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CEFYMA: Chapter 19

The morning dew was heavy. The wet and salty smell of the seaside air lingered. Water droplets condensed on the French windows in the living room and slowly fell down. The sunlight wasn’t dazzling.

You Mian woke up early in the morning. He wore a loose black sweater and loose pants. He looked leisurely and energetic in the early morning.

It was obvious at a glance that he was a college student.

In the quiet kitchen, there was only the sound of the toaster running. Yan Tingxuan’s tall back was facing away from You Mian. His shirt was still ironed straight, and there was a woody fragrance drifting from his body.

You Mian paused as he walked toward the kitchen.

Yan Tingxuan happened to turn around with a plate in hand and was slightly startled when he saw You Mian.

Then he quickly controlled his expression. He smiled and raised the plate in his hand like he was facing another guest. He asked, “I made toast. Do you want tomato or ham? Or both?”

You Mian walked straight to the coffee machine on the kitchen counter and said indifferently without raising his head, “No need. I’ll just drink a cup of coffee.”

Yan Tingxuan raised an eyebrow and walked to the table with milk and toast.

His heartbeat text message last night was undoubtedly sent to Bai Lin. What troubled him all night was who You Mian sent the heartbeat message to.

Yan Tingxuan ate breakfast slowly with lowered eyes. His fingers on the glass suddenly tightened.

Yan Tingxuan didn’t care, but he had always been confident before the heartbeat text message session. After all, the person You Mian was most familiar with on the show was him.

So no matter whether it was the heartbeat message or choosing someone with closed eyes, You Mian should choose him.

There had been too many accidents recently. This made Yan Tingxuan’s mood irritable.

The unique bitterness of the black coffee permeated the tip of his nose. You Mian filled the cup indifferently and quickly. Then he took two big sips like he was filling his stomach.

He couldn’t always eat breakfast, but in order to avoid hunger ruining his concentration in the sculpture room at noon, You Mian still forced himself to take a few sips of coffee.

You Mian had just put down the cup when there were footsteps upstairs.

Bai Lin walked downstairs with brisk steps. A shy expression flashed on his face when he saw Yan Tingxuan.

“Brother Tingxuan, did you make breakfast?” Bai Lin sat down next to Yan Tingxuan in an affectionate manner. He naturally took the plate that the other person handed to him.

“It is my favorite tomato toast!”

Bai Lin blinked, clasped his hands together, and smiled sweetly at Yan Tingxuan. “Thank you, Brother Tingxuan.”

Yan Tingxuan was silent a lot this morning. Facing Bai Lin’s intimate behavior, he just smiled and said, “I’ll send you to class in a moment.”

Bai Lin pretended that it was troublesome and shied away. “It will delay your work. I will go by myself.”

Yan Tingxuan told him, “It is on the way…”

You Mian opened the tap, washed the coffee cup, and hung it on the cup holder. Then he picked up his backpack and black cap. He pressed the cap down on his head and walked toward the door of the house.

Yan Tingxuan was caught off guard when he saw You Mian leaving. He called out faster than his heart. “You Mian!”

There were too many cameras in the house. You Mian didn’t want to shed all pretenses and cause unnecessary trouble, so he stopped.

Yan Tingxuan saw You Mian stop, but he didn’t know what to say.

If he said that he wanted to send You Mian to school, it wouldn’t be just You Mian who refused. Bai Lin would also think about other things.

Therefore, Yan Tingxuan fell silent after stopping this person.

You Mian was in a hurry. He didn’t wait for Yan Tingxuan to finish his speech. He turned around and pressed down the brim of his cap, saying, “I have something to do. I will leave first.”

Yan Tingxuan frowned. The house was on the beach dozens of kilometers away from the city center. How could You Mian find a car here to go to A College?

Just as You Mian turned to leave, Pei Huaiji’s door on the first floor was opened.

The man wore a long, gray coat with a pure black plush scarf wrapped around his neck. The double-breasted suit was neat and tidy, and the tie was changed to a dark blue.

Pei Huaiji’s hair was still well-groomed. His thick eyebrows, his Adam’s apple, and his big hands with distinct bones were all giving off a strong male aura.

Pei Huaiji wore patent leather shoes and walked out. He gently pressed on a Bluetooth headset with his right hand and ordered decisively in a deep voice, “Arrange the meeting in the morning. I have something to do in the afternoon. Some people from the show might come over in the morning. Let Vivian connect with them.”

The man’s movements were so sharp that he didn’t give others a chance to say hello.

This was until Pei Huaiji took off an earphone and stopped at You Mian’s side.

The young man’s chestnut hair was pressed under the black cap. The loose sweater outlined his shoulders extremely beautifully, and the shoulder blades at his back were slightly raised. His figure was thin and good-looking.

Pei Huaiji asked briefly, “Are you going to class?”

You Mian turned around when he heard the sound and hummed.

Pei Huaiji nodded. “A College is on the way. I’ll send you.”

You Mian looked up in surprise.

Pei Huaiji’s expression was as usual. He saw that You Mian was still hesitating, so he raised his hand and glanced at his watch. “If you don’t leave now, you might be late.”

You Mian immediately threw away his hesitation at the word ‘late.’ He followed Pei Huaiji and walked out of the house.

Yan Tingxuan and Bai Lin were left behind in the open dining room.

Bai Lin had to see Yan Tingxuan’s loss of concentration at this moment. A wave of jealousy and unwillingness surged in his heart.

He did receive three heartbeat text messages last night, but he still couldn’t help being angry right now.

Yun Guanqing’s interest in You Mian didn’t seem to be fake. Now even Yan Tingxuan lost concentration due to You Mian.

Bai Lin was smiling obediently, but in his heart, ‘Doesn’t Pei Huaiji look at You Mian differently? Doesn’t he think that You Mian can win the gold award of the Star Cup?’

However, now You Mian didn’t even have the pre-selection qualifications. He wanted to see how You Mian could make Pei Huaiji look at him differently.

Inside the Maybach, You Mian and Pei Huaiji sat beside each other in the spacious back seat.

The driver in white gloves was silent all the way. The partition might be raised, but You Mian was still a bit confused.

There was no other reason. It was because he sent a heartbeat text message to Pei Huaiji last night.

You Mian also received a heartbeat message. It was short and was only a few words.

[Thank you for your hard work.]

You Mian knew at a glance that this was from Pei Huaiji.

The young man leaned against the car window, propping up his chin with his palms. He stared out the window with bright eyes.

Pei Huaiji crossed his hands over his knees and suddenly asked, “Are you preparing for the preliminary round of the Star Cup?”

You Mian looked back in a stunned manner. “Yes.”

Pei Huaiji said, “I’m cheering for you.”

The trace of embarrassment that You Mian had just now disappeared at Pei Huaiji’s businesslike attitude. It was replaced by a rare ease and comfort.

After a few seconds of silence, Pei Huaiji said indifferently, “I still have a lot of questions I want to ask you but to prevent making you angry again, I will put them aside for the time being.”

You Mian lowered his head. The black brim of the hat obscured the outline of his eyebrows, revealing only his fair and rounded chin.

“Chairman Pei should be busy with many things every day. Don’t bother with these little things.” You Mian cleverly dodged the trap.

The smile in Pei Huaiji’s eyes deepened.

“The matter of any future JL employee I personally make an offer to isn’t small.”

The moment Pei Huaiji’s words came out, the car had already stopped at the gate of A College.

You Mian opened the door and got out of the car. He turned around, bent over, and smiled. “I thought about it last night. I might have to refuse Chairman Pei’s kindness.”

An offer for JL was what many art students dreamed about, but he didn’t care.

The young man’s posture was dashing, and his demeanor and tone were free and easy. It wasn’t that he reluctantly gave it up. He didn’t want to enter JL.

Pei Huaiji glanced sideways at You Mian from the car. He nodded and said in a deep voice, “I respect your choice, but I choose to extend the period of your choice.”

“I will always welcome you as long as you want to come later.”

You Mian held the car door and smiled helplessly. “Chairman Pei, you are very stubborn.”

Pei Huaiji crossed his legs. His big, well-defined hands were lightly placed on his knees. “I won’t yield.”

You Mian raised his hand and pressed down the brim of his hat. He closed the car door and turned to walk into the school.

Unlike the usual school day, You Mian found many strange faces staring at him the moment he stepped onto the first floor of the teaching building. These people would look down and glance at the screen of their phones from time to time.

They seemed to be looking at something.

You Mian had seen these eyes full of excitement and curiosity before. So at this moment, he gripped his backpack strap in a stressed manner and couldn’t help speed up his pace.

It wasn’t until You Mian stepped into the sculpture classroom that the strange looks disappeared.

Before You Mian could sigh, a female voice was heard from the classroom.

Qu Miao was also holding her phone and looked surprised when she saw You Mian. “Mian Mian, what type of romance show did you go to? I thought it was just someone with the same name and surname as you, but it turned out to really be you!”

You Mian frowned lightly. “How do you know?”

Qu Miao got up from her seat. She walked to You Mian and turned the screen of the phone she was looking at just now in the direction of the young man.

“Here.” Qu Miao pointed to the fifth and seventh place on Weibo’s hot search.

#Matching Heartbeat Announcement#

#The Only Amateur#

“This amateur topic is about you.” Qu Miao finished speaking and exclaimed. “I really didn’t expect you to look so good on the camera. You are simply the best-looking one among all the guests. Even Yun Guanqing isn’t as amazing as you!”

Qu Miao said excitedly, “F*k! If this was an audition show, I would vote for you to be first!”

You Mian frowned and roughly scanned the Weibo topic.

The trailer for ‘Matching Heartbeat’ was released.

Unexpectedly, Hong Sheng had just finished communicating with them last night, and he already put up the trailer today. It was really swift and resolute.

In the video, accompanied by a strong rhythmic BGM, the eight guests appeared one after another.

A close-up of all of them was given. You Mian stood alone by the French windows. The sunlight shone on his side, blurring his silhouette. He exuded an extremely gentle and beautiful temperament.

The sparse barrage soared at this moment.

[Mom! I want all the information of this little brother in one minute!]

[Isn’t this gentle? Woo woo woo, kiss and stick. This temperament, this face, this figure. I want to lick it.]

[An amateur? Didn’t the official account @You Mian?]

[Ahhh, his appearance is amazing. Brother Yun, I’m sorry, I climbed the wall for a second.]

[@You Mian, is this account his? How come there are only a dozen fans, and they feel like bought fans.]

[An amateur? D*mn, there is the feeling of chasing an audition show. This beautiful baby, debut directly! Ah, no, fall in love fiercely! Let me pick my son-in-law. I want to see who deserves my treasure.]

The picture of You Mian flashed quickly. The guests appeared one by one.

Huo Yanzhi chopped wood with bare arms. His back was tense, and his muscles were smooth.

Yun Guanqing walked lazily on the beach, his long hair moving with the wind. Her narrow eyes stared straight at the camera.

Pei Huaiji’s scene was much simpler. The man was wearing a long coat and walking toward the door of the house. His back was tall, and his side profile was handsome and indifferent.

The barrage became crazy every time. This was until the scene of Bai Lin appeared, and the crazy fans flocked to it.

[Baby Lin Lin!!!]

[Director, take good care of Lin Lin. I heard that the guests who came this time are his acquaintances. I don’t know if there will be one shura field one after another. I’m looking forward to it!]

[Hahaha, quickly show my friends Bai Lin’s shura field.]

After the close-up, there were interactive scenes that flashed one after another.

Yun Guanqing propped up his hands on the dining table and leaned close to You Mian. The two of them didn’t speak as they locked eyes.

Huo Yanzhi sat on the sofa. He thought he was hiding it, but he frequently looked at You Mian.

Yan Tingxuan said in front of the French windows, “You Mian will be with me.”

Accompanied by the increasingly intense drumbeat of the BGM, the scene finally froze on the moment when Yan Tingxuan and Pei Huaiji walked toward the seat next to You Mian.

Bai Lin’s fans were collectively mute.

Only passerby fans screamed wildly.

[Ahhhhh what is this? It is a shura field, right?]

[Brother Yun, what are you doing? Do you like this? Woo woo woo.]

[You Mian? Baby Mian Mian, Mom forbids you to fall in love. If you want to be in a relationship, you can only be in a relationship with me.]

[@Hong Sheng @Hong Sheng @Hong Sheng, when will the first episode be aired? My VIP membership is ready!]

[Who understands this? I just rolled over on my dorm bed after watching the trailer.]

[Please release the first episode. Director, I am kneeling down.]

You Mian watched the video and then walked to the chair to put down his bag. He calmly told Qu Miao, “Don’t worry, I won’t participate in any audition show.”

It seemed that the group of people staring at him just now should be due to these two hot searches.

Qu Miao was still looking at the topic. After being happy for a while, she suddenly frowned. “Many passersby are praising your appearance, but many people with similar profile pictures are insulting you.”

Qu Miao squinted and read out the fan IDs of these consistent profile pictures.

“My Whole Life is Lin, Only Love Baby Lin, Girl From the Lin’s Family…” Qu Miao’s eyes widened. “Aren’t they all Bai Lin’s fans?”


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