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CEFYMA: Chapter 23 Part 3

You Mian put on a helmet and sat in the go-kart. Brother Qing’s voice sounded not far behind him. Xiao Mian! Are you going to use the four-stroke or two-strong engine?”

You Mian’s right hand, wrapped in black leather gloves, was raised high as he made a ‘2’ gesture.

Brother Qing hissed while tying Guan Tong’s seat belt. “He is really crazy.”

Guan Tong asked doubts, “Is the car I am using different from You Mian’s.”

Brother Qing fastened the seat belt. Then he got up and patted Guan Tong’s shoulder to signal him to put on the helmet. “Of course, it is different. A four-stroke engine is an entertainment go-kart that people playing it for the first time can drive.”

“But as long as the engine here is replaced with the KT100, the 100cc displacement two-stroke engine is no different from a racing car.”

Yun Guanqing was sitting not far from Guan Tong. He naturally heard what Brother Qing said.

The man raised his hands to tie his hair and put on his helmet. His eyes were fixed on You Mian in the outer lane ahead.

The facilities of the Thriving Club were very complete. There were even several tracks.

Winding along the terrain of the flattop mountain top, several lanes on the extremely wide track were spaced out with countless black tires.

Brother Qing pointed in You Mian’s direction. “That is a two-stroke track while the two of you are driving a four-stroke car. You can only go along this road.”

“Don’t worry about bumping into other people. There are tires in the way.”

The horsepower of the four-stroke engine had a brake limit. Brother Qing would pay attention the whole time, so there was no need to worry about safety.

Guan Tong absorbed the knowledge taught by Brother Qing. Just as he nodded to show his understanding, there was a violent motor sound in front of him. There was the roaring gasoline exhaust, and he saw a black go-kart slamming toward the track ahead.

Guan Tong was wearing a helmet. His blood boiled due to You Mian’s unrestrained performance. He quickly patted Brother Qing’s hand and said, “Boss, is it okay? I already understand this. Can I drive now?”

The moment Brother Qing agreed, Guan Tong heard another earth-shaking sound in their ears.

Yun Guanqing put on the goggles and rushed out with a kick of the accelerator.

Brother Qing couldn’t help laughing when he saw this excited atmosphere. He put on Guan Tong’s helmet and said, “Go!”

Three low go-karts sped around on the track. It was clearly an entertainment game, but they couldn’t help raising their hearts in the midst of the roaring sound of horsepower.

You Mian skillfully slammed on the accelerator. There was a series of curves in front of him.

The show’s drone closely followed behind him to film.

In the lens, the young man’s eyes were blocked by wide gray goggles. The racing suit wrapped all over his body gave him a sense of mystery.

You Mian felt his adrenaline soaring at this moment.

The faster the speed, the calmer his heart became.

Once rational eyes saw that a curve was close at hand, the body would subconsciously make extreme drift movements.

The black tires screeched and made a double layer of gray marks on the track.

Pei Huaiji looked at the speeding go-kart in the distance. His eyes were deep and calm. He didn’t seem worried at all.

What You Mian was facing was a series of S-curves. He still didn’t slow down the speed of the car when passing through the first curve in a hurry. He instead chose to continue pressing the accelerator and rush to the ramp like a flying arrow!

Yun Guanqing and Guan Tong behind him had long lost sight of You Mian.

Guan Tong wanted to catch up with You Mian at first. Then once he actually got on the track and stepped on the accelerator, he found that this go-kart wasn’t a cute little toy at all.

The violent pushback made him constantly adjust and reduce the speed of the car until he couldn’t even see the rear of Yun Guanqing’s car.

Another sharp turn!

You Mian passed through the last curve and did a short jump over the ramp. The short body sped through the air and stagnated.

Almost everyone’s heart tensed at this moment.


There was a loud bang as You Mian slammed the steering wheel, turned around, and drove toward the end.

Yun Guanqing happened to pass by You Mian at this time.

The two people tightly surrounded by helmets looked at each other before their gazes staggered in an instant.

If there wasn’t You Mian in front of him, Yun Guanqing, who got into contact with go-karting for the first time, would actually be in very good condition

But now on the track, as long as You Mian was stepping on the accelerator then all eyes would only stay on him.

Brother Qing stood outside the venue and shouted loudly, “Xiao Man! Go! Hurry up!”

The black go-kart crossed the finish line after the scheduled number of laps. The brakes sounded violently, and the car stopped firmly on the side of the track.

Pei Huaiji slowly stepped forward with his helmet, followed by Brother Qing.

At this moment, the guests in the observation room were silent in unison.

Guo Su covered his mouth and screamed softly, “My god, You Mian is really too handsome!”

Xi Rui’s earlobes were a lot redder. She was obviously very excited. She didn’t dare to think about how much of a sensation You Mian would cause if this piece of material was placed into the show’s trailer.

Was this really a hobby that a male college student could do?

Pei Huaiji stopped next to You Mian’s vehicle. The young man had just taken off his helmet and got up. His chestnut hair was lying unkempt on his forehead.

He was chic and beautiful.

Pei Huaiji turned sideways and asked, “Can I drive the same one as You Mian?”

Brother Qing quickly explained, “Xiao Mian used the two-stroke car. If it is an inexperienced person driving the same car…”

Before Brother Qing could finish his eyes, You Mian suddenly looked at Pei Huaiji with a smile, his eyes bright. “Chairman Pei, do you want to drive this one?”

You Mian’s tone was full of excitement. Perhaps it was because the soaring adrenaline hadn’t completely subsided. The young man’s cheeks were slightly red. His eyes were unusually beautiful.

Pei Huaiji asked, “Is it possible?”

Brother Qing hurriedly wanted to stop it. “You Mian!”

You Mian raised a hand carrying the helmet toward Pei Huaiji’s chest and gently pushed, “Do you trust me?”

Pei Huaiji didn’t hesitate. “I trust you.”

You Mian looked at Pei Huaiji’s calm eyes. Then he suddenly raised an eyebrow and smiled. “I’m just teasing you. How can the go-kart carry people?”

“Be obedient and drive your four-stroke.”

After saying this, You Mian stepped off the track and walked in the direction of the rest area.

Pei Huaiji stood in place and stared at You Mian’s back for a long time. Finally, he walked to another track under the leadership of Brother Qing.

You Mian took out a bottle of sofa from the self-service cabinet and took several gulps. He held the body of the bottle with his slim but extremely strong wrist.

He heard the new sound of an accelerator and looked sideways at the track.

Someone as calm as Pei Huaiji would actually step on the accelerator when driving this type of car. Just now, he was still interested in driving a two-stroke car…

He was really a thug in a suit.

The moment Yun Guanqing got out of the go-kart, he saw You Mian sitting in the rest area outside the track.

He didn’t know if the stimulation just now caused him to have a drawbridge effect.

For the first time, Yun Guanqing felt that he actually had such a huge heartbeat reaction because of another person.

The long-haired man raised a hand and pressed it to the position of his left chest. His eyes narrowed into a smile.

What a novel feeling.

The afternoon sun sank, and the setting sun shone on the entire mountaintop platform.

The four of them walked out of the club just in time to catch up with the sun setting behind the clouds on top of the mountain. The orange sunlight fell into everyone’s eyes, and even the wind couldn’t help softening.

Guan Tong dragged his tired legs and walked slowly behind You Mian.

The boy’s orange coat and the setting sun complemented each other. It was really beautiful.

Guan Tong suddenly looked at You Mian’s side face in a stunned manner. His mind couldn’t help remembering how he had been attracted by the young man’s appearance when he first walked into the house.

You Mian was beautiful but not fragile. There was a type of clear vitality and liveliness.

This vitality was full of an enchanting atmosphere that made everyone who saw it want to get closer.

On the way back to the house, the show provided them with a driver. The four of them sat in the same business vehicle. Perhaps they were too tired from the day’s activities, but they were silent the whole way.

Yun Guanqing sat by the car window, supporting his chin. His eyes swept over You Mian in front of him from time to time.

Pei Huaiji crossed his arms over his chest, leaned straight back against the chair, closed his eyes, and slept.

Guan Tong’s head hung down little by little. He seemed to have fallen asleep a long time ago.

You Mian listened to the documentary in American English all the way. All types of thoughts churned in his mind, and he was still a bit dazed when he got out of the car.

The door of the van was pushed open sideways with a bang.

Guan Tong stretched his waist and got out of the car, mumbling, “I wonder what the other group did today.”

The four of them approached the glass house and found that the lights were already on.

The night by the sea was glowing with a cold cyan light. The wet and cold sea vapor rolled with the sound of the waves.

You Mian was just about to shrug when Pei Huaiji, who was walking a few steps faster in front of him, suddenly slowed down and stood beside him.

The wide shoulders and figure instantly separated all the damp air from the other person.

You Mian’s eyes widened slightly in surprise.

Pei Huaiji continued to walk forward without thinking.

The two of them walked beside each other in silence until they pushed open the door of the house and were about to enter. Then You Mian heard Pei Huaiji say behind him very softly and lightly. “It will get colder in the future. Wear thicker clothes.”

You Mian froze for a moment. By the time his mind returned, Pei Huaiji had already returned to his room a few steps ahead of him.

The sound of several people returning to the house attracted the attention of the other guests who had already returned.

Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi were standing on the balcony of the second floor and talking. Both of them heard Guan Tong’s laughter and Yun Guanqing’s lazy voice.

The two of them stopped talking in unison and listened carefully to the sounds downstairs.

After waiting for over ten seconds, it was confirmed that You Mian wasn’t there.

Yan Tingxuan lowered his eyes.

Huo Yanzhi didn’t know the significance of Yan Tingxuan avoiding the camera and calling him here to talk about things that had passed.

Therefore, he turned around and said, “If there is nothing else, I will go down first.”

Huo Yanzhi had just taken a few steps when Yan Tingxuan propped an arm on the balcony and said, “You also saw how much You Mian has changed. Don’t you want to know why?”

Huo Yanzhi stopped abruptly.

“What are you afraid of?” Yan Tingxuan smiled and exposed him. “Are you afraid of him? Is this why you’ve been hiding all the time?”

Huo Yanzhi couldn’t deny Yan Tingxuan’s words. It was because he did flinch after sensing You Mian’s transformation.

“You had a conflict with Bai Lin.”

Yan Tingxuan approached him. “I heard that you suddenly bought him chocolate mousse, which he doesn’t like to eat at all.”

“Who is the one who actually likes to eat chocolate mousse?”

Huo Yanzhi frowned fiercely and turned his head to look at Yan Tingxuan. “It is none of your business.”

Yan Tingxuan raised an eyebrow and smiled. The gentleman took a step back and shrugged his shoulders, saying, “What does it matter what I say as long as you can deceive yourself?”

After a long day of dating, there was a short break before both groups of guests appeared in the living room at the same time.

Guan Tong really wanted to know what the other group of guests had done!

Just as everyone’s discussion became louder and it was very lively, You Mian pushed open the door and walked out.

Yan Tingxuan was like a hunter waiting for a rabbit and finally succeeding. He took advantage of this time to go down the stairs.

The man stood at the door, looked at You Mian with his back to the camera, and invited with a smile, “You Mian.”

“Let’s sit down and talk.”


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    It is worth noting that for single-cylinder or v-twin cylinder arrangements, 2-stroke engines are significantly more powerful for any given displacement compared to 4-stroke engines, however, they are also quite a lot more temperamental. The power and torque peak of a 4-stroke engine is quite broad and easy to use, whereas the power and torque peak of a 2-stroke engine is very narrow and typically only at high RPM, making it difficult to manage and necessitates higher driving skill requirements and more risk-prone behaviors in order to maintain the highest output for the most time. Things like extremely late braking, power sliding, and other more dangerous methods are common for 2-stroke drivers due to the limitations of the engine technology, since you don’t have a generous torque band to pull yourself through corners.

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