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CEFYMA: Chapter 10

The staff of the show set up machines on the beach where filming was about to take place.

Yan Tingxuan and Guan Tong stood aside and let the staff members fasten microphones to their chests after they changed clothes.

Looking at the beach from the side of the road, they could see the wide and long blue table prepared by the show. Eight chairs were placed opposite each other on the rug, and the table was decorated with lilies swaying in the wind.

Guan Tong turned his head and smiled at Yan Tingxuan. “It seems that Brother Yan’s French food can still be eaten. The show’s staff isn’t so deceitful.”

Yan Tingxuan took off his suit jacket, leaving only a shirt. He had handsome eyebrows and neatly cut hair. Even if the sea breeze blew it, he wouldn’t be messed up at all.

Yan Tingxuan continued Guan Tong’s conversation very smoothly.

“Don’t take it lightly.” Yan Tingxuan lowered his head and fastened the buttons of his sleeves. Once he looked up again, he showed a bit of a romantic look due to this appearance. He said, “It is said to be a French meal, but it depends on what the purchasing team can buy in the end.”

Guan Tong’s heart jumped.

He originally thought that Yan Tingxuan and Huo Yanzhi were two completely opposite people. One was calm, and the other was enthusiastic.

Then after getting along for a while this afternoon, Guan Tong realized that the elite gentleman in front of him wasn’t as stable as he appeared on the outside.

On the contrary, he was very good at chatting. He advanced and retreated properly when getting along with everyone. He was a bit like a playboy.

Guan Tong couldn’t afford to have ambiguous thoughts about him and just retorted after carefully listening to Yan Tingxuan’s words, “But Brother Yan, you wrote it down for Pei…”

Guan Tong was stuck for a while, not knowing what to call this man who made people feel a bit suppressed. Finally, he said after pausing for a few seconds, “Brother Yan, you wrote a note for Mr Pei.”

Guan Tong didn’t know about Pei Huaiji, but he had great confidence in You Mian. He comforted Yan Tingxuan and said, “At the very least, You Mian will definitely buy everything you want. I’m still waiting for a big meal!”

Yan Tingxuan smiled inexplicably while tidying up the barbecue grill. “Who knows.”

Without waiting for Guan Tong to speak again, Yan Tingxuan explained clearly, “Even our cooking team has to assemble our own barbecue grill. Do you think the purchasing team can buy whatever they want so smoothly?”

Guan Tong: “……” F*k, I forgot about this trick.

“I didn’t expect the show’s staff to be so ruthless in the beginning.” Yan Tingxuan glanced at Hong Sheng behind the camera and guessed with a smile, “The funds for the purchasing team have probably been prepared by the show’s staff.”

Hong Sheng: “.”

Guan Tong wailed. He could only clasp his hands together and make a wish to the sky. “Brother You, my dear, all my hopes are pinned on you. Please, at least buy something that can be grilled and eaten!”

So far, Guan Tong and Yan Tingxuan didn’t have any sparks. The scenes of this group all headed in the direction of amusing others, and even the staff couldn’t help laughing.

The moment Guan Tong’s words came out, he suddenly saw four people walking from the direction of the house in the camera.

The orange skyline smudge disappeared in the distance, leaving only a slight pink residual heat under their feet.

There was no need for someone to specifically say it. All the cameras turned around in an instant.

The staff members whispered in amazement.

Handsome men with different styles, like models, were walking over one after another. The sea breeze blew the hems of the four people’s clothes.

Yun Guanqing and Huo Yanzhi, who simply took a cold shower, walked in the rear with their hands in their pockets in a chic manner. In front of them were Bai Lin and Shen Nanxiao, who were smiling. The two of them had also specially changed their clothes for the first dinner.

Shen Nanxiao was dressed in light blue and looked gentle.

Bai Lin was still wearing a clean white shirt and black suit pants. He was the shortest among the four of them. He had a cute smile on his face, and his black hair fluttered in the wind.

It was just that there was a red mark on his arm like the mark caused by a heavy object.

Bai Lin raised his right hand to cover the mark, making him look weak and pitiful.

Guan Tong optimistically raised his hand and waved from a distance. He had a look of joy on his face.

Shen Nanxiao was the first to approach. He glanced at Guan Tong and then Yan Tingxuan. “The preparations are almost done. Now we just need to wait for the purchasing team to come back.”

Yan Tingxuan nodded and shifted his gaze to the three people standing behind Shen Nanxiao.

“I heard you went to chop wood and fetch water?” Yan Tingxuan raised an eyebrow lightly and asked with some curiosity.

Guan Tong’s eyes widened, and he leaned closer. He was also puzzled. “You really fetched water and chopped firewood? I didn’t believe it when Nanxiao said it.”

Huo Yanzhi’s body exuded water vapor. He seemed to have just taken a cold shower.

“Ah, the show’s staff is too deceitful.” Huo Yanzhi sighed and scratched his head. “I’m very sorry. The three of us wanted to take a shower quickly, so we picked our rooms.”

The rooms arranged by the show were the same size, orientation and had the same furnishings. The only difference was the upper and lower floors.

Therefore, the others expressed their understanding when Huo Yanzhi said this.

Yun Guanqing tied his half-dry hair low on the back of his head in a small bun. His gorgeous facial features were suddenly fully exposed. His beauty and aggression instantly rose by more than one level compared to before.

Guan Tong didn’t dare to look at Yun Guanqing from the moment the four of them came over.

Yun Guanqing pulled away a chair and sat down. He asked with a frown, “You Mian’s group hasn’t come back yet?”

The moment Yan Tingxuan shook his head, Bai Lin covered his arm and said timidly, “After all, the purchasing team has to buy so many things, and it is tiring to drive.”

Yun Guanqing laughed slightly and stared at Bai Lin with complicated eyes.

Bai Lin blinked and paused for a moment. “Brother Guanqing, why are you looking at me like this?”

Bai Lin hadn’t really expected Yun Guanqing to actually throw a handful of firewood at him just now. It was grabbed by Huo Yanzhi halfway, but he still had ugly marks left on his arm.

It hadn’t been long since the show started recording, but Bai Lin suddenly felt that he was unable to understand Yun Guanqing’s thoughts.

Just as Bai Lin was feeling concerned, Yun Guanqing smiled at him. His gorgeous eyebrows and eyes still showed his usual preference.

Even so, Bai Lin could no longer act as coquettish in front of Yun Guanqing as before.

He always felt that the man in front of him would change his appearance in the next second and continue to stare at him with that fierce and disgusted look.

Guan Tong looked at Bai Lin and frowned suspiciously. He wondered if it was his illusion. Why did he think that Bai Lin… was a bit of a green tea?

The preparation team and cooking team were exhausted from moving the grill, chopping firewood, and carrying water.

Now that Bai Lin came out and said that driving was so tiring, it was almost as if he wanted to bring hatred to You Mian.

Guan Tong thought of this and immediately made amends. “You can’t say that. Everyone is very tired. The grouping is also accidental, and no one knows what each group’s specific task is. In addition, You Mian’s hasn’t returned yet.”

Yun Guanqing lowered his eyes and remained silent.

Bai Lin turned to look at Guan Tong and said with an innocent expression, “Yes, everyone is very tired.”

Just as Guan Tong was sighing with relief, Bai Lin continued, “Now I just hope that their group can buy the ingredients that Brother Tingxuan needs. Otherwise, we have been so tired for a day and… we can’t even eat dinner.”

Guan Tong’s fist became harder. What was going on with this pretty boy?

Seeing this scene in front of them without any post-editing deliberately done, everyone would only marvel at the beauty of the guests standing on the beach. They wouldn’t pay attention to every expression and every action.

Therefore, when the brief conversation between Guan Tong and Bai Lin was aired live in the observation room, Qu Shao took a breath and said with a smile, “It seems that the purchasing team is bearing the expectations of the guests staying in the house. I really don’t know what the situation on You Mian’s side is now.”

Guo Su looked down at the paper full of tips and said, “I remember seeing a map on the windshield of the car when You Mian just came out of the house. Then Pei… Pei Huaiji got an envelope containing 500 yuan.”

Xi Rui tilted her head, her sexy expression filled with worry.

“I remember that the post-it note written by Yan Tingxuan was mostly filled with frozen ingredients and high-end ingredients… It is too difficult to buy with the 500 yuan given to this group!” Xi Rui frowned in an indignant manner.

Qu Shao calmly suppressed Xi Rui’s emotions and rationally analyzed it to the camera. “The 500 yuan given by the show’s staff must be enough for dinner. Don’t worry about it first.”

There was brief silence in the observation room.

Qu Shao was right, but it wasn’t entirely true.

The 500 yuan given by the staff was indeed enough for dinner. The problem was that the guests of the other two groups were exhausted from doing many tasks. They just wanted to eat the big meal agreed upon earlier.

Even if You Mian’s group bought some ingredients, it would definitely make people’s expectations fall fiercely if it was just simple pasta or something else.

Xi Rui was deeply rooted in the entertainment industry. She knew the inertia of these shows. The main thing in a romance show was to have a good impression.

It would’ve been fine if Bai Lin hadn’t added fuel to the flames. Now that these words came out, even those who weren’t looking forward to it had started to look forward to it!

Xi Rui clenched her fists tightly. Her red nails lightly dug into the palm of her hands.

You Mian, you must fight hard for me!

Just as the camera captured the handsome moment when the six guests were standing on the beach, a staff member trotted to Hong Sheng’s side and handed over a black GoPro. He whispered, “The last crowd is back.”

The moment the staff member finished speaking, a black commercial vehicle with the logo of the “Matching Heartbeat’ show drove onto the white, soft sand.

You Mian sat in the car and undid his seat belt. A cool mint aroma lingered around him.

Pei Huaiji held a box of hard candies in his hand. At this moment, he suddenly felt it wouldn’t be unacceptable if there was a perfume with this scent.

The six guests on this side of the house found that You Mian and Pei Huaiji had finally returned at almost the same time as the show’s staff.

In an instant, everyone who wasn’t hungry felt hungry.

“They’re finally back.” Huo Yanzhi held his stomach and frowned helplessly. “I’m really hungry after chopping so much firewood. Now I just want to have a good meal.”

Yun Guanqing fixed his eyes on the two people who got out of the car in the distance.

He saw them talk out several large shopping bags that looked heavy from the trunk.

Yun Guanqing’s eyes gradually darkened. A trembling excitement that had disappeared for a long time slowly surged in his brain.

“You Mian!”

Guan Tong greeted him while shouting. Shen Nanxiao followed closely behind.

Guan Tong trotted to You Mian’s side and sighed with relief. “My dear, you are finally back! The staff is so black-hearted. What type of romance show is this?!”

“You don’t even know what we did all afternoon…” Guan Tong chattered as he followed You Mian like a noisy bird.

You Mian gently raised a hand to touch the top of Guan Tong’s pink hair.

“Thank you.”

You Mian’s voice was cold yet soft. His beautiful eyes curved slightly, and Guan Tong instantly closed his mouth.


Guan Tong blinked, and his ears became redder. The redness gradually spread to the side of his face.

The shopping bag in You Mian’s hand was grabbed by Pei Huaiji.

The man had broad shoulders and long legs. The bags that seemed heavy just now were carried very easily in Pei Huaiji’s hands.

Pei Huaiji glanced at Guan Tong and asked unceremoniously, “A hungry wolf pouncing for food?”

The shyness caused by You Mian just now instantly dissipated. Guan Tong’s eyes widened. “How can you joke with such thick eyebrows and big eyes?”

Pei Huaiji’s expression remained unchanged, and he let out a light snort.

Guan Tong: “……”

You Mian closed the trunk and returned the car keys to the staff. He couldn’t help laughing behind Pei Huaiji when he heard this.

Guan Tong’s ears turned red again. Shen Nanxiao still looked elegant as he said, “I was worried you wouldn’t be able to buy ingredients.”

Yan Tingxuan hurried over. “What are you doing standing here? Let’s go first.”

Yan Tingxuan stared at You Mian for a few seconds. He wanted to ask something but saw You Mian walk straight past him toward the arranged location.

Yan Tingxuan turned to look at You Mian’s back and frowned. Since when did he start looking at You Mian instead?

Pei Huaiji walked to the table in a few steps with his long legs. He put the shopping bags on it. The sound of the bang seemed like it contained a heavy weight.

Bai Lin saw the many ingredients that were bought and couldn’t express the displeasure in his heart. He could only lean in and ask, “Let’s see what delicious food you bought?”

You Mian didn’t want to waste his time and attention on Bai Lin at all. He tore open a shopping bag and said casually to Yan Tingxuan, “French food might not be possible. It couldn’t be done within the budget given by the show.”

The atmosphere at the scene gradually froze, and Guan Tong’s heart raised to his throat.

As tonight’s chef, Yan Tingxuan gave a gentlemanly smile. He said with his hands behind his back, “It’s okay.”

Bai Lin almost couldn’t hide his smile. He lengthened his tone and sighed regretfully, “Then let’s eat…”

Without waiting for Bai Lin to finish speaking, You Mian took out the ingredients from the shopping bags one by one. “But I remember that Brother Shen is very good at Italian food. It just so happens that you are in the cooking group.”

Shen Nanxiao looked at the black olives, cottage cheese, lettuce, oysters, and tomatoes on the table with unconcealed surprise.

He quickly approached the table and picked up a bottle of Marsala. Then he looked at You Mian in complete shock.

“Oh my god, you even bought this?!”

Everyone’s face showed unconcealed surprise. Even the show’s staff outside the venue had wide eyes at this unexpected result.

In the camera, You Mian shrugged. The sea breeze blew his forehead hair, and his curly, chestnut hair moved across his bright eyes in a dashing manner.

In the cyan sunset, You Mian smiled and said in standard and beautiful Italian, “Buona Fortuna.”


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