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CEFYMA: Chapter 11

Hong Sheng was completely shocked. He immediately asked the staff member who got the GoPro from the purchasing team to export the video content inside.

The 500 yuan given by the show’s staff wasn’t making things deliberately difficult. They hadn’t expected Yan Tingxuan to write down so many high-grade ingredients with a wave of his hand.

But You Mian actually found a different way to perfectly resolve this possible dilemma.

Standing behind the camera, Hong Sheng quickly watched the recording of You Mian and Pei Huaiji in the supermarket. Finally, he couldn’t hold back his laughter when he saw You Mian teasing Pei Huaiji with a box of hard mint candies.

This was so much fun!

It was rare to see Pei Huaiji’s deflated side. Hong Sheng couldn’t suppress his joy.

Having said that, Hong Sheng carefully observed every frame in the video. He had to admit that when You Mian and Pei Huaiji appeared in the show at the same time, the hormonal collision they created wasn’t something the other guests of the house had at the moment.

Their relationship was relaxed and fun. It made people smile at their interactions from time to time.

Pei Huaiji spoke coldly, but You Mian wasn’t afraid of him. He was very comfortable and indifferent as he let Pei Huaiji hold the GoPro all the way.

Hong Sheng rubbed his face and became determined to talk to Pei Huaiji again.

He didn’t want to waste such great material at all.

The table by the sea.

Pei Huaiji looked at You Mian and asked, “Do you know Italian?”

You Mian handed over the home field to Shen Nanxiao and took a step back. He lightly passed over the topic. “I watched a few black and white mafia movies. Did I bluff you too?”

Pei Huaiji frowned slightly in disbelief.

Shen Nanxiao stood behind the simple and clean cooking counter. He took off the vacuum packaging of the steak with one hand and smiled apologetically at Yan Tingxuan. “It seems that Yan Tingxuan’s chef identity was stolen by me.”

He said to You Mian, “Did you buy steak because you wanted me to make Osso buco?”

You Mian replied, “Brother Shen, you are a chef. You have the final say.”

The moment You Mian’s words came out, Pei Huaiji said softly from behind, “Is there any stewed veal shank in an Italian mafia movie?”

You Mian: “……”

Shen Nanxiao pursed his lips and said happily, “It isn’t impossible.”

You Mian: “.”

You Mian raised a hand and touched the tip of his nose. He hastily looked away from the cooking counter.

Bai Lin, who had just come up with a bunch of ideas just now, seemed to be strangled by someone. He was unable to say a word, and his face had turned red. He looked embarrassed and cramped up.

How come? How could You Mian buy so many ingredients when the budget given by the show was insufficient?

Therefore, Bai Lin asked with a hoarse voice and a fake smile, “You must be teasing us. How can you buy so many things with insufficient budget?”

Everyone’s eyes once again moved to You Mian.

Seeing that You Mian didn’t answer, Bai Lin thought he guessed correctly. He hurriedly asked, “How much money did the show give you:?”

You Mian rolled his eyes and glanced at Bai Lin.

The gaze was cold and without any warmth. It seemed that anyone who was looked at by You Mian would become a jumping clown in front of him.

However, Bai Lin was unwilling. He still stared stubbornly at You Mian. You Mian didn’t say anything so he went to Pei Huaiji.

“Chairman Pei, you and You Mian were on the same team. You should know how much the budget is, right?”

Bai Lin’s unrelenting questioning was completely captured by the moment, but he didn’t care at the moment.

Pei Huaiji didn’t go around in circles and said casually, “500.”

There was the sound of inhalation at the scene.

“500? You bought these ingredients with 500 yuan?” Shen Nanxiao’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Impossible.”

Pei Huaiji looked sideways at the cooking table. “There is nothing impossible. The ingredients are all placed here.”

Pei Huaiji’s patience for answering questions was exhausted, so his face became as cold as ever.

Only Guan Tong continued to praise it excitedly. “D*mn, You Mian. You are awesome!”

You Mian looked at Guan Tong with a helpless smile. The next second, he saw Guan Tong covering his mouth and looking pitifully at the camera of the show.

Guan Tong’s fingers were in the shape of scissors as he said, “Cut it off, cut it off!”

Yan Tingxuan stood by the cooking counter and listened silently. Suddenly, he realized that he was out of place here.

Guan Tong chatted with You Mian. As he was chatting, he stood next to Shen Nanxiao to help deal with washing the dishes.

The heavy responsibility of being in charge of cooking fell on Shen Nanxiao’s shoulders.

Yan Tingxuan admitted that he knew very little about Italian cuisine. He could only fall into the embarrassing situation of standing to the side and being unable to interfere in the cooking.

Yan Tingxuan walked to the sink with a bowl of black truffles. Even so, he couldn’t help glancing at You Mian and Pei Huaiji at the table.

When did the two of them become so familiar?

Yan Tingxuan had guessed in advance about You Mian’s reaction when meeting him on the show.

It might be a continuation of the previous confusion and bewilderment, it might be a desperate pleading for Yan Tingxuan to talk to him again or he might think hard.

There was a possibility that You Mian would collapse and question him on the spot.

The last one was the worst. The first two situations had been handled skillfully by Yan Tingxuan over the years.

Just before filming the show, Yan Tingxuan had finished all his preparations. Then he opened the door of the cabin, and all his expectations were overturned cleanly and completely.

You Mian’s eyes no longer stayed on him.

There was no more questioning and no more trying to keep him.

At this moment, even though Yan Tingxuan’s thoughts were churning in his heart, his actions of preparing the cooking ingredients were still carried out in an orderly manner. His ears listened to the leisurely chats of the group of people behind him.

The boiling water bubbles in the pot burst and shattered one by one.

Yan Tingxuan didn’t know what happened in You Jiyuan’s study that day. He had inquired a few times afterward, but You Jiyuan didn’t reveal a word.

On that day, the housekeeper of the You family, Wang Mao, was very angry and emphasized You Mian’s many mistakes in front of You Jiyuan.

However, this wasn’t within the scope of what Yan Tingxuan wanted to know. He just wanted to know why You Mian suddenly fell out with You Jiyuan.

That day must contain the reason for the changes in You Mian now.

Obviously, You Mian chose to remain silent during the coming-of-age ceremony when Bai Lin returned to the You house.

It had been two years. Why at this time?

Was it due to the equity of Xiuming?

Yan Tingxuan was cutting the ingredients and neatly arranging the dishes without realizing that his face had become extremely cold.

Yan Tingxuan, who was caught up in his own thoughts, naturally didn’t notice Yun Guanqing staring at You Mian while sitting at the dining table behind him.

The man’s gaze was filled with deep interest and wicked questioning.

In the leisurely chat, Yun Guanqing suddenly asked, “Since the supermarket you went to even has Italian wine like Marsala, why didn’t you buy ingredients for French food?”

The moment Yun Guanqing asked this question, Shen Nanxiao happened to put the steak on the hot pan to grill it.

The sound of sizzling hot oil and faint smoke blurred Yun Guanqing’s voice. Only You Mian could hear it clearly from where he was sitting diagonally across from Yun Guanqing.

The boy’s right hand was propped up sideways on the table, and his fingers were white and slender.

Facing Yun Guanqing’s questioning, You Mian said without turning his head, “It is because I watch Italian mafia movies, not French.”

Yun Guanqing grinned and gave a breathy laugh.

“Huh?” Yun Guanqing squinted as he leaned closer over the table. “You Mian, are you sure you want to play word games with me?”

It wasn’t an illusion. This adopted young master was really much more interesting than Bai Lin.

A white rabbit or a fox disguised as a white fox wasn’t very interesting. It could only support Yun Guanqing’s curiosity for over a month.

But the bird in front of him trying to break through the cage was really interesting.

You Mian didn’t speak and replaced his attitude with silence.

Yun Guanqing glanced at Yan Tingxuan, who was standing behind the cooking counter.

He also looked at Pei Huaiji, who had been called by the staff just now.

In the end, he turned to glance at Huo Yanzhi. He had been dragged by Bai Lin, who was obviously not in a good mood, to go to the beach to step on the water together.

“It has only been a day. Are you so familiar with Pei Huaiji?” Yun Guanqing asked with a smile.

In fact, it wasn’t just Pei Huaiji. Yun Guanqing was keenly aware of Huo Yanzhi’s evasion and Yan Tingxuan’s contemplation.

In just one day, You Mian actually affected the emotions of so many people.

“How did you do it?” Yun Guanqing insisted on stretching out his hand to hook You Mian’s fingers across the wide porcelain table.

You Mian frowned and evaded his hand.

“Yun Guanqing,” You Mian whispered coldly.

Yun Guanqing frowned and wrinkled his nose. “I can’t touch you? What a stingy guy.”

You Mian frowned fiercely and looked at Yun Guanqing diagonally opposite him. The original novel had mentioned Yun Guanqing’s bad personality and sharp tongue. It also mentioned that the man only showed a partial side to Bai Lin.

But looking at this vicious yet naive man in front of him, You Mian rarely let go of his cold tone and warned, “Sorry, Mr. Yun. We aren’t very familiar with each other.”

Yun Guanqing watched You Mian quietly. It was only after a long time passed that he slowly stood up.

“Oh, I understand.”

Yun Guanqing lifted his chin slightly and raised an eyebrow stubbornly. “I’m not your type.”

“Then what type do you like?” Yun Guanqing persisted. “Someone like Pei Huaiji?”

The man commented, “He is old-fashioned, serious, and extremely boring.”

You Mian lowered his eyes and spat out coldly, “You’re sick.”

Yun Guanqing was stunned for a few seconds. Then he actually held his belly and laughed loudly. “Hahahaha.”

Bai Lin had just come back from picking up shells on the beach together with Hou Yanzhi when they saw this scene.

Huo Yanzhi saw that Yun Guanqing couldn’t stop laughing and couldn’t help feeling strange in his heart. He asked, “What are you laughing at?”

Bai Lin wiped off the water droplets on his cheeks and looked at You Mian with an uneasy expression. It was You Mian again. Now he was actually so close to Yun Guanqing.

The sound of cooking rang out from the cooking counter.

Yun Guanqing raised a hand to wipe away the tears from the corners of his eyes. He took a look at Huo Yanzhi and said, “I’m laughing at the black and white mafia movie that you went to see with You Mian in the past.”

You Mian’s eyes suddenly became cold, and his fingers curled up slightly.

Yun Guanqing’s nonsense words struck Huo Yanzhi’s heart. After all, he had spent all his college years with You Mian. They went to play games together, and the number of movies they watched together was probably only less than Yan Tingxuan.

Therefore, Huo Yanzhi couldn’t help thinking of what movie it was when Yun Guanqing mentioned it.

Just as Huo Yanzhi was full of thoughts, he heard the sound of the chair being pushed away.

You Mian stood up silently and neatly, walking away from this place of right and wrong.

Seeing this, Huo Yanzhi was stunned, and a trace of strange emotions crossed through his heart.

Before he could figure out the reason for this weird emotion, his arm was suddenly pulled by Bai Lin.

“Brother Huo, have you and You Mian gone to the movies together?” Bai Lin’s tone was a bit coquettish like he was jealous.

Huo Yanzhi paused and explained, “It was all a long time ago.”

“Which one?” Bai Lin asked with dissatisfaction. “You actually didn’t take me!”

Huo Yanzhi wanted to say that Bai Lin wasn’t back in China at that time. Why else would he have gone to the movies with You Mian? However, he couldn’t say these words when they came to his lips.

Bai Lin was still waiting for Huo Yanzhi’s answer. Then after a few seconds, the two of them were still staring at each other silently.

Bai Lin’s grip on Huo Yanzhi’s palm gradually tightened.

Yun Guanqing watched the play for a long time before leisurely interjecting, “It seems that I heard it wrong just now.”

Huo Yanzhi stared at Yun Guanqing in a stunned manner. Then the corners of his lips pulled as he tried to smile. “R-Really?”

Yun Guanqing stared at Huo Yanzhi’s expression and sighed. A few strands of long hair fluttered between his eyebrows and eyes. The man smiled viciously as he said, “It seems that You Mian’s words are true. You really aren’t familiar with each other.”

Huo Yanzhi’s arm muscles swelled. His jawline stretched into a sharp arc, and his whole body was suddenly tense.


  1. Marie-Sandra says:

    Thanks for this new chapter!
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    Oh. Just be a bit careful. Sometimes (I saw it in this chapter but also in another before) you write the same names in a sentence instead of 2 different ones, it’s a bit confusing when reading. For example here: “Yan Tingxuan, who was caught up in his own thoughts, naturally didn’t notice Yan Tingxuan staring at You Mian while sitting at the dining table behind him.”

    Anyway. Thanks a lot for your hard work!!

  2. Kay says:

    Same as Marie-Sandra, I saw a sentence where the same name was used twice: Yun Guanqing was keenly aware of Huo Yanzhi’s evasion and Yun Guanqing’s contemplation.

    It’s always the same way with scumbags, they can ignore you, but you’re not allowed to ignore them. *sigh*

    Thanks for the chapter!

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    Anyway actor Yun is scum but I love him stirring the pot.

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