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CEFYMA: Chapter 24

You Mian’s room wasn’t far from the living room. It was only separated by a thin wall.

Therefore, the sound of Guan Tong sitting on the sofa and chatting was clearly heard by him.

In contrast to the hustle and bustle outside, the atmosphere at the door at this moment was extremely strange and dignified.

Yan Tingxuan stood in front of You Mian without giving in. Under the man’s elegant and exquisite appearance was an unyielding stubbornness and strength.

It was just as always.

You Mian looked up at Yan Tingxuan and asked in a strange yet normal tone, “Talk? What do we need to talk about?”

Ever since Bai Lin was taken back to the You family by You Jiyuan and Bai Peilan two years ago, Yan Tingxuan suddenly changed his attitude. It was as if he never knew You Mian. He put on a posture of alienation and indifference.

When recalling all sorts of things in his past life, how many times had You Mian wanted to ask the reason or get an answer?

Even a casual answer was more acceptable than the inexplicable disregard of this group of ‘friends.’

But in the beginning, no matter whether it was Yan Tingxuan or Huo Yanzhi, they no longer cared about past feelings.

Everyone faced You Mian like they were facing a disgusting, dirty thing. These avoidance attitudes made him constantly doubt himself and even become inferior.

Everyone was accusing You Mian in unison.

They accused him of taking Bai Lin’s parents, living as the young master of the You Mian family for so many years, enjoying everything that shouldn’t be enjoyed by him.

In the beginning, You Mian really believed that he was the leopard cat who had replaced the prince.

It wasn’t until he died and was fortunate enough to be reborn that he really woke up.

It turned out it wasn’t because of him.

Bai Lin’s so-called situation had nothing to do with him at all.

On the contrary, the person whose life had been wantonly manipulated from the beginning was You Mian.

His safety was placed below Bai Lin’s safety.

His future was placed after Bai Lin’s future.

His happiness didn’t matter. Bai Lin’s happiness was the most important thing that the You family wanted.

No matter how many injuries You Mian had borne for Bai Lin over the years, the end result was only him ‘robbing’ the happy life that Bai Lin should’ve had.


You Mian’s hand holding the door frame slowly clenched hard.

A sharp look gradually surged in the young man’s lowered eyes.

The You family, Bai Lin, Yan Tingxuan… these people with their own interests were really disgusting!

He couldn’t forget that horrendously dark past life, let alone generously forgive them.

“Isn’t that what you want?” You Mian frowned coldly and asked. “Wouldn’t it be better for me to stay away from you?”

Yan Tingxuan’s expression didn’t change when he heard this. The gentlemanly smile was still on his face.

It seemed that even until this moment, Yan Tingxuan thought that the changes in You Mian were just a new way of seeking attention.

Indeed, Yan Tingxuan admitted that You Mian’s method worked. He really wanted to know what You Mian was thinking.

“You Mian, you have always wanted to talk to me. I will give you the opportunity now.” Yan Tingxuan’s voice was soft. His eyes behind the gold-rimmed glasses were very calm.

You Mian was tired of Yan Tingxuan’s mask of hypocrisy.

He also didn’t want to leave any future for the relationship between the two of them.

Tear off all pretenses, just tear off all pretenses.

Therefore, You Mian stared straight at Yan Tingxuan, refusing softly with resistance and disgust. “Yan Tingxuan, I know that you have always been a very selfish person.”

Yan Tingxuan’s eyes trembled slightly, but the arc of his smile remained unchanged.

You Mian indifferently pushed away Yan Tingxuan’s arm and took a step out.

“We met because of your selfishness.”

“Making friends with the young master of the You family has brought a lot of contacts and resources to the Yan family, right?”

You Mian mercilessly revealed the true face of this broken relationship hidden under friendship.

Yan Tingxuan’s smile was no more.

You Mian stated, “A brotherhood of over ten years is nothing more than that.”

Yan Tingxuan stopped smiling, but You Mian smiled while talking.

The beautiful eyes were curved, and the young man’s expression was warm and soft due to the smile. However, his tone was so cold that there was no room to return.

“Since you are selfish then be selfish to the end.”

“Don’t suddenly put on a fake look now.”

“It is really ugly.”

You Mian tilted his head and raised his eyebrow brilliantly. He asked softly, “Am I right? Mr Yan.”

Yan Tingxuan stared blankly at You Mian, who seemed like someone he had never known before and felt chills in his heart. It was as if something was no longer under his control.

You Mian… it turned out that You Mian wasn’t seeking his attention. You Mian really didn’t look back.

Yan Tingxuan realized this and suddenly felt that his head had been violently hit by a heavy object.

Previously when he was chatting with Huo Yanzhi on the balcony, he had been complacently thinking that You Mian was seeking reconciliation in another way.

After all, they had known each other for so long. It had been more than ten years.

They had been best friends from elementary school to college…

You Mian saw that Yan Tingxuan had fallen silent and wanted to leave. He didn’t expect that the man behind him would suddenly raise a hand to grab his wrist.

“Wait!” Yan Tingxuan’s voice was tight, and his throat was a bit dry. No, it shouldn’t be like this.

“Why?” Yan Tingxuan hung his head and asked in a hoarse voice. “Why can you say these words?”

You Mian frowned and clicked his tongue. “It is boring for the villain to complain first.”

“Besides, it isn’t good to keep pestering me, Mr Yan.”

The status of the two people changed instantly. You Mian didn’t give Yan Tingxuan any chance to hesitate.

The supplicant became the one receiving the supplication, and it was even colder than before.

Yan Tingxuan’s strength didn’t decrease at all. A thought suddenly appeared in his mind. If he let go now, maybe You Mian would really leave.

Why? How could this be allowed?

Yan Tingxuan was the one who left first. No one could turn around and leave in front of him.

“Who taught you this?” Yan Tingxuan smiled and asked in a hoarse voice. “Pei Huaiji?”

You Mian broke away from Yan Tingxuan’s hand and widened the distance. Rather than following Yan Tingxuan’s train of thought, he immediately broke the current situation. “Bai Lin is now the legitimate heir of Xiuming.”

“You already know that I don’t have any shares.”

Yan Tingxuan’s expression suddenly changed, and his pupils shrank suddenly.

“If Mr Yan really wants to do something for the Yan family, you should continue to lie on the body of ‘Young Master You’ and suck his blood fiercely.”

You Mian pursed his lips coldly. “I will give you one more reminder. I no longer have anything to do with the You family.”

“Go and find Bai Lin.”

The young man threw the temptation in front of Yan Tingxuan like throwing bones.

You Mian was absolutely sure that the Yan family’s dog would greedily pursue it, even crawling to cling to it.

Who would’ve thought that as a senior partner of Huajiang Law Firm, the elegant and luxuriously dressed elite man was nothing but a selfish and unscrupulous beast?

After peeling him apart, he was a complete mess.

The young man didn’t stay any longer. He turned and left silently.

Yan Tingxuan didn’t stop him this time. He stood in place, gently closed his eyes, and raised his head. When he opened his eyes again, his Adam’s apple moved up and down heavily.

The man looked at You Mian’s back, pinched the bridge of his nose, and laughed bitterly.

“Tsk, you are really completely ruthless.”

“Xiao Mian.”


Yan Tingxuan sorted out his posture and walked into the living room. Other guests had already gathered.

He saw Guan Tong read the small card that was placed on the low table by the staff.

“There are dating photos of today’s two groups of guests in the viewing room on the second floor. Please choose whether to go there to watch or not.”

Guan Tong immediately got up from the sofa after reading it. “I have to watch it! I’m so curious about what your group has done.”

The moment Guan Tong moved, Shen Nanxiao and Huo Yanzhi, who were sitting on the sofa, also stood up one after another.

“It just so happens that I’m also curious. Should we all go and take a look?” Shen Nanxiao asked with a smile.

You Mian sat on the single sofa on the side. Pei Huaiji had changed into a gray shirt. The perfectly ironed fabric had a strong drape and made the man’s side profile look even grimmer.

“Come on! Let’s watch it together!”

Guan Tong couldn’t help walking to You Mian and pulled the young man up. He pushed You Mian upstairs with a smile on his face.

The layout of the second floor was similar to the first floor, except that there was an additional, spacious viewing room.

The moment everyone walked in through the door, they saw eight cushions placed on the thick and soft plush carpet. The huge lazy sofa was enough for three or four people to lie on.

Opposite the sofa was a huge LED screen hanging from the wall that occupied an entire side.

At this moment, everyone looked up and saw what the staff had prepared in advance on the screen.

The words ‘Matching Heartbeat’ were written in cute pink font.

Shen Nanxiao stepped forward, picked up the remote control, and shook it. “It seems that the show’s staff has already arranged it. We can watch it as soon as we open it.”

You Mian sat in the back row near the wall, next to Guan Tong.

Yun Guanqing had been very silent since returning from the date. He didn’t deliberately find trouble for You Mian like before.

All in all, he was very quiet.

If something was unusual, there must be a demon in his heart. You Mian frowned slightly.

Pei Huaiji sat near the door and was separated from You Mian by Guan Tong.

The rest of the people were crowded in the first row. Soon, they heard Huo Yanzhi, who was sitting with his elbows on his knees, laugh and say, “Nanxiao, play it quickly.”

Shen Nanxiao sat down as soon as he clicked play.

In the viewing room, which was so dim that the only light came from the bright screen, the sound of the show’s recording was instantly heard.

Guan Tong was pleasantly surprised. “It isn’t just photos but also videos?”

Shen Nanxiao looked back from the front row. “It might be a short video around ten seconds or so. It is unlikely that the staff has time to edit it now.”

Guan Tong looked at You Mian blankly and then at the others.

He didn’t know to what extent the heartbeat in the house had deepened, but the show’s staff must’ve deliberately released the videos to make the guests feel jealous.

The first scene started to play. The voice that came from the screen was Huo Yanzhi’s voice.

“I made a mistake. Let’s go and change to another one.”

In the camera, Huo Yanzhi’s rough eyebrows gathered together as he frowned. The tall man with a cropped haircut stood in the cafe and rarely looked a bit at a loss.

Guan Tong’s eyes widened. “It is a really quiet environment. Did you go to a cafe?”

Shen Nanxiao replied, “Yes, the music inside is quite good.”

Huo Yanzhi placed a fist to his lips and cleared his throat. He seemed a bit embarrassed by the scene just now.

Fortunately, the video was only a dozen seconds like Shen Nanxiao said. In the video, Bai Lin patted Huo Yanzhi’s shoulder to signal that it was okay. Then the video stopped.

Guan Tong’s voice dragged out. “What is this? I knew you went to the cafe, but there is no other information in the video.”

The moment Guan Tong’s words came out, the eyes of Huo Yanzhi and Yan Tingxuan darkened.

In fact, there was some information in it, but the person who knew this information probably didn’t care.

In the back row, You Mian did notice the chocolate mousse held by Huo Yanzhi just now.

However, he just noticed it. His mood wasn’t disturbed at all. He even wanted to laugh a bit.

The next scene soon started to play. It was a small video of Shen Nanxiao sitting in the cafe and playing the piano.

The melodious sound of the piano sounded gently in the quiet cafe. It was very pleasant to watch.

Guan Tong was surprised. “Nanxiao, you also know the piano?”

Shen Nanxiao smiled with embarrassment. “I can only play a few songs.”

He was more confident in the cello.

Seeing this, Huo Yanzhi put his arm around the back of the chair beside him and said lazily, “I didn’t choose a sporty date, so I really didn’t have an opportunity to perform all day.”

Huo Yanzhi’s words amused the others present.

Shen Nanxiao looked up at the other person. “You surrendered so quickly? It isn’t like your style.”

Huo Yanzhi raised an eyebrow in a domineering manner. He looked directly at Shen Nanxiao and said with a smile, “I’m just telling the truth. I didn’t surrender.”

Huo Yanzhi’s performance made the atmosphere in the viewing room gradually heated up.

Guan Tong sat in the back row excitedly. He wondered if the first robbery scene in the house was about to appear.

Huo Yanzhi and Yan Tingxuan, who were in the same dating group, both seemed to have a great impression of Bai Lin. Presumably, the shots would be particularly beautiful even if their group was just sitting in a cafe.

Guan Tong was curious to see Yan Tingxuan’s reaction to Huo Yanzhi’s words just now.

Unexpectedly, Yan Tingxuan just watched the screen calmly without showing the slightest expression similar to jealousy or possessiveness.

Guan Tong frowned doubtfully.

It wasn’t known if it was his illusion, but this shura group should be the one that was bursting with hormones the most. Why were they so lazy and not active?

It was like a sardine pond with no catfish. There was no sense of competition.

Just as this thought emerged, the scene suddenly changed. The sound of the wind was heard.

The back of You Mian wearing a racing suit and walking toward the track with a helmet in his hand appeared on the huge screen.

In the next second, the atmosphere in the room changed abruptly. Everyone’s breathing seemed to slow down.


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