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CEFYMA: Chapter 17

The truth-telling session by the sea finally ended. The staff of the show also put away the camera equipment.

The eight guests walked side-by-side to the house on the white cliff. They opened the door and stepped inside. The heating instantly rushed over them.

Everyone sighed with relief.

After all, it was already early autumn. It took perseverance to record a show by the beach at night.

Hong Sheng’s words sounded from the screen as the door of the house was closed.

“The recording of the first day is basically over. Guests can go back to their rooms to rest. Before going to bed, we will notify you by text message to let everyone vote for their favorite guest.”

The director’s words indicated that today’s recording was nearing its end.

Everyone stood in the house and instinctively relaxed. Their expressions were a bit tired.

Guan Tong raised his hand and asked, “Will the staff return our phones to us?”

There weren’t many opportunities to be on this type of show. Guan Tong really wanted to record some materials on his phone and maybe send some welfare tidbits to his fans outside the show.

Facing Guan Tong’s question, Hong Sheng explained, “Today is everyone’s first time recording, so we took your phones. From tomorrow, the PD of the show will follow the guests to record your daily work routine.”

Everyone waited for his follow-up.

Hong Sheng nodded and said with a smile, “So I will return the phone to you tonight.”

Guan Tong blew a kiss to the camera when he heard this.

Even You Mian, who had been standing quietly to the side and silently dozing, became interested, and his eyes lit up.

The Star Cup was right around the corner. He needed to be able to contact the outside world during the recording of the show.

The moment Hong Sheng finished talking, the staff of the show returned all the phones collected from the guests.

“Now there is one less part left.” Hong Sheng snapped his fingers as he talked and handed out a task card from under the camera.

It read: [The guests of the house will have their first heart-pounding date tomorrow. Guests can choose one of the following two groups.]

The moment You Mian saw the words ‘heart-pounding date’, he didn’t dare to be sleepy any longer. He immediately followed the others to the coffee table in front of the sofa and sat down.

Under the gestures of the staff, the iris guests and the lily of the valley guests sat on both sides. They each had two copies of the two pictures placed in front of them.

You Mian leaned forward and glanced at it.

The two pictures were abstract. It seemed that the show didn’t want to directly announce the date location but wanted them to guess.

Guan Tong frowned and thought about it for a long time. He pointed to the church in the first picture and said helplessly, “What does this mean? Are we going on a church date?”

Shen Nanxiao held back a smile.

Guan Tong deliberately joked, “Director, isn’t this too fast?”

You Mian was amused by him several times.

Unlike the iris guests, the lily of the valley guests were silent, and no one spoke.

Their eyes were fixed on the two pictures in front of them. They seemed to be hesitating about which one to choose.

Seeing that the two groups of guests were unable to make a decision, Hong Sheng reminded in a loud voice, “Maybe those with an art major can guess some clues.”

The moment the words ‘art major’ came out, everyone’s eyes fell on You Mian and Bai Lin.

Guan Tong suddenly said, “Bai Lin, isn’t your major oil painting? This should be your specialty! Let’s see what clues are hidden in these two pictures.”

Bai Lin was inexplicably named, and he looked hesitant. Nevertheless, he still approached the two pictures and looked at them.

He saw that the first picture depicted a church while the second picture depicted intertwined and messy circles.

Bai Lin frowned and couldn’t say anything. What a mess. He didn’t know what clues were hiding in the pictures.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Bai Lin for a few seconds until Bai Lin’s ears turned red, and he couldn’t express a single opinion.

Just as Bai Lin was about to show weakness with red eyes, Pei Huaiji suddenly said from where he sat on the other side, “You Mian, do you know what these two pictures represent?”

Guan Tong saw Bai Lin’s red neck and leaned back against the sofa with a smile in his eyes.

“Honey, you should know.” Guan Tong smiled and grabbed You Mian’s arm.

You Mian actually didn’t want to be in the limelight. However, he was too sleepy, and now he just wanted to finish the last part and rest.

Therefore, he didn’t hide it. He directly reached out and clicked on the first picture. He explained without hesitation, “This is a 13th century French Gothic architectural church, characterized by height. It is towering, complex, gorgeous, and extravagant. The lines of the sketch are simple and sharp. No rounded corners can be found in the entire picture.”

“The place represented by this picture should be full of order and rules.”

The scene gradually quieted down. Only You Mian’s voice remained.

The boy’s neck was slightly bent as he looked down at the picture. His fair jaw shone with a lustrous light.

The earnest eyes cast a layer of seductive charm over him.

You Mian pondered on it for a while before concluding, “It is likely to be a sports competition type with well-defined rules. However, it might also be that the show does the opposite, and it is actually a stimulating game that breaks the rules.”

Adhering to the principle of finishing things quickly, You Mian didn’t give others a chance to praise him. He immediately moved onto the next picture.

“The second picture is the opposite of the church. It is a postmodern, abstract painting with many pauses in brushstrokes and many rounded corners. Almost no straight lines can be seen.”

You Mian’s fingers touched the paper. His eyes were gentle for a moment as he said with a smile, “It is a warm feeling.”

“It should be a calm and gentle date. The amount of exercise won’t be too much.”

Hong Sheng and the staff members standing behind the camera were already stunned.

This You Mian was too powerful!

Hong Sheng couldn’t hide the appreciation in his eyes. He immediately said, “The clues in the two pictures have been found. Please choose the date group by yourself.”

Guan Tong let out a wow and hugged You Mian’s shoulder. “Honey, you are so good! You are a top student, right?”

You Mian blinked. His chestnut brown hair was pulled in front of his forehead, and he looked very soft.

“It is just basic knowledge of art,” You Mian said.

Bai Lin was already full of embarrassment as he sat on the sofa. At this moment, You Mian said it was just the basics, and it almost made him want to go back to his room upstairs.

D*mn You Mian, this person just wanted to steal his limelight.

After listening to You Mian’s analysis, the four people of the lily of the valley group looked at the two pictures on the table with different expressions.

Pei Huaiji didn’t hesitate at all and reached out to grab the first picture of the church.

Yun Guanqing immediately followed and selected the church.

Therefore, Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi could only choose the pictures with the rounded lines.

Huo Yanzhi rubbed his cheeks and smiled helplessly. “A gentle date might not be suitable for me. Does no one want to switch with me?”

Pei Huaiji pretended he didn’t hear it while Yun Guanqing shook the church picture in his hand and smiled. “Whoever grabs it gets it.”

Yun Guanqing added, “You usually exercise too much. Just take a rest.”

Huo Yanzhi snorted.

Yan Tingxuan indifferently listened to Yun Guanqing and Huo Yanzhi’s open and secret fight while glancing at the iris group on the other side.

Bai Lin hesitated for a few seconds before grabbing the second picture with rounded lines.

He didn’t know anything about sports and had to choose this group.

Shen Nanxiao and Guan Tong acted at the same time. One took the rounded line group, and the other took the church group.

You Mian sat beside them with folded arms, waiting for everyone else to finish choosing before slowly reaching out and taking away the last church picture that was left.

Seeing this, Hong Sheng gave a reminder. “The eight guests had completed the grouping. Today’s recording is over. Don’t forget to send your heartbeat text message before going to bed!”

Finally, everyone got up and dispersed when they heard that the recording was over.

You Mian immediately walked to the entrance to get his luggage.

Huo Yanzhi had chosen a room in advance due to the afternoon shower. He said goodbye to everyone and directly went to the second floor to rest.

Yan Tingxuan stood at the entrance of the stairs. He looked at the entrance and inexplicably gave a reminder, “There is still one room vacant on the second floor.”

At present, Huo Yanzhi, Yan Tingxuan, and Bai Lin were living on the second floor. Yun Guanqing chose the innermost room in the corridor of the first floor.

You Mian stood at the entrance and ignored Yan Tingxuan’s words.

On the contrary, Guan Tong’s eyes lit up as he was carrying his luggage on the side. He asked, “Is there still a room free on the second floor? Then I’ll go.”

Yan Tingxuan paused for a moment, and his eyes swept toward the entrance again.

In front of him, Guan Tong was already carrying his luggage and about to go up. Yan Tingxuan could only walk a few steps down to help Guan Tong with his luggage. Then he turned and walked upstairs.

Compared to the other guests who had to tidy up their rooms and rest, Yun Guanqing was the only one who didn’t go back to his room. He even put on his coat and mask.

Shen Nanxiao passed by him and asked, “Are you going out?”

Yun Guanqing put on an earphone. His long hair was tied behind his head by a leather band, and his tall figure was covered by a gray coat. The lower half of the man’s face was blocked behind the mask, revealing only a pair of slender eyes.

Yun Guanqing’s body was full of a starry temperament as he smiled at Shen Nanxiao. He elongated his voice and said, “There is a schedule. Right now, I have to go to the airport.

Shen Nanxiao nodded and told him, “It is hard work.”

Yun Guanqing’s fingers hooked on the Bluetooth headset. He was about to talk to You Mian, who walked in front of him, but this person unexpectedly passed by as if he didn’t see Yun Guanqing.

Yun Guanqing: “……”

You Mian pushed his luggage to the two rooms in the middle of the first floor.

Shen Nanxiao lived in the outermost room. Now only the two adjacent middle rooms were left empty.

Pei Huaiji had very little luggage. He seemed to have long been accustomed to the life of traveling everywhere and staying in hotels.

Pei Huaiji looked at You Mian. “Which room do you want to live in?”

You Mian originally thought he could only wait for Pei Huaiji to pick. Unexpectedly, this man asked for his opinion.

You Mian knew that Pei Huaiji wasn’t the type of person who wasted time and was polite, so he answered directly and neatly, “I want the one on the left.”

It was also the one that was far from Yun Guanqing’s room.

Pei Huaiji nodded and didn’t say much. He immediately carried his suitcase into the other bedroom.

Just as You Mian pushed open the door and was about to enter, Yun Guanqing’s voice came from behind him.

“Hey, are you deliberately pretending not to see me?” Yun Guanqing half-pulled off his mask and asked.

You Mian’s action of carrying the luggage paused slightly. Then he entered through the door, turned around, and closed the door without looking back.

It was all in one go.

TL: Rainbow Turtle


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