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CEFYMA: Chapter 13

The celebrity guests in the observation room saw everyone chatting at the table and started their own speculations.

Qu Shao took the lead by saying, “What do you think so far? Three sets of tasks have ended. Is there a clear emotional line between the guests on the iris side and the guests on the lily of the valley side?”

Xi Rui’s red nails moved through her hair. She wanted to talk, but the people she wanted to talk about were Pei Huaiji and You Mian.

However, the show obviously didn’t allow her to do so. Xi Rui had to close her mouth tightly, and she looked at Guo Su.

Guo Su tapped the pen between his fingers on the table. He clicked his tongue and said with a somewhat hesitant smile, “Everyone can see Huo Yanzhi’s attitude toward Bai Lin, but Bai Lin seems to have a good impression of Yun Guanqing.”

Several voices of agreement rang out in the recording studio.

Qu Shao led the newcomer idols on the show to gain some air time. He threw the topic at them and glanced casually. Then he picked the most beautiful one among them and asked, “Xiao Ou, what do you think?”

Lan Ou was named and surprise flashed on his face. Then he smiled in a spiritual manner at the camera. “I like Guan Tong a lot, but it is somewhat regrettable. I haven’t found a two-way emotional line for him for the time being.”

Qu Shao took a breath. “Guan Tong…”

Guan Tong was indeed the most active in the house, but he was also the one who paid the least attention to romance so far.

Obviously, he was a young man with a lot of personality.

Qu Shao got up and stood in front of the whiteboard prepared by the staff. He held the small disc with Huo Yanzhi’s photo printed on it and took it from the position of the lily of the valley group.

“He is connected to Bai Lin. Do you have any other ideas?”


A few minutes later, Bai Lin’s photo was connected to the hearts of Huo Yanzhi and Yun Guanqing.

Everyone started to have different opinions when they arrived at Yan Tingxuan.

Xi Rui propped up her chin on her hand and said, “In the beginning, Yan Tingxuan wanted to be in a group with You Mian when selecting the tasks. Then when picking a seat for dinner just now, Yan Tingxuan still chose You Mian’s side, even if he didn’t manage to sit down in the end.”

“I think Yan Tingxuan’s heart line should be connected to You Mian.”

Xi Rui’s words convinced many of the people present.

Even Qu Shao hissed. “It seems to be true.”

Guo Su shook his head and objected. “I think it depends on their first reaction when they appear. Yan Tingxuan is clearly familiar with Bai Lin, and they are very close to each other.”

Guo Su pointed out, “Yan Tingxuan has done many actions like touching Bai Lin’s head in front of the camera. I think this type of gesture is indicative of the inner orientation of the person.”

Xi Rui frowned and looked disapproving.

Qu Shao pinched the disc with Yan Tingxuan’s photo on it and shrugged helplessly. “Everyone, we need a unanimous result.”

Some time passed, and they still couldn’t agree. Then Qu Shao laughed with a sense of variety and directly connected Yan Tingxuan’s heart line to Bai Lin’s photo.

Xi Rui: !”

Guo Su said yes with the scissors gesture.

The mellow and joyful Qu Shao said, “It is the first day of recording. Let’s be a bit more dramatic. Three lily of the valley guests all have a good impression of the same guest on the iris side. This will allow the show to edit it better.”

The moment these words came out, Xi Rui stopped arguing with Guo Su and agreed.

Pei Huaiji put down the knife and fork and gently tapped on the table. This was his subconscious movement when thinking.

The man’s jaw was sharp. Even when sitting at such a casual seaside dining table, he looked as serious as when he was sitting in a luxurious office at the top of a high-rise building.

He really wanted to see how You Mian would continue filming such a long show.

It was because Pei Huaiji remembered Hong Sheng saying that there would be a one-on-one dating session later.

Would this fish still be able to slide out smoothly at that time?

He was looking forward to it.

You Mian didn’t know what Pei Huaiji was thinking. At this moment, he just felt relaxed and comfortable now that the topic was no longer on him.

The beautiful amber eyes filled with a gentle smile shone in the cyan sunset. Anyone who saw it would think he was a leisurely bystander.

Pei Huaiji tapped his fingers on the table, and his eyes looked away unnaturally.

Different from the leisure in You Mian’s corner, the guests on the other side instantly focused their attention on the guests opposite him when they heard about the truth-telling session of the show.

They saw Yan Tingxuan, Huo Yanzhi, and Yun Guanqing, who were all lily of the valley guests with deep eyes and different expressions. However, the interest in them couldn’t be faked.

Yan Tingxuan raised an eyebrow and asked directly, “Director, can we ask anything in this truth-telling session?”

The man’s tone focused on the word ‘anything’, making people raise their guard and wonder what question he was going to ask.

Hong Sheng, who was sitting behind a group of cameras, held the headset and gave a thumbs up.

They could ask anything.

This group of people couldn’t sit still once they got this answer. They immediately got up and walked toward the bonfire.

Guan Tong cheered and was the first to get up. “Hurry up, I really want to know everyone’s occupation. We started doing tasks the moment we came to the house, and we haven’t had a good chat yet!”

Unexpectedly, he was followed by Shen Nanxiao, who had always been dignified and didn’t speak much. Shen Nanxiao pushed away his chair and said with a smile, “I also have many things I am curious about and want to ask.”

Seeing someone responding, Guan Tong’s interest rose even higher. He couldn’t help turning around and calling softly to the other guests still sitting at the table. “Let’s go.”

The dinner was almost finished, so everyone got up one after another. They walked to the bonfire that was the next process.

Facing the sudden situation in front of him, Hong Sheng quickly ordered the staff to hurry and run to the distant shooting location before the guests in order to arrange it.

By the way, he shouted through the loudspeaker for the guests to walk slower.

At this time, the sky was completely dark. The white cliff not far from the dining table had been engulfed in the night, and it was impossible to see clearly.

The location of the bonfire was around a hundred meters away from the house and far from the dining table. Everyone walked slowly into the night.

By the dim beach, Bai Lin’s voice could be heard faintly saying, “It is so dark. I’m a bit scared.”

A person told Bai Lin, “If you are scared, take my hand.”

It sounded like Yan Tingxuan.

The waves surged with the tide, and the sound of waves was clearly audible in their ears.

The conversation between Guan Tong and Huo Yanzhi came from the front.

Guan Tong’s voice was always lively and energetic. He laughed and asked, “Brother Huo, is the firewood for the bonfire what you chopped in the afternoon?”

Huo Yanzhi paused for a few seconds before replying, “It is.”

His tone was a bit helpless and he seemed to want to complain about the staff.

Guan Tong couldn’t suppress his laughter. “The show’s staff is really bad! Letting you chop wood and fetch water and letting us move the barbecue…”

Huo Yanzhi and Guan Tong didn’t walk fast, but they were at least faster than You Mian. This made the content of their conversation soon become inaudible.

The sound of rustling waves rose.

You Mian could only hear the hazy conversations of other people, the sea breeze, and the waves. There was also the salty sea vapor in his nostrils.

The white sand under his feet was soft and fine. He stepped on it, and it was like stepping on clouds. He could fall into it if he wasn’t careful.

You Mian’s footsteps were slow. The staff of the show followed at the end and shot his back.

In front of him was an inky abyss so dark that he couldn’t see anything.

You Mian had long been used to this, but he couldn’t help sighing softly at this moment.

Why was there no moon tonight?

He almost stumbled. The soft sand was mixed with pebbles. Everything that could be easily avoided at ordinary times turned into a trap-like dilemma.

You Mian had to slow down again.

Suddenly, You Mian heard the sound of rubbing cloth as someone approached.

Immediately afterward, the smell of Pei Huaiji’s body appeared in front of him. It was a clean and cold scent.

Pei Huaiji was silent for a while.

The two of them stood on the beach facing each other. Pei Huaiji lowered his head and stared intently into You Mian’s eyes for a few seconds.

It was a very beautiful pair of amber and green eyes.

“You Mian.” Pei Huaiji stretched out his arm toward You Mian. “I said that I’m not a philanthropist.”

“Endure it. I’m night blind.”


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