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CEFYMA: Chapter 18

You Mian chose to ignore Yun Guanqing directly. It was because he felt he could only use this rough method for a thick-skinned person like Yun Guanqing.

Otherwise, it would just be troublesome to get more involved with him.

You Mian put down his luggage and looked around. The rooms had been cleaned up neatly by the staff members. They each had their own bathroom, and the desk and long cabinet could meet the guest’s needs for their temporary stay.

It was just that You Mian cared a bit about the camera on the desk.

It turned out that the guests’ bedroom would also have a camera.

You Mian just glanced at it before he stopped paying attention. It was because he opened his phone and saw a text message from the organizer of the Star Cup.

[Congratulations to Contestant 0409 You Mian, who has passed the mentor’s recommendation and entered the first round of the preliminary competition of the Star Cup Sculpture Group. The preliminary competition will be held on the 16th of September. The detailed theme will be sent to you by email. Please pay attention to check it.]

You Mian quickly read the text message, and the fingers holding his phone tightened sharply. His fingertips were slightly red because of the strength.

Qin Lan really gave him the mentor’s quota.

You Mian was a bit dazed but more surprised.

He exhaled softly. The large stone in his heart finally fell.

Therefore, the means that You Jiyuan used were useless. He could still continue to participate in the competition in his own name.

A burst of intense excitement and joy poured into You Mian’s heart without any buffers. It dyed the boy’s eyebrows with bright colors, and his tired expression was instantly swept away.

You Mian even wished that he could go to the sculpture room for the entire night right now.

For the first time since he was reborn, he allowed this euphoria to grow.

You Mian clicked on his inbox on his phone. Sure enough, he saw the theme of the preliminary round sent by the Star Cup.


You Mian raised an eyebrow, and his excitement gradually calmed down. He started to think carefully about what this abstract theme represented.

The concept of everything was too broad.

Everything could mean everything in the universe, it could mean everything in nature, it could represent infinity, or it could represent zero and blankness.

The reason why the Star Cup was an authoritative competition in the art category was also due to the strange ways in which the topics were formulated. The probability of producing high-quality works as the contestants racked their brains would increase.

Therefore, the preliminary works of many contestants who participated in the Star Cup would be included in ‘National Literature and Art.’

The gold content was really substantial.

After seeing this theme, You Mian didn’t hesitate or shrink back. Instead, he frantically thought about the work he was about to start creating.

What material should he use? Hard fiberglass or ordinary clay?

How to choose the color and form…

Everything could be gray and white, but it could also be colorful.

You Mian walked to the bathroom while thinking. Warm water gushed from the faucet, pooled into his palm, and hit his face.

He looked up at himself in the mirror. There was a gentle smile on his face, but this time, it was no longer humble or pleading.

The young man’s eyes were ambitious.

You Mian pulled down the towel and put it on his head. He laughed softly with lowered eyes.

“Don’t be arrogant and impetuous, You Mian,” You Mian told himself.

You Mian walked out of the bathroom without drying his hair. He leaned against the head of the bed, took out the half-done Sudoku book from his bag, and spread it out on his knees.

The young man’s attention was quickly focused on the Sudoku book. He filled it out very quickly. The black signature pen rustled on the paper, gradually calming his restless mood.

Doing Sudoku when he was nervous, anxious, or excited was a habit that You Mian had developed for a long time.

Every time a number was filled into a square, the wrapped, complete, and neat order would give him satisfaction.

There was a click, and the cap of the signature pen was closed.

Just as You Mian finished writing a whole page and was about to close the Sudoku book, there was a knock on the door.

There were three neat knocks.

You Mian walked over to open the door. He saw the light from the living room cast into the bedroom through the gap between the man’s tall figure.

You Mian looked up in surprise.

Pei Huaiji stood outside the door in a neat shirt. “Hong Sheng wants to talk to us.”

The house where the staff members lived was 100 meters away from the house. Hong Sheng was also there.

You Mian put on a thin coat and followed Pei Huaiji out of the house.

The stars dotted the dark night. There was no light here since it was at the edge of the cliff beach.

The moment You Mian entered the flower garden, Pei Huaiji took out a flashlight from his pocket and handed it over.

You Mian took it in a daze. “For me?”

Pei Huaiji hummed indifferently, cherishing words like gold.

You Mian also wasn’t polite. He directly turned on the flashlight. A beam of light instantly shot out from the soles of his feet.

The two of them walked forward. You Mian held a flashlight in one hand. He put the other hand into his pocket to turn off his phone light that wasn’t obvious under the light of the flashlight.

“Thank you,” You Mian suddenly said.

Pei Huaiji silently lowered his head and eyes.

You Mian smiled and said, “In the truth-telling session just now, it sounded like Chairman Pei is very confident in me.”

You Mian couldn’t forget the expressions of the other guests when Pei Huaiji said that he could win the gold award.

In particular, Bai Lin’s face instantly became gloomy.

Their categories in the Star Cup were different, but there was only one final gold award in the art category. This would be comprehensively evaluated from the champions of the three groups of sculpting, painting, and design.

Therefore, You Mian’s surprise hadn’t been fake when Pei Huaiji said that sentence.

Pei Huaiji’s voice was very deep as he said casually, “It is just an objective evaluation.”

Pei Huaiji paused for a moment after speaking. Then he gently added, “I’m not trying to curry favor with you.”

You Mian couldn’t help back his smile when he heard this. He shook the flashlight in his hand, and the beam of light projected at the feet of the two of them also shook.

“Chairman Pei, aren’t you afraid that this will cause me to misunderstand that you are currying favor?” You Mian tilted his head.

Pei Huaiji put one hand in his pocket, and his noble aura remained undiminished. “The evaluation of the gold award isn’t to flatter you. As for the flashlight…”

You Mian quietly waited for Pei Huaiji’s answer. It was only at this time that he found that Pei Huaiji was really interesting.

Obviously, he looked cold and unapproachable from the outside. The tone of his speech was straightforward, without caring about other people. He had negative emotional intelligence and was a loner.

But sometimes, he showed a very unexpected childishness that was different from others.

“It is too dark. I need a flashlight as well,” Pei Huaiji finally explained.

You Mian sighed softly and raised his flashlight to deliberately tease him. “Then Chairman Pei is squeezing my labor force?”

Pei Huaiji: “……”

It seemed that Pei Huaiji had never met a person like You Mian who could reverse black and white just by opening his mouth. Pei Huaiji’s expression froze for a moment.

You Mian laughed a few times.

Pei Huaiji realized that this was the other person’s joke and said in a deep voice, “You Mian.”

The beam of light under the two people’s feet hit far away. The small building where the staff members lived could already be seen.

Pei Huaiji glanced sideways at You Mian and finally admitted, “I just cherish talent.”

There was a light near the small building. You Mian turned off the flashlight.

Pei Huaiji lowered his eyes and explained, “I felt a bit familiar when I first heard your name. I finally remembered it when I saw you.”

“For Xiuming’s shows over the past two years, anything I think is unique and innovative has your signature on it.”

You Mian’s pupils dilated slightly, and the fingers gripping the flashlight exerted strength.

“How can there be a signature?” You Mian shook his head and smiled. “Chairman Pei, I studied sculpting, not clothing design.”

Pei Huaiji said casually, “There is no need to deny it.”

“The signature I’m talking about isn’t just a name printed on the show’s booklet, but the unique style and touch of the creator.”

The man’s broad shoulders were tall and straight, and his figure was powerful. He stood in front of You Mian, and his aura was oppressive to the point of being unquestionable.

“You know I can see it.” Pei Huaiji’s shirt was blown by the cold wind, and his icy breath lingered around him.

“You came up with the idea, and you designed the venue for the show.” Pei Huaiji paused for a few seconds after saying this and didn’t continue.

You Mian’s eyes were gloomy. He glanced at Pei Huaiji with a smile, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes.

“Chairman Pei, it is really a shame for you to be a chairman. You should become a detective.”

Pei Huaiji still had a lot of questions but remembered the previous unpleasantness with You Mian in the car.

For the first time, the man suppressed his bluntness.

He took out a silver-white business card. He handed it to You Mian while saying, “I’m sorry if what I just said made you angry again.”

“This is my offer to you as the Chairman of JL,” Pei Huaiji said seriously. “It isn’t a lie when I say that I cherish talents. I never tell a lie.”

“Please think about it.”

Pei Huaiji always maintained the action of extending his business card.

You Mian watched him quietly. There was an atmosphere of silence between the two of them.

Suddenly, Hong Sheng’s voice came from the window of the second floor of the small building.

“The two of you made me wait so long, but you are actually standing downstairs and chatting?”

Pei Huaiji looked up and saw Hong Sheng leaning against the window with his arm propped up. There was a hint of inquiry and a mocking smile in his eyes.

Without waiting for Pei Huaiji to turn around, You Mian raised his hand and took the business card.

“Chairman Pei, there are some things that can’t be repeated again and again.” You Mian raised his eyes, dropped this sentence, and turned to walk into the small building.

Pei Huaiji stayed in place and stayed at the tall and thin back for a few seconds. Then the corners of his mouth suddenly curved up, and he followed.

You Mian walked up the stairs and saw Hong Sheng leaning against the door frame, smoking.

“You came?” Hong Sheng smiled. “Did you think about the things I discussed with you in the afternoon?”

As the cooking group was making dinner, Hong Sheng found Pei Huaiji and You Mian to talk about something.

He wanted to show them a bit more in the first episode.

However, Pei Huaiji had made it clear from the beginning that he didn’t want to be the focus of the show. As for You Mian, Hong Sheng could see from the camera that the other person wasn’t one who wanted to gain attention.

Therefore, his lobbying continued until now.

Hong Sheng raised his head and looked at the two people in front of him. He sighed helplessly. “The effect of the supermarket video is really good. I want to cut a part into the trailer.”

Hong Sheng talked for a long time. He saw that the two people were silent and couldn’t help making a small joke. He said to Pei Huaiji, “You Mian is also a special guest who signed a publicity contract with JL. As the boss, shouldn’t you use your leadership power?”

You Mian smiled when he heard this and looked sideways at Pei Huaiji.

Pei Huaiji paused, lowered his eyes, and said casually, “I don’t squeeze out labor.”

Hong Sheng was surprised. “Huh?”

You Mian took back his smile. He looked at Hong Sheng and said, “Director, it is fine if you think the short can be used. I don’t care about the problem of attention. The main thing is to look at Chairman Pei.”

After the show was filmed, You Mian didn’t care about the shots or the effects.

Hong Sheng instantly sighed with relief. He immediately stepped forward to grab You Mian’s hand and shake it up and down.

“Don’t worry. There will be many people who like you when the show is aired.” Hong Sheng winked. You Mian looked helpless and amused.

He hadn’t expected Hong Sheng’s personality to be so fun.

To the side, Pei Huaiji frowned with his arms crossed over his chest.

Hong Sheng kept holding You Mian’s hand while turning his head to look at Pei Huaiji. “Now you are the only one left.”

Pei Huaiji was silent for a few seconds before finally saying lightly, “As you wish.”


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