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CEFYMA: Chapter 15

Yan Tingxuan wasn’t doing a show effect. He actually reached out and pulled out a task note from the cylinder.

Huo Yanzhi, who was still joking, became stunned for a moment. Then he muttered, “Hey, what is this for?”

It was just talking about an ideal type.

Yan Tingxuan unfolded the small note in his hand to the camera of the show like he hadn’t heard anything. Then he glanced down, turned his head, and smiled. “It is good luck. 50 push-ups.”

The man raised his head to take off his gold-rimmed glasses. His hair fluttered lightly on his forehead, and he looked handsomely as he unbuttoned the sleeves of his shirt and rolled them up to his elbows.

The staff members of the show stepped forward in time and thoughtfully laid out a simple, thin rug.

You Mian crossed his arms over his chest, expression unchanged.

In front of the bonfire, Yan Tingxuan had already taken the push-up position.

Guan Tong didn’t think it was a big deal to watch the excitement. He got up and clapped his hands. “I didn’t manage to hear Brother Yan’s ideal type, but it is enough to see Brother Yan doing 50 push-ups here. Hahaha!”

Guan Tong wished that his phone was by his side at this moment. Such a scene would definitely be popular if it was filmed for his channel and sent out.

The guests of ‘Matching Heartbeat’ were all carefully selected by the show’s staff. There was no need to talk about their appearance and figures. It was a proper visual enjoyment when they stood in a row.

Unexpectedly, Yan Tingxuan looked thin but had bulging muscle lines on his arms when he propped himself up on the rag, highlighting his male hormones.

“One, two, three…”

The other guests sitting around the bonfire softly counted for Yan Tingxuan.

Yun Guanqing propped up his chin. Flames were imprinted in his eyes as the man smiled. “Is this a punishment or a reward? The show’s team deliberately let Yan Tingxuan show off, right?”

Yun Guanqing swept his gaze toward the corner while talking. He said with an unclear meaning, “Why don’t I have a chance to show off?”

Compared with other people’s excitement, You Mian sat on the blanket with lowered eyes. He could be called extremely calm. He looked lazy and leisurely, as if he felt sleepy after having a full meal.

Yan Tingxuan was doing push-ups by the bonfire. As he raised his arms, he kept glancing at You Mian, who was sitting in the corner.

The boy wasn’t interesting. As usual, he was in a state of lowered eyes that only appeared when he was bored.

Yan Tingxuan pursed his lips and was silent.

Was You Mian bored?

Just as this thought appeared in Yan Tingxuan’s mind, You Mian opened his mouth and yawned lightly.

Yan Tingxuan: “……”

Everyone was excitedly counting for Yan Tingxuan. They didn’t expect that the man’s movements would stagnate for a moment and for his back to tense up.

Guan Tong was startled for a moment, but he felt that Yan Tingxuan wouldn’t be so weak.

Taking a closer look, the pause just now was indeed just a short moment.

Yan Tingxuan’s mind returned, and he quickly adjusted his state. He continued to complete the rest of the push-ups in a quick and standard manner.

At the end of the 50 push-ups, Yan Tingxuan only lightly gasped when he got up.

Apart from the fine sweat on his forehead, he didn’t look embarrassed at all. He still had a well-dressed appearance.

Everyone applauded lightly. Their impression of Yan Tingxuan had changed a lot.

It was from an elite lawyer to a lawyer with a good arm and physical strength.

Yan Tingxuan took back his glasses from a staff member and put it on the bridge of his nose. He returned to his seat and deliberately glanced at Bai Lin, who was smiling obediently and clapping his hands. “My three questions are finished, right? Change to another person.”

This session was originally designed by the staff to let the eight guests understand each other’s professions and identities.

Once Yan Tingxuan’s occupation and age appeared, the attention of the others shifted to the second lily of the valley guest.

Huo Yanzhi sat confidently on the beach. The muscle lines of his arms were smooth and arrogant.

The rough eyebrows and large bones were full of strength.

Shen Nanxiao knew a bit about Yan Tingxuan, but he didn’t know anything about Huo Yanzhi.

“Brother Huo’s muscles shouldn’t be developed by going to the gym.” Shen Nanxiao thought for a while and asked, “Does Brother Huo usually play in competitions?”

Huo Yanzhi was asked about the key point. He could only raise his hand to scratch his head and replied with a helpless smile, “You are really too powerful. How can you guess such an accurate point at once?’

Huo Yanzhi nodded cheerfully and admitted it. “I compete.”

Guan Tong and Shen Nanxiao looked at each other. Then they gave each other a high-five and said proudly, “I guessed it again.”

Shen Nanxiao opened his mouth. “Brother Huo is a boxer, right?”

His muscles were so well-trained. He was either a fitness trainer or a professional competitor.

The muscle mass on Huo Yanzhi’s body wasn’t the exaggerated type from bodybuilding. They were smooth and beautiful lines that accumulated strength layer by layer. He was full of explosive power.

This type of figure could only be developed in the boxing ring.

Guan Tong pushed You Mian with his shoulder and said in a low voice, “It’s cool.”

Young people always had an irrepressible yearning for power and beauty.

You Mian stared at Huo Yanzhi’s arms muscles. He lowered his head and glanced over his arms.

Everyone’s physique was different. Even if he stayed in the gym, it was estimated that he probably wouldn’t be able to get a body like Huo Yanzhi.

Or forget it.

The celebrity guests in the observation room looked at the screen and couldn’t help asking questions.

Guo Su said, “I wonder if the guests on the iris side of the house will have a change in their hearts after Huo Yanzhi’s professional identity is revealed.”

Qu Shao nodded in agreement. “It really isn’t certain. After all, the show has just begun and everything is unknown.”

“What about age?” Guan Tong had called him Brother Huo for a day, but he really didn’t know if Huo Yanzhi was older or younger than him.

Huo Yanzhi’s personality was straightforward. He didn’t let everyone guess and directly answered, “I don’t know if I’m younger than you, but I’m definitely younger than you think.”

“24 years old.”

The moment Huo Yanzhi’s words came out, several expressions of surprise appeared on the faces of the few people present.

Guan Tong was even more surprised and almost stood up. “No way?!”

Huo Yanzhi helplessly covered his face and laughed a few times. “Don’t be so surprised. I’m not that young.”

Shen Nanxiao took a few breaths and expressed what was in his heart. “You really aren’t that young. Brother Huo, you just look mature.”

Huo Yanzhi’s arm muscles bulged slightly, and the tip of his ears turned red, as if he wasn’t used to being the focus of too many people’s eyes. “Let’s go to the next person.”

The next one was… Pei Huaiji.

It was different from the enthusiasm when facing the other lily of the valley guests. Facing Pei Huaiji’s frosty face and extremely oppressive aura, the atmosphere became quiet for a while.

Pei Huaiji sat in his seat like he didn’t know the feelings of embarrassment.

The man’s gaze swept in the direction of the guests in the quiet atmosphere. Then it instantly fixed on Guan Tong and Shen Nanxiao, who had just tried to ask questions.

This was too cold and indifferent.

Guan Tong shook off his non-existent goosebumps and cast a seeking help expression to You Mian beside him.

As the evening wind intensified, the bonfire started to beat more and more frantically.

Hong Sheng sat behind the camera and watched this scene. He frowned when he saw this.

This Pei Huaiji really didn’t have any relationship luck.

The silence in the camera lasted from one second to two or three seconds.

Just as Hong Sheng couldn’t help coming forward to ease the atmosphere, You Mian suddenly spoke from where he was sitting on Pei Huaiji’s right side.

“In fact, I’ve always been curious about why Chairman Pei came to participate in this show.” You Mian glanced sideways at Pei Huaiji. The man’s jaw was sharp, and his aura was oppressive.

You Mian seemed immune to this. He smiled in an unaffected manner and wondered, “Is this something that can’t be asked?”

The row of cameras in front of the bonfire firmly captured this scene in the lens.

Hong Sheng’s worry was firmly withdrawn at this moment.

In the camera, Pei Huaiji gently tilted his head and looked at You Mian.

“Fulfill the contract,” Pei Huaiji replied with pride.

You Mian: “.”

You Mian turned his head and raised an eyebrow at the others, indicating that he had finished asking his questions.

There was You Mian as an example, and Guan Tong and the others found that Pei Huaiji didn’t seem to be as difficult to approach as his approach suggested.

After all, this person always answered their questions.

Thus, Guan Tong’s courage that had just subsided became bolder again.

Guan Tong raised his hand like a well-behaved student. “Chairman Pei, then, do you really like men?”

You Mian blinked. He followed Guan Tong’s question to look sideways at Pei Huaiji again.

He felt that Pei Huaiji shouldn’t be a person who would accommodate his sexual orientation for the sake of a contract. There was a high probability that it was real.

Sure enough, Pei Huaiji said in the next second, “Yes, the director also took advantage of this to ask me to participate in the show.”

Pei Huaiji made a small joke with a few simple words. This relieved the tense nerves of everyone present.

You Mian discovered Pei Huaiji’s unusual leadership ability from this short questioning session.

Pei Huaiji was very good at observing people’s mood swings. He could immediately adjust their state with his words.

Pei Huaiji noticed You Mian’s eyes and couldn’t help looking back with a raised eyebrow.

You Mian: “……”

Pei Huaiji’s gaze was fixed on You Mian, but he made it so that his voice was heard by everyone else.

“Do you need me to introduce myself?”

Pei Huaiji smiled when he said this. The frosty temperament of his body was suddenly reduced by half with this smile, leaving only an extremely mature and restrained domineering edge.

“Pei Huaiji, the current chairman of JL. I’m 29 years old this year, and I have a height of 191 cm.”

Pei Huaiji tapped his chin after speaking. It was a very standard and habitual command action.

Everyone except for You Mian was infected by Pei Huaiji’s concluding remark and immediately changed the target of the questions to the guests on the iris side.

You Mian thought that Pei Huaiji really deserved to be a high-ranking person. Even his age was the oldest in the house, and his oppressive aura was drawn out to the fullest.

Others might be able to jokingly call Huo Yanzhi and Yan Tingxuan by ‘Brother’, but once the person they were facing became Pei Huaiji, the title could only be the respectful Chairman Pei.

Yun Guanqing lowered his eyes and glanced meaningfully at You Mian and Pei Huaiji beside him.

The next questions for Guan Tong and Shen Nanxiao were decent.

The moment the identity of Guan Tong as a blogger was exposed by Huo Yanzhi in the morning, the others quickly guessed his occupation.

Guan Tong stared at Huo Yanzhi with a grin and complained, “Brother Huo is cheating.”

Huo Yanzhi laughed a few times. Then he said, “You exposed your age at dinner. Now I will ask you if you are 23 or 24 years old.”

Guan Tong: “……”

Shen Nanxiao thought seriously for a few seconds after hearing this. “Since Guan Tong still called him Brother Huo after knowing Huo Yanzhi’s age, he must be 23 years old.”

Guan Tong covered his face and looked ashamed.

What type of person would directly expose his identity, occupation, and age on a romance variety show?

Shen Nanxiao patted Guan Tong’s shoulder in a reassuring manner and couldn’t help laughing, “Anyway, it doesn’t matter if everyone knows sooner or later. Why don’t you guess me?”

Shen Nanxiao’s words made Guan Tong’s embarrassed mood a lot better.

You Mian inadvertently glanced at Shen Nanxiao.

Shen Nanxiao suddenly looked at You Mian and asked, “In fact, I’m quite curious. You Mian, how did you know that I am good at making Italian food?”

As night got deeper, the wind by the seashore became colder.

You Mian’s side profile was reflected in the firelight. He seemed a bit sleepy and his eyelashes trembled a few times. He lowered his eyes slightly and answered softly, “It just so happens that I saw you play the cello in the church of Florence.”

Shen Nanxiao looked at You Mian in surprise. “Just like that, you guessed I can cook Italian food?”

You Mian hummed.

Curly chestnut hair swept across the side of his face. You Mian reached out and instinctively flicked it, looking provocative and sexy.

Shen Nanxiao suddenly forgot what he wanted to ask just now. Only Guan Tong’s voice remained in his ears.

“Wow, Nanxiao, you know the cello?” Guan Tong asked.

Shen Nanxiao nodded. “I am a cellist. I usually perform a lot, and I have indeed performed in Florence.”

A gentle, dignified, and steady performer. It fit the impression of Shen Nanxiao very well.

Shen Nanxiao glanced at Huo Yanzhi before saying, “I, like Huo Yanzhi, am 24 years old.”

Guan Tong suddenly said, “No wonder why you aren’t calling him Brother Huo any longer.”

Shen Nanxiao smiled silently.

Yun Guanqing suddenly spoke up at this time. “Now it is only You Mian and Bai Lin who are left to guess.”

Yun Guanqing stared straight at You Mian and said with a smile, “Each person has three questions. Let me ask one first.”

Yan Tingxuan wondered without changing his expression, “Who do you want to ask?”

You Mian looked up, and his sleepiness was finally half blown away by the sea breeze.

He heard Yun Guanqing’s voice enter his ears.

“I will ask You Mian.”

Yan Tingxuan pursed his lips.

Yun Guanqing drew out the tone of his voice. “Based on appearance alone…. rank the four guests on the lily of the valley side.”

You Mian: “……”

Yun Guanqing didn’t notice You Mian’s boredom at all. He smiled very mischievously and said, “Simple, right?”


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