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CEFYMA: Chapter 23 Part 2

Guan Tong held his face in surprise, looking extremely adoring. “My god! You Mian, how do you know everything? Quickly say it. Did the director of the show tell you in advance?”

Guan Tong jokingly put an arm around You Mian’s shoulder. The momentary closeness gave him a beauty crit. In an instant, he even forgot what he just said.

Pei Huaiji opened the car door and fixed his gaze on You Mian. “Is it still luck?”

You Mian was smiling at Guan Tong, only to become slightly stunned when he heard this. He turned his head to look at Pei Huaiji.

The young man raised an eyebrow and said, “It isn’t luck this time. You will know when we arrive.”

Pei Huaiji seemed to purse his lips with some satisfaction.

You Mian saw the man’s expression and looked confused.

This time, You Mian rarely kept them in suspense. They drove to the bottom of the mountain in less than 20 minutes. Then it took another 10 minutes to climb to the top of the mountain.

Compared to the four guests, who were slightly more relaxed, the cameraman with machines on their shoulders looked much more tired.

The moment the four of them reached the top of the mountain, they saw the filming location that the show’s staff had arranged long ago

Guan Tong looked at the huge venue on top of the mountain with joy and excitement. He gasped, “It seems that this is it!”

You Mian seemed to have come here many times. He didn’t even look at the arrows placed by the staff and walked straight to the glass door of the venue.

Yun Guanqing raised his eyes and saw the sign hanging at the gate of the venue.

[Thriving Go-Kart Club]

Underneath the plaque, the event promotion was written in bright red, huge font.

[A fixed, round-the-mountain motorcycle race takes place on the 3rd of every month. Anyone can participate. The top three who complete five laps will receive prizes.]

Below that, the font was increased even further. It shouted in bold, red handwriting:

[A game exclusive to the fearless. You can come if you are brave!]


Yun Guanqing stared at You Mian, who was standing in front. He raised his voice and asked, “You often come here to play?”

Yun Guanqing was a bit unconvinced at the moment.

Go-kart? Playing with motorcycles?

It was still necessary to compete around the mountain. People who didn’t have something were probably not brave enough.

Was this person really You Mian? Why was he becoming more and more interested in You Mian?

It was really… so interesting.

Pei Huaiji’s gaze swept over the sign. Unlike Yun Guanqing’s blunt questioning, he seemed much more silent. Then he calmly followed You Mian and Guan Tong as usual and stood in front of the counter.

Facing Yun Guanqing’s question, You Mian casually explained, “I’ve been here a few times.”

Yun Guanqing’s eyes sank. He wouldn’t be fooled by You Mian’s tone.

This young man was clearly familiar with this place and must be a regular customer.

The moment they entered the venue, it was much quieter than the usual bustling crowd.

The chubby boss standing behind the counter happily clenched his fist after seeing You Mian. He raised a hand and bumped fists with You Mian.

“There is no competition on the weekend. Why are you here?” The boss had a tattoo on his head, so the show specially put a hat on him.

You Mian smiled and answered in a familiar manner, “Filming a show.”

The boss’ eyes widened. “You are the ones who borrowed our club to film a show?”

You Mian turned and waved to the three people behind him, introducing them, “Yes, it is the four of us. Perhaps this is their first time playing. Brother Qing, you should pay more attention.”

Guan Tong approached quickly and made a wow sound. He was constantly looking around at the surrounding facilities, no matter whether it was the huge track after going through the back exit or the racer uniforms and helmets in the cabinet in the stadium. His blood was boiling.

“It’s so cool!” Guan Tong endured his excitement and asked, “You Mian, you often come here to play? Are you still playing competitions?”

You Mian immediately found that when Guan Tong asked this sentence, the other two people’s eyes instantly fixed on his body.

In order to avoid complications, You Mian changed the subject and asked, “Have you ever played go-karting?”

Guan Tong shook his head honestly.

Judging from his appearance alone, Guan Tong’s pink hair and ear studs looked more ‘rock’ and ‘rebellious’ than You Mian.

However, Guan Tong knew that he just liked to dress up. He was a good student when he was in school!

“I’ve never played, but I heard a lot.” Guan Tong looked at the track in the backyard. “Go-karting sounds cute. Is it safe?”

You Mian patted Guan Tong’s shoulder without saying a word. Then he turned his head and said to the boss, Brother Qing, “Prepare an impact-resistant helmet for him.”

Brother Qing rubbed his big wrist and smiled like the owner of an ‘illegal store’. “No problem!”

Guan Tong: “……”

The staff members of the show, who made the preparations in advance, saw that You Mian was familiar with the owner of the club. Therefore, he didn’t try to interject.

The four of them followed the boss into the dressing room.

As Brother Qing was looking for a helmet for Guan Tong, he didn’t forget to turn his head and ask, “What about the two of you? Have you ever played go-karting before?”

Go-karting wasn’t as cute as the name sounded.

On the contrary, after entering the track, players had to equip themselves with racing suits and helmets to prevent collisions and protect themselves from extremely high speeds.

Pei Huaiji replied, “I haven’t touched it.”

Brother Qing looked at Yun Guanqing.

Yun Guanqing replied, “Neither have I.”

Brother Qing’s gaze stayed on Yun Guanqing for a long time. He patted his head and said, “Y-You are that big star…”

Just as Brother Qing was about to call out his name, Yun Guanqing skillfully stepped forward and smiled. “It’s me. Shh.”

The long-haired man stretched out his index finger to his lips and said with a smile, “I’ve been recognized.”

Brother Qing was pleasantly surprised. “How can I not know you? The police and gangster movie that you acted in has just been released recently. I haven’t had time to watch it! This club is very busy…”

Yun Guanqing had always been accustomed to dealing with this type of thing. The moment he saw his fan, he said, “Boss, you can get a few more movie tickets from the staff. Count it as me inviting you to watch the movie.”

Brother Qing laughed with an obvious small fan mentality. He thanked Yun Guanqing several times in a row and expressed exaggerated praise.

Fortunately, Brother Qing was well-informed. Everyone had come to his club. Even if he saw his idol, he didn’t bother this person too much. He turned his head and entered professional boss mode as he asked, “There are three people in one game. Who wants to come first?”

You Mian was about to speak when Pei Huaiji, who was standing on the side, suddenly took a step forward and said in a deep voice, “The three of them will go first.”

Brother Qing tilted his head to look at Pei Huaiji and gasped. “Okay. I’ll also have to go and find you a racing suit. There aren’t many sizes for this height.”

Yun Guanqing snorted and laughed. Then he walked with Guan Tong into the locker room with his clothes.

The boss went out without worrying about You Mian. It seemed that the young man had his own racing suit here.

Sure enough, Pei Huaiji stood aside and saw You Mian open a locker for regular members. There was a full racing suit and helmet hanging on it.

You Mian’s racing suit was yellow and black. It was mainly black while the yellow was the embellishment.

It was the same for the helmet.

Pei Huaiji stared at You Mian. Finally, he asked the moment when there was no camera or anyone else around, “You look very skilled. Do you often play?”

You Mian replied honestly, “I would come here often when I was free during my freshman and sophomore years. Now I basically don’t come here much. I was surprised when the show chose this place.”

You Mian didn’t lie. Pei Huaiji nodded slightly when he heard this before suddenly asking, “Have you ever fallen?”

You Mian lifted the curtain for the dressing room. Then he turned around and smiled at Pei Huaiji. “No.”

“It is true this time. Good luck.”

Pei Huaiji relaxed slightly. His tall and handsome figure was a sight even standing there.

His cold eyes had a domineering air. Brother Qing couldn’t help trembling when he walked over with a racing suit.

“Brother, you are too tall. Only this set can be seen.” Brother Qing handed it to Pei Huaiji with a happy smile on his chubby face. “It is brand new, and no one has worn it.”

Pei Huaiji took the clothes and bowed slightly. “Thank you.”

Brother Qing quickly waved his hand. “You’re welcome. You can choose an empty dressing room inside.”

The celebrity guests in the observation room couldn’t see the pictures and conversations in the dressing room. Their screens only stayed at the node when everyone walked into the dressing room

Qu Shao wiped his forehead and hissed to calm his mood. “I didn’t expect that the person with the biggest contrast in these two games would actually be You Mian. Who would’ve expected that a person with such a soft appearance would actually play exciting racing games such as motorcycles and go-karts.”

“Besides, his major is fine art sculpture. He seems quiet when hearing this.”

Guo Su’s liking for You Mian rose a lot after this scene.

“It seems that Teacher Cheng was right in the beginning. You Mian does fit the aggressive Type A personality.”

Xi Rui mentored, “You Mian is the one who looks the softest in the house, but as long as you observe for a while, you will find that You Mian is actually the most defensive one among these guests.”

“Once the camera isn’t on him, You Mian won’t say a word. It is like he has wrapped himself in layers of shackles from the beginning in order to gain a sense of security.”

Guo Su objected to this, “I don’t think that You Mian is insecure. On the contrary, You Mian’s postures and tones are particularly calm. During the snooker game just now and the current go-karting, his demeanor is simply unrivaled.”

Guo Su tapped the pen on the table and said with great excitement, “If you want me to say who the two guests of the lily of the valley side will choose tonight… Pei Huaiji and Yun Guanqing must both send a heartbeat text message to You Mian!”

Guo Su’s excited appearance made the celebrity guests in the observation room laugh.

Qu Shao couldn’t help joking, “Guo Su is like an old father. Doesn’t he like You Mian too much?”

Guo Su was still immersed in the excitement just now. He immediately nodded when he heard this. “Hey, I just like You Mian like this. He is too dashing and handsome, right?”

Many people present nodded in agreement.

Indeed, his charm was unbeatable.

Xi Rui’s gaze fell firmly on You Mian on the screen. She had long known that this young man would enter another stage of life due to this show.

Qu Shao said with a smile, “Gorgeous on the surface and made of precious minerals inside.”

The four guests changed their clothes and walked out of the dressing room together. The camera of the show was crazily filming like they didn’t want to miss even a second.

Guan Tong was wearing a pink racing suit that matched his hair. His stud earrings also matched his outfit very well, and his temperament was very flamboyant.

Yun Guanqing had changed into a fiery red racing suit. The man’s long hair was tied tightly behind his head. A few strands of hair fluttered around the side of his face, blurring the distinction between male and female. His beautiful appearance was amazing.

Pei Huaiji didn’t enter the track. He instead stood on the periphery and waited.

The man’s tall figure, with a height of 1.91 meters, was set off by a blue and black racing suit. He was extremely stern, and his silent side profile showed a restrained expression in the sun.

The tight racing suit perfectly wrapped around his muscles. His pair of strong legs stood outside the field, and his broad shoulders and narrow waist were perfect enough to pull him onto the runway as a model in the next second.

The clean and neat hair and cold aura from his body formed a noble temperament that couldn’t be ignored.

Brother Qing trotted onto the track behind the other three.

“Xiao Mian, can you do it yourself? I’ll get your two friends ready first.”

You Mian held the helmet with one hand and waved without looking back.

The young man’s slender figure wasn’t visible when wearing the loose jacket, so all his perfect curves were revealed when wearing the revealing racing suit.

You Mian’s waist was narrow, and he had a pair of extremely long legs.

His chestnut hair fluttered in the wind. A portion of his pale neck peeked out from the collar of his racing suit. His side profile was cold and indifferent. At first glance, they looked like a cold beauty.

Then once he turned his head to look at people, the way he smiled with crooked eyes would make people’s hearts thump.

The amber green pupils looked at them softly, and light hit the top of his head as if pampering him. This bright look was breathtaking.

You Mian turned around to face the camera and brushed back the hair at his temples with both hands. He looked very chic and beautiful.

Pei Huaiji stood on the far sidelines. He suddenly pursed his lips, and his Adam’s apple moved.


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