted was originally famous in the sculpture department.

It was just that helplessly, the sculpture department was much more low-key than the oil painting and design departments. This matter didn’t spread too much.

Qu Miao frowned. “You were admitted to the art museum as a high school student. Do you want to…”

Before Qu Miao finished speaking, You Mian softly but strongly refused. “Qu Miao, thank you, but there is no need.”

Qu Miao was silent for a few seconds before sighing. “Okay.”

You Mian finished filling out a page of Sudoku. The numbers perfectly filling the box made him happy.

Just when the heartbeat text message session of the show was about to arrive, there was a sudden knock on his door.

You Mian got up and opened the door, only to see Pei Huaiji standing outside.

The man had never been the procrastinating type. He saw You Mian and said in a deep voice, “Just now, there is a second fermentation of public opinion on the Internet. If you don’t stop it in time, it will have a very bad impact on you.”

The perfectly textured black shirt was ironed without any traces of creases. His broad shoulders almost obscured the light outside the door.

It brought an unspeakable sense of strength.

Pei Huaiji’s calm and rational tone weakened this sense of strength a bit, but only a bit.

“If you have the original draft of the bronze sculpture that was sealed by the museum, the PR plan will be easier.”

You Mian blinked and realized that Pei Huaiji meant his PR team would help him solve this hot search crisis.

Pei Huaiji didn’t hear You Mian’s response. He instead watched the young man in front of him, who was still in a high position on the hot search, lean against the door frame, tilting his head with a smile.

Pei Huaiji: “……”

You Mian raised an eyebrow and looked extremely dashing.

This person in the midst of the vortex didn’t have an anxious or bored expression. Instead, he leisurely stared at Pei Huaiji and made a joke.

“Chairman Pei, what is JL’s charitable fun? I want to invest in it.”

The philanthropist Pei Huaiji: “……”


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