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CEFYMA: Chapter 16

Yun Guanqing finished speaking and waited for You Mian’s reaction. Unexpectedly, Director Hong Sheng suddenly made a stop action from behind the camera.

[According to the rules of the house, this sorting behavior can’t be performed.]

The staff member next to Hong Sheng wrote this sentence on a piece of cardboard in black marker and held it up high.

It wasn’t just Yun Guanqing. The other guests couldn’t help showing a discouraged expression.

Guan Tong grinned and asked, “No way, Director. Even this type of thing doesn’t work?”

The black stud earrings were pressed against his ear bones. His pink hair fluttered openly in the wind as the boy supported himself with his hands behind him. He leaned back and asked this question in a lazy tone.

Hong Sheng insisted on pointing to the cardboard in the hands of the staff member beside him and shook his head.

Before You Mian had time to be happy, Shen Nanxiao, who didn’t talk much, suddenly suggested, “If a public ranking isn’t possible, why not let the four lily of the valley guests close their eyes? Then You Mian can go behind them and pat their shoulders in turn.”

You Mian sighed softly. Why did Shen Nanxiao also join in the fun?

He remembered that in the original novel, Shen Nanxiao was a cold classical artist who was indifferent to the world and had no sense of existence. Now he actually followed Yun Guanqing to mess around.

The interest on Shen Nanxiao’s face didn’t seem to be fake. It seemed he was really interested in this sorting process.

“Yes, that is okay, right? Guan Tong straightened up slightly. “We are in a romance show.”

It wasn’t known if Guan Tong’s words played a role or if Shen Nanxiao’s proposal was really good.

Hong Sheng finally asked the staff member next to him to take down the cardboard he was holding.

Hong Sheng stood behind the camera and said, “Ranking really isn’t possible, and it isn’t allowed to let the lily of the valley guests close their eyes.”

In front of the crowd with different expressions, Hong Sheng continued to speak, “However, You Mian can stand behind them and select in advance the guest he will send the heartwarming text message to tonight.”

He replaced the ranking with the advance notification of the heartbeat text message.

It wasn’t too exceptional.

You Mian tilted his head and sighed silently.

He originally wanted to be a background board in the show and not be noticed by anyone. However, he was always inexplicably pulled into the vortex of the topic.

The boy smiled and said, “I remember that this is the truth-telling session? Just now, Yan Tingxuan chose a small note to do a task. I…”

Before You Mian could finish speaking, Guan Tong screamed from next to him.

“Ah! No! You Mian…” Guan Tong grabbed You Mian’s arm and almost hung onto him.

In fact, it wasn’t just Guan Tong. Even the other guests of the show had realized that the current atmosphere wasn’t like a romance show.

Now it was rare for there to be an ambiguous atmosphere. Guan Tong didn’t want You Mian to slip away.

You Mian was actually just teasing. Patting the person on the shoulder wasn’t difficult for him at all.

There was no need to hesitate at all.

Besides, if he chose a small note to do a task and the dare on the note turned out to be a more intimate action than this, it wouldn’t be worth the loss to him.

Therefore, You Mian got up as if he had obeyed Guan Tong’s words. His eyes swept over Yun Guanqing not far away. He silently complained in his heart that it was all because of this guy.

Yun Guanqing raised an eyebrow at You Mian. His long hair swept over his neck and shoulders. His heroic appearance shone brightly and darkly at the bonfire, always attracting people.

However, You Mian just took a glance before retracting his gaze. He seemingly didn’t feel that Yun Guanqing’s appearance was something that required his eyes to stop there.

Yun Guanqing narrowed his eyes slightly and snorted.

Guan Tong’s face was full of excitement, and he shouted loudly. “Now, please let the four lily of the valley guests to close their eyes!”

Shen Nanxiao and Bai Lin sat on the side with their eyes open. Shen Nanxiao had a warm smile on his face, and Bai Lin’s drooping dog eyes looked innocent and pitiful. At this moment, he was also staring at You Mian’s next move.

Pei Huaiji was pulled into this type of game session, but his expression was as usual. It made people not know what type of mood he was in at the moment.

Pei Huaiji silently closed his eyes. The man’s back and shoulders were straight and neat. His arms rested lightly on his knees, and his fingertips were clean and flat.

The sea breeze ruffled his neatly trimmed hair over his forehead. He only revealed a hint of relaxation and tiredness in the middle of the night.

Pei Huaiji closed his eyes and lowered his neck slightly. The dark red tie deepened the weird and mysterious atmosphere.

You Mian’s footsteps were so light that they were almost inaudible as he stepped on the soft, white sand.

Suddenly, Pei Huaiji’s Adam’s apple moved in the camera.

Unexpectedly, it seemed he was also full of nervous expectations at this moment.

In fact, it wasn’t just Pei Huaiji. The other three people inexplicably fell into a state of anxiety as well as they closed their eyes and could only rely on auditory recognition.

It seemed that it was only by getting that shoulder pat that they could pull themselves out of the darkness.

Yan Tingxuan closed his eyes and heard the sea breeze in his ears. He suddenly remembered the dark road when they walked to the bonfire just now.

You Mian had night blindness…

Yan Tingxuan pursed his lips, and his jaw tightened slightly.

Guan Tong’s hearty voice sounded. “You Mian is already choosing!”

Yan Tingxuan’s thoughts were instantly pulled back, and he realized there were no footsteps beside him.

You Mian didn’t go in this direction.

Yan Tingxuan: “……”

Yun Guanqing, who was sitting not far from him, raised his eyes and talked constantly, “Have you finished choosing? You Mian, are you lost and don’t know where I am sitting?”

You Mian stood behind everyone. Only Guan Tong, who had his eyes open, could see his movements and expression.

Yun Guanqing’s words didn’t only reach You Mian’s ears. They were also heard by Bai Lin.

Bai Lin frowned instantly, seemingly very unhappy.

Huo Yanzhi, who was waiting with his eyes closed, lowered his head fiercely. He seemed about to bury himself in his arms. This made his broad shoulders and back look more handsome.

The man’s arm muscles bulged slightly, and he seemed to be quite nervous.

You Mian stood in place and glanced left and right. Then he walked to the far left of the bonfire without pausing and stood behind Pei Huaiji.

He would be crazy to pick the other three.

Did he think he hadn’t fallen hard enough?

You Mian’s small footsteps on the soft sand gradually got closer and closer. Pei Huaiji’s fingers on his knee curled up slightly at the moment.

Just as You Mian was about to reach out and pat Pei Huaiji’s shoulder, he made a mistake with the distance, and his index finger suddenly rubbed against Pei Huaiji’s earlobe.

You Mian: !”

The cool and soft touch instantly exploded on the edge of Pei Huaiji’s ear, making the corners of his mouth tense up.

You Mian placed his clenched fist to his lips. Then he hurriedly remedied it and patted Pei Huaiji’s shoulder.

Pei Huaiji frowned slightly, pursed his lips, and slowly opened his eyes.

The sound of You Mian patting his shoulder was so soft that almost no one could hear it.

This meant that the other three people were still waiting with their eyes closed. They didn’t know what was happening on the other side of the bonfire.

Seeing this scene, Guan Tong from the iris side couldn’t help giving You Mian a thumbs up in his heart.

You Mian was really a brave man for daring to send the heartbeat text message to Pei Huaiji on the first day!

You Mian finished patting him and stood a few steps back. He smiled apologetically at Pei Huaiji and said, “It’s over.”

Pei Huaiji turned his head sideways to avoid You Mian’s eyes. At the same time, he exposed his red ears.

The man’s temperament was still cold, and there was no smile on his serious face. However, such a person’s ears turned so red when he was accidentally touched.

You Mian was startled by Pei Huaiji’s reaction. He suddenly felt that the index finger of his right hand was slowly getting hot.

Overwhelmed, he whispered an apology again.

Pei Huaiji shook his head. He moved his clenched fist to his lips to conceal the movement of his Adam’s apple.


Yan Tingxuan suddenly opened his eyes. He immediately turned his head to find where You Mian was standing.

It wasn’t behind Yun Guanqing, let alone Huo Yanzhi.

He actually stood behind Pei Huaiji.

You Mian sat back on the cushion. Yun Guanqing and Huo Yanzhi on the other side also opened their eyes one after another.

Yun Guanqing’s eyes finally didn’t have the confidence from his previous strategizing. He instead stared at You Mian with deep eyes.

Huo Yanzhi raised his hand and scratched his head.

Normally, his thick eyebrows always carried a fierce tension.

But at this moment, Huo Yanzhi had a confused expression on his face. It seemed like some things were out of his cognition that made him very concerned.

Bai Lin squeezed the coat that was draped over his knees, gritted his teeth, and said with a smile, “The sea breeze is getting colder. Let’s continue to guess, right?”

Bai Lin’s words attracted the attention of the others.

Guan Tong looked sideways at You Mian. “Yes, Honey. You still have two questions left.

“To be honest, I’m really curious. You are still a college student, right?” Guan Tong covered his face and made an expression of being hit by age, which was very cute.

You Mian didn’t keep him in suspense and answered directly, “Yes, but I’m about to graduate.”

Guan Tong was surprised. “Then this year, you are…”

You Mian replied casually, “21.”

“Oh my god!”

Pei Huaiji stared in the direction of the bonfire while making the calculations in his heart.

He was eight years older.

You Mian sat in the sea breeze. His off-white, long sleeves were blown up lightly, and his narrow waist became more obvious.

He smiled and said, “Those are two questions, right? Then I’m done.”

Bai couldn’t believe that You Mian really didn’t mention anything about the You family.

However, the facts were in front of him. You Mian seemed to really not want to be involved with the You family.

Once it was Bai Lin’s turn, the three lily of the valley guests were familiar with him, and Shen Nanxiao had vaguely heard his name. Therefore, the only people who could ask questions were Guan Tong and You Mian.

Guan Tong propped up his chin and guessed. “Bai Lin looks to be the same age as You Mian. Are you also 21 this year?”

Bai Lin had already put on the coat that Huo Yanzhi handed him before. The long sleeves were empty, making him look very weak.

Bai Lin lowered his dog-like eyes. “I am one year younger than Brother You Mian. I am 20 years old.”

You Mian raised an eyebrow at this title. Nevertheless, he maintained a detached attitude and didn’t answer.

It was late at night. Even the usually energetic Guan Tong couldn’t help being a bit tired at this moment. The questions he asked were a lot more casual.

“Then you should be a college student now, right?”

Bai Lin smiled and said, “Yes, I’m in the oil painting major.”

Speaking of oil paintings, Guan Tong suddenly remembered something and patted his head. “I watched the hot search before coming to the show. Recently, there is an art competition that is quite famous…”

Yan Tingxuan’s voice came from a distance as he interjected into the topic, “The Star Cup.”

Guan Tong nodded repeatedly. “Yes, that is it!”

Bai Lin showed a somewhat shy expression when he heard this and said, “I am participating in this competition, but I have just passed the pre-selection stage.”

Yan Tingxuan raised his hand and rubbed Bai Lin’s head. “I’m cheering for you.”

You Mian sat in an expressionless manner. Suddenly, Pei Huaiji asked him a question from next to him.

“You Mian’s major is sculpting, right? I remember that the Star Cup also has a sculpture category.”

You Mian turned his head to look at Pei Huaiji in surprise.

Pei Huaiji didn’t pay attention to the reactions of others at all. He directly said to himself, “I have seen the gold award works of the last competition…”

The temperamental and indifferent chairman expressed his intuitive feeling in words that contained no emotional intelligence and were really offensive.

“At your level—”

“It is more than enough to win a gold award.”


  1. Marie-Sandra says:

    Hi hi hi!! I had a big smile throughout this chapter. Pei Huaiji was so cute with his ears red! And the ending… it’s like he wanted to put the light back on You Mian.

    1. Mndless says:

      You Mian is willing to endure Pei Huaiji’s cold-faced eccentricities, so of course he feels favorably and wants to turn the focus back on him. Might also be in retribution for dragging him back into the spotlight with his heartbeat text selection. PHJ wanted to be low-key and YM made him the focus.

      1. SYNth.etic Teserract says:

        XDD That sounds about right! Now both of them (who wants to be in the spotlight the least) are the main focus! Major focus! Hahahahahaha it’s so sweet!

  2. Kooisse says:

    Thank you for the update ☺️

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    Crying I am OBSESSED with this story. You mian’s cute indifference is too much for me. What a cutie!

  4. Halb says:

    It feels like Guan Tong is the only person actually participating in this dating show :’D!!!! 3/4 lillies have been chasing after Bai Lin for 2 years. The last one doesn’t want to be there and is only fulfilling a contract! 2/4 lillies have also known You Mian for 10 years. Such a bad set up for him!

  5. hmss says:

    Guan Tong needs a high pay after this show because he been hard carrying the show 😭 poor bub

    also I must say that every admiration/ crush kinda starts with you looking at you and your crush’s age difference, Mr. Pei 😏

  6. Liena says:

    Huge fan of Guan Tong using pet names with You Mian, he’s so cuteeee

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