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CEFYMA: Chapter 22

Pei Huaiji finished speaking, and the car fell silent for a while.

You Mian’s eyes were bright, and he said with a smile, “Eight teeth sounds a bit difficult.”

“But I’ll try my best.”

Pei Huaiji’s gaze swept over the GoPro in the car, and after realizing that it was turned off, the tip of his ears turned red little by little.

You Mian smiled. He waited a while before raising a hand to turn on the camera.

The plan the two of them made just now was completely concealed in the car. They had a common secret between them.

The celebrity guests in the observation room sat in their seats and put on their headsets in turn.

Guo Su patted the table in excitement. “Yesterday’s recording actually cut off the live stream without letting us see the last heartbeat message session.”

“Director Hong Sheng is really good at keeping people in suspense!”

Xi Rui pointed to her eyes in an exaggerated manner. She said for the effect of the show, “Look at my dark circles. I didn’t sleep well last night while thinking about this!”

Seeing this, Guo Su lowered his head in an even more exaggerated manner. He pulled the top of his newly styled hair and said, “I’ve been scratching my head so much thinking of this show that I almost lost my hair…”

The host, Qu Shao, smiled helplessly. He hurried to stop the exaggerated performance of these two living treasures.

“Okay, okay.” Qu Shao held the hand card and knocked on the table. “The results of yesterday’s heartbeat message haven’t come out yet. However, we know that today’s show will be the first date of the guests.”

“Do you still remember who was grouped with whom?” Qu Shao pulled the whiteboard to his side.

Xi Rui ruffled her curly hair and looked down at the notes. “I remember that You Mian, Guan Tong, Brother Yun, and Chairman Pei are in one group. The other guests are in the other group.”

Qu Shao nodded. “Yes. Then let’s first look at who the guests sent the text messages to in last night’s heartbeat text message session.”

The giant screen in the observation room that had been prepared long ago was turned on and started to play the heartbeat text messages that had left them hanging in suspense last night.

They saw that the first guest who appeared in the roughly edited shot was You Mian, who was sitting on the edge of the bed.

Xi Rui carefully observed the beautiful young man who appeared in the camera and said, “The guest You Mian sent it to should be Chairman Pei, whom he selected when he was on the beach.”

The group of people nodded in agreement.

Sure enough, they saw You Mian open the phone to type the content and send the message.

The whole process was unhurried and neat.

Guo Su smiled. “It seems that You Mian didn’t hesitate. His choice is the same as when he was on the beach.”

Everyone didn’t expect that Pei Huaiji, an investor, came to participate in the show by chance and might actually have a possibility of entering a relationship.

The screen flashed and was divided into three grids, each occupying a corner of the screen.

Inside were the other three guests on the iris side: Guan Tong, Shen Nanxiao, and Bai Lin.

Xi Rui looked at the connected heart line in the observation room. “Guan Tong will most likely send it to Yun Guanqing. Shen Nanxiao and Bai Lin are more difficult to guess…”

Everyone stared at the screen and saw the shot of three people pressing the send button in unison.

The post-production pink envelopes grew wings and flew to the lily of the valley guest rooms.

Hong Sheng didn’t keep them in suspense at such moments. The next second, You Mian’s message appeared.

[It is nice to meet you. Thank you.]

It was ordinary.

Guan Tong really sent it to Yun Guanqing. [I didn’t expect to meet you here. I’m looking forward to the future days.]

Shen Nanxiao actually sent it to Huo Yanzhi.

[Seeing you once is better than hearing it a hundred times.]

The celebrity guests looked at Shen Nanxiao and Yan Tingxuan, who were connected on the whiteboard and sighed helplessly. They chose the wrong one.

Only Guo Su raised his hands and shouted, “Yes!”

“I said he would send it to Huo Yanzhi!” Guo Su looked proud. “I’m right!”

Before everyone could finish laughing, it was finally Bai Lin’s turn to choose.

For a while, the celebrity guests present all leaned forward. Who would it be?

The picture changed. Suddenly, the lily of the valley guests appeared.

The sending link of the three guests, Yun Guanqing, Huo Yanzhi, and Yan Tingxuan was very fast. Their messages flew to Bai Lin’s room in unison.

Bai Lin’s phone rang exactly three times.

Seeing this, Qu Shao hissed. “I didn’t expect the competition to be so fierce at the beginning of the show.”

Xi Rui held her chin but didn’t answer.

Bai Lin’s message was finally revealed. He had sent it to Yan Tingxuan. [The chef’s dishes are always so delicious.]

There was a cheer from the observation room. “I guessed right!”

Finally, it was Pei Huaiji’s turn.

It seemed that Pei Huaiji’s deterrence was very strong. Hong Sheng hurriedly skipped his scene when editing.

The man in the room was sitting behind the desk with a laptop in front of him. He wore a headset in his left ear and seemed to be busy with work.

It wasn’t until the time that the heartbeat text message session was about to end that he made a pause gesture at the computer screen. He picked up his phone and typed the text message with one hand.

Compared to the others who sent it quickly, Pei Huaiji paused for a long time.

The pause was somewhat surprising for the other guests in the observation room.

Pei Huaiji had always been a person who was vigorous and resolute, making people afraid. Unexpectedly, there would be a moment of hesitation when holding the phone.

Then only three seconds later, Pei Huaiji typed a few words with lowered eyes before pressing the send button.

The envelope flew with post-production to You Mian’s room.

The cheers in the on-site observation room couldn’t be suppressed. It was even more sincere than when there was a shura field just now.

Qu Shao even forgot the reminder of the show’s staff and said with a smile, “It seems that another two-way arrow has appeared in the show.”

Guo Su was only happy for a moment before sighing. “The hearts of these two people might be connected, but carefully look at the content they sent each other.

“You Mian thanked him in a normal manner, and Chairman Pei said that he worked hard.”

Guo Su’s point made the excitement in the field fall a bit.

Xi Rui spoke in agreement. “Yes. The heartbeat text message on the first day doesn’t say anything. Maybe they all sent it to the person they have more contact with.”

Qu Shao raised an eyebrow. “That makes sense.”

“After watching the heartbeat text messages, it just so happens that I’ve received news from Director Hong Sheng. The guests of the house have been divided into two groups and arrived at the date place. Let’s take a look together.”

The moment You Mian got out of the car, he found that a circle of cameras had been set up in the date place written on the card.

He took off his headset, and Pei Huaiji, who was behind him, happened to step up to his side.

Pei Huaiji spoke in a deep voice, “Your guess is very accurate. It is snooker.”

You Mian tilted his head and replied, “It is good luck.”

Pei Huaiji stood beside You Mian. Once he heard this, he suddenly glanced at the young man.

The large, orange-red coat made his cheeks look colder. A smile appeared on his face, as if the young man really believed he was lucky.

Pei Huaiji lowered his eyes and retracted his gaze. He didn’t say anything.

In the huge and spacious hall, Guan Tong and Yun Guanqing had arrived earlier than them and were already choosing cue sticks.

Guan Tong saw You Mian and Pei Huaiji walking in one after another. He approached excitedly, “You Mian, you are too powerful. It is really a rules-based game!”

Yun Guanqing’s gaze fell on You Mian for two seconds before finally stopping on Pei Huaiji.

He raised a hand and threw a cue stick at Pei Huaiji with a somewhat provocative expression on his face. “Chairman Pei, pick a cue stick? Or can you hit with any kind?”

Yun Guanqing’s long hair wasn’t tied behind his head but fell loosely over his shoulders. He wore a leather jacket on his upper body, and the silver trouser chains dangled beside his thigh. He was full of the air of a star.

Pei Huaiji stood in place and raised his hand to grab the thrown cue stick.

The man’s broad shoulders didn’t move, but his hand habitually rubbed against the tip of the cue stick.

Pei Huaiji raised his chin lightly. His aura instantly sharpened a bit. He smiled coldly and strongly. “It is just a tool.”

Then Pei Huaiji walked directly toward the huge table placed in the center of the hall.

Several long strips of incandescent lights were lit up on the ceiling of the closed and empty snooker hall. They illuminated the table below and showed every fixed point clearly.

Perhaps due to the recording of the show, there were only the four of them in the huge hall.

The sofa tables and chairs next to the table were decorated with delicate fruit platters and cold drinks, but no one paid attention to them at the moment.

Guan Tong followed You Mian to pick out cue sticks. He couldn’t help turning his head and said in a low voice, “Chairman Pei is so scary.”

Today, Pei Huaiji had changed out of his crisp suit and wore a black jacket.

Even so, the pressing cold temperament still made people’s hearts tremble.

You Mian picked a cue stick at random. He took a piece of chalk and frowned at Guan Tong’s question. “Is it? I think it is okay.”

Guan Tong thought helplessly, ‘You Mian doesn’t seem frozen at all when facing Pei Huaiji.’

It seemed that the two people really had a strange magnetic field that others couldn’t see. They were inexplicably compatible.

Yun Guanqing supported the table, looked at Pei Huaiji on the opposite side, and grinned.

“Compete? Chairman Pei?” Yun Guanqing issued a challenge.

In an instant, the staff of the show seemed to have discussed it. They all turned the camera directly at Pei Huaiji and Yun Guanqing on both sides of the table.

They were desperate for close-up shots.

Hearing the sound, Pei Huaiji turned his head and glanced at them, his eyes deep.

The staff members: “……”

The camera shifted again and finally left Pei Huaiji’s direction.

“Compete for what?” Pei Huaiji calmly rubbed chalk over the tip of the cue stick with a skillful posture.

Yun Guanqing’s gaze swept over You Mian in an incomprehensible and quick manner.

“The one with the highest score…” Yun Guanqing leaned over the table and said lazily, “You can choose your next date first.”

Yun Guanqing finished speaking and looked at Pei Huaiji with great interest. “Chairman Pei, do you dare to bet?”

The staff of the show looked at each other.

Before Pei Huaiji could express his position, You Mian suddenly got up from where he had been watching on the sofa and walked over.

The young man stood beside Pei Huaiji and smiled very beautifully. He turned his head to look at Yun Guanqing, raised an eyebrow, and suggested, “Add me and Guan Tong. It is too boring with just the two of you.”

Yun Guanqing was stunned for a moment before looking up at You Mian.

“1v1 isn’t interesting.” You Mian frowned and smiled fiercely. Part of his gentle exterior shattered at this moment, revealing the wildness inside.

“Let’s play 2v2.”

You Mian casually pushed the triangle filled with 15 red balls in Yun Guanqing’s direction.

He narrowed his eyes and asked, “Do you dare?”

TL: Rainbow Turtle


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