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CEFYMA: Chapter 2

Wang Mao couldn’t stop You Mian. He could only watch You Mian leave without looking back.

“Brother Tingxuan.” Bai Lin put down his knife and fork and lightly grabbed Yan Tingxuan’s sleeve. He looked at the stunned man at the empty door before regaining his mind. He turned to sit down again.

Yan Tingxuan put on an affectionate smile and raised his hand to rub Bai Lin’s hair. He said in a relaxed and helpless tone, “It might be that You Mian was lectured by your father again. Leave him alone.”

Yan Tingxuan was five years older than You Mian. The man who had entered society a few steps earlier exuded a mature and stable yet dashing temperament. The woody and masculine scene fell on the shoulders of his suit, causing Bai Lin’s ears to turn red.

“It is probably because You Mian doesn’t want to participate in the show.” Bai Lin wrinkled his nose and inadvertently revealed. “After all, it might be a romance show, but it is also to promote JL. Now he doesn’t paint anymore and makes sculptures instead. He plays with mud and wood every day and is dirty and messy…”

Yan Tingxuan didn’t seem to want to talk about You Mian any longer. He just nodded hastily and skipped this topic.

However, the last sentence still fell in the dining room.

Yan Tingxuan raised his eyebrow slightly, laughed nonchalantly, and said, “He isn’t a person of this world. It is the You family’s soft heart that allowed him to stay here.”

The afternoon sun slanted and hit the side of the street. The tall buildings were interspersed with floating soft clouds. When the warm breeze blew, the orange-red sky lit up slightly. Warm colors like splashed ink were mixed together, full of vitality.

The wind chimes hanging at the door rang as the glass door of the hair salon was pushed open.

The hairdresser brother wasn’t paying attention and accidentally let the calico cat at the counter slip out. “Ah!”

After finally catching the little calico cat rubbing against the customer’s trouser leg, the hairdresser looked up. He was about to apologize, only to become stunned.

You Mian half-opened the glass door and stood at the door of the store. He was standing with the orange-yellow colored light behind him. He might be wearing a simple, light-colored shirt, but he couldn’t stop his current amazing appearance.

The young man lowered his eyes to look down at the kitten. He held the glass doorknob with his cold, white hand and asked with a very gentle smile, “Can I come in?”

The hairdresser’s cheeks were flushed. He crouched on the ground and hastily nodded. Then once he remembered to get up, he unexpectedly retreated and fell to the ground due to his unstable center of gravity with a loud plop.

You Mian was taken aback. He hugged the little cat rubbing against his trouser pants with one hand and handed it to the hairdresser, who managed to stand up after a few mistakes.

“Are you okay?” You Mian asked softly.

The little brother was obviously disturbed by the accident just now. He took the kitten, turned around, and put it in the cage. His face was slightly red when he turned back again.

“No, I’m okay.” The little brother pulled out the chair and asked, “Guest, what project do you want to do?”

You Mian stood in front of the mirror and looked at the white-skinned boy it was showing. He said casually, “Dye it back to chestnut.”

The little brother answered positively. He twirled You Mian’s hair in a restrained manner and looked doubtfully in the mirror, “Is the black color dyed?”

There were many people who dyed from black to brown, but it wasn’t common for people to go from light brown to black.

The sun shone from outside the glass door into the mirror. The moment You Mian raised his eyes and said yes, the little brother noticed that the pupils of this overly beautiful boy were also different from ordinary people.

The amber eyes only reflected the green light hidden inside under the sunlight. The cold white skin was like ice, but the lips were very full and round.

The boy was very gentle. He always had a slight smile in his eyes when chatting. The sense of affinity he gave off was strong, which made people always want to get close.

But as long as they exchanged a few more words, the alienation hidden in You Mian’s gentleness would emerge. He politely kept a distance from everyone.

The little brother was skilled and quickly adjusted the color. “Guest, your original hair color is very special. Your hair is also naturally curly. Why did you want to dye it black? Once it is dyed black, it isn’t easy to apply other colors. It needs to be bleached many times.”

You Mian looked at his appearance in the mirror that was gradually becoming more familiar and didn’t answer.

The little brother also discovered You Mian’s silence and stopped talking too much. He just buried his head in work.

In fact, the reason for dyeing his hair black was very simple. You Mian didn’t want to be called a mongrel by those people any longer. His hair color was special, and his pupil color was also special.

In the past, Bai Peilan made up a lie that Grandma You was German and perhaps You Mian inherited from generation to generation.

Now that his identity as the young master of the You family was fake, the so-called generational inheritance must also be fake.

You Mian wasn’t interested in tracing back his roots, but he didn’t want to deceive himself any longer.

The hair salon was silent for a while. This made the entertainment news originally playing on the mobile phone outside the store become abrupt.

[The famous variety show director, Hong Sheng, has just announced on Weibo the eight male guests who will participate in the recording of the romance variety show. Many of them are familiar faces… Boss Pei, who holds more than half the shares of the JL chain hotel, is also on the list. I wonder if this is another mutually beneficial win-win cooperation between the business circle and entertainment circle?]

You Mian took out his phone and unlocked it.

The hot search terms on Weibo about the ‘Matching Heartbeat’ show on Weibo had already reached first place. This instantly caused countless netizens to rush to discuss it.

[I saw the officially announced guests, but I still can’t believe it. Is Pei Huaiji the Pei Huaiji of JL? Is Yun Guanqing the one I thought of?]

[Pei Huaiji is the investor. Why is he participating in a romance show?]

[There isn’t even a trailer or guest photos? The director might be Hong Sheng, but this announcement is too hasty…]

[Linlin, fly bravely. Mom will always be with you! Director Hong, please take care of our child. I sincerely thank you for inviting Linlin to participate in the show.]

[Why are all these people Bai Lin’s fans? The Best Actor winner, Yun Guanqing, isn’t showing such a big battle.]

[There aren’t many amateurs in this show. Is this Hou Yanzhi the boxer who won the boxing championship a few days ago? I am directly a fan of a person who is very seductive. That inverted triangle and waist are amazing.]

[It is too hasty! I want photos of the guests!!]

[Wow wow wow, it is actually a new variety show directed by Hong Sheng. There is a show to follow. However, out of the eight guests, only You Mian’s account is newly opened, and there is no introduction. An amateur?]

You Mian saw someone mention his name and swiped down for a moment. He didn’t expect to see the ‘layman’s explanation’ of countless netizens in the next second.

[F*k, it can’t be the You Mian I thought of, right? Linlin is too miserable. When will this vampire leave Linlin?]

[Friendly reminder, the amateur You Mian once pestered several male friends one after another. His tricks of rubbing the heat was very good. Bai Lin, a young actor without a backstage, suffered deeply from it.

[You Mian, get out of Matching Heartbeat!!!]

You Mian scanned his phone screen expressionlessly, without any change in the color of his eyes. He was even relaxed and comfortable, like a bystander watching the excitement.

“It’s finished.” The hairdresser turned off the hair dryer. He couldn’t help being amazed when he looked at You Mian in the mirror.

He saw the warm light of the setting sun falling on You Mian’s shoulders and side face. The chestnut curls fell on his forehead and swept over the clear eyebrows. The upturned nose and thin lips paired with the cold, white skin were simply a visual feast.

You Mian was accustomed to showing a soft smile in his eyes. A sense of closeness burst out instantly, and his heartbeat went out of control.

The hairdresser brother turned red from his head to his neck. Then he said casually, “This hair color is more suitable for you than black.”

You Mian got up, smiled lightly, and politely said thank you.

The hairdresser held the hair dryer and blinked quickly to hide his excitement. It wasn’t until they stood together in front of the mirror that he realized the beautiful guest was also very tall.

It was around 1.8 meters… his legs were so long.

It was getting late when You Mian paid the money and walked out of the hair salon. The young man walked with ease. At a glance, one could find a fragile, fresh, and majestic vitality, like a newborn sprout.

There was a lot of content about the variety show in the book. You Mian had roughly read it. He only knew it was all about how he, the jumping clown, set off Bai Lin. By the way, he acted as cannon fodder in the scenes where several men competed for Bai Lin.

You Mian opened his phone and forwarded Hong Sheng’s Weibo post. He thought that whoever loved to be a cannon fodder should be it.

After the show, he would have nothing to do with the You family and Bai Lin any longer.

At the intersection, a low-key and luxurious Maybach passed by You Mian.

The atmosphere in the car was somewhat dignified. The driver stared straight ahead.

Sitting in the back seat was a handsome man in a suit and leather shoes. His sculpted and sharp jaw exuded a cold and domineering aura. His deep and dark eyes were slightly narrowed, and his superior forehead and thick eyebrows showed a strong look.

“So Hong Sheng, who exactly is the person you recommended to JL?” Pei Huaiji asked in a deep voice on the phone.

Pei Huaiji was an investor and participated in the show to promote JL.

According to the requirements of the contract, Hong Sheng would arrange the heartbeat cabin of each recording in a new JL building. In addition, a person with art skills would be arranged among the guests to cooperate with the publicity.

Hong Sheng’s voice was very noisy. It sounded busy and lively.

“Don’t worry.” Hong Sheng’s attitude toward Pei Huaiji wasn’t polite and was even a bit like a friend.

“In the beginning, we really wanted to find an art student. We didn’t expect to find an amateur who is more in line with your architectural concept.” Hong Sheng sighed with relief before continuing. “He is an art student but switched to the sculpture major in college.”

“You Mian.” Hong Sheng asked, “Have you heard of this name?”

Pei Huaiji frowned and denied it. “I haven’t heard of it.”

Hong Sheng hurriedly added a few words, “When I found his family, the other person asked to bring his brother with him. I saw the photo and found he was a small actor in the circle. His appearance isn’t bad, so I agreed.”

“In any case, I found the person for you. You can contact him yourself in terms of publicity.”

Pei Huaiji raised his chin and hummed lightly. “I will try my best to cooperate, but I will say the same sentence. The focus of the show shouldn’t be on me.”

Hong Sheng laughed helplessly a few times, saying again and again, “I got it. I will let the camera go around you.”

Pei Huaiji’s indifferent expression didn’t change. It was as if he couldn’t hear Hong Sheng’s ridicule, and he actually replied, “Yes.”

Hong Sheng was completely speechless. He clicked his tongue a few times and hung up the phone. Fortunately, there were other male guests on the show who could take the lead. He could handle these relationships.

A few days later, the recording of the ‘Matching Heartbeat’ show officially started.

The lights in the observation room of the recording studio suddenly turned on. The senior host, Qu Shao, wore a pair of black-rimmed glasses and a blue casual suit. He sat behind the round table and looked amiable as he spoke the opening remarks.

Sitting on his left was the popular actress Xi Rui, who had long curly hair. On his right was Guo Su, a middle-aged male artist who had recently become popular.

There were also several newcomers sitting in the observation room, all of whom had enthusiastic smiles on their faces. They seemed to be looking forward to the next exciting observation journey.

The picture on the remote screen was aired in real time. You Mian slowly appeared in the camera with his suitcase, and the sound of inhalation instantly filled the entire studio.


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    Thank you so much for translating and sharing X3

  2. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for the update

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    And Yan guy is absolutely annoying, what ‘you family let him stay’ or smth, did he ask to be used as a shield?? did he purposely try to take bai lin’s place??? all these people need to get smacked in their head UGHHHHHHH

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