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CEFYMA: Chapter 23 Part 1

Yun Guanqing’s pupils shrank suddenly. The man leaned over the table with his head lowered slightly. His eyes stared at You Mian, and the interest in it became stronger and more meaningful.

“I dare.” Yun Guanqing smiled and shifted his gaze to Pei Huaiji. He asked, “Who will come first?”

Pei Huaiji silently picked up the cue stick and approached the table. He neatly and beautifully struck the ball. His arms stretched out straight and close while the bend of his fingers was extremely perfect.

This scene could be called a textbook action.

Pei Huaiji didn’t directly answer Yun Guanqing’s question. He just told Yun Guanqing his answer with the one-hit ball method.

He was first.

There was a clear bang as the white ball hit the red ball straight away. The impact force made a red ball quickly enter a pocket.

You Mian looked sideways at the scene on the table and couldn’t help raising an eyebrow in surprise.

“Two points,” You Mian said.

He hadn’t expected Pei Huaiji’s ball skills to be so good. This was simply on a competition level.

A ball went into the pocket. Pei Huaiji didn’t even give Yun Guanqing a chance to play. The man calmly walked toward the next hitting point.

He leaned closer, arms straight and fingertips slightly curved.

Another clear bang appeared in the empty hall. It slowly but undoubtedly stirred up excitement in the audience.

You Mian had a small smile in his eyes. “Four points.”

Guan Tong was standing in a stunned manner next to You Mian. He didn’t know how things happened like this.

He didn’t know anything about snooker! How to compete?

But looking at Pei Huaiji’s performance, Guan Tong felt he would have no chance to play.

Pei Huaiji walked half a circle around the table with a normal expression. His sharp gaze pierced the red ball in the distance and instantly fixed on the best position.

He raised his hand and leaned over to strike again.




You Mian counted the scores. In less than five minutes, Pei Huaiji had already won a full 48 points alone.

Now there was one 2 point red ball and one 7 point black ball left on the field.

Pei Huaiji stood by the table and looked down indifferently. He held the chalk in his hand to wipe the tip of the stick. There was a look that he did such leisurely dimensionality reduction strikes with such ease that it was outrageous.

Yun Guanqing’s expression as he stood on the opposite side of the table could no longer be described as just ugly.

He was severely humiliated. The tone and gestures that he used when clamoring for a bet previously had disappeared at this moment, leaving only a distorted look containing anger.

Guan Tong didn’t have time to observe Yun Guanqing at the moment. All his attention was attracted by Pei Huaiji on the field. He approached You Mian and asked softly, “You Mian, you should know the rules of snooker. Chairman Pei has scored so many goals. Why does he only have 48 points?”

Guan Tong was a short video blogger. He didn’t understand the specific rules of snooker, but he had heard about certain national players who won with many points in the competition. All the scores started from 70, and some were in the hundreds!

Seeing Pei Huaiji’s professionalism that was unrivaled, he should be able to get more than 100 points!

You Mian calmly explained, “During a snooker game, players will intentionally make obstacle shots to ensure that the opposing players receive penalty points. Once the penalty points are added, the total score will go up.”

However, now Pei Huaiji obviously didn’t have this type of competitive mood with Yun Guanqing.

In other words, the man was using one shot.

Compared to the competition, Pei Huaiji seemed to want to end this farce-like bet as quickly as possible.

He didn’t create obstacle balls that deliberately embarrassed the opponent so the total score would naturally be less.

Guan Tong seemed enlightened and nodded again and again. “So it is like this.”

“You Mian.” Guan Tong quietly pulled You Mian’s sleeve and asked with a smile, “Laymen watch the excitement while insiders look from the doorway. Can you tell how Chairman Pei’s technique is? What level is he?”

You Mian was silent for a while. Then as he raised his eyes to look at Pei Huaiji, the man suddenly looked sideways in a coincidental manner.

The two people who stared at each other were stunned for a moment.

Suddenly, You Mian saw a very shallow smile appear on Pei Huaiji’s face.

It was like a corner of a glacier had broken apart.

Pei Huaiji asked in a deep voice, “Do you want to play?”

You Mian looked back without dodging. He didn’t answer directly but walked up to Pei Huaiji with the cue stick and stepped on the stage.

Pei Huaiji put away the cue stick and took a step back, obviously leaving the table to You Mian.

At this moment, there was only one red ball and one black ball left on the field.

You Mian didn’t say much. He leaned close to the table, his loose orange-red coat fell down around his narrow waist. The gaps were all tightly pressed, instantly outlining extremely attractive lines.

However, the young man didn’t seem to know anything about it. He stared intently at the distant hitting point.

Chestnut-brown hair fell over his forehead, and a pair of green-amber pupils were particularly bright under the incandescent light above his head.

Pei Huaiji could tell You Mian’s skills just by looking at his posture.

Just as he thought he would hear a few sharp bangs of the ball being hit, You Mian suddenly raised his hand to gesture with two fingers.

The white ball didn’t move in a straight line. Instead, it hit the side of the table, shifted direction with a bang, and hit the side of the table again a second later to change the direction of the roll. Finally, it hit the 7 point black ball lightly and slowly.

Since the path of the white ball was changed twice, the strength of the hit was reduced again and again. Once it finally hit the black ball, the black ball didn’t enter the pocket and instead rolled slowly and slowly.

In the end, the roll stopped between the white ball and the red ball. It wasn’t too much or too little. It perfectly blocked the next person’s hitting route.

Pei Huaiji crossed his arms over his chest and looked up. His expression was as cold as ever, but happiness inexplicably seemed to be seen from this ice cube face.

You Mian stood up and raised an eyebrow. He looked at Yun Guanqing with a gentle smile and said softly, “It is your turn.”

The staff of the show looked at the scene recorded in the camera, and all shivered.

Obviously, You Mian had a gentle smile and a soft tone.

Even so, they didn’t know why, but it made people feel like their internal organs were clenched violently and their hearts were jumping violently.

Yun Guanqing looked at the obstacle ball made by You Mian. He felt strong interest and anger rising at the same time.

The obstacle ball made by You Mian was perfect. There was almost no room to hit it.

Even if Yun Guanqing got up and walked onto the stage, the result would only be a penalty.

Therefore, Yun Guangqing directly raised his hand and waved at You Mian. He signaled that he would accept the punishment.

“I didn’t expect your skills to be so good.” Yun Guanqing lowered his eyes. “It was hidden.”

You Mian didn’t speak. He seemed to have expected this result for a long time.

This time, the young man didn’t hesitate and didn’t make any obstacles.

Instead, he leaned over. His amber pupils reflected the red and black balls on the table.

Bang! The red ball neatly rolled into the pocket.

There was another bang, and the black ball was also harvested in an instant.

You Mian instinctively turned his head and stretched out his right hand to Pei Huaiji for a high five.

Before his mind could return, the palm of his hand was touched by a large, dry, and warm hand.

Pei Huaiji raised his hand and high-fived You Mian.

The man said in a deep voice, “Bravo.”

You Mian was stunned for a moment. It seemed that the tips of his ears were a bit itchy.

Pei Huaiji’s touch was so quick and light that it hardly made people feel any discomfort.

Yun Guanqing stood aside with his arms crossed over his chest. Once he saw this, he lazily clicked his tongue and said, “I’m willing to admit defeat. Chairman Pei will choose someone first on the next date.”

Pei Huaiji put the cue stick in his hand aside and said casually, “It is just winning a snooker game.”

Yun Guanqing’s lazy appearance was restrained slightly.

“I won with a mere 66 points. I don’t think the iris guests will accept it.” Pei Huaiji frowned indifferently. “The gambling chip should be selected from what is in your own hands. You shouldn’t move someone else at the table.”

Yun Guanqing’s eyes sank, and his gaze involuntarily fell on You Mian.

“Chairman Pei’s words make sense,” Yun Guanqing said with a smile.

You Mian put down the cue stick and turned to walk toward the rest area.

Guan Tong, who had been sitting and watching nervously, said with a smile while eating the fruit plate, “Are you guys still playing? The drinks here are delicious. Why don’t you come and sit for a while?”

Yun Guanqing raised dark eyes. He held the cue stick in his hand and said, “Chairman Pei entered the limelight just now. I will also compete for the camera.”

The celebrity guests in the observation room watched Yun Guanqing continue to be deflated and couldn’t help laughing a few times.

“Yun Guanqing was too aggressive.” Guo Su held his forehead and said disapprovingly. “Even if he wants to choose a date for the next round first, he shouldn’t use this method.”

Qu Shao agreed. “This way of betting will make the two iris guests feel disgusted, right? What do you think?”

Xi Rui had shot several movies with Yun Guanqing, and they could be regarded as acquaintances.

She naturally knew Yun Guanqing’s sharp tongue and cold arrogance under the camera. However, it was currently the recording scene of the show, and she didn’t know how many of Yun Guanqing’s fans would be watching when it was aired.

Therefore, Xi Rui’s comments were controlled a lot. “Maybe he cares too much. Brother Yun’s temper is a bit like this. He is aggressive and unforgiving.”

Qu Shao smiled and asked, “Do you think that Yun Guanqing’s heart line has changed after that scene just now?”

Yun Guanqing’s heartbeat text message was sent to Bai Lin, but just now, he inexplicably confronted Pei Huaiji.

It was clear that Bai Lin, the object of Yun Guanqing’s heartbeat, and Pei Huaiji, didn’t get along. The two of them had never exchanged more than a few words.

Therefore, Yun Guanqing’s hostility seemed strange at this time.

Inferring logically, there could only be one explanation for Yun Guanqing’s aggressive hostility.

Xi Rui spread out his hands and said, “Yun Guanqing’s heart line might’ve changed to Guan Tong or You Mian, right?”

She actually wanted to say more directly that it was You Mian. After all, in the show, the only person who would choose Pei Huaiji was You Mian. Still, there were exceptions to everything. She didn’t want to set up a flag.

Qu Shao and Guo Su looked at each other. Almost everyone present agreed with this view.

“It looks like the next day’s heartbeat text message will usher in a major change,” Qu Shao tapped his hand card and smiled teasingly.

Once Yun Guanqing finished playing two solo games, the date card of the show was sent again.

Guan Tong took a sip of a cold drink and was surprised. “There’s another one?”

He had to say that the show was really well prepared. For example, Guan Tong didn’t know how to play this snooker game at all.

He didn’t know what the next game would be?

The show’s staff walked straight to Pei Huaiji and handed out the card.

At this time, it wasn’t just Guan Tong. Even You Mian showed a surprised expression from where he was sitting on the side.

You know, Director Hong Sheng had avoided letting Pei Huaiji have too many shots since the start of the show.

This was what Pei Huaiji had agreed to before participating in the show.

Now the staff member walked directly to Pei Huaiji and asked him to pick up the date card.

It was clearly to extend the length of Pei Huaiji’s appearance on the show.

You Mian glanced sideways at Pei Huaiji, not knowing how this man would react.

Unexpectedly and reasonably, Pei Huaiji calmly took the card. His expression didn’t change.

Even if there was a change, it wouldn’t be visible at all on his indifferent, icy face.

Pei Huaiji opened the card and read it out in a cold voice. “Guests, please go to the next date location. The address is as follows…”

It was a flat-topped mountain located to the south of Huajiang City. There was a wide view and a relatively small flow of people.

Guan Tong asked doubtfully, “Going to a mountain? Is there any special game session on the mountain?”

Everyone was puzzled, but since the next date place of the show had appeared, several of them got up and walked out.

Yun Guanqing lazily fell toward the rear of the four people, very reticent.

You Mian took the card and glanced at it roughly. The young man smiled after seeing the address written in small print at the bottom.

“I probably have a guess about what the show wants us to play,” You Mian said.


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