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CEFYMA: Chapter 25

The atmosphere in the viewing room could be noticed by anyone.

But at this moment, they didn’t have time to care about each other’s expressions. They just stared at the huge screen in front of them as if captured by the images inside.

The young man wearing a pure black and bright yellow racing suit walked toward the go-kart without looking back. He stood next to the car without hesitation and sat in with his long legs. His posture was extremely dashing.

The camera kept shooting the sides of his face and neck.

The racing suit was very tight. It almost completely covered this person except for his wrists and thin white neck.

Then the slender wrist was covered by You Mian’s subsequent movement of putting on gloves. Therefore, these people could only move their eyes to his neck.

You Mian’s Adam’s apple wasn’t obvious, so this slightly raised Adam’s apple looked unusually young under their focused gaze.

He seemed to swallow his breath, and his Adam’s apple moved up and down.

Everyone’s eyes also trembled.

The chestnut curls were cute and lovely. Then those amber eyes suddenly looked toward the camera.

You Mian didn’t know why this cameraman was always staring at him while filming. He smiled and said, “I am going to wear a helmet. Are you still shooting?”

Yan Tingxuan heard his impatient swallowing at this moment.


Yan Tingxuan’s expression suddenly became fierce before returning to calm.

Fortunately, no one in the viewing room paid attention to him.

In the camera, You Mian really did as he said. He put on his helmet without hesitation. His eyes and face were completely covered. They could no longer see anything.

The cameraman’s angle suddenly changed. Guan Tong and Yun Guanqing sitting in the go-kart appeared on the screen.

They were two handsome guys, but Yun Guanqing, who had been silent since coming back from the date, couldn’t help sighing with regret on his face.

Seeing this, Guan Tong found that something was wrong.

Ever since the videos of You Mian and their group appeared, the atmosphere of relaxed discussion and joking suddenly disappeared. There was a solemn undercurrent.

It was as if everyone was working hard to prevent others from knowing what they were thinking.

Guan Tong’s thoughts flashed in his mind. Then he was immediately attracted by You Mian on the screen again.

“You Mian is handsome. He drove very fast. Neither Brother Yun nor I could catch up,” Guan Tong stared at his screen and instinctively said.

As if he hadn’t noticed anything wrong in the viewing room at this moment, You Mian smiled and complained, “You are exaggerating.”

Guan Tong sat next to You Mian. The moment he heard this, he moved forward and grabbed You Mian’s shoulders.

“See for yourself how fast you went!”

“D*mn… so cool.”

The speeding go-kart on the screen could almost be said to be flying at a low altitude.

At the same time, everyone could also see how calmly the boy sitting in the car was as he drove this black go-kart like it was a racing car.

It was really wild and vibrant. It was too beautiful.

There was the roaring sound of the throttle of horsepower in their eyes and the screeching of tires scraping over the track. No one could be indifferent when seeing this video.

Their hearts beat wildly as You Mian turned the steering wheel.

Seeing that You Mian was still calmly stepping on the accelerator, there were soft gasps in the viewing room.


Shen Nanxiao finally couldn’t help breaking the quiet atmosphere. He covered his chest and smiled. “I know that the dating session arranged by the show’s staff won’t be dangerous, but I am still scared and nervous watching You Mian drive.”

The video was short and came to an abrupt end when You Mian crossed the finish line.

The huge LED screen instantly turned black, and waited for the next file to be played.

Guan Tong clearly heard a complaining sigh.

He really hadn’t expected that the shura field, which didn’t appear in Bai Lin’s group, would actually appear in the viewing room at this moment!

However, he didn’t blame the guests for their reactions. Guan Tong reacted even more than them in the afternoon.

At that time, the entire track was filled with Guan Tong’s screams and cheers. He still remembered that when he was the first to run to You Mian after he got out of the car and went to the rest area. He jumped and shouted while holding You Mian’s shoulder, looking like a little fanboy.

If the staff had recorded that scene, Guan Tong would be so ashamed that he wanted to crawl into the cracks in the ground.

He had to say that You Mian’s appearance in a racing suit was really explosive!

It seemed that the staff also knew how charming the video of You Mian was just now and how unfinished it was.

Therefore, the first photo that appeared after the screen went dark for a few seconds was You Mian on the track just now.

The young man got up from the car and turned his head after taking off his helmet. His messy hair was raised, and his amber eyes showed a top-down perspective due to the movement of him lifting his chin.

His eyes were filled with intense emotions. The side of his neck was taut, and his cheeks were slightly red.

The long legs and narrow waist showed a beautiful curve due to his sideways movement.

Suddenly, silent but deafening violent fluctuations appeared in everyone’s hearts. No one paid attention to what appeared in the new videos and photos.

Huo Yanzhi walked out of the viewing room and realized what Yan Tingxuan meant.

You Mian was indeed too different from before.

Or You Mian was too different from what he had been like in the past two years.

It was as if going back in time, back to before Bai Lin never appeared. The young man’s spirited appearance had reappeared.

In fact, compared to the You Mian who shrank back and was inferior, this You Mian was more familiar to Huo Yanzhi.

They just hadn’t seen each other for a while. Huo Yanzhi mistakenly thought that You Mian was really a waste, fake young master who achieved nothing and relied only on the You family.

Yan Tingxuan raised his hand and patted Huo Yanzhi’s shoulder. He asked, “What are you stunned about?”

The others had already walked downstairs. Only Huo Yanzhi was still standing stunned on the second floor.

Huo Yanzhi pursed his lips and turned his head to ask, “You went to find You Mian just now. What did he talk to you about?”

Yan Tingxuan withdrew his hand on Huo Yanzhi’s shoulder and smiled, elegant and gentlemanly as always. “What can we talk about? He hates me very much now and doesn’t want to say a single word to me.”

Huo Yanzhi frowned sharply when he heard this. “Really?”

Since Bai Lin returned to the You house, he had avoided You Mian if nothing. In addition, Huo Yanzhi took You Mian as Bai Lin’s stand-in so after Bai Lin returned to China, he naturally distanced himself from You Mian.

It was just You Mian who couldn’t accept such a big change for a while. He would always understand the reason.

Now Yan Tingxuan really wanted to go and talk to You Mian. How could You Mian be the one who turned around and left?

Huo Yanzhi’s incomprehensible expression was obvious. Yan Tingxuan laughed in his heart, but he still asked calmly, “Is this bad?”

He told Huo Yanzhi what You Mian had said.

“Didn’t you also avoid him all the time?” Yan Tingxuan smiled. “He left by himself now. Do you still need to hide from him?”

That being said, Huo Yanzhi always felt uncomfortable listening to it.

“After all, he is from the You family.” Huo Yanzhi frowned and the wild energy of his body converged a bit.

“Not anymore.”

Huo Yanzhi stared closely at Yan Tingxuan’s expression. “What do you mean? What do you mean by not anymore?”

Yan Tingxuan noticed the soft knock from Bai Lin’s door and didn’t say anything else. He patted Huo Yanzhi’s shoulder and walked toward Bai Lin’s room.

Huo Yanzhi stood stunned in place for a long time.

Bai Lin immediately walked over to open the door after hearing a knock.

“Brother Tingxuan…” Bai Lin’s tone seemed to carry endless grievances. His drooping eyes were tearful.

Yan Tingxuan raised his hand and rubbed Bai Lin’s head, eyes still gentle.

He noticed Bai Lin’s mood and leaned closer to ask, “What are you looking at?”

He saw that Bai Lin was holding his phone in his hand. The nervous and wronged expression on his face couldn’t be concealed.

“Why is he still on the preliminary list?” Bai Lin’s harsh tone immediately made Yan Tingxuan understand who he was referring to.

“What list?”

Bai Lin flipped the phone screen to show Yan Tingxuan. “This is the list for the preliminary round of the Star Cup.”

Yan Tingxuan and Bai Lin stood in front of the door. Their voices were hidden and soft, avoiding the cameras of the show.

“If he participates then let him. He is nothing without the You family.” Yan Tingxuan still smiled soothingly.

The man’s tone and smile were like a template, but Bai Lin, who was a bit angry at the moment, didn’t notice it.

Bai Lin frowned unwillingly. “Obviously, Dad said that You Mian couldn’t even pass the pre-selection. Now he has entered the preliminary round!”

Yan Tingxuan’s eyes swept over the phone screen. Then the man raised his hand to pat Bai Lin’s shoulder.

“Are you afraid of him?”

Bai Lin instantly froze. After a few seconds of silence, he raised his eyes and looked pitiful. He choked up in a crying voice. “I just don’t understand why he always wants to show off in front of me.”

Yan Tingxuan raised an eyebrow slightly and repeated, “Show off?”

Bai Lin said angrily, “If it wasn’t for the You family, would he be able to learn art when it burns money?”

“If it wasn’t for Dad, would he be able to go directly to the company for an internship?”

“Now I am back, but he is continuing to occupy these resources.” Bai Lin stepped forward and grabbed Yan Tingxuan’s sleeves, his eyes slightly red. “It should obviously be me.”

Bai Lin remembered the inexplicable atmosphere in the viewing room just now.

Everyone’s attention once again focused on You Mian.

“If it wasn’t for the You family, he would be an orphan in an orphanage. He wouldn’t have the leisure to go and play money-burning activities like go-kart and snooker!”

Bai Lin subconsciously raised his voice, almost forgetting this disguise.

Yan Tingxuan’s long silence without any response made Bai Lin’s agitation stop.

The corners of his mouth twitched and he smiled worriedly. “I’m just upset for Dad. Brother Tingxuan, you also know that my father was so angry that he became ill.”

Yan Tingxuan’s unique, woody cold fragrance surrounded Bai Lin. The mature, magnetic voice could instantly calm Bai Lin’s extreme mood.

“A clown is just a clown after all.” Yan Tingxuan’s smile didn’t reach his eyes.

Bai Lin pursed his lips and said, “Brother Tingxuan, you wanted to be with You Mian several times before. Why?”

Yan Tingxuan’s expression didn’t change. “In order to keep him away from you.”

Bai Lin’s eyes widened in surprise.

Yan Tingxuan smiled gently. “Otherwise, why else do you think I want to be with him?”

Yan Tingxuan hadn’t lied about this. When he first entered the house, he wanted You Mian to be in his group to warn You Mian not to embarrass himself by making outrageous moves.

Now it seemed that the person who did the superfluous thing became him.

Bai Lin tugged at Yan Tingxuan’s sleeve and shook it, smiling heartily. “Did he pester you again? It is so annoying.”

Yan Tingxuan didn’t speak. He just rubbed Bai Lin’s hair.

Bai Lin’s phone rang a few times. Several diehard fans in the private group were angrily talking about how the show was biased toward the amateur guest.

Bai Lin glanced at the door and waited for Yan Tingxuan to leave before picking up his phone and typing and sending a message.

[Don’t be angry. I’m just a small actor, and I’m not as good as others. The director has his own considerations.]

The moment these words came out, the fans in the small group immediately became active like they had been injected with chicken blood. There were so many chat records, and they disappeared before he had time to look at it.

[A young actor has no human rights. it is strange that he can enter the show as an amateur.]

[Reveal his backstage.]

[I have experience. I will come. Does he have a Weibo?]

[It seems to be a long-registered casual account. There is an account from A College in the mutual follows list.]

[This student from A College should know hi. There is a beauty account watermark on the selfie. Her name is Qu Miao.]


The show’s staff saw that the two guests were busy all day on the date and didn’t have them carry out a dinner task. The staff directly arranged a hearty dinner for them.

You Mian took a shower and walked out of the room. He saw the other guests sitting at the dining table with bad expressions.

“What’s wrong?” You Mian had dried his hand this time. The fluffy chestnut hair hung over his forehead, making his skin look colder and whiter.

Guan Tong clutched his phone and his brow was deeply furrowed.

“You Mian, you’re on the hot search.”

You Mian’s eyes sank. He stepped forward and leaned over to scan Guan Tong’s phone screen.

#How much padding is there in the entrance exam of the Department of Construction of A College?#

Going a bit further into the topic, what caught the eye was an examination form. The top of the form read brightly.

[1st place, You Mian, is to be admitted.]

[Admission Examination Design: It won’t be announced for special reasons.]

The discussion below the topic already had a lot of replies. Some were students, and some were passersby. They were all discussing why the first place design wasn’t publicized.

The word ‘shady’ was about to come out. In less than an hour, You Mian was printed with the original sin of relying on a backstage to enter school.

There was silence at the table.

Pei Huaiji wore a black shirt. The silver cuffs were very expensive under the light.

The man’s eyes were staring at You Mian. Among all the people at the table, his plate in front of him was the only one that hadn’t been touched.

Just as Pei Huaiji was about to speak, You Mian returned his phone to Guan Tong and smiled extremely calmly and dashingly.

Pei Huaiji’s eyes darkened slightly.

“The reason why it isn’t announced…” You Mian pulled away the chair and sat down. Once he looked up, there was rare pride in his eyes.

At the quiet table, everyone heard You Mian say lightly.

“It is because that bronze sculpture has been acquired by the Huajiang Art Museum.”

“According to the regulations of the exhibition hall, it wouldn’t be announced before it is exhibited.”


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